Raid Shadow Legends List of Champions by Faction

In RAID: Shadow Legends, there are 14 factions, which are Banner Lords, Barbarians, Dark Elves, Demonspawn, High Elves, Knight Revenant, Lizardmen, Ogryn Tribes, Orcs, Skinwalkers, The Sacred Order, Undead Hordes, Dwarves, Shadowkin. Below is a list of champions categorized by Factions and sub-categorized based on the Champion’s rarity! The list is sorted in alphabetical order to ease searching by champion name.


54 Banner Lords
56 Barbarians
32 High Elves
66 The Sacred Order

Gaellen Pact

42 Ogryn Tribes
35 Lizardmen
31 Skinwalkers
45 Orcs

The Corrupted

45 Demonspawn
57 Undead Hordes
45 Dark Elves
44 Knights Revenant

Nyresan Union

43 Dwarves
28 Shadowkin

Banner Lords Champions

Hereditary Knights of Kaerok, the Banner Lords swear blind allegiance to King Tayba. His majesty has tasked them with waging his war of expansion, and protecting the royal administrators posted at Kaerok Castle. These fearsome knights will let no soul pass without a royal scroll.

Banner Lords Legendary Champion

  1. Baron (BL-LAV)
  2. Black Knight (BL-LHF)
  3. Cillian the Lucky (BL-LAM)
  4. Helior (BL-LDF)
  5. Lord Champfort (BL-LHM)
  6. Lugan the Steadfast (BL-LHS)
  7. Minaya (BL-LSF)
  8. Raglin (BL-LSV)
  9. Richtoff the Bold (BL-LAS)
  10. Septimus (BL-LAS)
  11. Sethallia (BL-LSM)

Banner Lords Epic Champion

  1. Alaric the Hooded (BL-EAF)
  2. Archmage Hellmut (BL-ESM)
  3. Azure (BL-EHV)
  4. Chancellor Yasmin (BL-ESF)
  5. Gerhard the Stone (BL-EAM)
  6. Giscard the Sigiled (BL-EDS)
  7. Hordin (BL-EAM)
  8. Knight-Errant (BL-EAS)
  9. Lordly Legionary (BL-EAM)
  10. Masked Fearmonger (BL-EAS)
  11. Oathbound (BL-EDF)
  12. Rowan (BL-EAV)
  13. Seneschal (BL-EDF)
  14. Stag Knight (BL-ESS)
  15. Ursala the Mourner (BL-ESV)
  16. Warcaster (BL-ESV)

Banner Lords Rare Champion

  1. Bombardier (BL-RAF)
  2. Cataphract (BL-RHS)
  3. Chevalier (BL-RDV)
  4. Conquerer (BL-RAS)
  5. Courtier (BL-RAF)
  6. Crossbowman (BL-RAM)
  7. Dagger (BL-RAV)
  8. Grandmaster (BL-RHM)
  9. Halberdier (BL-RAS)
  10. Myrmidon (BL-RDM)
  11. Preserver (BL-RDF)
  12. Quaestor (BL-RAF)
  13. Steadfast Marshal (BL-RHV)
  14. Valerie (BL-RSM)
  15. Vanguard (BL-RDV)

Banner Lords Uncommon Champion

  1. Archer (BL-UAM)
  2. Commander (BL-USF)
  3. Duelist (BL-UAF)
  4. Fireblade (BL-UAS)
  5. Frontline Warrior (BL-UDS)
  6. Squire (BL-UDF)
  7. Stalwart (BL-UHM)
  8. Word Bearer (BL-USM)

Banner Lords Common Champion

  1. Axeman (BL-CHF)
  2. Bandit (BL-CAS)
  3. Pikeman (BL-CDM)
  4. Swordsman (BL-CAM)

Barbarians Champions

The Barbarians of Hark’han are opportunists ever eager to offer their mercenary services to the highest bidder. When the servants of the Corruption first came from the East with their dragon, they quickly made a pact granting them control of the region they now patrol as the Deadlands.

