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Raid Shadow Legends Passive Skill is a skill that activates when it meets certain condition. There are 2 effect types in a passive skill, which are Active Effect and Passive Effect. Active Effect will have a skill cooldown whereas Passive Effect does not have any skill cooldown. Passive skill gives an advantage to the team regardless being able to go first or last as the effect is activated the moment the battle begins. Partner Skill is a passive skill that is unlocks powerful skills for both champions (male & female) when they are assigned in the same team. The partner skill system is introduced on February 14 2019 (Valentine’s Day).

Passive Skill Champions (155)

Passive Skill (AoE Ally)


  1. Bad-el-Kazar (UH-LSF)
  2. Cardiel (SO-LSV)
  3. Drokgul the Gaunt (OT-LSS)
  4. Duchess Lilitu (DS-LSS)
  5. Gurptuk Moss-Beard (OT-LSF)
  6. Helior (BL-LDF)
  7. Iron Brago (OR-LDS)
  8. Khoronar (SW-LHV)
  9. Krisk the Ageless (LZ-LDV)
  10. Lydia the Deathsiren (DE-LSV)
  11. Maulie Tankard (DW-LSS)
  12. Minaya (BL-LSF)
  13. Norog (SW-LDM)
  14. Pyxniel (HE-LSM)
  15. Scyl of the Drakes (BA-LDM)
  16. Sicia Flametongue (DS-LAF)
  17. Siphi the Lost Bride (UH-LSV)
  18. Tuhanarak (BA-LSV)
  19. Underpriest Brogni (DW-LSM)
  20. Ursuga Warcaller (BA-LHV)


  1. Achak the Wendarin (DS-ESF)
  2. Bergoth the Malformed (KR-EHS)
  3. Doompriest (KR-ESF)
  4. Geomancer (DW-EAF)
  5. Godseeker Aniri (SO-EDV)
  6. Grunch Killjoy (OT-ESF)
  7. Jareg (LZ-EHM)
  8. Klodd Beastfeeder (OT-EHM)
  9. Tainix Hateflower (DS-ESF)
  10. Vogoth (UH-EHS)
  11. Vrask (OR-EHS)


  1. Bogwalker (LZ-RDF)
  2. Master Butcher (DW-RSS)
  3. Mycolus (OT-RSV)



Passive Skill (AoE Enemy)


  1. Kantra the Cyclone (BA-LDF)
  2. Nobel (SK-LAF)
  3. Ruel the Huntmaster (DE-LAS)
  4. Thea the Tomb Angel (KR-LAF)
  5. Tormin the Cold (DW-LDV)
  6. Tyrant Ixlimor (DS-LHM)
  7. Underpriest Brogni (DW-LSM)
  8. Valkyrie (BA-LDS)


  1. Pharsalas Gravedirt (KR-EDM)
  2. Thylessia (KR-EAF)
  3. Toragi the Frog (SK-EHM)
  4. Venomage (LZ-ESM)


  1. Coffin Smasher (KR-RHM)
  2. Ironclad (OR-RHF)



Passive Skill (Target Ally)


  1. Altan (BA-LDM)
  2. Skull Lord Var-Gall (LZ-LDF)


  1. Reinbeast (SW-EDF)
  2. Sachi (SK-ESF)
  3. Stag Knight (BL-ESS)


  1. Bloodhorn (SW-RHV)
  2. Master Butcher (DW-RSS)



Passive Skill (Target Enemy)


  1. Angar (OR-LHV)
  2. Drexthar Bloodtwin (DS-LDF)
  3. Elder Skarg (BA-LAF)
  4. Gurgoh the Augur (OT-LAV)
  5. Guurda Bogbrew (OT-LSF)
  6. Harvest Jack (UH-LHS)
  7. Kantra the Cyclone (BA-LDF)
  8. Khoronar (SW-LHV)
  9. Krisk the Ageless (LZ-LDV)
  10. Little Miss Annie (UH-LAV)
  11. Lord Champfort (BL-LHM)
  12. Lydia the Deathsiren (DE-LSV)
  13. Saito (UH-LAM)
  14. Septimus (BL-LAS)
  15. Sigmund the Highshield (BL-LDM)
  16. Skull Lord Var-Gall (LZ-LDF)
  17. Urost the Soulcage (UH-LHV)
  18. Versulf the Grim (KR-LHF)
  19. Warchief (SW-LDF)


  1. Akoth the Seared (DS-EDM)
  2. Gory (SK-EAS)
  3. Madame Serris (DE-ESV)
  4. Miscreated Monster (KR-EHM)
  5. Occult Brawler (OT-EHS)
  6. Pharsalas Gravedirt (KR-EDM)
  7. Thylessia (KR-EAF)
  8. Toragi the Frog (SK-EHM)
  9. Urticata (DS-EAS)
  10. Vogoth (UH-EHS)


