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Astranyx the Dark Fae Overview

Astranyx the Dark Fae is the new Fairy Queen boss for Doom Tower Rotation 3 in RAID: Shadow Legends, where she has a unique ability to banish your champions and create a mirror copy of them to fight against you! You can only retrieve your banished champions upon slaying their double. Visit the Astranyx the Dark Fae skills section to learn more about her game mechanics!

Astraynx the Dark Fae Skills

  • A1 Darklight Beams Attacks all enemies. Has a 100% chance of placing a [Leech] debuff on each enemy for 2 turns.
  • A2 Dark Tendrils (Cooldown: 3 turns) Attacks all enemies. Steals 1 random buff from each enemy according to the number of Magic Champions on the enemy team (1 buff for each Magic Champion). Steals Turn Meter from each enemy according to the number of Force Champions on the enemy team (10% Turn Meter for each Force Champion). Has a 25% chance of placing a [True Fear] debuff on each enemy for 1 turn. The chance increases by 25% for each Void Champion on the enemy team. Heals Astranyx by 10% of her MAX HP for each Spirit Champion on the enemy team.
  • A3 Faerie Storm (Cooldown: 3) Attacks all enemies. All living allies will team up and join this attack. Damage increases by 25% for each living ally.
  • A4 Dark Abduction (Cooldown: 4) Banishes 1 enemy Champion and spawns a Mirror Copy of them onto Astranyx’s team. Places a [Fear] debuff on all enemies for 1 turn. Increases Astranyx’s [Dark Energy] counter by 1.
  • Fae Mirror [Passive] Places a [Perfect Veil] buff on Astranyx for 3 turns and spawns Mirror Copies of all enemies onto Astranyx’s team at the start of the battle. Summons Mirror Copies of all enemies onto Astranyx’s team every time her [Dark Energy] counter reaches 5. Also, places [Perfect Veil] buff on Astranyx for 3 turns every time her [Dark Energy] counter reaches 5. Astranyx’s [Dark Energy] counter resets after it reaches 5.
  • Almighty Immunity [Passive] Immune to [Stun], [Freeze], [Sleep], [Provoke], [Block Active Skills], [Block Passive Skills], [Fear] and [True Fear] debuffs. Also imune to HP exchange effects, HP balancing effects, and cooldown increasing effects.
  • Almighty Strength [Passive] Damage from skills that scale based on enemy MAX HP cannot exceed 10% of the Boss’s MAX HP when attacking the Boss.
  • Almighty Persistence [Passive] All Turn Meter reduction effects are decreased by 50% when used against the Boss.

Astranyx the Dark Fae Stats

Here is the list of stats of Astranyx the Dark Fae based on the floors and difficulty (Doom Tower Normal/Hard) in RAID: Shadow Legends!
Astranyx the Dark Stats for Doom Tower Normal and Hard in RAID: Shadow Legends

Astranyx the Dark Fae Guide

You will need to be cautious on building your team, as your strengths could become hers. Banished champions will not take any turns nor damage as they are out of battle, and will re-join your team once again upon defeating their clones. In addition, Astranyx the Dark Fae will gain additional advantages depending on the affinity setup of your champions, which makes it an arduous battle!

Accuracy and Resistance

How much Accuracy required to apply debuff on Dark Fae?

To apply debuff on Astranyx the Dark Fae, your champions will need to have a minimum of 100 Accuracy for Doom Tower Normal or 330 Accuracy for Doom Tower Hard for all floor stages! However, these minimum requirements can be halved if you have champions who can consistently provide your champions with Increase Accuracy buff! In addition, you can also use Accuracy Aura champions in the Leader position to fill in the missing Accuracy gap if you do not have sufficient Accuracy substats on your equipment nor having an Accuracy banner.

How much Resist should I stack on my champions to resist Dark Fae effect?

To resist Astranyx the Dark Fae’s Fear debuff and instant negative effect such as steal buff, you will need to have at least 200 Resist for Doom Tower Normal or 350 Resist for Doom Tower Hard. However, these Resist requirement can be halved by applying Decrease Accuracy on Dark Fae, which means you can allocate stats to other areas such as Health, Speed and Defense to tank the damage dealt by him! In addition, you can also gain additional Resist stat by having a Resist Aura champion in the Leader position if you do not have many Resist substats on your artifact set or not having a Resist banner.

Defeating Astranyx the Dark Fae and her Mirror Copies

How to defeat Astranyx the Dark Fae Mirror Copies?

The easiest way to defeat the mirror copies summoned by Astranyx the Dark Fae on the first turn of the battle is to set your team sufficiently squishy (medium health and defense) and have your damage dealer to nuke them. There are 2 ways of efficiently nuking the mirror copies!