Barbarians Legendary Champion

  1. Altan (BA-LDM)
  2. Elder Skarg (BA-LAF)
  3. Kantra the Cyclone (BA-LDF)
  4. Roric Wyrmbane (BA-LAS)
  5. Scyl of the Drakes (BA-LDM)
  6. Tuhanarak (BA-LSV)
  7. Turvold (BA-LAV)
  8. Ursuga Warcaller (BA-LHV)
  9. Valkyrie (BA-LDS)
  10. Yakarl the Scourge (BA-LAV)

Barbarians Epic Champion

  1. Aina (BA-EAM)
  2. Alika (BA-EAF)
  3. Armina (BA-EAM)
  4. Atur (BA-EHM)
  5. Baroth the Bloodsoaked (BA-EHF)
  6. Fahrakin the Fat (BA-EAS)
  7. Haarken Greatblade (BA-EAV)
  8. High Khatun (BA-ESS)
  9. Jotun (BA-EHM)
  10. Kallia (BA-EAF)
  11. Maeve (BA-EAF)
  12. Sikara (BA-ESM)
  13. Skytouched Shaman (BA-ESV)
  14. Suwai Firstborn (BA-EAV)
  15. Teshada (BA-EDF)
  16. Valla (BA-EDS)
  17. Woad-Painted (BA-EHS)

Barbarians Rare Champion

  1. Anointed (BA-RSF)
  2. Berserker (BA-RAS)
  3. Bloodbraid (BA-RHS)
  4. Dunestrider (BA-RAM)
  5. Elder (BA-RDM)
  6. Hill Nomad (BA-RSM)
  7. Marked (BA-RSM)
  8. Ox (BA-RAV)
  9. Ragemonger (BA-RAV)
  10. Scrapper (BA-RAV)
  11. Sentinel (BA-RHF)
  12. Skirmisher (BA-RAV)
  13. Slayer (BA-RAF)
  14. Soulbond Bowyer (BA-RAS)
  15. Tigersoul (BA-RAS)
  16. Wandering Priest (BA-RSS)
  17. Warmaiden (BA-RAF)

Barbarians Uncommon Champion

  1. Crusher (BA-UDS)
  2. Dervish (BA-UAM)
  3. Head Taker (BA-UAM)
  4. Outlander (BA-UAS)
  5. Outrider (BA-UAS)
  6. Pit Fighter (BA-UHF)
  7. Ritualist (BA-UAM)
  8. Sandbow (BA-UAS)
  9. Shieldguard (BA-UAS)
  10. Spiritwalker (BA-USF)
  11. Zephyr Sniper (BA-UDS)

Barbarians Common Champion

  1. Bully (BA-CDS)

High Elves Champions

High Elves originate from Aravia where they have built a wondrous, shimmering city. Living in these lands of plenty has enabled them to evolve their society to the highest degree of physical, intellectual, and spiritual achievement. High-principled, they welcome exiles and offer them new homes further east.

High Elves Legendary Champion

  1. Arbiter (HE-LSV)
  2. Basileus Roanas (HE-LAF)
  3. Belanor (HE-LAV)
  4. Elenaril (HE-LAM)
  5. Ithos (HE-LAV)
  6. Lyssandra (HE-LSS)
  7. Pyxniel (HE-LSM)
  8. Royal Huntsman (HE-LAS)
  9. Shirimani (HE-LSF)
  10. Yannica (HE-LAS)

High Elves Epic Champion

  1. Battlesage (HE-ESV)
  2. Exemplar (HE-EAV)
  3. Jinglehunter (HE-EAS)
  4. Luthiea (HE-EAF)
  5. Marksman (HE-EAS)
  6. Royal Guard (HE-EAM)
  7. Tayrel (HE-EDM)
  8. Thenasil (HE-ESF)
  9. Vergis (HE-EDS)

High Elves Rare Champion

  1. Adjudicator (HE-RAM)
  2. Apothecary (HE-RSM)
  3. Avenger (HE-RAM)
  4. Elhain (HE-RAM)
  5. Fencer (HE-RAF)
  6. Heiress (HE-RAF)
  7. Hyria (HE-RAS)
  8. Interceptor (HE-RDV)
  9. Magister (HE-RSF)
  10. Reliquary Tender (HE-RSV)

High Elves Uncommon Champion

  1. Aristocrat (HE-UAM)
  2. Elfguard (HE-UAS)
  3. Jaeger (HE-UAS)

High Elves Common Champion

The Sacred Order Champions

For centuries the Knights of the Sacred Order were charged with cleansing Teleria of evil in all its guises. But since the declaration of war, they have sworn allegiance to the Queen of Aravia. In league with the Queen’s Necromancer, these once-holy knights now enforce her Majesty’s will and guard her chattel.

