Raid Shadow Legends Champion Leveling Guide

RAID Optimized Champion Leveling Guide

This guide utilizes leveling champions in Campaign 12-3 for the highest amount of XP and Silver (Shield dropped in Campaign 12-3 has highest silver value among all equipment) and feed 1 Star Champions. Substitute Campaign energy cost by feeding 1★ Champion in Tavern. Each 1★ Champion rewards 1600 XP at the cost of 900 Silver. Alternatively, place those leveling Champions into the Sparring Pit. Fully Upgraded Sparring Pit will only take approximately 30 minutes to fill up the remaining XP similarly to feeding 1★ Champion!

The diagram below caters for 4 types of players who are early-game players (Normal Campaign 12-3), mid-game players (Hard Campaign 12-3), end-game players (Brutal Campaign 12-3) and players with powerful Legendaries (Nightmare Campaign 12-3). It’s recommended to level up a Campaign Speed Farmer to complete Campaign stages within 15 seconds. In addition, any players can level up champion instantly just by feeding XP Brews and 1 Star Champions without grinding in Campaign at the cost of Silver.

Note: 2XP provides Double XP Boost (200%), RAID Pass provides multiplicative 20% XP against Total XP, Level 100 Battle Pass provides additive 50% XP. Example: Brutal Campaign 12-3 base XP rewarded per champion is 4326. 2XP doubles the base XP (+200%), RAID Pass multiplies the total XP (200% x 20% = 40%), Battle Pass adds to the total XP (+50%). The formula is calculated as 200% + 40% + 50% = 290% (4326XP x 290% = 12545 XP per champion).

Quick View by Player: XP Brew | Normal | Hard | Brutal | Nightmare
Quick View by Star: 1 Star | 2 Star | 3 Star | 4 Star | 5 Star | 6 Star

XP Brew Player

RAID: Shadow Legends - Leveling Champion for XP Brew Player

Normal 12-3 Player

RAID: Shadow Legends - Leveling Champion for Normal 12-3 Player

Hard 12-3 Player

RAID: Shadow Legends - Leveling Champion for Hard 12-3 Player

Brutal 12-3 Player

RAID: Shadow Legends - Leveling Champion for Brutal 12-3 Player

Nightmare 12-3 Player

RAID: Shadow Legends - Leveling Champion for Nightmare 12-3 Player

1★ Champion (Max Level 10)

RAID: Shadow Legends - Leveling 1 Star Champion

2★ Champion (Max Level 20)

RAID: Shadow Legends - Leveling 2 Star Champion

3★ Champion (Max Level 30)

RAID: Shadow Legends - Leveling 3 Star Champion

4★ Champion (Max Level 40)

RAID: Shadow Legends - Leveling 4 Star Champion

5★ Champion (Max Level 50)

RAID: Shadow Legends - Leveling 5 Star Champion

6★ Champion (Max Level 60)

RAID: Shadow Legends - Leveling 6 Star Champion

RAID Champion XP Table

RAID: Shadow Legends – Champion XP Table (Experience Required To Reach Next Level) for 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star, 4 Star, 5 Star and 6 Star Champions.