The first method is to use your Arena Offense damage dealer to perform AoE (Area of Effect) nuke damage to wipe them out. However, you will either need 2 AoE nukers or a single AoE nuker with adjusted Team AI preset to ensure they have their ultimate skill ready for the boss wave! This would be quite challenging to set up for auto farming Astranyx the Dark Fae floors.

The second method is to use a damage dealer who deals massive damage on his A1 (default attack) and gains Extra Turn upon killing their enemy, such as Relickeeper, Hurndig, Hordin. This results in a much consistent successful run when farming Dark Fae spheres as it does not depend on any RNG to ensure your ultimate skill is ready for the boss wave! You can achieve this by setting the Team AI preset to only use the damage dealer’s A1 default attack. However, the supporting champions must not be a strong affinity against your damage dealer, else his attack will weak hit and breaks the combo kill!

How to defeat Astranyx the Dark Fae Boss?

The most efficient way to defeat Astranyx the Dark Fae boss is to use Decrease Turn Meter and Decrease Speed to prevent her from taking any turns! The best candidates for Decrease Turn Meter role are Lyssandra, Alure and Armiger. For Decrease Speed debuff, you can use Visix the Unbowed, Psylar, Shatterbones to name a few.

If you do not have these champions mentioned above, then you would need to brute force her health down the traditional way with damage dealers while sustaining your team with healers. To counter Astranyx’s Fear debuff when you are using Void champions, use a debuff cleanser such as Doompriest or Inquisitor Shamael to remove those debuff. To prevent Astranyx from healing when you are using Spirit champions, inflict Heal Reduction debuff on her such as Ma’Shalled. It’s not recommended to bring in tanky high resist champions with Revive skill as it will be difficult for you to clear the Mirror Copies quickly. Furthermore, this buys time for Astranyx to banish your champions 1 by 1 every 4 turns!

Astranyx the Dark Fae Forge Materials

Vanquishing Astranyx the Dark Fae rewards you Fae Spheres, which are materials to craft Lethal Artifacts in the forge! Having 4-piece set of Lethal Artifact provides the ability to ignore 25% of the enemy’s Defense and grants 10% Critical Rate boost! It’s a superior version of Savage Set that players usually farm them in Fire Knight’s Dungeon!
Lethal Artifact Set crafted using Astranyx's Fae Spheres in RAID: Shadow Legends

Astranyx the Dark Fae Strategy

Extra Turn Kill Mobs and Decrease Boss Turn Meter

Raid Shadow Legends Extra Turn Kill Mobs and Decrease Boss Turn Meter - Astranyx the Dark Fae Guide
This strategy was shared by StewGaming, which rely on a champion who has the ability to gain Extra Turn whenever they kill their target using their default attack (A1 Skill). The team consist of Hordin, Psylar, Coldheart and 2 Armiger. Hordin plays the role of killing all mirror copies before the start of the boss turn, Armiger to decrease the boss turn meter, Psylar to apply 30% Decrease Speed debuff to allow your champions to control the boss movement easily and Coldheart to deplete the boss turn meter and deal damage based on Enemy MAX HP to speed up the run. Here are the alternative champions you can use if you do not have the ones listed above! Psylar can be replaced with Visix the Unbowed for Decrease Speed ability, Armiger can be replaced with Alure for Decrease Turn Meter ability and Hordin can be replaced with Hurndig to deal the killing blow. The key concept here is Hordin’s speed need to be first to start the battle, so he can kill the mirror copies before any of the supporting champion begins their turn! Otherwise, it will result in the Support champions crowd controlling Hordin.

Extra Turn Kill Mobs and Decrease Boss Turn Meter V2

Raid Shadow Legends Extra Turn Kill Mobs and Decrease Boss Turn Meter - Astranyx the Dark Fae Guide
This strategy was shared by Ayumilove, which relies on a Decrease Turn Meter champions to crowd control the boss and damage nukers to clear the waves quickly to achieve a full auto run for Astranyx the Dark Fae. The champions used are Big ‘Un, Lyssandra, Hurndig and 2 Alures.

Astranyx the Dark Fae Budget & Speed Farm Teams Guide by Skratch

Astranyx the Dark Fae Full Guide by MurderInc

Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Rotation 3 Official Video

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22 thoughts on “Astranyx the Dark Fae Guide

  1. Lord Osis

    Floor 120 normal on manual for first half of fight.

    Lyssandra (L)
    Lydia (replaced stag knight)

    With stag night, Candraphon’s AOE was not killing all of the enemy team in 1 shot.
    Swapped in Lydia and that was enough to one shot the clones.
    But then my choices for manual after that must of not be optimal. She cloned Candraphon and he ended up taking everyone out.
    After a few failures, I just turned on auto after Candraphon 1 shotted the clones and we won.

  2. Katastrofik (Keefygrinders)

    Beat Dark Fae floor 40 normal. Manual.

