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RAID: Shadow Legends – Clan Boss Overview

Clan Boss is a boss that is only accessible if you are a part of a Clan. The clan could be created by you or by another player. There are 6 difficulties of Clan Boss, which are Easy, Normal, Hard, Brutal, Nightmare and Ultra-Nightmare. To battle the Clan Boss, it requires 1 Clan Boss Key and this key is replenished every 6 hours. In addition, you need to do a certain amount of damage to the Clan Boss to receive a type of chest reward. If you couldn’t reach a certain damage threshold within a single battle, you can spent additional Clan Boss keys to increase the total amount of damage. If you ran out of Clan Boss key, you can purchase a Clan Boss key for 100 Gems.

Top 3 Common Mistakes in Clan Boss

  • Not prioritizing Clan Boss: If you do not focus on building Clan Boss team early, you are losing the opportunity to get great rewards daily. These rewards consists of Shards (Void, Ancient, Sacred), Skill Tomes (Rare, Epic, Legendary), Gems, XP Brews, Ascension Potion, Silver and Artifact Sets (Immortal Set and Cruel Set). Immortal Set is a better version of Life Set whereas Cruel Set is a better version of Offense Set!
  • Bad Team Synergy and Setup: If you build a team that mainly focus on damage or vice versa, you will not be able to deal sufficient damage in the long run. Having a well-balance team that offers the essential buff for your team and debuff for Clan Boss, as well as equipping Champions with the suitable gears and masteries will help you deal much more damage to reap better rewards! In addition, you will need to have backup Champions of mix affinities to cater different Clan Boss affinity when he drops below 50% HP, so your team damage output will remain consistent.
  • Challenging Clan Boss that are way too difficult for your team: If you joined a Clan that is raiding Clan Boss that is much more difficult than you can do, participating in the same difficulty tier will just end up wasting your Clan Boss keys! You only get Clan Boss rewards if your Clan Boss team manages to inflict a certain amount of damage! For instance, if you participated in Clan Boss (Brutal Difficulty) and only deal 1 million damage per key, you will not get any rewards by the end of day regardless if the Clan already defeated the Clan Boss with 0% HP (infinity symbol). It’s recommended to join a team that has the same progression as your account, so everyone can grow together much more efficiently.

Clan Boss Rewards by Difficulty and Minimum Damage Requirement

To receive a Clan Boss chest rewards, your Clan Boss team is required to deliver a certain amount of damage to meet the minum damage requirement. Assuming you attempt Easy Clan Boss, if your team manages to deals 400K damage, you will receive Novice Chest II. This is condition is not the same for much more difficult Clan Boss. Assuming you attempt Normal Clan Boss with the same team and dealt 400K damage by the end of battle, you will not receive any chest rewards as the lowest chest reward requires at least 810K damage. You can use multiple Clan Boss keys to combine the damage output (400K x 3 keys = 1.2M damage) to receive better tier reward in a specific Clan Boss difficulty.

Easy Clan Boss

Novice Chest: 286K ~381K
Novice Chest: 381K ~761K
Adept Chest: 761K~1,142K
Warrior Chest: Over 1,142K

Normal Clan Boss

Adept Chest: 810K ~ 1,213K
Adept Chest: 1,213K ~ 2,425K
Warrior Chest: 2,425K ~ 3,638K
Knight Chest: Over 3,638K

Hard Clan Boss

Warrior Chest: 2912K ~ 3883K
Warrior Chest: 3883K ~ 7766K
Knight Chest: 7766K ~ 11648K
Guardian Chest: Over 11648K

Brutal Clan Boss

Knight Chest: 5,424K ~ 7.232K
Guardian Chest: 7,232K ~ 14.463K
Master Chest: 14,463K ~ 21.694K
Grandmaster Chest: Over 21.694K

Nightmare Clan Boss

Guardian Chest: 9,792K ~ 13,056K
Master Chest: 13,056~ 26,111K
Grandmaster Chest: 26,111K ~ 39,166K
Ultimate Chest: Over 39,166K

Ultra-Nightmare Clan Boss

Mythical Chest: 17,569K~ 23,425K
Divine Chest: 23,425K ~ 46.849M
Celestial Chest: 46,849K ~ 70,273K
Transcendent Chest: Over 70,273K

If your champions do not have sufficient Accuracy stats (ACC) for Clan Boss, those debuff will be resisted by him! In addition, not having sufficient Defense stats (DEF) prevents you from being able to survive long to deliver more damage to the boss. You will also need a balance of HP because too little HP leaves little room to absorb the remaining damage that is reduced by DEF stats.

Clan Boss Difficulty

Ultra Nightmare

Clan Boss Speed


Req. ACC


Req. DEF


Req. HP


List of Clan Boss Skills

Below are 4 Clan Boss affinities (Void, Force, Magic and Spirit) and each of them has unique skills that requires different strategy to counter them.