RANK 1* 2* 3* 4* 5* 6*
LEVEL/XP 22761 81326 200681 449082 963806 2010669
Level 189711101279146016251813
Level 2111812581411159117601956
Level 3139314261556173419072110
Level 4173616161717189020662277
Level 5216318311893206022382457
Level 6269520752088224524242651
Level 7335923512303244726262860
Level 8418526642541266628453086
Level 9521530192802290630823329
Level 10MAX34213091316733383592
Level 1138763409345136163876
Level 1243923760376139184182
Level 1349774147409942444512
Level 1456404574446745974869
Level 1563905045486849805253
Level 1672415565530553955668
Level 1782056138578258446115
Level 1892986769630163316598
Level 19105367466686768587119
Level 20MAX8235748374307681
Level 219083815580488288
Level 2210018888887198942
Level 2311050968694459648
Level 2412188105561023110410
Level 2513442115041108411232
Level 2614827125371200712119
Level 2716353136631300713076
Level 2818037148901409014109
Level 2919894162271526415223
Level 30MAX176841653516425
Level 31192721791217722
Level 32210031940419121
Level 33228892102020631
Level 34249452277022260
Level 35271852466724018
Level 36296272672125914
Level 37322872894727961
Level 38351873135830168
Level 39383473397032551
Level 40MAX3679935121
Level 413986437894
Level 424318440886
Level 434678044115
Level 445067747598
Level 455489751357
Level 465947055412
Level 476442359787
Level 486978864508
Level 497560169602
Level 50MAX75098
Level 5181028
Level 5287426
Level 5394329
Level 54101778
Level 55109815
Level 56118486
Level 57127842
Level 58137937
Level 59148828
Level 60MAX

Champion XP Leveling Calculation Guide

The XP rewarded per champion is based on having 4 champions participating in Campaign battle! Campaign 12-6 XP data is used in the calculation below.

1 Star Champion (Max Level 10)

Total XP Required: 22,761 | Rank Up Silver Cost: 1,500
Normal Stage 12-6 XP: 1,834 per champion (13 Rounds x 4 Energy = 52 Energy)
Hard Stage 12-6 XP: 2,950 per champion (8 Rounds x 6 Energy = 48 Energy)
Brutal Stage 12-6 XP: 4,400 per champion (6 Rounds x 8 Energy = 48 Energy)
Nightmare Stage 12-3 XP: 9,604 per champion (3 Rounds x 16 Energy = 48 Energy)

2 Star Champion (Max Level 20)

Total XP Required: 81,326 | Rank Up Silver Cost: 4,000
Normal Stage 12-6 XP: 1,834 per champion (45 Rounds x 4 Energy = 180 Energy)
Hard Stage 12-6 XP: 2,950 per champion (28 Rounds x 6 Energy = 168 Energy)
Brutal Stage 12-6 XP: 4,400 per champion (19 Rounds x 8 Energy = 152 Energy)
Nightmare Stage 12-3 XP: 9,604 per champion (9 Rounds x 16 Energy = 144 Energy)

3 Star Champion (Max Level 30)

Total XP Required: 200,681 | Rank Up Silver Cost: 9,600
Normal Stage 12-6 XP: 1,834 per champion (110 Rounds x 4 Energy = 440 Energy)
Hard Stage 12-6 XP: 2,950 per champion (69 Rounds x 6 Energy = 414 Energy)
Brutal Stage 12-6 XP: 4,400 per champion (46 Rounds x 8 Energy = 368 Energy)
Nightmare Stage 12-3 XP: 9,604 per champion (21 Rounds x 16 Energy = 336 Energy)

4 Star Champion (Max Level 40)

Total XP Required: 449,082 | Rank Up Silver Cost: 22,400
Normal Stage 12-6 XP: 1,834 per champion (245 Rounds x 4 Energy = 980 Energy)
Hard Stage 12-6 XP: 2,950 per champion (153 Rounds x 6 Energy = 918 Energy)
Brutal Stage 12-6 XP: 4,400 per champion (103 Rounds x 8 Energy = 824 Energy)
Nightmare Stage 12-3 XP: 9,604 per champion (47 Rounds x 16 Energy = 752 Energy)

5 Star Champion (Max Level 50)

Total XP Required: 963,806 | Rank Up Silver Cost: 35,200
Normal Stage 12-6 XP: 1,834 per champion (526 Rounds x 4 Energy = 2104 Energy)
Hard Stage 12-6 XP: 2,950 per champion (327 Rounds x 6 Energy = 1962 Energy)
Brutal Stage 12-6 XP: 4,400 per champion (220 Rounds x 8 Energy = 1760 Energy)
Nightmare Stage 12-3 XP: 9,604 per champion (101 Rounds x 16 Energy = 1616 Energy)

