Raid Shadow Legends Increase Debuff Duration Skill Champions

RAID: Shadow Legends – Increase Debuff Duration Skill allows a Champion to increase 1 or more debuffs duration on their enemy Champions. This allows the debuff to provide their disadvantages to the enemy Champion longer to decrease their survivability and efficiency in battle. Stun, Sleep, Freeze, Provoke are not affected by Increase Debuff Duration effects.

Increase Debuff Duration Skill Champions


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15 thoughts on “Raid Shadow Legends Increase Debuff Duration Skill Champions

  1. Smartboz

    I took Aothar for poison and Flesh-Tearer for increasing debuff. And he ist on ascend level 3, so his A3 is in superior level.

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @Smartboz: What are the champions did you use to test this out?

  3. Smartboz

    I tested it myself right now: Poison is not affected as well by increase debuff duration. Tested it multiple times, and there was no notice, that the opponent resisted.

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Blue Overnight: Based from what I heard from the moderator on the RAID Shadow Legends Official Discord, they mentioned that Sniper does not affect Debuff Extender. Some players who have Septimus (Legendary Champion) tested that he does not extend the debuff with Sniper but through Warmaster (additional attack) from Offense Tier 6 Mastery.

  5. Blue Overnight

    Can you confirm if the sniper masterie works on Debuff extentenders?

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @NotProtagonist: Sandlashed Survivor Increase Buff Duration of all allies and Decreases Buff Duration of all enemies. She does not Increase Debuff duration of all enemies.

  7. NotProtagonist

    Need to add sandlashed survivor

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @yivgeni: Yes, Increase Debuff Duration works on all debuffs except for Crowd Control types such as Stun, Provoke, Sleep and Freeze.

  9. yivgeni

    does this work on poison?

  10. Eriadör

    I can confirm that Master Hexer works on Septimus, increasing debuffs for 2 turn. However, he has a passive to grant this effect, while Warlord and Vizier have such effect built in their skills.

  11. Ebiz

    Does anyone know if sniper or master hexer affect this ability?

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mick: It can be resisted if your champion’s accuracy is lower than the enemy champion’s resist.

  13. Mick

    As it is not applying debuff, is it countered by resist? Thanks

  14. Ayumilove Post author

    @lotusmonk: Thanks for your input! I have added Septimus and Bulwark into the Increase Debuff Duration list.

  15. lotusmonk

    Missing Bulwark and septimus