Arena Defense Champion Tier List | Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Arena Defense Champion Tier List displays the champions based on their ability to create a powerful defense team! The champions here are categorized by ranking (S, A, B, C, F) based on their abilities followed by their Rarity (Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, Common). The champions are alphabetically sorted by champion name to ease the search process.

Best Champions for Arena Defense

Champion by Rarity: Legendary | Epic | Rare | Uncommon | Common

Mythical Champions Ranking

5★ Arena Defense | Mythical Champion

4★ Arena Defense | Mythical Champion

3★ Arena Defense | Mythical Champion

2★ Arena Defense | Mythical Champion

1★ Arena Defense | Mythical Champion

Legendary Champions Ranking

5★ Arena Defense | Legendary Champion

4★ Arena Defense | Legendary Champion

3★ Arena Defense | Legendary Champion

2★ Arena Defense | Legendary Champion

1★ Arena Defense | Legendary Champion

Epic Champions Ranking

5★ Arena Defense | Epic Champion

4★ Arena Defense | Epic Champion

3★ Arena Defense | Epic Champion

2★ Arena Defense | Epic Champion

1★ Arena Defense | Epic Champion

Rare Champions Ranking

5★ Arena Defense | Rare Champion

4★ Arena Defense | Rare Champion

3★ Arena Defense | Rare Champion

2★ Arena Defense | Rare Champion

1★ Arena Defense | Rare Champion

Uncommon Champions Ranking

5★ Arena Defense | Uncommon Champion

4★ Arena Defense | Uncommon Champion

3★ Arena Defense | Uncommon Champion

2★ Arena Defense | Uncommon Champion

1★ Arena Defense | Uncommon Champion

Common Champions Ranking

5★ Arena Defense | Common Champion

4★ Arena Defense | Common Champion

3★ Arena Defense | Common Champion

2★ Arena Defense | Common Champion

1★ Arena Defense | Common Champion

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3 thoughts on “Arena Defense Champion Tier List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. THe pvon

    Using tier lists in some content can be very helpful. As with all areas, team comp and gear with masteries will make or break your efforts. The challenge with arena defense tier list is the ranking of champions is so vast now it is less effective. Maybe make the small tier above 5 to highlight champions like Warlord to help players focus. Also if there are some working combinations to mention then that is another good insight.

  2. Cypher1on

    OOPS! I meant Rare for Cagebound omission.

  3. Cypher1on

    Cagebound appears to be missing under Epic category.