  1. Beast Wrestler (DW-RAF)
  2. Bulwark (DW-RDV)
  3. Cudgeler (DW-RAM)
  4. Stout Axeman (DW-RHM)
  5. Templar (SO-RDS)
  6. Vanguard (BL-RDV)



Passive Skill (Self)


  1. Astralith (DE-LAS)
  2. Astralon (SO-LAM)
  3. Black Knight (BL-LHF)
  4. Brakus the Shifter (SW-LAF)
  5. Candraphon (DS-LAF)
  6. Cillian the Lucky (BL-LAM)
  7. Cleopterix (SW-LAS)
  8. Countess Lix (DS-LAM)
  9. Cruetraxa (DS-LAV)
  10. Drexthar Bloodtwin (DS-LDF)
  11. Elder Skarg (BA-LAF)
  12. Elegaius (UH-LSM)
  13. Foli (DE-LAM)
  14. Genzin (SK-LAS)
  15. Gomlok Skyhide (OR-LSF)
  16. Hegemon (KR-LAV)
  17. Holsring (SO-LAM)
  18. Hurndig (DW-LAM)
  19. Inithwe Bloodtwin (DS-LAV)
  20. Jintoro (SK-LAM)
  21. Kantra the Cyclone (BA-LDF)
  22. King Garog (OR-LAF)
  23. Little Miss Annie (UH-LAV)
  24. Lord Champfort (BL-LHM)
  25. Lydia the Deathsiren (DE-LSV)
  26. Minaya (BL-LSF)
  27. Mortu-Macaab (DS-LHS)
  28. Mountain King (DW-LAF)
  29. Nogdar the Headhunter (OR-LAS)
  30. Norog (SW-LDM)
  31. Pyxniel (HE-LSM)
  32. Ramantu Drakesblood (LZ-LAV)
  33. Riho Bonespear (SK-LSV)
  34. Rotos the Lost Groom (UH-LAM)
  35. Samar Gemcursed (DW-LHS)
  36. Sicia Flametongue (DS-LAF)
  37. Tormin the Cold (DW-LDV)
  38. Trunda Giltmallet (DW-LAM)
  39. Urost the Soulcage (UH-LHV)
  40. Valkyrie (BA-LDS)
  41. Vergumkaar (LZ-LSS)
  42. Vizier Ovelis (DE-LAF)
  43. Warchief (SW-LDF)
  44. Yakarl the Scourge (BA-LAV)
  45. Yoshi the Drunkard (SK-LSF)


  1. Archmage Hellmut (BL-ESM)
  2. Burangiri (SK-EDF)
  3. Chani (SK-EAM)
  4. Dark Elhain (UH-EAM)
  5. Fahrakin the Fat (BA-EAS)
  6. Genbo the Dishonored (SK-EAV)
  7. Geomancer (DW-EAF)
  8. Giscard the Sigiled (BL-EDS)
  9. Hotatsu (SK-EDM)
  10. Madame Serris (DE-ESV)
  11. Masked Fearmonger (BL-EAS)
  12. Occult Brawler (OT-EHS)
  13. Pharsalas Gravedirt (KR-EDM)
  14. Prundar (OT-EDV)
  15. Scabrius (SW-EAM)
  16. Skimfos the Consumed (DS-EAV)
  17. Skullcrown (KR-EAV)
  18. Skullcrusher (OT-EDF)
  19. Tarshon (DS-EDS)
  20. Tuhak the Wanderer (OR-EAV)
  21. Vergis (HE-EDS)


  1. Beast Wrestler (DW-RAF)
  2. Cudgeler (DW-RAM)
  3. Ripperfist (OR-RAV)
  4. Scrapper (BA-RAV)
  5. Sentinel (BA-RHF)
  6. Skullsworn (LZ-RAF)
  7. Stout Axeman (DW-RHM)


  1. Shieldguard (BA-UDS)


  1. Deathknight (UH-CHM)

Partner Skill


  1. Astralon (SO-LAM)
  2. Belanor (HE-LAV)
  3. Cardiel (SO-LSV)
  4. Countess Lix (DS-LAM)
  5. Cupidus (SO-LAS)
  6. Karato Foxhunter (SK-LAS)
  7. Khoronar (SW-LHV)
  8. Konstantin The Dayborn (SO-LAV)
  9. Minaya (BL-LSF)
  10. Rotos the Lost Groom (UH-LAM)
  11. Sicia Flametongue (DS-LAF)
  12. Siphi the Lost Bride (UH-LSV)
  13. Venus (SO-LSV)
  14. Vlad the Nightborn (UH-LAV)
  15. Zavia (DE-LAF)


  1. Alika (BA-EAF)
  2. Atur (BA-EHM)
  3. Fenax (SO-EAS)
  4. Juliana (SO-EAM)
  5. Kallia (BA-EAF)
  6. Romero (SO-EDF)
  7. Sikara (BA-ESM)
  8. Skullcrown (KR-EAV)
  9. Tallia (SO-EAM)
  10. Towering Titan (OT-EHV)


  1. Harrier (SO-RAV)
  2. Hellfang (DS-RAS)
  3. Hospitaller (SO-RSM)
  4. Hound Spawn (DS-RAF)
  5. Seducer (UH-RDV)
  6. Temptress (UH-RAM)



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  1. Jenifer Adams

    Pounder passive missing

  2. gds7u

    addd yumeko

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  4. Christomir

    Does a passive skill (related to the champ being hit by an attacker) still proc even while the champ is stunned?