The Sacred Order Legendary Champion

  1. Abbess (SO-LAF)
  2. Astralon (SO-LAM)
  3. Cardiel (SO-LSV)
  4. Cupidus (SO-LAS)
  5. Errol (SO-LAF)
  6. Martyr (SO-LDS)
  7. Roshcard the Tower (SO-LHM)
  8. Sir Nicholas (SO-LHV)
  9. Venus (SO-LSV)

The Sacred Order Epic Champion

  1. Adriel (SO-ESM)
  2. Aothar (SO-EAF)
  3. Bushi (SO-EAS)
  4. Canoness (SO-EDM)
  5. Cardinal (SO-ESV)
  6. Deacon Armstrong (SO-ESS)
  7. Fenax (SO-EAS)
  8. Frostbringer (SO-ESM)
  9. Godseeker Aniri (SO-EDV)
  10. Hope (SO-EHM)
  11. Inquisitor Shamael (SO-EAV)
  12. Juliana (SO-EAM)
  13. Lady Etessa (SO-EAF)
  14. Lightsworn (SO-EDV)
  15. Lodric Falconheart (SO-EHS)
  16. Missionary (SO-EHF)
  17. Mistress of Hymns (SO-ESS)
  18. Mordecai (SO-ESF)
  19. Relickeeper (SO-EAF)
  20. Romero (SO-EDF)
  21. Sanguinia (SO-ESM)
  22. Tallia (SO-EAM)

The Sacred Order Rare Champion

  1. Athel (SO-RAM)
  2. Chaplain (SO-RSF)
  3. Confessor (SO-RAV)
  4. Draconis (SO-RHV)
  5. Harrier (SO-RAV)
  6. Headsman (SO-RAS)
  7. Hospitaller (SO-RSM)
  8. Judicator (SO-RAS)
  9. Justiciar (SO-RDV)
  10. Lamellar (SO-RHF)
  11. Maiden (SO-RAS)
  12. Mother Superior (SO-RSS)
  13. Penitent (SO-RDS)
  14. Purgator (SO-RAM)
  15. Renouncer (SO-RAF)
  16. Sanctum Protector (SO-RDS)
  17. Solaris (SO-RAF)
  18. Templar (SO-RDS)
  19. Warpriest (SO-RSS)
  20. Witness (SO-RSM)

The Sacred Order Uncommon Champion

  1. Armiger (SO-UDS)
  2. Battle Sister (SO-UAM)
  3. Crusader (SO-UAF)
  4. Intercessor (SO-USF)
  5. Militia (SO-UAS)
  6. Outlaw Monk (SO-UAF)
  7. Pilgrim (SO-USF)
  8. Sergeant (SO-UAF)
  9. Sharpshooter (SO-UAM)
  10. Vigilante (SO-UHS)

The Sacred Order Common Champion

  1. Knecht (SO-CDS)
  2. Novitiate (SO-CAS)
  3. Preacher (SO-CHF)
  4. Sister Militant (SO-CAF)
  5. Yeoman (SO-CAM)

Ogryn Tribes Champions

Subhuman giants with prodigious bellies and brawn, Ogryns are nonetheless sluggish, dumb brutes prone to servitude. Yet these terrifying great oafs often prove that brute force and ignorance will often win the day. Together with the Skinwalkers they control Felwin’s Gate, entry to the Kingdom of Aravia.

Ogryn Tribes Legendary Champion

  1. Big ‘Un (OT-LAM)
  2. Drokgul the Gaunt (OT-LSS)
  3. Gurgoh the Augur (OT-LAV)
  4. Gurptuk Moss-Beard (OT-LSF)
  5. Ignatius (OT-LDM)
  6. Shamrock (OT-LSS)
  7. War Mother (OT-LAM)

Ogryn Tribes Epic Champion

  1. Cagebreaker (OT-EAS)
  2. Galkut (OT-EAS)
  3. Ghrush the Mangler (OT-EDS)
  4. Grimskin (OT-EDM)
  5. Grunch Killjoy (OT-ESF)
  6. Klodd Beastfeeder (OT-EHM)
  7. Maneater (OT-EHV)
  8. Occult Brawler (OT-EHS)
  9. Prundar (OT-EDV)
  10. Shatterbones (OT-EAF)
  11. Siegehulk (OT-EAM)
  12. Skullcrusher (OT-EDF)
  13. Towering Titan (OT-EHV)
  14. Urogrim (OT-ESV)
  15. Uugo (OT-ESM)

Ogryn Tribes Rare Champion

  1. Bellower (OT-RSV)
  2. Flesheater (OT-RSS)
  3. Fortress Goon (OT-RDM)
  4. Furystoker (OT-RSS)
  5. Geargrinder (OT-RHV)
  6. Lumberer (OT-RAF)
  7. Magmablood (OT-RAF)
  8. Mycolus (OT-RSV)
  9. Ogryn Jailer (OT-RAF)
  10. Pounder (OT-RDM)
  11. Rocktooth (OT-RAM)
  12. Ruffstone (OT-RAF)
  13. Siegebreaker (OT-RAS)
  14. Stoneskin (OT-RHV)
  15. Wagonbane (OT-RSM)

