Raid Shadow Legends Champion Fusion Guide

Raid Shadow Legends Champion Fusion feature can be found in the Summoning Portal which allows players to fuse multiple champions to create a powerful champion of a higher rarity. It’s recommended to keep at least 1 copy of each Rare you obtained from Mystery Shard, Ancient Shard, Void Shard, and Sacred Shard in your vault. Also, it’s advisable to stockpile some Force, Magic, Spirit, and Void potions obtained from Dungeon which are used to ascend champions for fusion!

Champion Fusion Index

Champion Fusion Overview

Permanent Champion Fusion
2024 Champion Fusion
2023 Champion Fusion
2022 Champion Fusion
2021 Champion Fusion
2020 Champion Fusion
2019 Champion Fusion

Permanent Champion Fusion

Lady Mikage
Rhazin Scarhide

Ascension Potion Requirements Table

L = Lesser Potion, G = Greater Potion, S = Superior Potion (Affinity/Arcane Potion)




2L – 2L
2L – 2L
3L – 2L
3L – 3L
? – ?
? – ?
(10L – 9L)


4L – 2L
6L – 3L
2G – 1G
2G – 2G
5G – 3G
6G – 4G
(10L – 5L)
(15G – 10G)


4G – 3G
7G – 5G
9G – 7G
3S – 1S
3S – 2S
4S – 2S
(20G – 15G)
(10S – 5S)


1S – 5G
2S – 2S
3S – 2S
4S – 3S
5S – 4S
6S – 4S
(21S – 15S)
(0G – 5G)

Time-Limited Fusion Calendar

List of Champion Fusion in Raid Shadow Legends sorted by latest to oldest.
04 Jul 2024 ~ 17 Jul 2024 : Packmaster Shy’ek
06 Jun 2024 ~ 19 Jun 2024 : The Incarnate
09 May 2024 ~ 22 May 2024 : Vault Keeper Wixwell
04 Apr 2024 ~ 17 Apr 2024 : Eostrid Dreamsong
07 Mar 2024 ~ 20 Mar 2024 : Armanz the Magnificent
08 Feb 2024 ~ 21 Feb 2024 : Wight Queen Ankora
11 Jan 2024 ~ 24 Jan 2024 : Zinogre Blademaster
14 Dec 2023 ~ 29 Dec 2023 : Blizaar the Howler
16 Nov 2023 ~ 29 Nov 2023 : Ugir the Wyrmeater
27 Oct 2023 ~ 08 Nov 2023 : Timit the Fool
28 Sep 2023 ~ 13 Oct 2023 : Bambus Fourleaf
31 Aug 2023 ~ 12 Sep 2023 : Strategos Islin
03 Aug 2023 ~ 16 Aug 2023 : Emic Trunkheart
03 Jul 2023 ~ 17 Jul 2023 : Gnut
08 Jun 2023 ~ 26 Jun 2023 : Greathoof Loriaca
11 May 2023 ~ 29 May 2023 : Jetni the Giant
13 Apr 2023 ~ 29 Apr 2023 : Razelvarg
10 Mar 2023 ~ 28 Mar 2023 : Supreme Elhain
09 Feb 2023 ~ 26 Feb 2023 : Oella
12 Jan 2023 ~ 27 Jan 2023 : Pythion
15 Dec 2022 ~ 31 Dec 2022 : Gnishak Verminlord
24 Nov 2022 ~ 30 Nov 2022 : Hoskarul
27 Oct 2022 ~ 11 Nov 2022 : Morrigaine
04 Oct 2022 ~ 19 Oct 2022 : Maranix
09 Sep 2022 ~ 24 Sep 2022 : Mighty Ukko
04 Aug 2022 ~ 21 Aug 2022 : Lonatharil
07 Jul 2022 ~ 22 Jul 2022 : Walking Tomb Dreng
09 Jun 2022 ~ 26 Jun 2022 : Helicath
12 May 2022 ~ 25 May 2022 : Bivald of the Thorn
19 Apr 2022 ~ 03 May 2022 : Gaius the Gleeful
25 Mar 2022 ~ 10 Apr 2022 : Nari the Lucky
10 Feb 2022 ~ 27 Feb 2022 : Karato Foxhunter
17 Jan 2022 ~ 02 Feb 2022 : Opardin Clanfather
16 Dec 2021 ~ 31 Dec 2021 : Tatura Rimehide
24 Nov 2021 ~ 03 Dec 2021 : Vildrax
28 Oct 2021 ~ 14 Nov 2021 : Vlad the Nightborn
30 Sep 2021 ~ 17 Oct 2021 : Sigmund the Highshield
06 Sep 2021 ~ 21 Sep 2021 : Roric Wyrmbane
05 Aug 2021 ~ 23 Aug 2021 : Mother Cybele
02 Jul 2021 ~ 18 Jul 2021 : Versulf the Grim
07 Jun 2021 ~ 23 Jun 2021 : Hurndig
11 May 2021 ~ 24 May 2021 : Ruel the Huntmaster
13 Apr 2021 ~ 30 Apr 2021 : Underpriest Brogni
16 Mar 2021 ~ 01 Apr 2021 : Yoshi the Drunkard
12 Feb 2021 ~ 27 Feb 2021 : Astralon
14 Jan 2021 ~ 28 Jan 2021 : Iron Brago
14 Dec 2020 ~ 31 Dec 2020 : Pyxniel
25 Nov 2020 ~ 01 Dec 2020 : Bergoth the Malformed
30 Oct 2020 ~ 11 Nov 2020 : Elegaius
05 Oct 2020 ~ 23 Oct 2020 : Vergumkaar
18 Sep 2020 ~ 28 Sep 2020 : Drokgul the Gaunt
14 Aug 2020 ~ 31 Aug 2020 : Kreela Witch-Arm
13 Jul 2020 ~ 31 Jul 2020 : Kantra the Cyclone
12 May 2020 ~ 31 May 2020 : Gurptuk Moss-Beard
08 Apr 2020 ~ 30 Apr 2020 : Skull Lord Var-Gall
13 Mar 2020 ~ 31 Mar 2020 : Cillian the Lucky
14 Feb 2020 ~ 06 Mar 2020 : Rotos the Lost Groom
13 Dec 2019 ~ 29 Dec 2019 : Tormin the Cold
15 Nov 2019 ~ 24 Nov 2019 : Brakus the Shifter
25 Oct 2019 ~ 10 Nov 2019 : Harvest Jack
20 Sep 2019 ~ 06 Oct 2019 : Maulie Tankard
07 Jul 2019 ~ 25 Jul 2019 : Foli
11 Oct 2019 ~ 20 Nov 2019 : Alika
11 Mar 2019 ~ 05 Apr 2019 : Shamrock
14 Feb 2019 ~ 28 Feb 2019 : Sir Nicholas

