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Raid Shadow Legends AoE A1 skill refers to the Champion’s ability to perform either an AoE attack or AoE support on their primary skill. This is particularly useful when trying to damaging/debuffing multiple enemies at once or healing/buffing allies simultaneously. A1 AoE attack is particularly useful against multiple mobs in Spider’s Den where the boss summons many poisonous spiderlings. When a champion is equipped with Stun Set, Taunting Set and Daze Set, the debuff can be applied to crowd control multiple enemies. AoE Attack Champions are commonly used for leveling up fodder in Campaign as it’s much faster as it has shorter skill animation.In this page, there are 2 sections AoE Damage/Debuff Enemy and AoE Heal/Buff Ally using A1 skill.

Basic Area Attack Champions (61)

Basic Area Attack (Ally)


  1. Alaz the Sunbearer (BA-MDF)
  2. Siegfrund the Nephilim (SO-MAM)
  3. Starsage Galathir (HE-MSF)


  1. Bad-el-Kazar (UH-LSF)
  2. Graazur Irongut (OT-LDV)
  3. Wallmaster Othorion (HE-LAM)
  4. Wythir the Crowned (DS-LSF)


  1. Infernal Baroness (DS-EDF)
  2. Skytouched Shaman (BA-ESV)




Basic Area Attack (Enemy)


  1. Arbais the Stonethorn (SY-MSF)
  2. Gharol Bloodmaul (OR-MHS)
  3. Gizmak the Terrible (OT-MSM)
  4. Mezomel Luperfang (SW-MAS)
  5. Starsage Galathir (HE-MSF)
  6. Toshiro the Bloody (SK-MAM)


  1. Arix (KR-LHM)
  2. Artak (OR-LHM)
  3. Big Un (OT-LAM)
  4. Cupidus (SO-LAS)
  5. Deliana (HE-LHF)
  6. Karilon the Ringer (KR-LSV)
  7. Khoronar (SW-LHV)
  8. Krisk the Ageless (LZ-LDV)
  9. KrokMar the Devourer (LZ-LHS)
  10. Marius the Gallant (SW-LDV)
  11. Mighty Ukko (SW-LSF)
  12. Mother Cybele (KR-LSF)
  13. Nekmo Thaar (LZ-LSS)
  14. Prince Kymar (DS-LSM)
  15. Rae (DE-LAM)
  16. Richtoff the Bold (BL-LAS)
  17. Skartorsis (UH-LSF)
  18. Supreme Kael (DE-LAV)
  19. Suzerain Katonn (UH-LAS)
  20. Teodor the Savant (KR-LSS)
  21. Tormin the Cold (DW-LDV)
  22. Tramaria (DE-LSV)
  23. Wythir the Crowned (DS-LSF)
  24. Yannica (HE-LAS)


  1. Ambassador Lethelin (HE-ESF)
  2. Anchorite (SO-ESS)
  3. Basilisk (LZ-EAF)
  4. Battlesage (HE-ESV)
  5. Defiled Sinner (UH-EAF)
  6. Geomancer (DW-EAF)
  7. Gwynneth (DE-EAM)
  8. Lua (DE-EAV)
  9. Nazana (DS-EHF)
  10. Oboro (SK-EAV)
  11. Psylar (DE-ESV)
  12. Sachi (SK-ESF)
  13. Sinesha (KR-ESF)
  14. Skullcrown (KR-EAV)
  15. White Dryad Nia (SY-EDV)


  1. Abyssal (DS-RSS)
  2. Banshee (UH-RSM)
  3. Bellower (OT-RSV)
  4. Fellhound (DS-RDV)
  5. Ruffstone (OT-RAF)
  6. Soulbond Bowyer (BA-RAS)


  1. Saurus (LZ-UAS)
  2. Zephyr Sniper (BA-UDS)


  1. Sister Militant (SO-CAF)

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58 thoughts on “AoE Attack Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Karyn Giles

    Can you give a list for who AOE on every attack?

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @Baconius West: I have removed Peydma from the Basic Area Attack as she doesn’t perform AoE attack, to make this list dedicated for AoE attacks on A1 ability.

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @Green Ceinwen: I have added Nekmo Thaar to the Basic Area Attack list. Thanks!

