Raid Shadow Legends Decrease MAX HP Skill Champions

RAID: Shadow Legends – Decrease MAX HP Skill is a skill that decreases enemy’s MAX HP, preventing them from healing back at full health. This skill is great against HP champion who can recovery their health very quickly with healing skill or Continuous Heal skill. In addition, it’s great against Spirit Dungeon Keep Boss that heals 100% upon reaching her turn. The alternative of countering fast recovery champions is applying Heal Reduction Skill.

Decrease MAX HP Skill Champions

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9 thoughts on “Raid Shadow Legends Decrease MAX HP Skill Champions

  1. Rimmer

    if you stack this skill with the reduce max HP artifact set is the resultant combined reduction additive or multiplied?

  2. Onur

    Does this skill need accuracy ?

  3. Q

    @Dave Revived champions remember their reduced max HP. You can test it with the Ice Golem’s minions. Note that spiderlings are not revived, and each summoned spiderling gets a new max HP.

  4. Djinman

    Grizzled Jarl has got this skill in AOE version with his A3 ascended.

  5. Joseph Douglass

    Skull Lord also has a passive that decreases Max HP

  6. Joseph Douglass

    Rotos and Dark Elhain both have the ability to decrease Max HP

  7. Dave

    If a champion loses max HP, is subsequently killed, and then revived, does the max HP reduction remain??

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @PR: I’m not sure about this as I have not tested this out.

  9. RR

    Can decrease max hp be resisted?