Clan Boss Skills

Common Boss Skill

  • A1 Crushing Force [ATK] Attacks 1 enemy. Places a [Stun] debuff for 1 turn. This debuff cannot be resisted. Damage inflicted is proportional to enemy MAX HP.
  • Infernal Resilience [Passive] Decreases the damage the Demon Lord receives from [HP Burn] and [Poison] debuffs, as well as Skills that inflic damage based on enemy MAX HP. Immune to [Stun], [Freeze], [Sleep] and [Decrease SPD] debuffs, as well as [Turn Meter reduction] effects and HP exchange effects.
  • Gathering Fury [Passive] Starting from the 10th turn, the damage inflicted by all Skills increases each Turn. Damage increases by the same percentage each Turn, and accumulates over multiple Turns. Starting from the 20th Turn, damage is increased by a greater amount. Starting from the 50th Turn, all attacks will ignore any Block Damage and Unkillable buffs on each target, and applies Block Revive on champions that the Clan Boss killed.
  • Almighty Immunity [Passive] Immune to [Stun], [Freeze], [Sleep], [Provoke], [Block Cooldown Skills], [Fear] and [True Fear] debuffs. Also immune to HP exchange effects, HP balancing effets and cooldown increasing effects.
Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss Void Affinity Guide

Clan Boss Skills (Void Affinity)

  • A2 Flesh Wither [ATK] (Cooldown: 3 turns) Attacks all enemies 2 times. Places a 2.5% [Poison] debuff for 2 turns.
  • A3 Dark Nova (Cooldown: 3 turns) Attacks all enemies.
Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss Force Affinity Guide

Clan Boss Skills (Force Affinity)

  • A2 Belittle [ATK] (Cooldown: 3 turns) Attacks all enemies 2 times. Places a 25% [Decrease ATK] debuff for 2 turns.
  • A3 Crash Through (Cooldown: 3 turns) Attacks all enemies 4 times. Places a 25% [Increase ATK] buff on the Demon for 2 turns.
Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss Magic Affinity Guide

Clan Boss Skills (Magic Affinity)

  • A2 Swirling Darkness [ATK] (Cooldown: 3 turns) Attacks all enemies 2 times. Places a 25% [Decrease ACC] debuff for 2 turns.
  • A3 Crash Through (Cooldown: 3 turns) Attacks all enemies 4 times. Places a 25% [Increase ATK] buff on the Demon for 2 turns.
Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss Spirit Affinity Guide

Clan Boss Skills (Spirit Affinity)

  • A2 Numbing Fear [ATK] (Cooldown: 3 turns) Attacks all enemies 2 times. Places a 15% [Decrease SPD] debuff for 2 turns.
  • A3 Crash Through (Cooldown: 3 turns) Attacks all enemies 4 times. Places a 25% [Increase ATK] buff on the Demon for 2 turns.

Best Champions for Clan Boss

Champion by Rarity: Legendary | Epic | Rare | Uncommon | Common

Legendary Champions Ranking

5★ Clan Boss | Legendary Champion

4★ Clan Boss | Legendary Champion

3★ Clan Boss | Legendary Champion

2★ Clan Boss | Legendary Champion

1★ Clan Boss | Legendary Champion

Epic Champions Ranking

5★ Clan Boss | Epic Champion

4★ Clan Boss | Epic Champion

3★ Clan Boss | Epic Champion

2★ Clan Boss | Epic Champion

1★ Clan Boss | Epic Champion

Rare Champions Ranking

5★ Clan Boss | Rare Champion

4★ Clan Boss | Rare Champion

3★ Clan Boss | Rare Champion

2★ Clan Boss | Rare Champion

1★ Clan Boss | Rare Champion

Uncommon Champions Ranking

5★ Clan Boss | Uncommon Champion

4★ Clan Boss | Uncommon Champion

3★ Clan Boss | Uncommon Champion

2★ Clan Boss | Uncommon Champion

1★ Clan Boss | Uncommon Champion

Common Champions Ranking

5★ Clan Boss | Common Champion

4★ Clan Boss | Common Champion

3★ Clan Boss | Common Champion

2★ Clan Boss | Common Champion

1★ Clan Boss | Common Champion

Clan Boss Basic Guide (Easy, Normal Hard)

If this is your first time playing Raid Shadow Legends and do not much idea about Clan Boss, this is a good starting point to build up your knowledge and setting up a good Clan Boss team! This basic guide will cover champion skills (buff and debuff), champion masteries, compatible equipment (Artifact Sets), and team synergy.

