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Raid Shadow Legends Tournament and Event Guide covers a few areas on how to efficiently save and use your resources to earn sufficient points during events and tournaments, especially during for Champion Fusion Event to get the required champions!

Champion Training Event Guide

To be most efficient with points for event per energy, level up your food (fodder champion) before feeding them to rank up. Use 2XP Boost when training!

  1. Level up 2-Star Champion to Level 7 : 1 Run of 12-3 Brutal, or use 1 XP Brew to Level 10
  2. Level up 3-Star Champion to Level 12 : 3 Runs, or use 1 XP Brew to Level 10
  3. Level up 4-Star Champion to Level 19 : 7 Runs, or use 3 XP Brew to Level 18
  4. Level up 5-Star Champion to Level 25 : 13 Runs & feed a 1 Star, or use 6 XP Brew + 1-Star to Level 25

Artifact Enhancement Event Guide

To be most efficient with points for event per silver, upgrade your junk equipment before selling!

  1. 1-Star to 4-Star Equipment: Upgrade to Level 4 before selling.
  2. 5-Star to 6-Star Equipment: Upgrade to Level 8 before selling.

Classic Arena Assault Event Guide

To be most efficient with earning Arena medals, set your Arena Defense to only 1~2 champions to allow others to hit your team to farm medals easily. Your points will drop to a certain threshold where you will meet other players who also set their Arena Defense weak during Arena Assault Event. This allows you to quickly farm Arena medals with 100% success rate with your regular Arena Offense Team!
Each Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal rewards 1 point. The number of medals rewarded is based on your current Arena Tier:
1 Bronze Medal rewarded in Bronze I, II
2 Bronze Medal rewarded in Bronze III, IV
1 Silver Medal rewarded in Silver I, II
2 Silver Medal rewarded in Silver III
3 Silver Medal rewarded in Silver IV
2 Gold Medal rewarded in Gold I, II
3 Gold Medal rewarded in Gold III
4 Gold Medal rewarded in Gold IV
5 Gold Medal rewarded in Platinum

Arena Assault Event (12/05/2019 ~ 12/09/2019, 5 Days)

Gems 50, Silver 100K, Energy 325, XP Brew 8, Ancient Shard 1, Rare Tome 1, Epic Tome 1, XP-1-Day 1
Reward Cost: USD 19.36 | Total Points To Complete: 950
Total Battles: 5 Days x 35 Arena Battle per day = 175 Arena Battles
(1) Bronze I~II, Silver I~II: 950 Wins, 950-175=775, Require extra 78 Arena Refills
(2) Bronze III~IV, Silver III: 475 Wins, 475-175=300, Require extra 30 Arena Refills
(3) Silver IV, Gold III: 317 Wins, 317-175=142, Require extra 15 Arena Refills
(4) Gold IV: 238 Wins, 238-175=63, Require extra 7 Arena Refills
(5) Platinum: 190 Wins, 190-175=15, Require extra 2 Arena Refills

Dungeon Tournament/Events Guide

Farm Dungeon Stage 20 (Cost 16 Energy) for the best energy to points ratio. If you are unable to farm Stage 20 due to lack of good champions, the next best Dungeon Stage is 16 (14 Energy). This strategy applies to all dungeons, which includes Ice Golem, Spider, Dragon and Fire Knight.

Additional Notes

  • The fastest way to rack up the points from Dungeon Divers Event is to farm artifacts in Dungeons! If you are early-mid game player, the best stage to farm artifact is Stage 13-16. For end-game players, it is Stage 20 for the best energy to points ratio! This is recommended to be performed when there is also a specific Dungeon Tournament taking place, so you can reap the rewards from both areas!
  • In addition, if there is Champion Training Event or Champion Training Tournament taking place, you can level up champions and receive points from artifacts upon completing each Campaign run! The downside with Campaign farming is, it is not consistently rewarding artifacts but other rewards such as Mystery Shards and 2~3★ Champions. I would advise to complete receiving all the reward tiers in Dungeon Tournaments before moving to Champion Training Event/Tournament as the tournament duration is much shorter than event duration.
  • In conclusion, if you are early-mid game player, I would recommend to do Campaign farming since you will need at least 5 of Level 60 champions to tackle all of the early-mid game content to progress quickly in the game. Once you reach mid-end game content where you have a solid roster of champions (approximately 10 to 20 of Level 60 champions), then you can begin farming higher level dungeons much faster.

