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Raid Shadow Legends Armiger Skill Mastery Equip Guide


NAME: Armiger
FACTION: Sacred Order
RARITY: Uncommon
ROLE: Defense
USABILITY: Early-Mid-Late Game
TOMES: 9 (A1 A2)



Obtain from

Mystery Shard


★✰✰✰✰ Campaign
★★★✰✰ Arena Defense
★★★✰✰ Arena Offense
★★★★✰ Clan Boss
★★★★✰ Hydra
★★★★✰ Faction Wars


★★★★✰ Minotaur
★★★★★ Spider
★★★★✰ Fire Knight
★★★★✰ Dragon
★★★★★ Ice Golem
★★★★✰ Iron Twins
★★★★✰ Sand Devil
★★★★★ Phantom Shogun


★★★★✰ Arcane Keep
★★★★✰ Void Keep
★★★★✰ Force Keep
★★★★★ Spirit Keep
★★★✰✰ Magic Keep

Doom Tower

★★★★✰ Floors
★★★★★ Magma Dragon
★★★★★ Nether Spider
★★★★★ Frost Spider
★★★★★ Scarab King
★★✰✰✰ Celestial Griffin
★★★★★ Eternal Dragon
★★★✰✰ Dreadhorn
★★★★★ Dark Fae

Armiger Review

Armiger is an Uncommon Defense Spirit champion from the The Sacred Order faction in Raid Shadow Legends. Armiger is one of the best end game champions for Spider’s Den, Fire Knight Castle, Faction Wars and Doom Tower (Scarab King and Dark Fae).

Armiger is renowned for his signature ability Riposte (A1 Skill) that enables him to crowd control enemies with his Decrease Turn Meter ability! This enables him to slow down bosses and prevent them from taking a turn when he is built in a speed-tuned team! Armiger’s Lay to Rest (A2 Skill) is his second powerful ability that deals high amount of damage based on their MAX HP and prevents the enemy from being revived! This skill makes him an excellent candidate to block revive Ice Golem minions and Frost Spider in Doom Tower too! He is also frequently seen at Scarab King with Destroy Set equipped to break down his shield and preventing him from taking a turn.

Overall, Armiger is a powerful Uncommon champion in an Epic skin. His true potential can be fully unleashed when he is built with 100% Critical Rate and sufficient Accuracy stats to apply Decrease Turn Meter consistently for the level you are farming a specific Dungeon or Doom Tower floor.

Armiger Skills

Attacks 1 enemy. Decreases the Turn Meter by 30% if this attack is critical.
Level 2: Damage +5%
Level 3: Damage +5%
Level 4: Damage +5%
Level 5: Damage +5%
Damage Multiplier: 4 DEF

Lay to Rest (Cooldown: 3 turns)
Attacks 1 enemy. Damage inflicted is proportional to DEF and increases according to enemy MAX HP. Enemies killed by this skill cannot be revived.
Level 2: Damage +5%
Level 3: Damage +5%
Level 4: Damage +5%
Level 5: Damage +5%
Level 6: Cooldown -1
Damage Multiplier: 2.9 DEF + 0.05 Enemy MAX HP

Armiger Build Guide

Arena, Campaign, Clan Boss, Dungeons, Doom Tower, Faction Wars

Recommended Artifacts

PvE: Bloodthirst, Lifesteal
PvP: Zeal
PvE & PvP: Accuracy, Critical Damage, Defiant, Deflection, Divine Speed, Instinct, Killstroke, Lethal, Merciless, Perception, Resilience, Savage, Speed, Supersonic

Stats Allocation

Weapon (ATK)
Helmet (HP)
Shield (DEF)
Gauntlets (DEF% / C.RATE / C.DMG)
Chestplate (DEF% / ACC)
Boots (SPD / DEF%)
Ring (DEF)
Amulet (C.DMG / DEF)
Banner (DEF / ACC)

Stats Priority

DEF Nuker & Debuffer: DEF%, C.RATE, C.DMG, SPD, ACC

Armiger Masteries Guide

Arena, Campaign, Clan Boss, Dungeons, Doom Tower, Faction Wars

Raid Shadow Legends Armiger Skill Mastery Equip Guide


  1. Deadly Precision
  2. Keen Strike
  3. Heart of Glory
  4. Life Drinker
  5. Single Out
  6. Bring it Down
  7. Methodical
  8. Kill Streak
  9. Warmaster