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @FoxWave: I have added Mighty Ukko to the Basic Area Attack list. Thanks!

  5. Lonnie Scott

    I appreciate all the work you do for us.
    I also wanted to mention a specific Champion that doesn’t have a A1 AoE but his abilities have been asked for by a few players. Staltus Dragonbane, both his A2(w/stun) and A3 are AoE, both hit very hard and he is a Def Champion. He was one of the first players I got and I have used him on almost everything. I have got a few more, so called, hard hitters that don’t do nearly as much damage as him. Just FYI. Thanks

  6. WileyMan

    @Baconius: Peydma is on here becauue she can apply Dec Atk to all enemies with her A1.

  7. ‪Muhammad Emam‬‏mohamed

    I love these champs

  8. Baconius West

    Peydma should not be on the list of a1 aoe champs. Hers is on her a2.

  9. Fokwave

    Hello, Mighty Ukko missing too.

  10. Green Ceinwen

    Nekmo Thaar is missing from the list.

  11. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: Deliana and Wythir the Crowned has been added to the AoE champion list!

  12. Paltra

    Shouldn’t Wythir the Crowned from the demonspawn also be on the list? She attacks all enemies and has a 50% chance to place leech debuff.

  13. Enyoskyy

    Deliana needs to be added to this List. Legendary Champion with AoE A1 that adds leech.

  14. cihilt

    battlesage is missing

  15. Timbo23

    Add deliana to this list plz

  16. FNG

    Yannica does not have an all the time AOE A1 it is contingent on her being under veil either from someone else or using her A2

  17. Riceaxe

    A1 Vrask technically heals all his allies with his A1 and A2, when he crits.
    A1 Whythir the Crowned buffs an ally with cont heal
    A1 Mycolus heals an ally with A1 not sure if he falls into the list.

  18. TytanXCEP

    Anyone have a ranked list for each rarity of non attack based aoe nukers? I can’t seem to find defense based and hp based nuking champs anywhere.

  19. Nalred Kael

    AOE A1 is OP

    I have 6

    Sinesha Skullcrown Nazana Baroness Rae Lua, Girl Powah!

    Hydra 1 Key = 50M

  20. Minerbear

    Lua has a atk 1enemy for her a1 love your site ty for all you do!

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    @moeenm: I have removed Maneater from the AoE A1 Attack champion list. Thanks for the correction!

  22. moeenm

    Maneater’s A1 isnt AOE attack

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    @Dankular: Sachi has been added to the AoE A1 Skill Champion list!

  24. Dankular

    List is missing Sachi by the way. Cheers.

  25. MrShovel

    I hope the orc faction gets an aoe champ, because currently they are in need of one.

  26. RedGidget

    @Vleq. Thanks for posting this, just an amendment, Richtoff the Bold is a Legendary.

  27. Vleq

    Until the site admins get the official version with links up again, here’s the list:

    Bad-el-Kazar | UH-LSF
    Cupidus | SO-LAS
    Khoronar | SW-LHV
    Krisk the Ageless | LZ-LDV
    Prince Kymar | DS-LSM
    Rae | DE-LAM
    Suzerain Katonn | UH-LAS
    Skartorsis | UH-LSF
    Tormin the Cold | DW-LDV

    Basilisk | LZ-EAF
    Battlesage | HE-ESV
    Infernal Baronness | DS-EDF
    Nazana | DS-EHF
    Psylar | DE-ESV
    Sinesha | KR-ESF
    Skullcrown | KR-EAV
    Skytouched Shaman | BA-ESV

    Rictoff the Bold | BL-RAS
    Soulbond Bowyer | BA-RAS
    Bellower | OT-RSV
    Fellhound | DS-RDV
    Banshee | UH-RSM

    Saurus | LZ-UAS
    Zephyr Sniper | BA-UDS

    Sister Militant | SO-CAF

  28. Ben Bex

    @Ayumilove the list is empty / not working properly.

    Don’t want to leave it at complaining & bug reporting: Thank you for your great work !!!! Really appreciated. Hope some of the ad income funds your S Tier Team 🙂

  29. Miro

    What happened with list?

  30. SeekerBS

    Has the list been removed? I can not see any champ.