5 Keys in setting Balance Clan Boss Team

  • Applying Compatible Debuff: There are many debuffs in-game and not all of them affect the Clan Boss. The most important debuffs for Clan Boss are Decrease Attack, Decrease Defense, Weaken, Poison and HP Burn. Other debuffs that are worth mentioning are Leech, Block Buff, and Poison Sensitivity. These debuffs allow your team to deal more damage per turn and also increase your survivability against Clan Boss incremental damage. Take note that the debuff is limited to 10 for all champions including bosses, you can’t stack more than 10 debuffs simultaneously (e.g. 15 Poison debuff).
  • Applying Compatible Buff: There are also many buffs in-game but not all of them are particularly useful. The most important buffs for Clan Boss are Increase Defense, Increase Attack, Increase Speed, Increase Turn Meter, Continuous Heal. Other notable buffs are Counter Attack, Shield, Continuous Heal, Ally Protection to increase the survivability of your team!
  • Good Team Synergy: How to pick the champions for Clan Boss? Simple! Pick the champions that offer at least 1 buff or debuff listed above. Also, pick the champions that have the lowest skill cooldown (e.g. 3 turns cooldown) and providing the larger version of buff/debuff (e.g. 2.5% Poison vs 5% Poison). Your team will be much more effective and efficient on Clan Boss with these. If necessary, use skill tomes to upgrade the skill to lower their skill cooldown or increase their success rate of inflicting the debuff. Ensure you check out the champion rating here before investing the skill tomes as they are very precious! Higher rarity champion will offer more than 1 debuff and buff in a package (e.g. Rare Champion vs Legendary Champion) but requires a larger investment to fully upgrade them.
  • Clan Boss Masteries: All Champions must have Warmaster or Giant Slayer to deal a high amount of damage. The remaining masteries are dependent on the Champion Role and type of team setup (Speed team, Counter Attack team, Unkillable team). Most players who are just starting out will be running the Speed team because both the Counter Attack team and the Unkillable team requires specific champions and mid-late game equipment to speed tune them correctly. It’s relatively easy to 1~2 key the first 3 Clan Boss difficulty with Speed team once you have 5 champions obtained the Offense Mastery (Warmaster / Giant Slayer).
  • Compatible Artifact Sets: The most useful Artifact Set for Clan Boss for starters are Toxic Set, Accuracy Set, Perception Set, Defense Set, Speed Set and Life Set. You will need sufficient Accuracy to apply debuff especially Poison debuff. When you reach mid-game, which is Hard-Brutal Clan Boss, you will then need to move to Lifesteal Set artifacts that allow your champions to heal by themselves from Warmaster or Giant Slayer triggers. Lifesteal Set is still viable till Ultra-Nightmare Clan Boss. Once you reach the late game where you have more champions selection from Shard pulls and also a large collection of equipment, you can move to Stalwart Set. Stalwart Set reduces AoE incoming damage by 30%, which is much better than stacking up a high amount of Defense stats! However, you need to have a champion who can enable them to heal by themselves via Leech debuff, or apply a large shield on them and healing them throughout the battle.
Skills you need in Clan Boss by Importance

Easy to Hard Clan Boss

  1. Poison / HP Burn
  2. Increase SPD
  3. Decrease ATK
  4. Heal / Continuous Heal
  5. Shield / Ally Protection
  6. Decrease DEF
  7. Weaken

Brutal to Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss

  1. Decrease ATK
  2. Poison / HP Burn
  3. Increase SPD / Increase Turn Meter
  4. Counter Attack / Ally Join Attack
  5. Decrease DEF
  6. Increase DEF
  7. Shield & Ally Protection
  8. Weaken
Equipment you need in Clan Boss by Importance

Easy to Hard Clan Boss

  1. Accuracy Set
  2. Toxic Set
  3. Speed Set
  4. Defense Set
  5. Life Set

Brutal to Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss

  1. Lifesteal Set
  2. Accuracy Set
  3. Defense Set
  4. Life Set
  5. Speed Set
  6. Stalwart Set


When you have at least 5 champions with Warmaster or Giant Slayer masteries and have farmed sufficient Artifact Sets from Dragon’s Lair, then you can transition from having a healer to replacing everyone’s gear with Lifesteal Set. Lifesteal Set enables your champions to heal quickly from Warmaster and Giant Slayer. If you have a champion.

F2P Clan Boss Team Setup Guide

The easiest way to deal high amount of damage for the first 3 difficulty of Clan Boss without Giant Slayer and Warmaster mastery is to use Poison debuff! The free to play strategy is achieve by recruiting 2 Outlaw Monk (Uncommon Champion) into your team equipped with Toxic Set, and Diabolist (Support Champion) to provide [Increase SPD] buff, Warpriest for healing (direct heal or buff heal via Continuous Heal), while the last remaining can be your starting champion. If you picked Kael, he will give an extra boost of damage from his Poison debuff!

Clan Boss Advance Guide (Brutal, Nightmare, Ultra-Nightmare)

  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A

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