Relickeeper (Epic)

Relickeeper Champion Fusion

Requires: Level 40 Justiciar, Executioner, Templar, Sorceress
Level 40 Justiciar = Level 30 Warmaiden, Diabolist, Spirithost, Heiress

Acquiring Champion from Shard and Campaign

3* Sorceress = Obtained from Campaign 3 “Catacombs of Narbuk” OR Mystery~Ancient Shard
3* Spirithost = Obtained from Campaign 4 “Durham Forest” OR Mystery~Ancient Shard
3* Heiress = Obtained from Campaign 6 “Palace of Aravia” OR Mystery~Ancient Shard
3* Diabolist = Obtained from Campaign 12 “Brimstone Path” OR Mystery~Ancient Shard
3* Templar = Obtained from Campaign 8 “Valdemair Strait” OR Mystery~Ancient Shard
3* Warmaiden = Obtained from Campaign 9 “The Deadlands” OR Mystery~Ancient Shard
3* Executioner = Obtained from Campaign 11 “Hallowed Halls” OR Mystery~Ancient Shard

Relickeeper Ascension Potion Requirements

10 Lesser Void, 4 Greater Void, 0 Superior Void
30 Lesser Force, 8 Greater Force, 0 Superior Force
20 Lesser Magic, 6 Greater Magic, 0 Superior Magic
20 Lesser Spirit, 6 Greater Spirit, 0 Superior Spirit
40 Lesser Arcane, 16 Greater Arcane, 0 Superior Arcane

Raid Shadow Legends Relickeeper Fusion Combination Guide
Raid Shadow Legends Relickeeper Fusion Potion Guide

Lady Mikage (Mythical)

Note: Lady Mikage can only be fused 1 time.