Ogryn Tribes Uncommon Champion

  1. Brute (OT-UAM)
  2. Frostskin (OT-USM)
  3. Hungerer (OT-UHF)
  4. Oldbeard (OT-UDF)
  5. Thrasher (OT-UAS)

Ogryn Tribes Common Champion

Lizardmen Champions

The Lizardmen evolved from the brackish waters of Teleria long before modern humanoid races emerged with more powerful brains. These fearsome amphibious bipeds have been deemed untouchable but are tolerated in swamps and city sewers. They trade through messengers to get sustenance, or ransom for their captives.

Lizardmen Legendary Champion

  1. Ba Satha (LZ-LHM)
  2. Dracomorph (LZ-LAM)
  3. Fu-Shan (LZ-LAF)
  4. Krisk the Ageless (LZ-LDV)
  5. Ramantu Drakesblood (LZ-LAV)
  6. Rhazin Scarhide (LZ-LDF)
  7. Roxam (LZ-LAM)
  8. Skull Lord Var-Gall (LZ-LDF)
  9. Vergumkaar (LZ-LSS)

Lizardmen Epic Champion

  1. Aox the Rememberer (LZ-ESF)
  2. Basilisk (LZ-EAF)
  3. Broadmaw (LZ-ESV)
  4. Drake (LZ-EAS)
  5. Jarang (LZ-EAM)
  6. Jareg (LZ-EHM)
  7. Jizoh (LZ-EDS)
  8. Quargan the Crowned (LZ-ESS)
  9. Skathix (LZ-ESV)
  10. Venomage (LZ-ESM)

Lizardmen Rare Champion

  1. Bogwalker (LZ-RDF)
  2. Flinger (LZ-RAS)
  3. Gator (LZ-RSM)
  4. Haruspex (LZ-RSV)
  5. Hurler (LZ-RAF)
  6. Metalshaper (LZ-RSS)
  7. Muckstalker (LZ-RHM)
  8. Skink (LZ-RAM)
  9. Skullsworn (LZ-RAF)
  10. Slasher (LZ-RAS)
  11. Slitherbrute (LZ-RAM)

Lizardmen Uncommon Champion

  1. Hardscale (LZ-UDM)
  2. Saurus (LZ-UAS)
  3. Skinner (LZ-UAM)
  4. Stalker (LZ-UHM)

Lizardmen Common Champion

  1. Troglodyte (LZ-CDS)

Skinwalkers Champions

As told by the tragic legend of Ch’arocah, Skinwalkers once had the power to cast themselves in the form of any man or beast. But after centuries of overuse, these shamans found themselves entrapped as something less than human, but more than animal. Though wild and dangerous, they can sense evil and may act to prevent it.

Skinwalkers Legendary Champion

  1. Brakus the Shifter (SW-LAF)
  2. Cleopterix (SW-LAS)
  3. Hakkorhn Smashlord (SW-LHM)
  4. Khoronar (SW-LHV)
  5. Leorius the Proud (SW-LAV)
  6. Longbeard (SW-LAM)
  7. Norog (SW-LDM)
  8. Teumesia (SW-LAV)
  9. Warchief (SW-LDF)

Skinwalkers Epic Champion

  1. Basher (SW-EAV)
  2. Fayne (SW-EAS)
  3. Flesh-Tearer (SW-ESM)
  4. Hoforees the Tusked (SW-ESF)
  5. Reinbeast (SW-EDF)
  6. Ripper (SW-EAF)
  7. Snorting Thug (SW-EHF)
  8. Steelskull (SW-ESS)
  9. Taurus (SW-EAM)
  10. Ursine Icecrusher (SW-EDF)
  11. Ursine Ironhide (SW-EDF)
  12. Yaga the Insatiable (SW-EAF)

Skinwalkers Rare Champion

  1. Bloodhorn (SW-RHV)
  2. Bloodpainter (SW-RAF)
  3. Channeler (SW-RSS)
  4. Fleshmonger (SW-RAM)
  5. Gnarlhorn (SW-RHS)
  6. Grappler (SW-RDS)
  7. Graybeard (SW-RDM)
  8. Panthera (SW-RAV)

Skinwalkers Uncommon Champion

  1. Satyr (SW-UHS)
  2. Windtalker (SW-USM)

Skinwalkers Common Champion

Orcs Champions

Orcish tribes maintain a tenuous hold in pockets from Durham Forest to the Deadlands. Initially bred as warrior slaves, Orcs do what they must to ensure their survival, and will pick off unwitting travelers for their coin, blood and bones. Fearful of persecution by the men of Kaerok, they have sided with the Queen of Aravia.

