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Raid Shadow Legends Decrease Turn Meter is a skill that decreases the Turn Meter of one or multiple enemy Champion’s, to prevent them from taking their turn first before your Champions. This is essential in performing burst attack in Arena or Dungeon Boss minions. Decrease Turn Meter skill is best combined with Speed Aura, Increase Speed Skill and Decrease Speed Skill so your team will always be able to take 2 or more turns before an enemy can perform their action. This increases your Champion’s survivability in battle particularly at later stages in-game where adversaries are tougher and hits like a truck. There is a skill called Steal Turn Meter Skill that allows a Champion to decrease an enemy’s turn meter and filling up his/her turn meter based on the amount of turn meter the enemy has lost.

Decrease Turn Meter Champions (87)

Decrease Turn Meter (AoE)


  1. Basileus Roanas (HE-LAF)
  2. Big ‘Un (OT-LAM)
  3. Countess Lix (DS-LAM)
  4. Elegaius (UH-LSM)
  5. Foli (DE-LAM)
  6. Gomlok Skyhide (OR-LSF)
  7. Harvest Jack (UH-LHS)
  8. Khoronar (SW-LHV)
  9. Lady Kimi (SK-LSM)
  10. Lyssandra (HE-LSS)
  11. Nethril (UH-LAS)
  12. Nobel (SK-LAF)
  13. Queen Eva (DE-LAS)
  14. Rhazin Scarhide (LZ-LDF)
  15. Sethallia (BL-LSM)
  16. Shamrock (OT-LSS)
  17. Tomb Lord (KR-LSS)
  18. Valkyrie (BA-LDS)
  19. Warlord (OR-LSV)


  1. Aox the Rememberer (LZ-ESF)
  2. Archmage Hellmut (BL-ESM)
  3. Armina (BA-EAM)
  4. Deacon Armstrong (SO-ESS)
  5. Golden Reaper (KR-ESV)
  6. High Khatun (BA-ESS)
  7. Jinglehunter (HE-EAS)
  8. Mordecai (SO-ESF)
  9. Oathbound (BL-EDF)
  10. Psylar (DE-ESV)
  11. Shatterbones (OT-EAF)


  1. Diabolist (DS-RSM)
  2. Executioner (KR-RDM)
  3. Interceptor (HE-RDV)
  4. Siegebreaker (OT-RAS)


  1. Outlander (BA-UAS)


Decrease Turn Meter (Target)


  1. Hurndig (DW-LAM)
  2. Lady Kimi (SK-LSM)
  3. Little Miss Annie (UH-LAV)
  4. Lyssandra (HE-LSS)
  5. Scyl of the Drakes (BA-LDM)
  6. Visix the Unbowed (DE-LDV)


  1. Achak the Wendarin (DS-ESF)
  2. Alaric the Hooded (BL-EAF)
  3. Alure (DS-EAM)
  4. Baroth the Bloodsoaked (BA-EHF)
  5. Bloodfeather (OR-EAF)
  6. Excruciator (DS-EAM)
  7. Fenshi (SK-EAF)
  8. Lich (UH-EDF)
  9. Lightsworn (SO-EDV)
  10. Lordly Legionary (BL-EAM)
  11. Lua (DE-EAV)
  12. Masked Fearmonger (BL-EAS)
  13. Siegehulk (OT-EAM)
  14. Skimfos the Consumed (DS-EAV)
  15. Tayrel (HE-EDM)
  16. Ultimate Galek (OR-EAM)
  17. Ursala the Mourner (BL-ESV)
  18. Ursine Ironhide (SW-EDF)