6 Star Champion (Max Level 60)

Total XP Required: 2,010,669 | Rank Up Silver Cost: 0
Normal Stage 12-6 XP: 1,834 per champion (1097 Rounds x 4 Energy = 4388 Energy)
Hard Stage 12-6 XP: 2,950 per champion (682 Rounds x 6 Energy = 4092 Energy)
Brutal Stage 12-6 XP: 4,400 per champion (457 Rounds x 8 Energy = 3656 Energy)
Nightmare Stage 12-3 XP: 9,604 per champion (210 Rounds x 16 Energy = 3360 Energy)

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57 thoughts on “Raid Shadow Legends Champion Leveling Guide

  1. NiclO

    Has there been testing regarding artifact droprate?
    Been farming 12-6 nightmare now for a bit and feel like the average artifact drop is 4 star boots
    and for 12-3 brutal it seemed to be average 3 star shield. Even though boots are worth less silver, is it worth more than the shields because you get higher tier drop on average?

  2. John Hammond

    After reading all the notes, here is an example run on 12-6 Normal I just did with one 6*and three 5*, all just under max value. I ran 20 battles. Used 80 energy. Earned 150K Silver. Total XP 293K at 100%XP value divided four ways. 4 rewards: 2 Incubus; 3* Common Curing Boots, & 4 green shards.
    This may be the norm, I don’t know yet as I have not ran this sequence again. Hope that gives some insight to those wondering what happens. Good luck.

  3. Dadmonster

    @LightspeedK the counter is for the stars. 1star for finishing the stage, 2 stars for no deaths, 3 stars for no deaths with 2 or less champions. I went back and reran them when I had my main champ and main support at at least lvl 50. Good luck!

  4. LightSpeedK

    Many thanks for this amazing content!

    But can you PLEASE help with the campaign rewards…I am already almost completing nightmare level, but only able to get few rewards of the stages “normal, hard, brutal…etc”.. The progress bar at the bottom does not move, even i spent all my 100 automatic battles throughout the stages in the 4 levels… :(((

    PS: i am talking about the little progress counter at the bottom where is written, ie (Normal) Part 5/5 8 204/252; (Hard) Part 4/5 8 147/180 and (Brutal): “Part 4/5 – * 152/180”

    thanks in advance !!!!!

  5. Josh

    What is the player xp per run? And does 2xp boost also work on player xp?

  6. James Riedl

    I can’t find anything on Tomes on this page.

  7. Balthazar

    you have a huge typo or flat out wrong info on the 12-3 + XP + Raid pass bracket for the 1 star runner.

    It says it takes 1 run at 18 Energy to max a 1 star. CLEARLY an error. lol.

  8. Shiann75

    That is so helpful. I’m very new at this game. Don’t have money to spend. I have to do it the hard grind. I need player guides to know what artifacts to equip them with. And what champs to give up to upgrade which ones to keep.

  9. Vincent

    Can someone make a video on how to farm from level 1 to 5star. Grom scratch. Tbe right way

  10. Joe

    Does anyone have the amount of XP you need to level up your actual account and not champions? Like, what would be the fastest way to level up and hit the next level to get another energy refresh, etc.

  11. victor

    I don’t know if it might be useful for someone, but to reduce exp table you can use 6 formulas:

    * For 1 star: EXP = round(720 * e ^ (0.22 * level))
    * For 2 star: EXP = round(980 * e ^ (0.125 * level))
    * For 3 star: EXP = round(1160 * e ^ (0.098 * level))
    * For 4 star: EXP = round(1340 * e ^ (0.086 * level))
    * For 5 star: EXP = round(1500 * e ^ (0.08 * level))
    * For 6 star: EXP = round(1680 * e ^ (0.076 * level))

    , where `e` = 2.718281828, `^` – means math power operation, `round` – function of rounding the result by regular rules.

  12. James

    @Brian – the problem with that is you waste xp.

    Running with 4 champions each champion receives 25% of the xp reward so with one max level champion you receive 75% total.