  31. Tomsez

    Hi thank you for this information. I am a level 44 P4F and am bogged down, I just don’t seem to be going anywhere lol. I intend to use this list of players to keep (Kael; Elhain etc.). I hope that by focusing my resources I will get over this hump.

  32. K-Rax69

    @Kaz there’s a list “ABILITY-1: Multiple Attack” where you find those champions.

  33. Kaz Vorpal

    You should make a list that is sorted by how many hits a champ’s A1 has. So we can find the champs with the most hits, for example for Fire Knight.

  34. K-Rax69

    Because the dmg multipliers on the A2 and A3 Aoe’s are often much higher than the A1’s. This information would be very helpful for chosing a “Nuker” in the arena or a campaign farmer for example.

  35. Ayumilove Post author

    @Raptor: How does that information help you if you have A2 AoE and A3 AoE?

  36. Raptor

    You should make a list of the Champs with an A2-AOE and A3-AOE, that would be greatly appreciated.

  37. Ayumilove Post author

    @Matt: Any decent healer to pair with Kael such as Warpriest or Apothecary. I also use Jizoh for Force Affinity with Kael to 3 Star Normal, Hard, and Brutal Campaign. If you are using 2 attacker champions, it’s recommended to have both of them with Lifesteal Set, so they can recover a portion of health each time they attack.

  38. Destroyer39

    Can you make a section within this section of champions that have AOE Crowd Control like Fear, Provoke, Sleep, Freeze, and Stun

  39. Destroyer39

    Madman’s A1 is not AOE

  40. Andrew Robinson

    Is there a list of champs that has multi hit AoE abilities?

  41. Eric of Amber

    Is there a chance you will distinguish skills and buffs that works for one champion only from these that effect all allies / enemies? That would be a huge help. For example skill that heal one champion and heals all allies, and so on…

  42. Sir Andrew

    I don’t believe Yannica should be on the A1 AoE list.

  43. Matt

    what are some good set ups to beat normal mode with kael @60 and other champions 50 and lower.

  44. Ayumilove Post author

    @Edward Fox: As Dave Astle responded, the champion listed here are the ones who have AoE (Area of Effect) on the primary/default champion skill.

  45. Ayumilove Post author

    @Denzan: Thanks! I have added Tormin the Cold into the list above!

  46. Ayumilove Post author

    @Demomoney: Thanks! I have added Soulbond Bowyer to the list above!

  47. Demomoney

    Your missing soulbond bowyer first atk AoE

  48. Dave Astle

    @Edward Fox: The list is champs that have an AoE attack as their first skill

  49. Edward Fox

    As a newbie would the starting champions that hit all enemies not be on the list? or am i misunderstanding

  50. Denzan


  51. Ayumilove Post author

    @Hipocrates: I have added Lua into the list above 🙂

  52. Hipocrates

    I think lua can also be considered in this list.

  53. Ayumilove Post author

    @Rhinofinch: Some A1 attacks have preconditions for it to work successfully. For instance, Relickeeper Extra Turn only occurs when he is able to KO enemies in 1 hit. I would register them in the list here for others to refer easily.

  54. Rhinofinch

    Not sure Madman should be on this list. His primary ATK is single target with a conditional ATK all that only does 30% damage. Thanks for all the hard work.

  55. Ayumilove Post author

    @TaRaTaTaF: Thanks for your comment! I have gone through all 378 RAID: Shadow Legends Champions and added the ones that are missing in the list:
    1. AoE Attack: Rae, Infernal Baroness, Bad-el-Kazar, Big ‘Un, Zephyr
    2. Multi-Attack: Zavia, Pain Keeper, Stitched Beast, Bulwark, Raglin, Annointed, Bloodpainter, Cultist, Foli, Penitent, Raider
    3. Extra Hit: Fenax

  56. TaRaTaTaF

    Hey Ayumi,

    Sorry to bother you again but here’s another one to add to this list: Infernal Baroness

  57. Ayumilove Post author

    @TaRaTaTaF: Thanks for the notice! I’ll add it into the list above 🙂

  58. TaRaTaTaF

    Hey Ayumilove,

    Just checked this page and I noticed you forgot to add Bellower.

    Otherwise, keep up the great work!