  1. Pinpoint Accuracy
  2. Charged Focus
  3. Swarm Smiter
  4. Evil Eye
  5. Lore of Steel
  6. Spirit Haste

Armiger Videos

Raid Shadow Legends Armiger Champion Guide by ASH

Raid Shadow Legends Armiger Champion Guide by StewGaming

Raid Shadow Legends Armiger and Paragon vs Spider Guide by Cold Brew Gaming

Raid Shadow Legends Armiger vs Spider Boss Guide by StewGaming

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96 thoughts on “Armiger | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Ted Tedstone

    Armiger in Destroy with a healer is the early solution to the DT Beetle

  2. mike n

    Overall, Armiger is a powerful Uncommon champion in an Epic skin. Edit to -> Overall, Armiger is a powerful Epic Champion in an Uncommon skin.

  3. Zherkof

    @Ayumilove, you have Armiger listed as an MVP for Frost Spider, but have him rated as 1-star. Glad I read that section and didn’t simply rely on the ranking section!

  4. Humin Bee-ungh

    @William Kraybill & @Ayumilove thank you for addressing the set issue! I almost put a Retaliation set on my Armiger – I’m so glad I read the comments here first.

    Btw, some people keep asking the same questions over an over; e.g.: “why acc, u just need crit”. Kudos to everyone here patiently explaining the same info lol

  5. Kinetoul

    @sixStackJack ,i dont know if u could pass spider lvl 14 but u have the worst affinity (magic) for Arminger, it’s normal he missed his touch for the turn meters.+

  6. SixStackJack

    I cant get that damn spider 14 down… i use armiger fully booked with 211acc and 102critRate, but he dosnt reduce the Turn Meeter on spider… i eaven have a second armiger with 184 acc and 106 crit rate, aswell as a ColdHeart with 238 acc and fully booked but still its not enought to keep the spiders turn meeter down… i use Apothecary also fully booked as a healer to heal DK

    am i missing something???

  7. Another player

    Hellhades had a new video about armiger, highlighting the 2,main types of build. You can either focus on accuracy speed and crit rate to land the tm reduction, or if late game have high crit rate and damage, speed and defense. This second build needs 0 accuracy (for dt bosses like nether spider, bommal and grythion) you actually might not want the a1 to work. Just have the massive a2 damage.

  8. Lee

    @Peter – you get Armiger from Mystery shards or occasionally available in the Marketplace.

  9. Peter

    Where/how do I get Armiger?

  10. resizt

    @Asocialnsomniac I feel the same way.. what a beast on frost spider 🙂

  11. Eradicator

    @rasp13 it can be useful to have more than one armiger. I have one in relentless gear for boss dungeons and one in destroy gear for scarab

    I’ve seen some guys do multiple armigers to beat spider 20

  12. rasp13

    Is it worth investing in more than one Armiger for dungeons and such?

  13. Asocialnsomniac

    I feel he should have more than one star for frost spider. His block revive can stop the spider from respawning even if it’s not under a hp burn debuff. It was the first way I beat the frost spider when I didn’t have any hp burn champs.

  14. Katharsia

    I don’t get the point why Armiger has only 3 stars in Claboss while coldherat has 5 stars. Coldheart brings some useless debuffs that block poison slots and her EnemyMaxHP Attack has a 0,1 multiplier on a 4 turn cooldown. Armigers has a 0,05 multiplier on a 2 turn cooldown, which is the same on first view – half damage on half cooldown – but if you put Armiger in a reflection set and use ‘Cycle of Magic’, he has a 45% to fully reset the cooldown on each turn and sometimes use his A2 4-5 times in a row.

  15. Ulti

    Armiger should be 5* for Dragon , it’s part of many speed team <1 min on Dragon 25.

  16. courageouslio

    turn meter reduction doesnt affect the Dragon so he should be a bit lower ranked for Dragons Lair

  17. Ayumilove Post author

    @courageouslio: Not necessarily. If you can get many good substat rolls on Critical Rate on other equipment to achieve 100% Critical Rate stat, then you can use the other main stat on the glove to boost Armiger’s damage or survivability.

