Kuldath Magma Dragon Guide | Raid Shadow Legends

Kuldath the Magma Dragon Guide | Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Boss
Kuldath the Magma Dragon is the new boss in Doom Tower Rotation 1 and 2 in Raid Shadow Legends, where he specializes in dealing massive amount of damage to all enemies in the battle field. Magma Dragon has the ability to inflict Hex debuff, which allows him to ignore all defenses on the target and ignore their protection buff such as Unkillable, Block Damage and Shield buff! This enables him to easily 1 hit knockout any champion! Any cleanser who tries to remove the Hex debuff, the debuff will be transfered to him instead! Magma Dragon prioritizes on taking out the hexed champion during his regular attacks. To counter this boss is to use Provoke champions to prevent him from applying Hex debuff. Check out the guide below to learn more about the boss game mechanics!

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Table of Content

Magma Dragon Skills
Magma Dragon Stats
Magma Dragon Guide
Magma Dragon Video Guides
Magma Dragon Champion Tier List

Boss Guides

Celestial Griffin
Dark Fae
Eternal Dragon
Frost Spider
Magma Dragon
Nether Spider
Scarab King

Kuldath the Magma Dragon Skills

  • Brand with Weakness [ATK] Attacks 1 enemy. Decrease Turn Meter by 50%. Will target enemies under [Hex] debuff. (Damage Multiplier: 3 ATK)
  • Overburn [ATK] Attacks all enemies. Instantly activates [HP Burn] debuff on each target and decreases the duration of those [HP Burn] debuff by 1 turn. (Damage Multiplier: 3 ATK)
  • Stoke the Flames [ATK]Attacks all enemies. Places a [HP Burn] debuff for 3 turns, then steals 10% of Turn Meter from each enemy under [HP Burn] debuff. Also places a [Hex] debuff for 4 turns on the enemy with the lowest HP. This debuff cannot be resisted or blocked. (Damage Multiplier: 3 ATK)
  • Lethal Lava [Passive] Instantly places a [Hex] debuff for 4 turns on an enemy whenever they remove [Hex] debuff from themselves or an ally. Will ignore [Block Damage], [Shield] and [Unkillable] buff and will ignore 100% of DEF when attacking enemies under [Hex] debuff. Instantly removes any [HP Burn] debuff placed on Kuldath the Magma Dragon and replaces them with a 15% [Continuous Heal] for 2 turns.
  • Invincible Scales [Passive] Imune to [Stun], [Freeze], [Sleep], [Hex], [Block Active Skills], [Fear] and [True Fear] debuffs. Also immune to HP exchange effects, HP balancing effects, and cooldown increasing effects, and Turn Meter reduction effects.
  • Almighty Strength [Passive] Damage from skills that scale based on enemy MAX HP cannot exceed 10% of the Boss MAX HP when attacking the boss.

Kuldath the Magma Dragon Stats

Stats of Kuldath the Magma Dragon based on Doom Tower floors and difficulty.
Tower Rotation 1 (Magic): Floors 10, 80, 110
Raid Shadow Legends Kuldath the Magma Dragon Stats in Doom Tower (Normal and Hard)
Tower Rotation 2 (Force): Floors 20, 60, 100
Raid Shadow Legends Kuldath the Magma Dragon Stats in Doom Tower (Normal and Hard)

How to beat Kuldath the Magma Dragon Boss?