    Kymar- lead (speed)

    Athels aoe then Sicias aoe’s back to back
    Kymar’s sleep aoe, apothecary speed buff

    Ninja died, sicia got banished. Attacked dark fae head on and used kymar’s reset skill ability to finish her off

  3. Interzett

    Floor 40 normal and manual (no other way imo), 25 turns, time 03:50
    Cillian the Lucky (lvl5o)
    Ninja (lvl50)
    Royal Guardian

    wouldn’t have made it without this guide, so thanks a lot.


    Floor 40 normal on manual

  5. Norulf

    Floor 40 on manual

  6. Lord Osis

    Floor 80 normal on manual.
    Lyssandra (L)
    Stag knight

    Time: 7:54
    Turns: 66

  7. MageDanille

    Fae 80 Normal
    Golden Reaper

  8. Lord Osis

    I’ve been struggling to do Hordin + TM heroes for Normal mode floor 40. To be fair I took him out of the vault and only leveled to 50 for this one boss. I tried multiple gearings to adjust speed and damage. if I got him fast enough then he would only do 90ish% of the needed damage. I might take him to 60 later to see if he can then 1-shot everyone as needed.

    So I made a team from the suggestions below(without regearing) and came up with: Lyssandra(L), Visix, Ninja, Candraphon, Allure.

    I was a bit unsure about what skills to lock. For the runs below I locked Visix A3 and Alures A2 and A3. Everyone else I ran on default.

    I ran it successfully (no deaths) first try manually in 4:08 and 51 turns.
    Ran it on auto in 1:22 with 40 turns. (No deaths)

    Everything went smooth except the clone candraphon got off 1 A2 that would be a wipe at a higher level. I tried turning on Visix A3 to block Candraphons A2 and wiped but I’m not sure if that was due to that change or just randomness.

  9. Robert Oliver

    Further to previous: In turn order i had 1,2,3 Buffers 4 Seer 5 WaveClearer

  10. Robert Oliver

    As a mid game ftp this was tough. Not on Auto but I managed to defeat manually using Septimus, Doompriest, Skullcrusher, Seer and randomly Grizzled Yarl. Tactic everyone A1s for the first to waves to preserve cool diwn skills, with Septimus taking everyone out. Then on wave 3 everyone puts all their buffs out including the shadows. Except Seer of course who A3s. Then Mop up

  11. tawabawa

    This made my brain hurt. Managed it with Aothar, Doompriest, Bellower, Ninja, and Hordin…all 60’s, relatively tricked out. Im mid level, and this sucked. Ninja(new to me) was pretty effective against the boss. DP kept cleansing. Bellower in relentless was handy for the decrease speed, the block active, and the AOE

  12. PhysicsFeri

    I was able to take her down using Kael, Elhain, Rae, Saito, and Apothecary. Basically, the plan is go first and hit HARD. Knock out those clones before they can do any damage. I tried taking @Chris’s advice, but my Miscreated Monster was too beefy and the clone would NOT die. Likewise when I took in any of my heavy duty defense champs. Scyl, Harvest Jack, Minaya, and Visix all just stayed around haunting me. Don’t take in a reviver, they will revive the clones. I took in who my best most developed fighters were with emphasis on crit and speed, but I think who it is is less important than the build type.

  13. Nando

    Speed Team plus AOE worked for me:
    Kael (Lead), Skullcrown, Apotheracy, Lyssandry and Elhain

  14. Not the dark fae

    That was really tough for level 40 on normal. Managed to get through, but you need to have a spped boost aura to ensure your team get in before the shadow team, and hit with AOE stun and TM reduction, then increase speed. If you have block skills, or increase cooldown that would help as well. But I hate to think how hard it will be if she’s on a higher level, or on hard!

  15. Bone-crusher

    I managed to get through using a speed team: Arbiter, Maneater, Rae, Lua and Stag Knight.

  16. DARK

    FYI this boss is bugged. Your champs do not go before their counterparts except for your fastest.

  17. VentralFinn

    In the section on the spreadsheet, Astranyx is incorrectly listed as appearing on stage 10 of normal, rather than stage 40.

  18. tuordiel

    @Martz Doom Tower is not supposed to be possible for new players. Doom Tower is endgame content.

  19. SiJebat

    It gave the ‘few years’ player like me a headache also……. Not able to kill it yet!
    Put in allure, coldheart, seer, royal guard, zargala, peydma. keep getting banished and cloned faster than I can attacked them….

  20. Chris

    I managed to beat it by nuking and speed boost using apo. My team was Kael (lead), Stag Knight, Apothecary, Rae and MM. It took me a while to figure out the right team I tried lots of different teams but speed boost followed by AOE attacks worked best.

  21. Martz

    This new Doom Tower is impossible for ‘few months’ players like me.

  22. jimbo

    thank you for your hard work and keep doing a great job