  18. courageouslio

    gauntlets should only be crit rate otherwise his A1 wont trigger

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    @Skarg: You need to pair Armiger with other champions to crowd control the Spider boss easily. Champions who synergize best with Armiger are the ones who can apply Decrease Speed on the enemy and apply Increase Speed buff on your champions. In addition, have Armiger speed above 200+, so he can take multiple turns of the boss. Without having the right setup, you will not get the results that you expected, which is to prevent the boss from taking any turns. However, if you are working on Stage 21~25, it would be difficult for Armiger to do it alone as your primary Decrease Turn Meter champion. Reason being, the boss has an additional passive skill to reduce the effects of Decrease Turn Meter by 50%. Hence, it’s recommended to have at least 2 Decrease Turn Meter champions in the team.

  20. Pikkuteemu

    Now, when i am already quiting Raid, Armiger start to became decent .

  21. Skarg

    I built this guy 6 stars, 6 star gear and he nowhere near decreases turn meter enough for spider. Waste of chickens

  22. MikeLitoris

    @lemickey, not necessarily. Like the rest of Raid, RNG and time will be your friend. I’m F2P and he’s an absolute monster on the teams I use him in. Have one in destroy for scarab king and another in relentless for dungeons. Play long enough and you’ll eventually get the gear you need.


    This guy will cost more money than your girlfriend when she go shopping
    If you are free to play forget him, as you need many legos to farm the best 6* gears and equip him

  24. Jn0

    With the new ai changes you can make him prioritize his a2 that will increase his damage greatly.

  25. ciaccarone

    come attivare blocco rianimazione

  26. Strawberry369

    visix can decrease turn meter with her A1 and she applies AoE decrease speed and provoke along with AoE ally protection and self shield. but she needs to be booked to get 100% chance of decrease 30% turn meter all the time.

  27. RelativeNewbie

    @goodashbadash, there are a number of higher rarity champs that can decrease cooldown, but very few can do so with their A1.

  28. Goodashbadash

    Are there any higher level champs with similar skills to Armiger?

  29. MikeLitoris

    @darkdr, relentless is always good on champs with only 1 cooldown skill, so it’s absolutely a route you can go down with him. Just make sure you have the right pieces for it to be effective. stats > sets.

  30. darkdr

    would you recommend putting relentless on him ?

  31. MikeLitoris

    @Pikk. Armiger really does need to be 6 star ascended in end-game gear for him to shine. Hence Ayumilove’s usability putting him at mid-late game. His gear demands are indeed annoying, with CR%, ACC, DEF, and SPD all being essential to his build. However if you can get him built well, he’s better than most rares in spider and FK. If you’re not hitting stages 19/20, you’re probably not far along yet for him to be worth building. Keep grinding gear and you’ll eventually pull the pieces he needs.
    (Slap a destroy set on him and he’ll help you wreck scarab king too)

  32. Pikkuteemu

    I hate Armiger. It does not crit, and if it does, Acc is not enough. And if Acc is enough he is too slow. Such a end game demands on gears. Fire Knight is King, i like him. Armiger is such a loser.

  33. SkywhaleExpress

    @Tom Because turn meter control counts as a debuff, so resist still blocks it

  34. Tom

    Why Accuracy on Armiger ? His A1 procs if critical hit.
    The description says “Decreases the turn meter if the attack is critical” . That formulation means clearly that it does so at 100% as soon as the attack is critical and there are no other conditions.

  35. Brandon Brown

    @Patrick – Ash has 3k defense, 234% crit damage, AND destroy set.

  36. Patrick

    In video guide by Ash “Most essential champ” Armiger hits over 700k against the is he achieving that, the artifacts used must be like 6* all Legendary super optimized for Armiger?
    Im using Destroy Set and Divine Crit set.
    SPD 168, ACC 226, DEF 2,374, Crit R 101% Crit DMG 97%, HP 31,262.
    He is LVL 60, fully booked, all masteries and ascended

    What should i do?

  37. Ayumilove Post author

    @Larry: Armiger is auto-friendly as he will use his A1 (default attack) to reduce the Spider’s Den Turn Meter whenever the boss has more than 30% Turn Meter, otherwise he will use his other skill to deal damage based on Enemy MAX HP.

  38. Larry

    Is Armiger useful to “spider den 20 auto”?

  39. Almostunbiased

    Yes it does.

  40. gabrielbicho

    When you use a Destroy Set and proc the warmaster mastery on a hit, does that damage reduce the enemy max HP, or just the default skill damage?

  41. TankyMasochist

    @SeekerBS The reason why he isn’t used in clanboss is because max hp damage skills or debuffs are capped at 75k damage affected by enemy defense. Ontop of that his AI will only use his a2 if the enemy is below 30% tm. super useful against spider, scarab king and mobs, but useless ai against enemies that cant have their tm affected.

