Raid Shadow Legends Champion Ranking in Magic Keep

RAID: Shadow Legends - Magic Keep Dungeon (Blue)

RAID: Shadow Legends – Magic Keep Dungeon Guide

Princess Krila is the boss that guards the Magic Keep Dungeon. She has a passive skill that deals massive damage to your champion based on the number of buffs being actived on her. In addition, she is able to cast a gigantic Shield equivalent to her MAX HP, which prevents her from taking damage any damage. This makes it difficult and a slow process to defeat her by pure damage and speed alone, unless you have champions who has Remove Buff or Steal Buff skill to remove her shield and her remaining buffs. Alternatively, you can prevent Princess Krila from putting up new buffs by applying Block Buff. Use champions who can perform Increase Speed and Increase Turn Meter on allies to speed them up to be able to quickly defeat the enemies. Decrease Turn Meter and Decrease Speed also helps in slowing enemies down to prevent them from casting debuff and applying buff on themselves.

Magic Keep Farmable Items

Lesser Magic, Greater Magic, Superior Magic

Magic Keep – Princess Krila Magic Guardian Skills

  • Mow: Attacks all enemies. Has a 20% chance of decreasing the Turn Meter by 50%.
  • Defense Up [Passive]: Places a [Shield] buff on this Champion for 3 turns at the start of the battle. The value of the [Shield] is equal to this Champion’s MAX HP.
  • Leyline [Passive]: Damage inflicted by each skill increases by 25% for each buff on this Champion.
  • Magic Shield (Cooldown 3 turns): Places a [Shield] buff on this Champion for 3 turns. Places a 50% [Increase ATK] buff, a 30% [Increase SPD] buff and a 60% [Increase DEF] buff on this Champion for 3 turns. The value of the [Shield] is proportional to this Champion’s MAX HP.
  • Almighty Immunity [Passive]: Immune to [Stun], [Freeze], [Sleep], [Provoke], [Block Cooldown Skills], [Fear], and [True Fear] debuffs. Also immune to HP exchange effects, HP balancing effects, and cooldown increasing effects.
  • Minions: (Left) AoE Decrease Defense, (Right) Remove debuff from Princess Krila first before applying Block Debuff.

Best Champions for Magic Keep

Champion by Rarity: Legendary | Epic | Rare | Uncommon | Common

Legendary Champions Ranking

5★ Magic Keep | Legendary Champion

4★ Magic Keep | Legendary Champion

3★ Magic Keep | Legendary Champion

2★ Magic Keep | Legendary Champion

1★ Magic Keep | Legendary Champion

Epic Champions Ranking

5★ Magic Keep | Epic Champion

4★ Magic Keep | Epic Champion

3★ Magic Keep | Epic Champion

2★ Magic Keep | Epic Champion

1★ Magic Keep | Epic Champion

Rare Champions Ranking

5★ Magic Keep | Rare Champion

4★ Magic Keep | Rare Champion

3★ Magic Keep | Rare Champion

2★ Magic Keep | Rare Champion

1★ Magic Keep | Rare Champion

Uncommon Champions Ranking

5★ Magic Keep | Uncommon Champion

4★ Magic Keep | Uncommon Champion

3★ Magic Keep | Uncommon Champion

2★ Magic Keep | Uncommon Champion

1★ Magic Keep | Uncommon Champion

Common Champions Ranking

5★ Magic Keep | Common Champion

4★ Magic Keep | Common Champion

3★ Magic Keep | Common Champion

2★ Magic Keep | Common Champion

1★ Magic Keep | Common Champion

Magic Keep Guide Videos

Raid Shadow Legends Magic Keep Guide by Official RAID Shadow Legends

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4 thoughts on “Raid Shadow Legends Champion Ranking in Magic Keep

  1. Hossetur

    A strong champ that ingores shield is also a very good option. I was fortunate enough too get a Mountain King. His a2 ignores DEF and his a3 ignores shield and block damage. Furthermore he’s a Force type, so his already strong attacks (if you give him enough HP/ATK) get an advantage. He really hacks into her 🙂

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @Beardo: Stealing Buff requires Accuracy. Otherwise, it will be resisted by the boss or the minions.

  3. Beardo

    after the rest of the team was killed at the beginning of Round 3 of 3 it took my lvl60 maxed Romero about 20 minutes to solo the end boss at Magic Keep Stage15.
    my Romero only has 0+10 accuracy from the Great Hall but i had Snorting Thug as team leader so his aura gave +40 accuracy. i still don’t know if accuracy is even needed for Romero’s A2 but the “Steal 1 buff from a random enemy.” part is what changed the whole game (though very slowly, about 1/3 chance every 4 turns).