    Running with 3 champions each champion receives 33% of the xp reward so with one max level champion you only receive 66% total.

    And finally with 2 you only receive 50%, it doesn’t give all the xp to the other characters, it simply breaks it evenly across your team.

  13. WiredDPS

    I noticed an error. You wrote:
    @Peter: Campaign 12-3 is refers to Campaign 12 (Brimstone Path) Stage 3. This stage provides the bet XP (Experience) ratio per energy.
    In fact 12-6 gives a slightly higher xp per energy. 12-3 gives overall a slightly higher silver return

  14. Brian

    I’ve sorted out a more energy efficient way to level 1 Star heros on hard 12-3. I run 3 1-stars through once, remove one and run the other two through to max them out. Do that process again with three new 1-stars and the. Run the remaining two through together.
    Two runs with 3 for 16 energy, then three runs with two for 24 for a total of 40 energy instead of 44 required to level those same 6 1-stars by keeping them at three and switching to brutal

  15. Efirael

    @4catsarmy : so I went for Kael and it was definitely the right choice. Thanks for the insight.
    I’m now working on my second 6* to back up my Kael, but I don’t have much top versatile champions :/

  16. 4catsarmy

    @Efirael go for Kael. His versatility means you can use him everywhere.
    Bellower is a good speed farmer and good for spiders (but with Kael you have a speed farmer already, so you can level Bellower till 50 for spiders until you reach spiders 7-10 where you need more firepower).
    I keep Zargala at 50, until you reach mid-level Silver in arena and are trying to break into gold, then you can consider pushing Zargala to 60.

  17. Efirael

    Hello Ayumi,

    I’m a new player, currently working on my first 6*. But I don’t know if I should go for Kael, Zargala or Bellower ? They’re my current 5* and they all seem great to get 6*. Which one would you advice me to get to 6* first ?

    Thanks for all your guides, they really, really helpfull

  18. Roger

    I have a Raid pass + double XP. The table says I need to do 3x 12-3 on Hard to level a 1-star champion to level 10.

    It ended up at level 9 and 75%. Am I doing something wrong here, or is your data perhaps wrong?

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    @Peter: Campaign 12-3 is refers to Campaign 12 (Brimstone Path) Stage 3. This stage provides the bet XP (Experience) ratio per energy.

  20. Peter

    What the heck does 12-3 Mean… im so confused

  21. Bonanca

    at the beginning it’s not about the speed, it’s about if it’s even doable or not.
    Depending which hero you picked as a starter you should be able to 12-3 on normal.

    Kael with a Lifesteal set as an Example is even enough to farm 12-3 on brutal.
    Normal shouldn’t be a problem with an upgraded lifesteal set.

  22. Powerviolence

    And when u can start farming? Because I just start the game and I cant do a speed run on normal 12-3 without all my principal team

  23. Akarl

    Thanks for this. I was considering going for the most recent fusion as I have most of the required Champions and could get the rest. However this guide made me appreciate the amount of energy required to grind these up to the necessary 4* levels (not to mention ascension) and I realised that I’d have thrown a lot of time and effort at it, to likely fall short. Probably saved me a lot of time and frustration!! Many thanks!

  24. Blame_RNG


    You’re probably running a different version of the game. It’s 9x Brutal and 1x normal to max a 2*

  25. pithan

    My 2cents : for lvling 3*2stars with brew i do 3 brew + 2 12-3 hard campaign

  26. qz0r

    The info at brutal 12.3 for a 2 star with all exp is incorrect.
    It says 9x brutal, 1x normal, but it should be 9x brutal, 1x hard, just tested it several times.

  27. Snugboat

    Ah, just noticed I was supposed to sacrifice a 1* to make up the difference. Also I’m on Battle but not Raid pass. Any way we could get the numbers for the better value pass alone? 😉

  28. Snugboat

    The guide for number of runs appears to have some errors. I have the Raid Pass and double XP active and ran 3x Hard with 1* food and they were still missing about 800 XP. Probably would be closer if I ran 12-6 instead.