  5. BCMamma

    I’m confused. There are like 24 champs that I counted that I have that aren’t on the list but they have a passive?? Did you just never finish updating it?

  6. Asasseen

    Souldrinker enemy aoe

  7. Sgt.N.Hale

    Countess lix also has a passive only available when teamed with astralon, you might wanna add her to that part 🙂

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @courageouslio: I have included Tainix Hateflower to the Passive AoE Ally list. Thanks!

  9. courageouslio

    your missing Tainix Hateflower’s Unbreakable

  10. Ayumilove Post author

    @kikkass: I have added Iron Brago, Master Butcher and Occult Brawler to the passive skill list above!

  11. kikkass

    hi, Ayumilove, please add Iron Brago for increase DEF on all allies and Occult Brawler for posions on (self and) enemy.
    also Master Butcher’s two passives – AoE heals on damage taken and random revive upon his death. thanks!

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @MadCowCrazy: I have included Ironclad to the Passive AoE Enemy. Thanks!

  13. gladengul

    sorry do not know how to put my avatar:)

  14. gladengul

    thank you for all you do to make raid a super game and you are the oracle of wisdom:)

  15. MadCowCrazy

    Shouldn’t Ironclad be under PASSIVE SKILL (AOE ENEMY)

    Blood Burst [Passive] (Cooldown: 1 turns)
    When healed, will attack all enemies inflicting damage proportional to any surplus heal. Damage inflicted is equal to 50% of any surplus heal.

  16. Ayumilove Post author

    @Haliax77: Thanks for mentioning Jareg! I have added him to the passive champion skill list!

  17. Haliax77

    Jareg should be on this list as well in the passive (target ally) section.

  18. Ayumilove Post author

    @korn: Dark Elhain has been added to the Passive Skill champion list!

  19. korn

    Where Dark Elhain in this list? She got 2 passive skill

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @Grilka: Skullcrusher has been added to the Passive Skill Champion List under the Passive (Self) section!

  21. Grilka

    I don’t see skullcrusher

    Unshakeable [Passive]
    Decreases the duration of all debuffs on this Champion by 1 turn. Occurs once per turn.

  22. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mark Pruitt: I have completed scanning all the Legendary champions but haven’t done yet for Epic, Rare, Uncommons and Common champions. They will be updated soon 🙂

  23. Mark Pruitt

    You missed Vrask’s healing passive, it’s an AOE Ally ability.

  24. DioTobs

    @JPL54 In faction war, in the crypt of Lyzardmen Champions, I used a champion with secret skills without knowing it. I still don’t know who it is meither what kind of skill it is. But for sure there was written “secret skill unlocked”.
    I used the following Champions: Jizoh, Balisisk, Gator, Skullsworn and Muckstalker.

  25. Ayumilove Post author

    @Bama: Open the Champions window and select the champion that you would like to rank up. Then visit the Tavern to rank up your selected champion. Select the champion with blue swirl that you wish to sacrifice, then it will pop-up a warning message asking if you wish to sacrifice that champion, click OK to confirm it. Then once you have placed the required amount of champions to be sacrificed, click the “Upgrade” button.

  26. Ayumilove Post author

    @JPL54: Jizoh does not have any hidden skill.

  27. JPL54

    Jizoh does this hidden skill unlocked in faction wars as do several of the enemies there

  28. Shakespeare

    I have not seen anything here regarding Warpriest’s hidden skill in dragon’s den. Would that not increase her star rating for that dungeon?

  29. Bama

    How to unlock the “fuson” the lite blue swirl in the center bottom Of the champ screen, so I can feed the champions of my choice, I have over twenty low level champs That have this lock. I don’t need 9 vampira’s

  30. Ayumilove Post author

    @LoadDiscrepancy: The skills you’ve commented here are Partner skills, which have been listed in this page!

  31. LoadDiscrepancy

    – Hound Spawn & Hellfang – Shattering Strike & Chilling Howl (Respectively)
    The Sacred Order
    – Rare – Harrier & Hospitalier – Skillful Partner & Merciful Partner (Respectively)
    – Epic – Romero & Juliana – Stalwart Partner & Lethal Partner (Respectively)