  42. Ayumilove Post author

    @SeekerBS: I think that skills that deals damage based on Enemy MAX HP is capped in Clan Boss but not for other bosses in the game.

  43. SeekerBS

    Why there is no video against the clan boss? Is his A2 not useful or something?

  44. Timbiotic

    Seems to be split about helmsmasher vs war mastery , has anyone tested both for damage?

  45. LordHorusPrime

    @Ayumilove D’oh, that’s indeed what was happening. Thanks!

  46. Ayumilove Post author

    @LordHorusPrime: If your Armiger has Evil Eye mastery from the Support Tree, you will notice the “Decrease Turn Meter” appears twice for the first-time attack on the enemy from both Armiger’s A1 Skill “Riposte” and “Evil Eye”.

  47. LordHorusPrime

    I sometimes have armiger proccing his reduce turn meter twice on one attack. Anyone has a clue why this happens?

  48. Ayumilove Post author

    @Eric: For Spider Den 20, aim for high Speed (170~220), Accuracy (220~250) and Critical Rate (100%). Once you have achieved these, then you can boost up the remaining stats like HP and DEF.

  49. Eric

    What artifacts do you equip armiger for spider den

  50. TheTodmeister

    Considering that a Warmaster proc ruins the block revive skill, would it be better, considering if you’re building him for use specifically for dungeoning including Ice Golem, perhaps to give him Helmsmasher instead?

    I get that it kind of gimps his damage dealing against Spider, but what is the best happy medium?

  51. planetbanana


    There are 2 steps to landing any debuff not marked as “cannont be resisted”:

    1. A % chance to proc (for armiger it is 100% when the attack is critical).
    2. IF the debuff procs then there is a resistance check against your accuracy.

    I agree it is worded as if it always lands with a crit, but it really only means it procs and moves on to #2.

  52. Oolak

    @DaisyOfDoor he needs the acc to land his turnmeter decrease on his A1

    I guess I just don’t get it. His A1 says it will decrease turn meter IF the attack is critical. So if you have 100% crit, shouldnt the A1 land regardless of acc?

  53. Whodunit

    So in the past 2 days I have burned 400 shards and not gotten this guy to drop. I got about 450 more so will see if he will drop.

  54. Kassel

    @JMC I have noticed that if warmaster procs when he uses lay to rest its potentially that killing the minions instead of the ability which allows them to revive

  55. Ayumilove Post author

    @JMC: How much Accuracy do you have on Armiger and what is the Ice Golem dungeon stage that you are using him in?

  56. JMC

    My Armiger kills the minions in ice golem and it says the lay to rest skill was used but the minions continue to revive. Is this not supposed to stop the ice golem minions from reviving?

  57. Avadhesh

    @Ayumilove … ohh, yep I noticed it now, he workes perfectly when the shield is down. Thanks for your reply and really appreciate your effort on this site it’s extremely helpful.

    A suggestion though, can you make a page on suggested minimum accuracy needed by debuffers on various levels of clan bosses & dungeon bosses

  58. Ayumilove Post author

    @Avadhesh: The Decrease Turn Meter does not work on Fire Knight boss if his shield is up. You will need to take down the boss shield before any debuff can be applied.

  59. Avadhesh

    My Armiger is having 115 ACC but it’s not even able to put his turn meter debuff on lvl 10 Fire Knight, I always see “Debuff Blocked”. Any idea how much I should have to make him effective for at least lvl 13 dungeons.

  60. Klopumpe

    @DaisyOfDoor he needs the acc to land his turnmeter decrease on his A1

  61. DaisyOfDoor

    I can see a SPD set, but why an ACC set? His abilities hit without a %. I can see a Crit set.

  62. WolfeCreation

    I personally think Armiger is 5* for Fire Knight. I was stuck on FK 20 for ages, and it wasn’t until I swapped Coldheart out for Armiger that I finally beat FK20 on auto. His TM reduction on his A1 (need to make sure you have 100% crit rate to make it proc 100% of the time), combined with Speed Reduction debuff from High Khatun, completed prevented FK from getting a turn once I broke through the shield. Cannot praise him enough for getting him past the biggest road block I faced with missions (arena missions aside).

  63. Citron01

    Ayumilove, I whould like to thank you for this side. Its really nice one and it can help a lot. Keep up fantastic work 👍🏻

  64. Dave Astle

    @ghostrei: The way debuffs (including turn meter reduction work is):

    First, the game determines if it’s a weak hit (only applies against negative affinity).