  29. MasterMarioMX

    Well, A quick way to calculate the amount of runs needed to rank up your 3 food champs for me is to memorize the amount of runs needed to rank’em up without xp bonus (in whatever difficulty you want of course), THEN diving that amount by the TOTAL XP bonus as a decimal number.


    I got 250% XP bonus because of 2x + the battle pass.


    I need 18 battles to level up rank 2 food on 12-3 brutal.

    all I do is this:

    18 (runs for rank 2)
    — (between)
    2.5 (just divide the percentage by 100)

    the result is 7.2, which means if I round up (since any decimal amount means I need yet another run) I need 8 runs now to rank’em up.

    I already memorized rank 2, 3 and 4 requirements before this, but since the new XP bonuses, well, this might come in handy to anyone else!

  30. Arshess

    Hi, any good champ for farming 13*6 nightmare for the pexing ? i’m very interessed 😀

  31. Ulfhund

    Read all the way across. It’s showing the most energy efficient way. In your case, that’s 2 runs on Brutal plus 1 run on Hard.

  32. Raids

    12-3 AND 12-6

    Mean Stage 12 of the campaign part 3 or 6

  33. Bara

    Hi Ayumi. Thank you for all of your guides!

    Please can you explain what you mean by 12-3?

  34. Ayumilove Post author

    @Bossman: Which star champion category are you referring to? 1 star champion?

  35. Bossman

    Total xp required to reach level 6 data is wrong by 18 xp, but thanks so much for putting all this up for individual use <3

  36. Stas

    BRUTAL 12-3 PLAYER 1* with 2XP take me 3 turns (on your screens 2)

  37. Ayumilove Post author

    @BurningPoster: I have added the Level 100 Battle Pass (50% XP) calculation to Normal, Hard, Brutal and Nightmare Campaign 12-3.

  38. BurningPoster

    now gold raid pass providing 10-50% exp bonus make this ever more headche xD

  39. Tabea

    @BurningPoster – thank you that was of great help

  40. Ayumilove Post author

    @BurningpPoster: Thanks for your comment! The reason why I set it to 2 Nightmare and 2 Normal is because I was optimizing the reduction of XP wastage. Since 2 Normal runs uses 8 energy (4 energy x 2 runs) and 1 Brutal run uses 8 energy, I would recommend just running Brutal for saving time and gaining more silver from loot and selling better quality shield. I have updated the XP Table for Nightmare Champion 1 Star (2 Nightmare, 1 Brutal) instead of (2 Nightmare, 2 Normal) for better silver.

  41. BurningpPoster

    @Tabea Those are tables for the most efficient way to use energy to lv champions.

    Night 12-3 Players mean player that able to farm 12-3 Nightmare without problem.
    But even if you’re a 12-3 nightmare player, Sometimes it would be more efficient(in term of energy used) if you change the difficult level to brutal or hard or ever normal in the last run(so the champs exp won’t overflow too much).

    For example, when you don’t have any xp boost
    you can 12-3 nightmare 3 time to level up a common champ to lv10 (16×3=48 energy used)
    but if you could go for 12-3 nightmare 2 time and brutal 1 time instead {(16×2)+8=40 energy used} (I don’t get why Ayumi table go for 2x nightmare and 2x normal tho)

    So, those numbers in those table stand for amount of round to go in that difficult level and 1 star mean common champs to eat in order to fill the LV. to max in the last LV. (1600 exp each) and silver mean the cost that required to eat champs and upgrade rank.

    Anyway, this way is for the hardcore player(and stingy) that have enough time to manage all of those to make energy become most efficient, casual player will find those things are too much and will just do the level the able to run till lv max.

  42. Tabea

    Hey Ayumilove

    wow that is a lot of work you put into it. I am impressed.

    But I am having problems to understand some of your tables. That are the ones with the purple line, the pink, the yellow and the light blue lines.