Lady Mikage Champion Fusion

Requires: Level 60 Keeyra the Watcher, Tatsu, Locwain, Weregren Suncursed
5★ Keeyra the Watcher = Delaaja, Ilysinya, Eolfrig, Aeshma
5★ Tatsu = Fyr-gun Isbeil, Endalia, Enda Moonbeam, Lady Quilen
5★ Locwain = Riscarm, Trugorr, Castigator, Lumberer
5★ Weregren Suncursed = Amarantine Skeleton, Centurion, Confessor, Vanguard

Raid Shadow Legends Lady Mikage Fusion Combination Guide

Rhazin Scarhide (Legendary)

Rhazin Scarhide Champion Fusion

Note: Rhazin Scarhide can only be fused 1 time.
Requires: Level 50 Lich, Erinyes, Bloodfeather, Torturehelm
4★ Lich = Level 40 Magus, Marked, Rocktooth, Penitent
4★ Erinyes = Level 40 Raider, Gnarlhorn, Valerie, Wanderer
4★ Bloodfeather = Level 40 Slitherbrute, Goremask, Preserver, Channeler
4★ Torturehelm = Level 40 Skullsworm, Halberdier, Spikehead, Theurgist

Rhazin Scarhide Ascension Potion Requirements

0 Lesser Void, 0 Greater Void, 0 Superior Void
30 Lesser Force, 92 Greater Force, 24 Superior Force
70 Lesser Magic, 28 Greater Magic, 0 Superior Magic
60 Lesser Spirit, 24 Greater Spirit, 0 Superior Spirit
80 Lesser Arcane, 108 Greater Arcane, 12 Superior Arcane

Raid Shadow Legends Rhazin Scarhide Fusion Combination Guide
Raid Shadow Legends Rhazin Scarhide Fusion Potion Guide

Broadmaw (Epic)

Broadmaw Champion Fusion

Requires: Level 30 Arbalester, Rockbeast, Huntress, Bloodhorn
3* Arbalester = Level 30 Commander, Hardscale, Dhampir, Satyr
3* Rockbeast = Level 30 Jaeger, Brute, Warchanter, Militia

Broadmaw Ascension Potion Requirements

40 Lesser Void, 8 Greater Void, 0 Superior Void
7 Lesser Force, 0 Greater Force, 0 Superior Force
21 Lesser Magic, 0 Greater Magic, 0 Superior Magic
28 Lesser Spirit, 0 Greater Spirit, 0 Superior Spirit
68 Lesser Arcane, 4 Greater Arcane, 0 Superior Arcane

Raid Shadow Legends Broadmaw Fusion Combination Guide
Raid Shadow Legends Broadmaw Fusion Potion Guide

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    Can I make a fusing as many times Iwant? So can I fuse several Rockbeasts if I have the uncommons?

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    The champion that used to be called Stoneskin is now called Rockbeast. I appreciate what you provide for us. You’re doing great work here.

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    could u put points requirements, like the old fusions?

  9. Danakar Endeel

    @John (Mac) McDonald

    I believe this is mainly for Legendary champions. You can go to “Guardian Ring” and then select “Empower Champions”. This allows you to ‘fuse’ identical Legendaries together and then they get a “I” marker next to their portrait. Don’t ask me how much more power they get with that as I don’t have any spare Legendaries to try that.

    So I don’t think this will work for Rares like Galek, HOWEVER you can still put your double Galeks in the “Faction Guardians” (also available at the “Guardian Ring”). This will boost all your champions of that faction with certain benefits like +10% HP, +10% ATK etc. So definitely don’t throw them away as you an still use your doubles for that and empower all champions of that faction. 🙂

    Hope this helps!

  10. John (Mac) McDonald

    I have heard of combining multiple identical characters to make one more powerful character. Example: I have 5 Galeks. If I sacrifice 4 Galeks, will it result in a more substantial Galek or are the 4 Galeks just food?

  11. Delorali

    Now that the new fusion event is going on 6/2022 Justiciar is not available to fuse so I can’t do my mission. It is my last mission of that set. Can this be corrected?

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  15. Danny Mcvay

    So i see questions about the fuse missions. My question is if u fuse relicdude will it count for both justicler and relic or if i fuse relic will i not get credit for justice..kinda of a 2 birds 1 stone type of deal or have 2 do both?

  16. Ayumilove Post author

    @HoboStick: I have corrected the link on Siegehulk under Hurndig’s Fusion. Thanks!

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    Thanks for all you do!

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  19. devnee

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  20. JoHell

    you forgot the 2 classic arena events for yoshi fragment fusion

  21. JimmyFLASH

    Additional 2nd anniversary Fragment events could be add to each of champs.