    Then, if it’s not a weak hit, the game determines whether or not the debuff procs. Many debuffs have a % chance to proc, and this is when Sniper applies. Riposte doesn’t have a chance to proc, it *always* procs, so Sniper is pointless.

    Finally, if the debuff procs, then the game determines whether the debuff is resisted, and accuracy and resistance are accounted for in this calculation.

  65. Ayumilove Post author

    @William Kraybill: Yes, you’re on point. Enemy’s Turn Meter will be zero once they begin their turn. As such, it would not bring much benefit when Armiger is equipped with Retaliation Set. I’ll update the equipment guide section replacing Retaliation Set with Relentless Set as it will benefit more when he uses this instead.

  66. William Kraybill

    You recommend a retaliation set.
    Armiger’s A1 is great for its TMR – But is this useful when retaliating? Won’t the enemy’s turn meter always be fully depleted, since he just attacked?
    Is it possible for turn meters to go negative, just as they can go greater than 100%? Or is there some other effect I’m missing?

  67. Alex

    I’m trying to use him on Spider 20 but the problem is that he gets targeted. I have Drexthar as tank and Gorgorab, Apo, Grizzled Jarl and Stag knight as support. If I try to replace Gorgo with Armiger he takes all the hits and dies immediately. Is it a matter of too low health on him?

  68. Roninn

    What T6 mastery do you guys recommend for Armiger if I want to use him against Spider and Fire Knight? My main observation is that he is using his A1 90% of the time (on auto) against these bosses. Since that is relatively small damage (compared to his A2) my instincts tell me Warmaster is the right choice because that depends on enemy max HP and not damage output.
    I would do the math myself, but I don’t know what is the HP (for Warmaster) and DEF (for Helmsmasher) of Spider and Fire Knight 20, and not sure how much +20% crit. dmg. (for Flawless Ex.) means with his A1 for a mid-late game Armiger build.
    Can someone help me out?

  69. ghostrei

    Hey would Sniper mastery increase the chances of landing the decrease turn meter? I know ACC affects chances of it landing, I was wondering if Sniper worked in the same way?

  70. Thomas

    What do you think about a relentless set or a reflex set? They seem solid for this champ.

  71. daniel

    Why 4 stars for clan boss? Is his A2 that strong?

  72. Ayumilove Post author

    @kazeb: Armiger needs high Critical Rate chance to consistently apply the Decrease Turn Meter. 100% would be better and less RNG occurs during the battle against the Spider boss to avoid missing it from procing.

  73. kazeb

    You dont talk about % crit, but he needs 100% , does he? like every toon? that s why you dont mention it?

  74. Mercenary

    @fnōrd I have two Armigers at lvl 50 with all abilities maxed, decent gear for his purpose. They (along with Queen Eva and Royal Guard) keep the spider from ever getting a turn at all. Their Lay to Rest abilities also help push the spider health down fast. They prioritize the A1 unless the target is under about 30% turn meter, then they use A2. Get him a decent amount of speed, and just enough accuracy that he always lands his TMR and you can keep smacking that spider all day.

  75. Ayumilove Post author

    @Z: Armiger copies can be obtained from Mystery Shards and the Market.

  76. Z

    Where can you find Arminger and copies of him to upgrade his skills ?

  77. Ayumilove Post author

    @fnōrd: Thanks for your input. I have re-tested Armiger Level 60 in Fire Knight Dungeon 20 with a team setup of champions who can apply Decrease Speed 30% such as Stag Knight and assisted with a Increase Speed 30% such as Apothecary. He is able to lockdown the boss provided that he does not miss any of his A1 attacks. I geared Armiger with 200 Speed Stat and 250 Accuracy. Armiger occasionally has his A1 resisted by the boss, resulting in the boss putting up the shield back. This requires pairing with more multi-hit champions to cover Armiger’s 1 hit attack. Based from this analysis, I’ll update Armiger’s Fire Knight rating from 2 star to 4 star. If Armiger has a multi-hit on his A1 or provide a larger amount of Decrease Turn Meter to compensate the 1 hit Attack, his rating will be upgraded to 5 stars.

