Increase Buff Duration Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Increase Buff Duration Skill allows a champion to extend the buff duration on a champion, which means increasing all buffs duration on their allies. This allows the buff to provide their benefits to the allied Champion longer to increase their survivability and efficiency in battle. Unkillable, Block Damage, Revive on Death are not affected by Increase Buff Duration effects.

Increase Buff Duration Champions (10)

Increase Buff Duration (AoE)


  1. Krisk the Ageless (LZ-LDV)
  2. Lanakis the Chosen (DE-LSM)


  1. Demytha (DW-ESV)
  2. Flesh-Tearer (SW-ESM)
  3. Godseeker Aniri (SO-EDV)
  4. Hope (SO-EHM)
  5. Quargan the Crowned (LZ-ESS)
  6. Sandlashed Survivor (OR-EDS)


  1. Hellborn Sprite (DS-RSS)
  2. Valerie (BL-RSM)



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17 thoughts on “Increase Buff Duration Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Redtailed

    Epic Support champion “Anchorite” has the increase buff on his A2

  2. dave

    Anchorite, new champ with a increase buff duration

  3. Jenifer Adams

    Quargan isn’t AOE, it’s random buff on single target. Ty for your hard work your site is excellent

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Lozza, @CasualNoob, @bakayoutube: Hellborn Sprite has been added to the Increase Buff Duration (AoE) champion list!

  5. Pir

    @timbos — no, anything to do with buffs on one’s own allies doesn’t require ACC.

  6. bakayoutube


    yes Hellborn is missing 😉

    good game 😉

  7. CasualNoob

    Need to add Hellborn (Demonspawn rare) to this list.

  8. Lozza

    Hellborne Sprite?

  9. Thavious

    Agust, read Valeries engergizing presence, It says increases the durations of buffs on all allies by 1 turn. It’s a 4 turn cooldown (3 when booked).

  10. Ágúst

    Valerie does not extend buffs in Raid anymore.

  11. Paendamonium

    Godseeker Aniri has increase buff duration on her A2, though it combines with several other effects.

  12. timbos

    does his extending skill requires accuracy

  13. overborn

    Seems like unkill cannot be extended

  14. Ayumilove Post author

    @hugey: I have added Sandlashed Survivor into the champion list above!

  15. hugey

    Sandlashed Survivor (Epic) does this too

  16. Matthias Schuster

    Oh sorry, I have missed her, all good and perfect

  17. Matthias Schuster

    You have forgotten Valerie