  1. Acolyte (KR-RSF)
  2. Adjudicator (HE-RAM)
  3. Bloodmask (SK-RHF)
  4. Coldheart (DE-RAV)
  5. Confessor (SO-RAV)
  6. Dagger (BL-RAV)
  7. Flailer (DW-RDM)
  8. Flesheater (OT-RSS)
  9. Hollow (UH-RAV)
  10. Judicator (SO-RAS)
  11. Lifetaker (SK-RAM)
  12. Panthera (SW-RAV)
  13. Paragon (DE-RDV)
  14. Retainer (DE-RDV)
  15. Skirmisher (BA-RAV)
  16. Slitherbrute (LZ-RAM)
  17. Soulbond Bowyer (BA-RAS)
  18. Stitched Beast (UH-RAV)
  19. Wanderer (DE-RAS)
  20. Wyvernbane (OR-RAS)


  1. Armiger (SO-UDS)
  2. Battle Sister (SO-UAM)
  3. Elfguard (HE-UAS)
  4. Frostskin (OT-USM)
  5. Head Taker (BA-UAM)
  6. Pilgrim (SO-USF)
  7. Pit Fighter (BA-UHF)


  1. Yeoman (SO-CAM)

Decrease Turn Meter (Random)


  1. Blind Seer (DE-LSV)


  1. Royal Guard (HE-EAM)




Steal Turn Meter Champions (14)

Steal Turn Meter (AoE)



  1. Armina (BA-EAM)




Steal Turn Meter (Target)


  1. Cillian the Lucky (BL-LAM)
  2. Gomlok Skyhide (OR-LSF)
  3. Grohak the Bloodied (OR-LAM)
  4. Jintoro (SK-LAM)
  5. Yakarl the Scourge (BA-LAV)


  1. Azure (BL-EHV)
  2. Excruciator (DS-EAM)
  3. Fayne (SW-EAS)
  4. Geomancer (DW-EAF)
  5. Maneater (OT-EHV)
  6. Skimfos the Consumed (DS-EAV)
  7. Tuhak the Wanderer (OR-EAV)


  1. Crimson Slayer (KR-RAS)



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40 thoughts on “Steal and Decrease Turn Meter Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Loveayumi

    Heyo Ayumi! Thank you for all the great things you do for the community.

    Satyr could also be featured on this list. He can do up to 60% tm decrease
    as an uncommon which is just huuuuge!

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @ShadowkinSoldier: Debuff and negative instant effects such as Decrease Turn Meter will not take effect if the champion (e.g. Fenshi – Force Affinity) performed a weak hit on a strong affinity champion (e.g. Fire Knight – Spirit Affinity)

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @rossarius: Siegehulk is added to the Decrease Turn Meter skill list!

  4. ShadowkinSoldier

    just a quick question

    does Decrease Turn Meter work on Weak Hits?
    Let’s say i’ll use Fenshi (Force) against Fire Knight (Spirit)
    Debuff won’t land, obviously, because Fenshi is weak Affinity. But what about Turn Meter Reduction? It sure needs ACC as well but it isn’t a Debuff, so will it work?

  5. rossarius

    add Siegehulk

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @aindrill: I have added Visix the Unbowed to the Decrease Turn Meter champion list!

  7. Ayumilove Post author

    @Uh Clem: It’s a little bit different. If Hollow’s skill were described as Steal Turn Meter, then the A2 skill will not work against bosses that are immune to Decrease Turn Meter effects, which means Hollow will not gain Turn Meter. However, the current mechanics on Hollow is much beneficial since it will increase his Turn Meter regardless the Enemy Turn Meter is immune/non-immune to Decrease Turn Meter effects.

  8. Uh Clem

    Shouldn’t Hollow be under Steal Turn Meter? Its second attack says, “Each hit decreases the target’s Turn Meter and fills this Champion’s Turn Meter by 5%.”

  9. aindrill

    Visix the Unbowed missing here

  10. Ayumilove Post author

    @thevoyager: Tuhak the Wanderer has been added to the Steal Turn Meter skill list.

  11. thevoyager

    I think Tuhak is missing from the Steal turn meter list.

