List of Promo Codes 2022 | Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes are a mixture of number and letters that make up a specific code. This code is entered into the Promo Code section within the game to gain in-game resources such as Energy, Arena Tokens, and Gems. It’s a marketing strategy that offers players another reason to play the game!

There are 2 types of Promo Codes: Time-Limited and Account Progression Promo Codes.

Time-Limited Promo Codes are special codes that work within a specific time frame. It’s usually done as a partnership with other companies/game-content-creators to advertise Raid Shadow Legends. Account Progression Promo Codes are unique codes that only work for a specific account level to help early-mid game players who are just starting out the game. See below for the list of promo codes!

After you redeemed the rewards from the promo code, you will need to wait for 24 hours before you are able to redeem another one. In addition, avoid spamming the promo code textbox as it will lock you out for a few hours too! It’s a security measure to prevent bots from brute-forcing their system for valid codes.

List of Raid Promo Codes 2022

Promo Code – 3yearsraid

Rewards: 1 Legendary Skill Tome, 20 XP Brews, 2 x 50 Auto Battles, 250 Energy, 250K Silver

List of Raid Promo Codes 2021

Promo Code – S1mple

Status: December 1st 2021 to January 28th 2022 (Expired)
Rewards: 4 Energy Refills, 1 3-Days 100% XP Boost, 20 Magic XP Brews, 350K Silver
Note: Time-Limited Promo Code released in conjunction with Aleksandr the Sharpshooter (HE-LAM) being introduced into the game!

Promo Code – TGASALE

Status: December 10th 2021 (Expired in 24 hours)
Rewards: 60 Gems, 1 Fayne (Epic Champion), 1 Epic Skill Tome, 15 Arcane Potions, 10 Greater Spirit Potion, 200K Silver

Promo Code – realhell

Status: November 12th 2021 to November 19th 2021 (Expired)
Rewards: 2 Epic Skill Tome, 3 x 50 Auto-Battles, 500 Energy, 1M Silver

Promo Code – Spooky13

Status: October 25th 2021 to October 31st 2021 (Expired)
Rewards: 3 Energy Refills, 1 XP-1 day, 1 Epic Skill Tome, 2 x 50 Multi-Battle
Description: Halloween Promo Code in Raid Shadow Legends. Expires after October 31st 2021!

Promo Code – gift1

Status: October 6th 2021 to October 9th 2021 (Expired)
Rewards: 5 Arena Token Refill, 1 XP-3days, 500 Energy, 1 Clan Boss Key

Promo Code – ESLPRO

Status: August 14th 2021 (Expired)
Rewards: 3 Rare Skill Tomes, 3 Energy Refill
Note: Works only for brand-new account.

Promo Code – ninja

Status: July 16th 2021 to October 15th 2021 (Expired)
Rewards: 3X 50 Multi Battle, 1X 100% XP Boost for 3 Days, 5 Energy Refill, 500K Silver
Note: Time-Limited Promo Code released in conjunction with Ninja (SK-LAM) being introduced into the game!

How to Redeem Raid Shadow Legends Gift Codes?

Step 1: Login to your game account. Click the left menu bar to display the menu options. Next, click “Promo Codes” to view the Promo Code window.
How to Access Promo Code | Raid Shadow Legends

Step 2: Enter the Promo Code into the text field and click Confirm. The rewards are sent to your mailbox. Collect them before they expire! There will be 24 hours waiting period before you can redeem the reward of a different Promo Code!
How to Redeem Reward from Promo Code | Raid Shadow Legends

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  1. Sixxste


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  3. BrightL

    The promos dont work for me

  4. sven komoß

    ich braure neue code


    codes 3YARESRAID

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mandrago: Thanks for your comment! I’ll be putting it into this page for others to see it too 🙂

  7. Mandrago

    Hi, the new anniversary promo code is >> 3yearsraid <<

  8. Jacob Lane

    I’m sort of newish at “Raid Shadow Legends”. Everything I needed to know and was searching for as of character Bio’s debuff’s exc. But I was also wandering about any new promo Codes where and when and how do I get access to them I spend a lot on this game it’s becoming me and my wife’s new addiction since around this time last year.,…. So thanks for the time and effort you all put into this fantastic Game……….. Jacob .C Lane Sr. Aka NdNsavageFamily

  9. Jacob


  10. Jacob

    If you ever have any promo codes would.surely like to have one for February

  11. Jacob lew

    If you ever have any promo codes would.surely like to have one for February

  12. tarsil

    Xyzot – yes it says that if you read. but thanks for the heads up . Great work ayumilove a lot of work that is sometimes not appreciated.

  13. Xyzot

    S1MPLE is expired FYI

  14. Ayum follower

    I want to apologize for the greedy and dumb people who have left such horrible comments. I appreciate all of the work you put into this forum.

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  16. Gary

    Big Thank you for have Riad shadow of legends made Excellent game it amazing to in joy a fun game thank you all again Riads shadow of the

  17. Gary

    I like Road shadow of legends wonderful game

  18. kaitlyn king

    More please

  19. grateful twit

    @Fucc u stop being so ungrateful. you’re not paying a single cent for this service ayumilove is providing.

  20. Thomas Lyman

    This helps me

  21. Fucc u

    All those codes are ass. Why even keep the expired ones?

  22. Kevin Vo

    Please notify me if there any new prompt codes. Thanks so much


    Promocode ist durch kommen im Dezember noch welche wäre schön kann man immer gebrauchen etwas :: Extrafutter ::

  24. Bobby

    Please can you add this PROMO code: RAIDXMAS21

    Is a promo for Christmas, I just tested and it works with a new account and has to be 1 month old or less.


  25. Spunkymanker

    Does S1MPLE have any prerequisites? I have a new secondary account and it won’t work on it. Says it’s invalid

  26. Bobby

    Please you can add this PROMO code: RAID4U

    Is a promo from Raid in Reddit, I just tested and it works with a new account.


    Someone says that “TGA2021” was working December 17 for new account, I can verify and it’s not working anymore.

  27. chris

    looking for promo codes

  28. Arthur M Mulkey

    There is one that you are missing – TGA2021 – For new accounts – this has worked for me as of December 17th – Hope this is helpful to any new players out there..

  29. David Ryan Jennings

    All codes are expired at this point except s1mple

  30. Ayumilove Post author

    @Bobby: Thanks for the news! I have updated the Promo code page.

  31. Bobby

    I just create a brand-new account and ESLPRO and GIFT1 are showing as expired, please update them to EXPIRED.


  32. Beny

    TGASALE was nice i got fayne shes epic

  33. BlueV

    what with this TGASALE already expired?

  34. Darth Nino

    TGASALE says expired for me. Was there a time limit?

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  36. [email protected]

    Love the Website, been using it for year or so now, prolly longer… But i really recommend that you put “24 hr cooldown on promo codes” in BOLD, LARGE TEXT at the top of the promo code page. I def would have looked them over, before just spamming one into the redeem tab.

  37. Ayumilove Post author

    @everyone: New Promo Code “S1mple” is now available to be used to get some decent rewards!
    Rewards: 4 Energy Refills, 1 3-Days 100% XP Boost, 20 Magic XP Brews, 350K Silver

  38. Geert Denuwelaere

    Great rewards, please inform me, great work, it’s a good push in the back for non-credit players!!!

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  40. William Waggle

    Thank you for the info but as a player of Raid shadow legends for over 2 years now it’s very hard to know when they are putting out a new promo code is there a way you could alert us at the clan willysback of any news or new promo code we’d really appreciate it thank you for the info

  41. Alx

    Thank you.