  78. fnōrd

    Armiger deserves 4 or even 5 stars for Fire Knight, for the same reason as he does on the Spider. Once you get in past the shield, his turn meter reduction (and especially when he has Evil Eye from support mastery) can prevent the boss from ever having another turn, for the whole rest of the fight. As long as the rest of the team has enough A1 hits it’s not important that Armiger’s A1 is single. One other note, it does help a lot if other team members have Evil Eye and/or a turn meter reduction ability of their own, in addition. If Armiger is the only one, he cannot stop all boss turns all alone. But if he has any help on that, he makes the crucial difference and the boss becomes very easy to finish fast.

  79. Matt

    Yeah, was lucky enough to get Miscreated Monster. Soon as I get Cillian I’ll work on maxxing Coldheart then. Suppose I can always use Fenax for Ice Golem. Thanks

  80. Ayumilove Post author

    @Matt: I would go with Armiger as it provides more control over the Spider’s Den Boss through Decrease Turn Meter on his A1. If you have a champion that can provide sufficient fast healing or Ally Protection or Shield such as Miscreated Monster, then I would go with Coldheart.

  81. Matt

    Coldheart or Armiger to 60? Although Coldheart does more dmg I feel Armiger would be able to take a lot more hits. Armiger is so useful for Ice Golem ….but Coldheart is great for fire Knight (although on auto she spits out heartseeker at the wrong time)

    Torn between tbh

  82. SleepySalmon

    @Nik: As written below, he does around 1/2 of Royal Guard’s damage (on 2 turn cooldown instead of 4). Note, that he will often use A1 instead, to reduce turn meter when the enemy has >50% (30%?) TM gauge. He will also use it to finish off the enemy on low HP, which should work well on Ice Giant.
    For your second question, it’s hard to tell, but I saw in YouTube, that usually, if skill is based on max HP most damage on boss comes from that, not from other modifier. In case of ATK/DEF or HP/DEF it is whatever numbers they choose.
    P.S. In case you ever notice that Steel Bowyer also has an ability based on max hp, give up on her immediately, they overnerfed her so she barely does any damage.

  83. Nik

    Two questions that relate to this guy and others like him:
    – When a skill says its based on enemy max HP. How much of an effect are we talking?
    – When a champion has two stats that decide the damage (hp/def on Armiger or atk/def on Executioner), is the champion getting an additional damage modifier or are the two stats averaged/weighted?

  84. Ayumilove Post author

    @Fahlter: Thanks for sharing your experiences on Armiger’s Lay to Rest skill!

  85. Fahlter

    I think his Lay to Rest does need accuracy, I had it get resisted a few times against ice golem’s minions

  86. Ayumilove Post author

    @Matthias: I have updated Armiger’s mastery from Exalt to Death to Charged Focus to benefit from the +20 Accuracy if the auto AI constantly uses his A1. Otherwise, Armiger would not benefit from it since his A2 skill “Lay to Rest” does not require any Accuracy as there aren’t any debuff being inflicted to the enemy.

  87. Ayumilove Post author

    @Blbl: Master Hexer is indeed useless for Armiger. However, there are no other masteries there in Support which are beneficial for him in the Support Tree. I have swapped Master Hexer with Spirit Haste in case any allies died in the team, he will get extra Speed.

  88. Matthias

    These masteries are confusing.

    Master hexer and no charged focus??? Why?

  89. Blbl

    Why Master Hexer? It’s useless on him

  90. M

    I say use armiger as repeat offender with increased acc and resist. Piece put his armour set with randos and a weapon of death

  91. Shaaw

    Does the block revive affect the Ice Golem’s minions? If yes, maybe he should be 5 stars for that too…

  92. Ayumilove Post author

    @Vanya: Yes, Decrease Turn Meter depends on Accuracy for its effect to take place. Otherwise, the enemy will be able to resist it.

  93. Vanya

    Why is the recommendation for dungeons to have a high accuracy for him? (Equipment, masteries)
    Does the decrease turn meter depend on accuracy?

  94. Ed

    Okay, thanks! Is he also useful for clan boss?

  95. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ed: Armiger has all the skills suited for Spider’s Den. The first skill decreases the turn meter of the Spider boss, so she will take a longer time before she can consume her spiderling to heal herself and increase her damage per spiderling consumed. His second skill deals damage based on the boss HP (approximately half damage of Royal Guard’s Takedown Skill). Spiderling is not affected by Block Revive. I have tested it on my side with my Armiger 🙂

  96. Ed

    Why the 5 star rating for spider’s den? Does the revive block prevent more spiderlings from spawning?