  22. Kasbael

    There is an Error on the Astralon Fusion guide.
    (18/02/2021 ~ 25/02/2021) Champion Chase Tournament = Scrapper → 7150
    This should say Champion Training Event, not “Champion Chase Tournament”.
    You had me expecting another Champion chase tourney. Now send me some shard for spotting the error. 😉

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jim: Yeah, it will be lesser for those players who are lower level. However, once the player reaches Level 60 (or maybe lesser), the Tournament/Event points required would be similar to the one shown in the guide above.

  24. Jim

    Hi, just one thing I noticed. The points you need in tournaments and events changes from player to player. I noticed it on a f2P account. They were level 38 and needed a quarter of the points I did for a dungeon event.

  25. Syd Knee

    Amazing as always. I have a suggestion based on the current fusion for Pyxniel. Of the 4 five stars required, Rugnor Goldgleam is not available via rewards. Thus obtaining Kurzad Deepheart is critical. And this Champion is very deep into the Champion training event ending on Xmas day. Not wishing to add to your already large workload I was thinking it would be handy to highlight any gotchas that Plarium have created for events such as this.

  26. Ayumilove Post author

    @William Lee: I have corrected Broadmaw’s potion requirement for Uncommons champions. Thanks!

  27. William Lee

    On the Broadmaw fusion chart, all the uncommons are listed as rares and the potion costs are radically wrong due to that.

  28. Ayumilove Post author

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  29. Hagbard23

    Hi, first of all amazing site, really helped a lot so far 🙂

    Mailie Tankard Fusion Event is still active? as it states 06/10/2020

    probably only a small typo

  30. Ayumilove Post author

    @RaidWarrior: I have added Foli and Maulie Tankard into this page. The details will be refined later on once I get the data for it from the past fusion events.

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    Thanks for putting in the time to put all this together!


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    So is it better to fuse multiple epics before fusing final legendary as its tab disappears once hes fused?

  41. David Wetzel

    hi started playing in December 2019 was wanting to know if you all are going have these champs back for another round of fusion so I can get sir Nicholas and rotos.

  42. Beck

    Does the Skull Lord event on April 30th at the stroke of midnight? Like, when the 29th becomes the 30th. OR does the event end at the END of the 30th? When the 30th becomes the first?

    They usually put actual TIMES on these events and it’s really important that I know how long I have left… I can’t find anywhere that lists the exact time… Any help would be very appreciated!

  43. Andy Kain

    1) Foli fusion is missing
    2) For those asking, once you fuse Rhazin, his tab disappears so you cannot fuse any epics from there

  44. TheBlaise


    Many thanks for your work, I am new to Raid and found your site very useful. I think there is a mistake at the Relickeeper fusion. Justiciar is a rare, but you show him as an epic. I assume this affects the potions need. Can you please confirm?

  45. Kjeldor

    I can confirm that you should be able to fuse epic champions from Rhazin fuse again, as I have fused Lich and it has remained active. Not sure if fuse becomes closed when you finish Rhazin though.
    I will postpone Rhazin fusion in order to get Lich and Erinies for myself too.

  46. WileyMan

    You can only fuse Rhazin one time. Got it. However, he is made up of four Epics. Can you fuse those Epics multiple times before fusing Rhazin? I’d love to fuse an extra copy of Erinyes for Clan Boss if I can pull all of the Rares.

    Thanks for the great site!

  47. ZivilynBane64

    Hello, I’m about 2 weeks in and finally decided to try fusing some of these champions. I have a question. If I already have one of the champions, do I have to fuse one anyways? For example, I already have Justiciar. Can I just level and ascend him, or do I need to fuse one anyways?

  48. Ayumilove Post author

    @Talhon: You will need to have all 4 specific Epic Champions to be fused to get the Legendary Champion. To get 1 specific Epic champion, you will need to fuse 4 specific Rare Champions. For example, if you want to get Cillian the Lucky (Legendary Champion), you will need to have 4 Epic Champions (Necrohunter, Corpse Collector, Suwai Firstborn and Jinglehunter) all of which must be level up to Level 50 and fully ascended (5 Purple Stars). If you do not have a specific Epic such as Necrohunter, then you can fuse all 4 Rare Champions (Ogryn Jailer, Ghoulish Ranger, Steadfast Marshal and Perforator) all of which must be level up to Level 40 and fully ascended (4 Purple Stars). These Rare Champions can be obtained through opening Ancient Shards or completing the Event/Tournament for the champion reward/drops.