Kuldath the Magma Dragon Strategy

Raid Shadow Legends Kuldath the Magma Dragon Guide by StewGaming

Raid Shadow Legends Kuldath the Magma Dragon Guide by Chofly

Raid Shadow Legends Kuldath the Magma Dragon Guide by DeadwoodJedi

Raid Shadow Legends Kuldath the Magma Dragon Guide by Dirtbag Gaming

Raid Shadow Legends Kuldath the Magma Dragon Guide by Tyrauku

Raid Shadow Legends Kuldath the Magma Dragon Guide by BGE

Magma Dragon Champion Tier List

Champion by Rarity: Legendary | Epic | Rare | Uncommon | Common

Mythical Champions Ranking

5★ Magma Dragon | Mythical Champion

4★ Magma Dragon | Mythical Champion

3★ Magma Dragon | Mythical Champion

2★ Magma Dragon | Mythical Champion

1★ Magma Dragon | Mythical Champion

Legendary Champions Ranking

5★ Magma Dragon | Legendary Champion

4★ Magma Dragon | Legendary Champion

3★ Magma Dragon | Legendary Champion

2★ Magma Dragon | Legendary Champion

1★ Magma Dragon | Legendary Champion

Epic Champions Ranking

5★ Magma Dragon | Epic Champion

4★ Magma Dragon | Epic Champion

3★ Magma Dragon | Epic Champion

2★ Magma Dragon | Epic Champion

1★ Magma Dragon | Epic Champion

Rare Champions Ranking

5★ Magma Dragon | Rare Champion

4★ Magma Dragon | Rare Champion

3★ Magma Dragon | Rare Champion

2★ Magma Dragon | Rare Champion

1★ Magma Dragon | Rare Champion

Uncommon Champions Ranking

5★ Magma Dragon | Uncommon Champion

4★ Magma Dragon | Uncommon Champion

3★ Magma Dragon | Uncommon Champion

2★ Magma Dragon | Uncommon Champion

1★ Magma Dragon | Uncommon Champion

Common Champions Ranking

5★ Magma Dragon | Common Champion

4★ Magma Dragon | Common Champion

3★ Magma Dragon | Common Champion

2★ Magma Dragon | Common Champion

1★ Magma Dragon | Common Champion

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24 thoughts on “Kuldath Magma Dragon Guide | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. m00se

    Easy boss on Hard diffulty as well

    for free to play players

    Rathalos or any dps
    any other healer or support to keep the team going

    another full team reviver like Broadmaw or Djamarsa if you keep dying lol

  2. Freespirit Nova

    Floor 60: Magma Dragon (Hard)


    Mithrala (lead)

  3. Filavorin

    Might be worth noting He is also immune to Decrease SPD (and petrification) which makes it a tiny bit harder to use Kantra as a provoker (requirement of 5 active debuffs).

  4. a

    Please add pictures next to the links, it is really hard to remember all the names and press every time on all the links

  5. dna

    Balthus Drauglord should be atleast 4 star due to his A3

  6. Beardo

    dear Ayumi, please add Warchief to the top (meaning 5 star) part of the list of Best Champions for Kuldath the Magma Dragon. as Vokko pointed out back in January Warchief is MVP against Kuldath 🙂

  7. SniffyFingaz

    That was on Floor 100, Magma Dragon forgot to say

  8. SniffyFingaz

    6.11 mins, 193 turns

    Just throwing my combo in hope it helps others that don’t have advanced champs..

    Doompriest leads, Martyr and Arbiter behind and Miscreated Monster and Apothecary behind 👍

  9. Svogthos

    Tarde unos 7 minutos pero lo pasé con Monstruo Malformado, Scyl, Boticario, Rhazin y Cráneo de Acero.

  10. Begone!

    Made it on the first encounter on hard in 6 minutes: lead Vogoth (provoke, increased ACC for all), Ironclad (100% heal reduction on A1, ACC 310, SPD 217), Seeker (yet another provoke), Scyl (to revive – was not necessary), and Apothecary (speed and heal). All champs 6*.

  11. TJ

    Husk does ok for provoke, Sandlashed an almost keep provoke the entire fight with her A1. Tormin has an automatic provoke with his A3 every 4 turns if booked. If you can keep provoke the entire fight no need for revive.

  12. Abe

    They added immunity to turn meter reduction to invincible scales a bit ago.

  13. John O'Donnell

    Should add heal reduction and vizier to the list.

  14. DAAAZ

    Floor 80 normal – Doompriest, Zavia, Shirimani, Peydma and Reliquary Tender in 1:35
    Easiest of the 4 bosses.

  15. Mark Coulstock

    I managed floor 80 with Apoth, Doompriest, Martyr, Mme Serris and Duchess Lilitu. 2.30 mins. Was a good run.

  16. Groovdog

    Heavy heal grind teams will work on 110 Norm. My first try post changes was: DPriest lead, Apoth, Shirimani, Sir Nick, and Arbiter. Just went for lots of buffs, heals, unkillable, and arguably the best easy to get cleanser for this Doompriest. Rez from Arb was my safety net as DPriest was the target due to lowest HP and no opposite affinity present. Just under 7 mins no deaths. Probably would have been 5 mins if I just autoed it rather than trying to finese the first bit.

  17. HW3

    My Grimskin with accuracy 307 cannot provoke the normal level 110 magma dragon argh

  18. Bishop

    This needs to be more fleshed out to be useful. Just naming like 5 champions out of the hundreds is pretty lazy.

  19. Alvin

    Didn’t have much luck on floor 110, normal. Tried with Seeker, Coldhearts, etc…no luck. I just put together what I thought was a “scrap” team….and I got it done. Scyl, Vrask, Apothecary, Shieldguard (don’t ask why….no idea), and Doompriest. Low afinity champs died a lot….Scyl picked em up. Doompriest and Apothecary died a few times…but Scyl was always there. Time? 12:06

  20. jan rønne

    Skull Lord Var-Gall……hi will help provoke big time

  21. Vokko

    Warchief is MVP

  22. MunyPortal

    Seeker, the most MVP champion, is missing from the list

  23. Gert

    “Invincible Scales” has “(immune to) and Turn Meter Reduction effects” as well

  24. James

    I really want to eat Koenigsberger Klopse.