    1* Champion (MAX LEVEL 10)
    it says Night 12-3 Players – what does that Players stand for? As we do not have multiplayer it cannot mean other players. So, I am confused.

    The column next says Normal 2. What stands that for? I think we are in Nightmare 12-3 playing.

    Then next Column is for Hard but empty, the next is for Brutal but empty, then the next is Night, stating 2.

    1 Star is empty (so I was under the impression we are talking about 1 star so it has to mean something else?), Energy 40, Silver 0 (why is that? do we not gain silver while leveling? but we do not need to spend silver to get 1 * Champ to level 10, but why then does it say 900 two rows down???). XP Waste 11

    I think I just need a key to understand what these tables are for. I guess once I have the right key to read them I feel stupid ahahah

    I hope you don’t mind me expressing my trouble.

    Have a nice day. Tabea

  43. Baktho-Kun

    @Dennis If I understood you correctly, you have to go in your champion gallery, there, you’ll find an icon to unlock your champion^^

  44. Dennis

    hi, new player here… I have gotten a number of 4 star Epics on the shard draws, and am trying to level them up to 5 star. I have farmed a number of 2’s and 3’s in to 4’s but I am getting locks on all of them when I try to feed them to my native 4’s.

    what’s up with that, and how do I get those farmed 4’s to unlock??


  45. Ayumilove Post author

    @Baktho-Kun: You’re welcome. If you have any suggestions to make the guide better, feel free to suggest them here 🙂

  46. Baktho-Kun

    I started the game long ago, and you guides are awesome ! Thank you ! 🙂

  47. Ayumilove Post author

    @CDFredo57: Sorry, I could not understand the chart you are referring to expressed in percentage. Do you have an example of the chart in a picture form that you can share with me, so I can have a clearer picture of it?

  48. Ayumilove Post author

    @BurningpPoster: Thanks for your suggestion! I’ll add the calculation for Double XP Boost and Double XP Boost with Raid Pass 20% XP into the page above 🙂

  49. BurningpPoster

    Would be Appreciate if you could add another CALCULATION GUIDE while under x2 XP Boosts.
    (and also while under Raid Pass +25% exp bonus if possible)

    Also, I suggest that indeed detail for the best value in term of energy would be very useful,
    like when you try to lv up a common champ to lv10, it’s the better if you go farm at 12-3 brutal for twice and 12-3 hard for once (only 22 energy used while you got x2 XP but no raid pass)
    or when your lv 19 uncommon is about to reach 20, you can eat 2 common instead of farm another round.

  50. CDFredo57

    That’s so strange that I find here the same chart I made for myself at home.
    But, something is missing. Is there the same chart for the overall level because it is expressed in %, while some rewards are some true numbers.
    Sometimes it’s hard to estimate when we will level up.

  51. Ayumilove Post author

    @John Doe: Currently I’m stuck at Nightmare Campaign Stage 9, so I’m not be able to display information on higher stages. If you are able to clear Nightmare Stage 9 and higher, could you share the EXP/Silver ration result with us?

  52. John Doe

    What about Nightmare Stage 12-6?

  53. Sarah Burrough

    Sometimes I play a level with 4 champions and get 3000 xp each and sometimes I play the same level with 4 different champions and get 6000 xp each. Why is that?

  54. Ayumilove Post author

    @Sinningclown: I have updated this page with Champion XP Table for Champion Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3, Rank 4, Rank 5 and Rank 6. In addition, I have included the energy calculation it would take to fully level up the champion to the maximum level for each rank 🙂

  55. Sinningclown

    Will you be completing this guide?

  56. Ayumilove Post author

    @Frank: Which values you found different in the EXP Table above? Rechecked Rank 4 Total XP Required, seems that Plarium has quietly reduced the Total XP Required to max level Rank 4 Champion.

  57. Frank

    Level 57: 127842
    Level 58: 137937

    When I compare some of the values in your list differ from mine, maybe Plarium changed them over time?