Ice Golem Tournament Event

The rules are simple. Win artifacts by raiding the Ice Golem’s Peak to earn Tournament Points and win Rewards. The higher the Rank and Rarity of the artifact, the more Tournament Points you get. Only artifacts found in the Ice Golem’s Peak count in this Tournament!

Artifact Rank 1★ 2★ 3★ 4★ 5★ 6★
Common 2 3 4 8 16 21
Uncommon 2 3 4 8 16 21
Rare 2 3 4 8 16 21
Epic 3 4 5 9 17 22
Legendary 6 7 8 12 20 25
Ice Golem Stage Min~Max Run Ice Golem Stage Min~Max Run
1 358~1250 11 100~313
2 313~1250 12 100~313
3 313~834 13 100~313
4 209~834 14 100~313
5 209~625 15 100~313
6 209~625 16 100~313
7 125~625 17 100~313
8 125~625 18 100~313
9 125~625 19 100~313
10 100~313 20 100~157
Ice Golem’s Reward Required Tournament Points
1 x Rank 5 Chicken 2500
70 Gems 2000
1 x XP Boost (1 day) 1500
1 x Rank 3 Chicken 1000
1 x Clan Boss Key 600
75K Silver 250

Spider Tournament Event

The rules are simple. Win artifacts by raiding the Spider’s Den to earn Tournament Points and win Rewards. The higher the Rank and Rarity of the artifact, the more Tournament Points you get. Only artifacts found in the Spider’s Den count in this Tournament!

Spider’s Den Reward Required Tournament Points
1 x Epic Skill Tome 2500
2 x Rank 4 Chicken 2000
50 x Gems 1500
1 x Rank 3 Chicken 1000
15 x XP Brews (Random) 600
75K Silver 250

Summon Rush Event

Summon your way to glory. The more Champions you summon, the more you win! Earn Event Points by summoning Champions from Shards. Below is the table of points rewarded based on the Shard Type.

Shard Type Points Rewarded Total Shards to Complete Event
Mystery (Green) 1 2500
Ancient (Blue) 20 125
Void (Purple) 120 21
Sacred (Orange) 500 5

Summon Rush and Champion Training Event Combo Guide

You will need at least 2000 Mystery Shards before attempting this Event as a F2P (Free to Play) Player. To quickly use up all 2000 Mystery Shards to obtain the reward, do the following setup:

  1. Use a +100% XP Boost Coupon to speed up the leveling process in Campaign 12-3 Brutal.
  2. Level up Rank 2 Uncommon Champions to Level 19. It will take 9 runs of Campaign 12-3 Brutal.
  3. Feed 3 Common Champions to the Uncommon Champions to reach Level 20.
  4. Level up Rank 3 Uncommon Champions to Level 29. It will take 23 runs of Campaign 12-3 Brutal.
  5. Feed 2 Common Champions to the Rank 3 Uncommon Champions to reach Level 30.
  6. Use 1 XP Brew on Rank 4 Uncommon Champion to gain 24 Tournament Points before feeding it to 4★ fully leveled Uncommon Champion.
  7. Use 2 XP Brew on Rank 5 Uncommon Champion to gain 78 Tournament Points before feeding it to a 5★ fully leveled champion that you want to keep, so it can help you progress in your game faster!

Dungeon Divers Event

Dungeon Divers Overview

  • Dungeon Divers Event allows players to gain some points whenever they receive an artifact rewarded in the dungeon (e.g. Dragon’s Lair, Ice Golem’s Peak, Spider’s Den, Fire Knight’s Castle) or Campaign farming.
  • This event usually occurs during Champion Fusion or Fragment Fusion. Since mid 2020 until the present, the event has evolve to also appear during non-event season to enable players to reap some rewards while grinding in dungeons for better artifacts or leveling up fodders in Campaign.

