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Raid Shadow Legends Sheep Skill imposes a debuff on an enemy, rendering them unable to use their usual abilities and limiting them to executing only the Sheep basic skill. The basic skill is attack 1 enemy and if there is any ally sheep in it’s own team, ally Sheep will join this attack. Has a 50% chance of removing the Sheep debuff from this Champion after attacking. Whenever a Sheep debuff expires or the Sheep is defeated, the affected Champion will return to battle with 50% HP.

Sheep FAQ

When to use Sheep debuff?

This Sheep skill is primarily employed in the Arena to exert control over formidable foes capable of altering the course of battle, such as revivers, crowd controllers, or nuker champions. However, its utility outside of the Arena is limited, as it entails defeating the polymorphed enemy twice – once in sheep form and then again when they return to its original form with half of their original health. Additionally, the Sheep debuff can also be inflicted through Polymorph (Legendary Chaos Blessing).

Sheep Types

Raid Shadow Legends Sheep debuff


The Champion with this Sheep debuff is only able to perform Sheep skill. Returns to it’s original form with 50% HP upon being defeated in Sheep form.

Sheep Champions (2)

Sheep (Target)



  1. Armanz the Magnificent (BA-LSM)
  2. Sun Wukong (SW-LAS)





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