Orcs Legendary Champion

  1. Angar (OR-LHV)
  2. Gomlok Skyhide (OR-LSF)
  3. Grohak the Bloodied (OR-LAM)
  4. Iron Brago (OR-LDS)
  5. King Garog (OR-LAF)
  6. Kreela Witch-Arm (OR-LSM)
  7. Nogdar the Headhunter (OR-LAS)
  8. Robar (OR-LAF)
  9. Teela Goremane (OR-LSM)
  10. Varl the Destroyer (OR-LAS)
  11. Warlord (OR-LSV)

Orcs Epic Champion

  1. Bloodfeather (OR-EAF)
  2. Bonekeeper (OR-EAF)
  3. Dhukk the Pierced (OR-EDM)
  4. Old Hermit Jorrg (OR-ESM)
  5. Sandlashed Survivor (OR-EDS)
  6. Seer (OR-ESV)
  7. Shaman (OR-ESF)
  8. Terrorbeast (OR-EHS)
  9. Tolf the Maimed (OR-EHV)
  10. Torturehelm (OR-EHF)
  11. Tuhak the Wanderer (OR-EAV)
  12. Ultimate Galek (OR-EAM)
  13. Vrask (OR-EHS)
  14. Zargala (OR-EAF)

Orcs Rare Champion

  1. Chopper (OR-RAM)
  2. Deathchanter (OR-RHM)
  3. Galek (OR-RAM)
  4. Goremask (OR-RAF)
  5. Huntress (OR-RAV)
  6. Ironclad (OR-RHF)
  7. Pigsticker (OR-RAM)
  8. Raider (OR-RAS)
  9. Ripperfist (OR-RAV)
  10. Spikehead (OR-RAM)
  11. Totem (OR-RSS)
  12. Treefeller (OR-RAF)
  13. Twinclaw Disciple (OR-RAF)
  14. Veteran (OR-RDV)
  15. Wyvernbane (OR-RAS)

Orcs Uncommon Champion

  1. Suntribe (OR-USM)
  2. Throatcutter (OR-UAS)
  3. Tracker (OR-UAF)
  4. Warchanter (OR-UHM)

Orcs Common Champion

  1. Warboy (OR-CDM)

Demonspawn Champions

Beyond the dark portal lies a realm of fire and darkness. It is the home of ancient beings born of darkness. Forbidden from setting foot in the fair lands of Teleria, these foul entities have conspired with Necromancers to breed Demonspawn – unholy unions of Demon and mortal.

Demonspawn Legendary Champion

  1. Candraphon (DS-LAF)
  2. Countess Lix (DS-LAM)
  3. Cruetraxa (DS-LAV)
  4. Drexthar Bloodtwin (DS-LDF)
  5. Duchess Lilitu (DS-LSS)
  6. Inithwe Bloodtwin (DS-LAV)
  7. Lord Shazar (DS-LAS)
  8. Mortu-Macaab (DS-LHS)
  9. Prince Kymar (DS-LSM)
  10. Sicia Flametongue (DS-LAF)
  11. Tyrant Ixlimor (DS-LHM)
  12. Vasal of the Seal (DS-LHF)

Demonspawn Epic Champion

  1. Achak the Wendarin (DS-ESF)
  2. Akoth the Seared (DS-EDM)
  3. Alure (DS-EAM)
  4. Erinyes (DS-EAF)
  5. Excruciator (DS-EAM)
  6. Gorlos Hellmaw (DS-EAS)
  7. Hellgazer (DS-EAS)
  8. Infernal Baroness (DS-EDF)
  9. Magnarr (DS-EHS)
  10. Nazana (DS-EHF)
  11. Peydma (DS-EDV)
  12. Skimfos the Consumed (DS-EAV)
  13. Souldrinker (DS-EAF)
  14. Tainix Hateflower (DS-ESF)
  15. Tarshon (DS-EDS)
  16. Umbral Enchantress (DS-EDV)