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  1. ZodiUndTiblitz

    @Andy and others.

    Verified – Level up 2-Star Champion to Level 7 : 1 Run of 12-3 Brutal – actually only produced 1411/2075 XP into 6th.

  2. Andy

    Has EXP gain changed? Even with the XP boost, a single run of 12-3 Brutal is only getting my 2 stars to level 6 — close to 7, but not actually 7. I haven’t checked other star levels yet.

  3. B Steiner

    In the artifact enhancement event
    Is there a limit of points/awards
    You can earn per day?

  4. Llazereth

    Thank you for all you do! You make Raid more interesting! With levels to 25, is lvl 20 still best points/energy—or 25? These seem to stop at 20. Hard mode is another question—but maybe too much!

  5. anonymous elbow

    For the recent Champion Training Tournament I found running my 1* Champions x 1 run before feeding them was a good strategy for me to get the final claimable reward. Also, my 2* champions would reach level 6 from x 1 run of 12-3, not level 7 as stated in the above chart.

  6. anonymous elbow

    I think for some champion training events, levelling up rank 1s might be a good idea also considering the point yield is the same for both common and uncommon tiers. ie. 1 run 12-3.

  7. Thomas Chapman Barros-Wing

    @Nic: That’s just a CVC thing. You only get points for skill upgrades during CvC.

  8. Placid Yeti

    Late to the post. but I was just trying to figure my most efficient dragon tournament strategy during the Gaius Summon event + CVC. Level 20 is a 3 minute faster run, and I’m thinking that time is an important factor in meeting the goal as well as the energy efficiency.

    Also the Summon Rush & Champion Training Event Combo Guide is going to come in handy.

    Seriously – thanks for your guides @AyumiLove.

  9. Nic

    When should i be using double champions for skill upgrades or is that just a CVC thing

  10. CptBalu87

    One of the moat important page on the whole site, just could win my champion ranking tournament group, and with the many artifacts, can go for the art event too 🙂 helps progress in mid game when you got stuck like me (more than a year without legendary character or a good team at all, just Athel and Kael doing their chill all around)

  11. Mentalbard

    @Ayumilove Thank you for all the time and effort you have invested, we as a community really appreciate it, I’m sure many people playing RSL would have been lost if not for your site and invaluable information.

    We want to apologise on behalf of @Calcaneus, I’m sure it was merely the result of some bad RNG which instigated his/her actions.

    Are you planning on getting a Youtube channel? I bet there are thousands of players who are hoping that you do.
    You don’t need to have a camera or even use voice if you don’t want to, just some text on the screen explaining or commenting will already be great.

    Once again, thank you and all of the best to you.


  12. Luna1604

    There’s a little mistake at Champion Training. If you fight 1 times with a Rank 2 Champion in Campaign 12-3 (Brutal) the champion will reach level 6 not 7.

  13. American Bully

    @Calcaneus how can you boo the efforts of anyone even making an attempt to make the game a little easier. That self entitlement view & outlook is going to be your generations downfall! You gotta remember don’t NOBODY owe you nothing! You could be having to do all this work yourself! So next time you wanna boo someone for their effort, remember nobody owes you squat! Instead why don’t you thank any number of these people who contribute to making it easier for you to get thru the game, a nice thank you, or congratulate them on a job well done. Don’t be self absolved! There are alot of other people in this world than you. Learn to be humble.

    Thank you very much & all the contributors who help to make this possible. You all are appreciated by most.

  14. HoboStick

    @Felix Javier – The higher the dungeon level, the higher the rate of 5/6* and legendary artifacts. I don’t know the exact numbers but stage 13 probably has a 6% change of 5* gear whereas 16 might have a 12% change. Similar numbers would apply when comparing rare, epic, and legendaries.

  15. Felix Javier

    What is the difference between farming level 13 and level 16 of the Dungeons?