  12. DynamoDucky

    I was actually aware of the existence of the Steal Turn Meter section, I really don’t know why I wrote “needs to create” instead of “has created” a distinct classification.
    I hope it did not rub you the wrong way, and thanks for your effort (one more :D)

  13. Ayumilove Post author

    @DynamoDucky: I have already created a Steal Turn Meter page but I guess not many people are aware of it. Hence, I have combined both of these pages together to make it easier for everyone to refer.

  14. Ayumilove Post author

    @Polpov: Diabolist has been added into the list. Thanks!

  15. DynamoDucky

    Her skill is more a steal than a decrease all things considered (although you’re not wrong, but the author needs to create a proper classification).

    I hope you haven’t invested too much in Crimson Slayer, she unfortunately does not use her A2 on auto (or at least not in Fire Knight’s dungeon).

  16. FsomethingCK

    Is Crimson Slayer missing from this list?

  17. Polpov

    I believe Diabolist is missing from the AOE section
    Her A3 Positive Charge ”Fills the Turn Meter of all allies by 15%. Decreases the Turn Meter of all enemies by 15%.”

    Love your website, keep up the good work!

  18. Ayumilove Post author

    @Blackwall: Sniper mastery only affects debuff.

  19. Blackwall

    can sniper mastery affect decrease turn meter ability?

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: I have updated the Decrease Turn Meter skill champion list into 3 unique sections (AoE, Target and Random).

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    @WileyMan: I have added Jinglehunter into the list above.

  22. WileyMan

    Jinglehunter is missing. He has Decrease Turn Meter on his A3 with a Critical Hit.

  23. WileyMan

    @Myriad: It would be from Masteries. If you are seeing “Decrease”, then it is “Evil Eye” on Support Tree. There are other Masteries that increase turn meter as well.

  24. Myriad Illu

    Often I see a decrease turn meter happen after a succesfull hit with champs that don’t have this skill (Arbiter, Wurlim). Does anyone know what is the mechanics behind this?

    Is it a bonus that comes with critical hits or something?

  25. Radical Dragon

    Sethallia has an AOE enemy decrease turn meter on her A3.

  26. ashvoyager

    To add to this list: Sethallia (A3 skill) and Cillian the Lucky (A1 skill)

  27. David Fonorow

    Cillian the Lucky has decrease turn meter

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    @Murderwolf: I have moved Frostskin from Rare to Uncommon Champion list above!

  29. Murderwolf

    Frostkin is in the section with the rares.

  30. Steven

    Sorry, 140, not 104.

  31. Steven

    I don’t know if it has ever been documented, but I just pulled a Coldhearted and ran her straight up from level 3-1 to 6-59 using only void potions. Had 344, now 104.

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    @Demoluc14n: Thanks for highlighting Grohak the Bloodied skills. I have added him into the list above!

  33. Ayumilove Post author

    @DonutOverlord: I have rechecked Prince Kymar skills in-game and he has no Turn Meter reduction. It could probably be Evil Eye selected for this Champion’s mastery.

  34. DonutOverlord

    Prince Kymar also does Turn Meter Reduction

  35. Demoluc14n

    I came across this recently been playing for roughly 3 months of and on completely F2P while searching your champion database I notices a legendary is missing from this list……… Grohak the Bloodied with his A3 “Lord of War” attacks 1 enemy and steals the target turn meter …….. I own this legendary and as he is not high on anyone list I understand how he could be overlooked but this skill works wonders dungeon bosses

    downside is this skill is on a 5 turn CD and can be brought down to 4 even on a 5 turn CD I a using it once every 3 boss turns since his A1 applies a 30% slow

  36. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jacomus: Thanks for highlighting the missing champion! I have added Coldheart into the Decrease Turn Meter Champion list! I have also included other missing champions such as Excruciator, Frostskin and Retainer.

  37. Jacomus

    Also only one of the most used rares, Coldheart!

  38. Ayumilove Post author

    @Xeomort: Thanks for pointing out! I have added Alure into the Decrease Turn Meter Epic list above.

  39. Xeomort

    You forgot Alure that, i think, is the best champion to decrease the turn meter.