Demonspawn Rare Champion

  1. Abyssal (DS-RSS)
  2. Diabolist (DS-RSM)
  3. Fellhound (DS-RDV)
  4. Hellborn Sprite (DS-RSS)
  5. Hellfang (DS-RAS)
  6. Hellfreak (DS-RAS)
  7. Hound Spawn (DS-RAF)
  8. Ifrit (DS-RHV)
  9. Malbranche (DS-RAV)
  10. Marquess (DS-RDS)
  11. Marquis (DS-RDV)
  12. Tormentor (DS-RAM)

Demonspawn Uncommon Champion

  1. Incubus (DS-UAF)
  2. Lemure (DS-UHM)
  3. Pit Cur (DS-UHF)
  4. Pitspawn (DS-UDS)
  5. Vilespawn (DS-USS)

Demonspawn Common Champion

Undead Hordes Champions

Awakened by the call of the Corruption, these ghouls and creatures of the night inhabit the forgotten tombs and dark places of the world, and serve as minions to the Dark One. While most are the desecrated carcasses of fallen Telerians, others have lurked in the darkness for centuries… awaiting their time.

Undead Hordes Legendary Champion

  1. Bad-el-Kazar (UH-LSF)
  2. Bloodgorged (UH-LAF)
  3. Crypt-King Graal (UH-LSM)
  4. Elegaius (UH-LSM)
  5. Harvest Jack (UH-LHS)
  6. Little Miss Annie (UH-LAV)
  7. Ma’Shalled (UH-LAS)
  8. Nekhret the Great (UH-LDV)
  9. Nethril (UH-LAS)
  10. Rotos the Lost Groom (UH-LAM)
  11. Saito (UH-LAM)
  12. Siphi the Lost Bride (UH-LSV)
  13. Skartorsis (UH-LSF)
  14. Suzerain Katonn (UH-LAS)
  15. Urost the Soulcage (UH-LHV)

Undead Hordes Epic Champion

  1. Anax (UH-EAS)
  2. Balthus Drauglord (UH-EDS)
  3. Catacomb Councilor (UH-EAM)
  4. Corpse Collector (UH-ESF)
  5. Dark Athel (UH-EAM)
  6. Dark Elhain (UH-EAM)
  7. Defiled Sinner (UH-EAF)
  8. Gorgorab (UH-ESM)
  9. Hexia (UH-EAF)
  10. Husk (UH-EHF)
  11. Karam (UH-EAF)
  12. Lich (UH-EDF)
  13. Mausoleum Mage (UH-ESF)
  14. Seeker (UH-EDM)
  15. Vogoth (UH-EHS)
  16. Zelotah (UH-ESS)

Undead Hordes Rare Champion

  1. Amarantine Skeleton (UH-RDV)
  2. Arbalester (UH-RAV)
  3. Banshee (UH-RSM)
  4. Bone Knight (UH-RAS)
  5. Corpulent Cadaver (UH-RHS)
  6. Doomscreech (UH-RHV)
  7. Drowned Bloatwraith (UH-RAV)
  8. Frozen Banshee (UH-RAM)
  9. Ghoulish Ranger (UH-RAS)
  10. Gravechill Killer (UH-RAM)
  11. Grinner (UH-RSF)
  12. Hollow (UH-RAV)
  13. Rotting Mage (UH-RSS)
  14. Seducer (UH-RDV)
  15. Sorceress (UH-RAF)
  16. Stitched Beast (UH-RAV)
  17. Temptress (UH-RAM)
  18. Wretch (UH-RAF)

Undead Hordes Uncommon Champion

  1. Dead Crusader (UH-UDF)
  2. Dhampir (UH-UAS)
  3. Skellag (UH-UDF)
  4. Skullsquire (UH-UAF)
  5. Vulpine (UH-UAF)

Undead Hordes Common Champion

  1. Death Hound (UH-CAM)
  2. Deathknight (UH-CHM)
  3. Hellhound (UH-CAS)

Dark Elves Champions

Fallen from grace in their homelands of Aravia, the Dark Elves inhabit the forests that border the realms of Teleria. They see persecutions in Kaerok rather as a boon than a bane supplying them with a stream of silver. They have set up tolls for those anxious to pass safely, but woe betide those who cannot pay.

