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Raid Shadow Legends Decrease MAX HP is a skill that decreases enemy’s MAX HP, preventing them from healing back at full health. This skill is great against HP champion who can recovery their health very quickly with healing skill or Continuous Heal skill. In addition, it’s great against Spirit Dungeon Keep Boss that heals 100% upon reaching her turn. The alternative of countering fast recovery champions is applying Heal Reduction Skill. Decrease MAX HP skill does not require any Accuracy for it to work! Champions who has his/her health inflicted by Decrease MAX HP will permanently have this effect regardless he/she is being slained and revived by the ally.

Decrease MAX HP FAQ

Does Decreased Enemy MAX HP affects damage dealt by Poison and HP Burn debuff?

Both Poison and HP Burn debuffs deal damage based on the enemy’s MAX HP, so as the enemy’s health decreases, these debuffs inflict less damage. Therefore, to maximize the damage output from these debuffs, it’s best not to pair champions who inflict Poison or HP Burn with those who can decrease enemy MAX HP or who are equipped with the Destroy Set.

Does Destroy Set affects Poison and HP Burn debuff?

The Destroy Set does not reduce the enemy’s MAX HP based on the damage dealt by Poison or HP Burn debuffs. It only applies to the direct damage inflicted by the champion’s skill damage multiplier.

How to use Decrease MAX HP skill effectively?

Using a Decrease MAX HP skill is highly effective against enemies that are tough to defeat due to their high health recovery, rapid shield regeneration, or quick revival rate. By lowering their MAX HP, your damage dealers can more easily finish them off, as these enemies will struggle to recover health or generate shields. Tanky champions that revive quickly become much easier to eliminate with follow-up attacks. Additionally, the Life Harvest blessing can be employed to reduce an enemy’s MAX HP each time they are revived by their allies.

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32 thoughts on “Decrease MAX HP Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Saeddw

    Sorry, was meant for Itinerant.

  2. Saeddw

    Why wouldn’t you put him in destroy gear and retaliation gear to run in magic keep? With boss’s shield being based on max hp, would this not make him very good here? And he has a chance to place a leech when he retaliates

  3. J

    who does Restore MAX HP now? I know there’s at least one champ who can do it for others (as opposed to Artak who can do it for himself)


    If a champ that is wearing Destroy armor set has a skill that deals Poison damage, does the Poison damage an enemy receives from that skill also destroy Max HP as it came from the champ wearing that set or is Max HP only lowered by damage from direct attack skills?
    Same question concerning HP Burn. Does HP burn damage count toward lowering Max HP if it came from a champ wearing a Destroy armor set?

  5. Cpasfautpapou

    Decrease Max HP dependant :
    – Scrapper
    – Rotos
    – Lord Var-Gall
    – maybe hero without decrease max HP…..

  6. NobleStiff120

    I need to ask when targets lose MAX HP do to damage from Destroyer artifacts or other champ skills, does the HP% calculate from the new (reduced)max? Or is it still calculated from the original MaxHP? eg you just hit a target and reduced their MaxHp by 5% some healer in their party casts a heal and fills the HP meter completely (minus that which couldn’t not be restored because maxHP is reduced permanently for the battle.) IS the healed enemy’s hp% now 100% or 95%? This is important to know because I’m studying to make Raider a serious Champion in my army and war against fast healing enemies.

  7. McSterge

    This list is missing the new fusion Epic dwarf, Fylja.

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @Omar: The champion who has his/her health Decreased MAX HP by the enemy will have this same effect upon revived. This effect is similar to the one where you perform Decrease MAX HP on the Ice Golem minions, and when they are brought alive by the boss, the Decrease MAX HP effect is still in effect.

  9. Omar

    What happens when a champion, who had decreased his Max HP, dies and then is revived???
    Does he retains the decreased Max HP??? Or is back to normal???

  10. Mahtamori

    Can confirm the bug is still there. My Bellower is currently failing to bring some Siphis in positions 4 and 5 down in Max HP at all while a Vergumkaar in position 1 is at almost 0% Max HP left.

  11. Ayumilove Post author

    @Vino: It should apply to all enemies with Decrease MAX HP. Probably it’s a bug that Plarium is not aware of. You could report this bug to their official forum, so their developer can fix it. Take note that enemies with Shield buff will not be affected by Decrease MAX HP unless the damage dealt by your champion with Destroy Set is able to knock off the Shield and deals some damage to their health.

  12. Vino

    Is this a bug? I was in Undead’s FW 19 and I have a reduce Max HP geared up champ with an A1 AOE attack. The result is only one of the enemy champ is affected by reduce Max HP even the AOE A1 hit everybody. Only when that enemy champ dies then the reduce max HP effect will move to another champ. If the attack is AOE shouldn’t it reduce Max HP of every enemy champ?

  13. Ayumilove Post author

    @SilkierLemur: Scrapper is now available in the Decrease Enemy MAX HP list!

  14. SilkierLemur

    You can add Scrapper | BA-RAV to the single target list. His A2 (Crowd Pleaser) decreases enemy MAX HP by 30% of damage dealt.

    Love this site, by the way. Thanks for maintaining it! Heard about it from ASH, he mentioned it in one (or more, probably) of his YT vids. The RSL Skill list is a valuable resource and an incredible time saver!

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    @De`Baffer: I have added Pigsticker into the Decrease MAX HP list! However, I could not find the champion name called “Gofrey”.

  16. Ayumilove Post author

    @nadang94: Purgator has been added into the Decrease Max HP list!

  17. nadang94

    Purgator-The Sacred Order- Rare – Humble the Heathen

  18. De`Baffer

    Add new heroes please Gofrey, Pigsticker etc.

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    @sig: Armiger does not have skills that reduces Enemy MAX HP.

  20. sig

    armiger isn’t on the list..

  21. MrShovel

    First off, thank you for all your help!

    Secondly, will it decrease max HP Mor when hitting with warmaster/giant slayer?

  22. SelinaMarkov

    I have a dumb question, does using this skill lower the damage output of an hp based champion. It i hit Miscreated Monster with it and his max hp goes down, does he hit weaker?

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    @Joseph Douglass: I have added Rotos the Lost Groom, Dark Elhain and Skull Lord Var-Gall into the Decrease Max HP list above!

  24. Rimmer

    if you stack this skill with the reduce max HP artifact set is the resultant combined reduction additive or multiplied?

  25. Onur

    Does this skill need accuracy ?

  26. Q

    @Dave Revived champions remember their reduced max HP. You can test it with the Ice Golem’s minions. Note that spiderlings are not revived, and each summoned spiderling gets a new max HP.

  27. Djinman

    Grizzled Jarl has got this skill in AOE version with his A3 ascended.

  28. Joseph Douglass

    Skull Lord also has a passive that decreases Max HP

  29. Joseph Douglass

    Rotos and Dark Elhain both have the ability to decrease Max HP

  30. Dave

    If a champion loses max HP, is subsequently killed, and then revived, does the max HP reduction remain??

  31. Ayumilove Post author

    @PR: I’m not sure about this as I have not tested this out.

  32. RR

    Can decrease max hp be resisted?