  16. areilly777

    I’m not sure of the accuracy about anything above Silver III area, but Silver II arena gives 2 silver medals, not one

  17. |Rowdrix|

    @ayumilove – this is amazing! I was hoping to come across someone who had figured out the most efficient level to bring food up to prior to feeding RE champ training event… your site has never failed me.

  18. Doug

    how do you guys do artifact upgrade event? It will take hours to update these junks and it is such boring task, I had to give up the event entirely.

  19. Calcaneus

    This isn’t a ‘plan-ahead’ calendar. This is just recording the events as they get posted in-game….. Boo!!

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @Klippa: I have corrected the guide to not feed it to a Level 50 Uncommon but to a champion that the player could use to progress in their account. Thanks for highlighting it!

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    @7Heaven: I have added a simple guide on Dungeon Divers event into this page, which I follow to complete all the event and tournaments successfully 🙂

  22. 7Heaven

    Something about Dungeon Divers (most efficient way to do it etc) ?

  23. Klippa

    Point 7 on the summon rush and champion training event combo guide states that we should feed rank 5 uncommon champion to fully levelled rank 5 uncommon champion which is probably in error, as it makes sense to feed it to a champ you want to fully upgrade to 6 star and keep.

  24. bakayoutube


    Can someone tell me when are the next SUMMON RUSH EVENT ?


  25. Psykoi

    Hey Ayumilove! I’m wondering how up to date your opinion on the “champion training” efficiency is? Would you still recommend this strat? Does your opinion change for end game players?

  26. Justin Morrice

    I won the summons tournament in my world. Is there any prize for winning or is the items for the number of points what you win. Sorry just started playing.

  27. Warmachine6905

    Ice Golem. Dragon. Fire Knight. Spider
    pts. Totals for Max points
    2000. 2500. 2750

    Common. Uncommon. Rare.
    1*=2pts 2*=3pts 3*=4pts 4*=8pts 5*=16pts 6*=21pts
    1*=3pts 2*=4pts 3*=5pts 4*=9pts 5*=17pts 6*=22pts
    1*=6pts 2*=7pts 3*=8pts 4*=12pts 5*=20pts 6*=25pts

    Stage===min—–max times run
    ———-2500 pts–/——-2750 pts—/—-2000pts


  28. Warmachine6905

    @Ayumilove. Think you can do your neat table For the 3000 and 5000
    Champion chase tournaments

  29. Warmachine6905

    Champ chase tournament 3000 pts. 5000 pts
    Total # of Champs for Max pts

  30. Warmachine6905

    Artifact Enhancement
    Totals # of Artifacts to get max pts 3000. (From 0-16)

  31. Warmachine6905

    Dungeon Divers Event
    Total # of Artifacts for 3500 pts

  32. Warmachine6905

    Champ chase tournament 3000 pts
    Total # of Champs for Max points

  33. Warmachine6905

    Summon Rush
    Total pts__2500____7000
    Totals req for Max rewards
    ** Just a thought don’t put on rewards

  34. Warmachine6905

    Golem* dam auto correct

  35. Warmachine6905

    * same as given.

  36. Warmachine6905

    Dragon Tournament 2500 points all point totals and min-max times run are same.

  37. Warmachine6905

    Ill be adding more later.

  38. Ayumilove Post author

    @Warmachine6905: I have added your information into the guide above!

  39. Warmachine6905

    Summon Rush. Totals req. For max points

    Mystery ( green ) 1 per =2500 total
    Ancient ( blue ) 20 per=125 total
    Void ( purple ) 120 per=20.8 ( 21 ) total
    Sacred ( orange ) 500 per=5 total

    Ice Golem. 2500pts. Totals for Max points

    Common. Uncommon. Rare.
    1*=2pts 2*=3pts 3*=4pts 4*=8pts 5*=16pts 6*=21pts
    1*=3pts 2*=4pts 3*=5pts 4*=9pts 5*=17pts 6*=22pts
    1*=6pts 2*=7pts 3*=8pts 4*=12pts 5*=20pts 6*=25pts

    Stage===min—–max times run