Dark Elves Legendary Champion

  1. Astralith (DE-LAS)
  2. Blind Seer (DE-LSV)
  3. Foli (DE-LAM)
  4. Ghostborn (DE-LSS)
  5. Lanakis the Chosen (DE-LSM)
  6. Lydia the Deathsiren (DE-LSV)
  7. Queen Eva (DE-LAS)
  8. Rae (DE-LAM)
  9. Ruel the Huntmaster (DE-LAS)
  10. Visix the Unbowed (DE-LDV)
  11. Vizier Ovelis (DE-LAF)
  12. Zavia (DE-LAF)

Dark Elves Epic Champion

  1. Captain Temila (DE-EHM)
  2. Crimson Helm (DE-EDS)
  3. Dark Kael (DE-EAM)
  4. Delver (DE-EAS)
  5. Fang Cleric (DE-ESS)
  6. Gwynneth (DE-EAM)
  7. Kaiden (DE-EDM)
  8. Lua (DE-EAV)
  9. Luria (DE-EAS)
  10. Madame Serris (DE-ESV)
  11. Psylar (DE-ESV)
  12. Rian the Conjurer (DE-ESF)
  13. Spider (DE-ESF)
  14. Warden (DE-EDS)

Dark Elves Rare Champion

  1. Coldheart (DE-RAV)
  2. Eviscerator (DE-RAV)
  3. Harvester (DE-RAV)
  4. Hexweaver (DE-RSS)
  5. Judge (DE-RAM)
  6. Kael (DE-RAM)
  7. Mystic Hand (DE-RSF)
  8. Pain Keeper (DE-RHV)
  9. Paragon (DE-RDV)
  10. Retainer (DE-RDV)
  11. Spirithost (DE-RSS)
  12. Steel Bowyer (DE-RAF)
  13. Wanderer (DE-RAS)

Dark Elves Uncommon Champion

  1. Heartpiercer (DE-UAF)
  2. Redeemer (DE-UAF)
  3. Sniper (DE-UAM)

Dark Elves Common Champion

  1. Lurker (DE-CAM)
  2. Magekiller (DE-CAS)
  3. Ranger (DE-CAF)

Knights Revenant Champions

Disciples of the K’leth death cult, the Knight Revenant see themselves as vessels of the spirits of the dead of their order. They raid indiscriminately to capture slaves to support themselves and as ritual sacrifices. Upon initiation, devotees surrender their bodies to the spirits of dark warriors.

Knights Revenant Legendary Champion

  1. Bystophus (KR-LAF)
  2. Hegemon (KR-LAV)
  3. Kalvalax (KR-LAS)
  4. Mother Cybele (KR-LSF)
  5. Narma the Returned (KR-LSM)
  6. Soulless (KR-LDV)
  7. Thea the Tomb Angel (KR-LAF)
  8. Tomb Lord (KR-LSS)
  9. Versulf the Grim (KR-LHF)
  10. Wurlim Frostking (KR-LDV)

Knights Revenant Epic Champion

  1. Bergoth the Malformed (KR-EHS)
  2. Crypt Witch (KR-EAM)
  3. Deathless (KR-EDS)
  4. Doompriest (KR-ESF)
  5. Faceless (KR-EAV)
  6. Golden Reaper (KR-ESV)
  7. Kytis (KR-EAS)
  8. Miscreated Monster (KR-EHM)
  9. Necrohunter (KR-EAM)
  10. Pestilus (KR-ESS)
  11. Pharsalas Gravedirt (KR-EDM)
  12. Pitiless One (KR-EAM)
  13. Rector Drath (KR-ESF)
  14. Sepulcher Sentinel (KR-EDF)
  15. Sinesha (KR-ESF)
  16. Skullcrown (KR-EAV)
  17. Whisper (KR-EAV)

Knights Revenant Rare Champion

  1. Acolyte (KR-RSF)
  2. Arcanist (KR-RSF)
  3. Ashwalker (KR-RAV)
  4. Centurion (KR-RDV)
  5. Coffin Smasher (KR-RHM)
  6. Crimson Slayer (KR-RAS)
  7. Daywalker (KR-RHV)
  8. Executioner (KR-RDM)
  9. Gladiator (KR-RAF)
  10. Guardian (KR-RHS)
  11. Magus (KR-RAM)
  12. Renegade (KR-RSV)
  13. Theurgist (KR-RSM)

Knights Revenant Uncommon Champion

  1. Admonitor (KR-UHF)
  2. Cultist (KR-UAF)
  3. Herald (KR-USS)

Knights Revenant Common Champion

  1. Thrall (KR-CAM)

Dwarves Champions

Proud and suspicious of outsiders, the Dwarves have long clung to tradition and isolationism. They were once known across Teleria as peerless craftsmen and steadfast warriors, and although these skills have never waned, the hubris of Dwarven royalty ensured that contact with the outside world gradually stopped. Were if not for the occasional mercenary or merchant, their very existence might have been forgotten. It was only the recent invasion by the demonic legions of Siroth and their undead minions that has opened the eyes of the Dwarven King to grim reality. Through courage, determination, and sacrifice, the unholy horde has eventually been repelled. But the devastation that it wrought was too great to ignore. Now, driven forth by the calls for justice, Dwarves send their greatest heroes to the surface to bring the battle to their hated foe.