    It will take a considerable amount of Energy to level up these champions in Campaign and also farming potions (Lesser, Greater, Superior Potion for each affinity = Void/Spirit/Magic/Force) to ascend these champions. Players who have just started this game will have a difficult time doing all of these since you will lack of these resources unless the player is P2W (Play to Win = Cash Spenders). However, for those end-game players who have already the champions in their vault, Affinity Potions and XP Brews resources stocked up, will have an easy-medium difficulty completing this event.

  49. Talhon

    Why can’t I fuse a sub set? Do I have to have every other champion needed to fuse the main champ before I can fuse any part of the tree? How do I level up the upper tree champs then?

  50. CommanderAzure

    Up top it says Justiciar is Epic but he’s actually rare.

  51. FredStone

    Thanks for all your hard work great fusion guides.

  52. Erad1ca0tr

    Thank you Ayumi for this wonderful guide. I am currently doing Rotus and this helped a lot with scheduling the event (especially potion sheet). I didn’t even know the potion amounts for ascending so this saved a lot of trouble. Much obliged!

  53. Warmachine6905

    Love the setup do the the potion guide. Looks really good and easy to understand

  54. Ayumilove Post author

    @Colin Rivard: I have updated the Fusion Potion Guide (Seplucher Sentinel) and Fusion Calendar Guide (Runic Warder). Thanks for highlighting the error!

  55. Colin Rivard

    Fusion Potion Guide – Missing potions for Sepulcher Sentinel
    Fusion Calendar Guide – Runic Warder event incorrect

  56. Ayumilove Post author

    @Madfox: Thanks for highlighting the error! I have re-updated Mystic Hand (Magic to Force) in both of the images (Fusion Calendar and Fusion Potion).

  57. Madfox

    mystic hand is force not magic.

  58. woolybee


    you can fuse relickeeper before the mission and you still get credit.

  59. TheProtean

    Other than getting credit for the Fusion Mission/Event things – is there a reason to get Justiciar, RelicKeeper, or BroadMaw? Your ratings sheet indicates all are C or F. Getting them requires getting of several A & B Ranks.

    Note: Harvest Jack is only a B, but Legendary – so probably still worth it. Alika is also a B (Epic) and requires sacrifice of Reliquary Tender (A Rare).

    Any chance you could include
    1) Total Stars of Fused Champion
    2) Average Stars of Sacrificed Champions
    3) Total Stars of Sacrificed Champions
    4) Ratio of Fused Champion Stars to Sacrificed Champion Stars

  60. Ticklemenads

    @ Dante Wolfe

    No you’ll be fine fusing Justicar before the mission. I did mine earlier without any idea of the mission. However according to Salt, there is a mission to fuse Relickeeper and if he is done before the mission you will need to fuse him again! Not 100% on this if it never applied to Justicar then why would it apply to RK…When I get to it I’ll update here.

  61. A thankful fellow

    I’m new to the Raid Shadow Legends game and your guide is opening my eyes to so many possibilities. Thank you, sincerely from a stranger out in the world that you are helping tremendously. We’ll never meet but please know that I recognize your effort and appreciate every minute you spent crafting these guides. I may even have to break a personal rule and spend some coin with your patreon.

  62. Dante Wolfe

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me if I go ahead and fuse Justicar, will I have to fuse him again once I get the mission or will it count as I would have him? Thanks for any help.

  63. Franko

    I appreciate what you do here! I would love to see some indicator when a champion is needed for a FUSION. Keep up the great work!

  64. Beletteur

    Uncommon Ascend fifth star is : 5L/3L

  65. Ayumilove Post author

    @Maximilian Aszmann: Thanks for the correction! I have updated the guide above 🙂

  66. Maximilian Aszmann

    Limited-Time Fusion Event 2019-10-09 (Can only be fused 1 time)
    Requires: Lv.40 Ogryn Jailer + Lv.40 Ghoulish Ranger + Lv.40 Perforator + Lv.40 Reliquary Tender
    3* Ogryn Jailer = Champion Training Event (Requires 900 points)
    3* Ghoulish Ranger = Champion Training Event (Requires 5100 points)
    3* Perforator = Champion Chase Tournament (500 points)
    3* Reliquary Tender = Champion Chase Tournament (750 points)”


    Should be:

    3* Ghoulish Ranger = Champion Training Event (Requires 900 points)
    3* Perforator = Champion Training Event (Requires 5100 points)
    3* Ogryn Jailer = Champion Chase Tournament (500 points)
    3* Reliquary Tender = Champion Chase Tournament (750 points)”