Increase Skill Cooldown Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Increase Skill Cooldown instantly increases the skill cooldown of 1 or more enemy Champions, so they could not activate their powerful attacks on your team, buff their allies defense or inflict debuff that reduces your team’s survivability. Accuracy is required to apply Increase Skill Cooldown on the enemy, otherwise it will be resisted by their Resist stat!

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13 thoughts on “Increase Skill Cooldown Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Uwe Stichnote

    Yamuko from shadowskin is missing in the list of increase skill cooldown (AOE)

  2. Krysis

    Could add Trugorr

  3. wowser

    Sinesha and ger A2 are missing here

  4. SiDream

    Doesn’t Warlord belong in the AOE lego cooldown?

  5. Ayumilove Post author

    @Dennis: Yes, any negative instant effect such as Increase Skill Cooldown requires Accuracy for it to work successfully on the targetted enemy.

  6. Dennis

    Do I need accuracy for this skill?

  7. Wei Ying

    Sinesha? oh, I see, put on cooldown is in diff category

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @Quick sand: Immunity Set is unable to block Instant Negative Effects such as Increase Skill Cooldown. It can only block debuff that has a duration such as Decrease Attack, Decrease Defense, Decrese Speed, Crowd Control Debuff (Stun, Freeze, Provoke, Sleep, Fear, True Fear), Weaken, Poison.

  9. Quick sand

    Does it resistant to immunity set?

  10. Zuabros

    To be clear, what this skill do is to increase the cooldown of all skills “forever”. It will not change the current cooldown state. For example, if you attack first, and enemy has all his skills ready, this skill will increase the cooldowns of skills ONCE USED, but won’t change readiness state (e.g. enemy will still thwor everything on you).

  11. Glenn Stevens

    To be clear, his fully ascended A2 doesn’t work the same as Block Cooldown. Targets get to use all of their skills once with no negative effect, then the cooldown period is increased by 2 turns. So fairly useless in higher levels of the arena unless a battle drags on.

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @adipy: It will affect both scenarios, where a skill is already in cooldown state and skill that its cooldown reset. The number of cooldown is determined by the skill. If the skill increases the target’s skill cooldown by 1 when the skill is not on cooldown, it will be as normal (the skill will be not on cooldown upon reaching the target’s turn). If the skill is already in cooldown state (e.g. left 1 more turn to reset cooldown), it will increase the skill cooldown by another 1 turn, which makes it a 2 turn. Therefore, it will take 2 turns of the target to reset his/her skill cooldown.

  13. adipy

    Does this ability only affect skills already on cooldown? Or will “increase skill cooldown by 2” disable a ready skill and set its cooldown to 2?