Dwarves Legendary Champion

  1. Hurndig (DW-LAM)
  2. Maulie Tankard (DW-LSS)
  3. Mountain King (DW-LAF)
  4. Samar Gemcursed (DW-LHS)
  5. Tormin the Cold (DW-LDV)
  6. Trunda Giltmallet (DW-LAM)
  7. Underpriest Brogni (DW-LSM)

Dwarves Epic Champion

  1. Baerdal Fellhammer (DW-EAV)
  2. Conellia (DW-ESM)
  3. Fodbor the Bard (DW-EAS)
  4. Gala Longbraids (DW-EAV)
  5. Geomancer (DW-EAF)
  6. Grizzled Jarl (DW-EDM)
  7. Melga Steelgirdle (DW-EHS)
  8. Rearguard Sergeant (DW-EDF)
  9. Rock Breaker (DW-EDS)
  10. Rugnor Goldgleam (DW-EAV)
  11. Runekeeper Dazdurk (DW-ESV)

Dwarves Rare Champion

  1. Avir the Alchemage (DW-RSM)
  2. Beast Wrestler (DW-RAF)
  3. Boltsmith (DW-RAF)
  4. Bulwark (DW-RDV)
  5. Candleguard (DW-RAM)
  6. Cudgeler (DW-RAM)
  7. Dilgol (DW-RAV)
  8. Dolor Lorekeeper (DW-RSF)
  9. Flailer (DW-RDM)
  10. Gloril Brutebane (DW-RSS)
  11. Grumbler (DW-RHM)
  12. Hatchet Slinger (DW-RAS)
  13. Honor Guard (DW-RDF)
  14. Kurzad Deepheart (DW-RAV)
  15. Madman (DW-RAS)
  16. Master Butcher (DW-RSS)
  17. Painsmith (DW-RAV)
  18. Perforator (DW-RAF)
  19. Runic Warder (DW-RHM)
  20. Stout Axeman (DW-RHM)

Dwarves Uncommon Champion

  1. Chemist (DW-UAM)
  2. Icebound Prospector (DW-UAF)
  3. Line Infantry (DW-UDF)
  4. Slicer (DW-UAS)
  5. Tunnel Steward (DW-UAS)

Dwarves Common Champion

Shadowkin Champions

Shrouded in mystery, the Shadowkin hail from the furthest reaches of the Eastern Continent, beyond the Brimstone Path. Believed to have been under the brutal heel of the Demonspawn for the last several hundred years, only recently have they cast of Siroth’s yoke and thrown their lot in with the other factions of the world. Fearsome warriors all, their years bent to evil purpose have left darkness about them. They have much to atone for, and only time will tell if they have truly regained their honor…

Shadowkin Legendary Champion

  1. Genzin (SK-LAS)
  2. Jintoro (SK-LAM)
  3. Lady Kimi (SK-LSM)
  4. Ninja (SK-LAM)
  5. Nobel (SK-LAF)
  6. Riho Bonespear (SK-LSV)
  7. Yoshi the Drunkard (SK-LSF)

Shadowkin Epic Champion

  1. Burangiri (SK-EDF)
  2. Chani (SK-EAM)
  3. Chonoru (SK-EAS)
  4. Fenshi (SK-EAF)
  5. Genbo the Dishonored (SK-EAV)
  6. Gory (SK-EAS)
  7. Hotatsu (SK-EDM)
  8. Jurojin (SK-EHS)
  9. Oboro (SK-EAV)
  10. Sachi (SK-ESF)
  11. Taya (SK-EAV)
  12. Toragi the Frog (SK-EHM)

Shadowkin Rare Champion

  1. Assassin (SK-RAM)
  2. Bloodmask (SK-RHF)
  3. Fanatic (SK-RSV)
  4. Lifetaker (SK-RAM)
  5. Marauder (SK-RHS)
  6. Odachi (SK-RDF)
  7. Vagabond (SK-RSS)

Shadowkin Uncommon Champion

  1. Conscript (SK-UAS)
  2. Infiltrator (SK-UAF)

Shadowkin Common Champion

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  22. NurseWrath

    And if u can build&masteries for: Ruffstone – Ogryn – rare plz…

    Btw, I want to say that u make best guidelines for raid champs, very helpful +

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