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Raid Shadow Legends Decrease Attack Skill applies Decrease Attack debuff on enemy so that they inflict less damage towards your Champions in battle. As a result, your team can survive longer to win the battle. Decrease Attack Skill is frequently used in Clan Boss and Dungeon Boss to reduce the large amount of burst damage at more difficult stages. This skill pairs well with Increase Defense Buff and Defense Aura on your team, which makes the team very difficult to be defeated in lengthy battles. There are 2 versions of Decrease Attack debuff (25% and 50%). The first Decrease Attack debuff decreases by 25% of enemy champion’s total attack while the second Decrease Attack debuff decreases by 50% of enemy champion’s total attack.

Raid Shadow Legends Decrease Attack 25%

Decrease Attack 25%

Decreases the Champion’s Total ATK by 25%

Raid Shadow Legends Decrease Attack 50%

Decrease Attack 50%

Decreases the Champion’s Total ATK by 50%

25% Decrease Attack Champions (36)

25% Decrease Attack (AoE)




  1. Warden (DE-EDS)


  1. Avir the Alchemage (DW-RSM)
  2. Bellower (OT-RSV)
  3. Cagebound (LZ-RDV)
  4. Lamellar (SO-RHF)
  5. Marauder (SK-RHS)
  6. Myrmidon (BL-RDM)
  7. Petrifya Rockroot (DS-RAM)
  8. Seducer (UH-RDV)
  9. Sentinel (BA-RHF)


  1. Pitspawn (DS-UDS)
  2. Squire (BL-UDF)
  3. Warchanter (OR-UHM)


25% Decrease Attack (Target)





  1. Dagger (BL-RAV)
  2. Grandmaster (BL-RHM)
  3. Hill Nomad (BA-RSM)
  4. Ifrit (DS-RHV)
  5. Lumberer (OT-RAF)
  6. Marquess (DS-RDS)
  7. Mother Superior (SO-RSS)
  8. Penitent (SO-RDS)
  9. Pounder (OT-RDM)
  10. Reliquary Tender (HE-RSV)
  11. Shadowbow Tirlac (SY-RDS)
  12. Slayer (BA-RAF)
  13. Treeshield Knott (SY-RSV)


  1. Crusher (BA-UDS)
  2. Elfguard (HE-UAS)
  3. Fireblade (BL-UAS)
  4. Intercessor (SO-USF)
  5. Oldbeard (OT-UDF)
  6. Spiritwalker (BA-USF)
  7. Stalker (LZ-UHM)
  8. Vilespawn (DS-USS)


  1. Preacher (SO-CHF)
  2. Troglodyte (LZ-CDS)

50% Decrease Attack Champions (102)

50% Decrease Attack (AoE)



  1. Artak (OR-LHM)
  2. Gnishak Verminlord (SW-LAF)
  3. Gnut (DW-LDS)
  4. Greenwarden Ruarc (SY-LDF)
  5. Harima (SK-LDF)
  6. Harvest Jack (UH-LHS)
  7. Hegemon (KR-LAV)
  8. Iron Brago (OR-LDS)
  9. Kantra the Cyclone (BA-LDF)
  10. Khoronar (SW-LHV)
  11. Kyoku (SK-LDS)
  12. Lord Champfort (BL-LHM)
  13. Martyr (SO-LDS)
  14. Michinaki (SK-LDM)
  15. Mighty Ukko (SW-LSF)
  16. Nekmo Thaar (LZ-LSS)
  17. Sigmund the Highshield (BL-LDM)
  18. Skull Lord Var-Gall (LZ-LDF)
  19. Tomb Lord (KR-LSS)
  20. Ultimate Deathknight (UH-LDF)
  21. Ursuga Warcaller (BA-LHV)
  22. Varl the Destroyer (OR-LAS)
  23. Vault Keeper Wixwell (SO-LDF)
  24. Wallmaster Othorion (HE-LAM)
  25. Yncensa Grail-bearer (SY-LSV)


  1. Adriel (SO-ESM)
  2. Alaric the Hooded (BL-EAF)
  3. Aox the Rememberer (LZ-ESF)
  4. Carlinia (SO-ESS)
  5. Dark Kael (DE-EAM)
  6. Delaaja (LZ-EHS)
  7. Dhukk the Pierced (OR-EDM)
  8. Endalia (HE-EHM)
  9. Ghrush the Mangler (OT-EDS)
  10. Golden Reaper (KR-ESV)
  11. Grizzled Jarl (DW-EDM)
  12. Hotatsu (SK-EDM)
  13. Infernal Baroness (DS-EDF)
  14. Kaiden (DE-EDM)
  15. Madame Serris (DE-ESV)
  16. Masamoto (SK-EDS)
  17. Nazana (DS-EHF)
  18. Oathbound (BL-EDF)
  19. Old Ghrukkus (OT-ESF)
  20. Peydma (DS-EDV)
  21. Rearguard Sergeant (DW-EDF)
  22. Skeuramis (HE-EHM)
  23. Skimfos the Consumed (DS-EAV)
  24. Spider (DE-ESF)
  25. Stag Knight (BL-ESS)
  26. Suwai Firstborn (BA-EAV)
  27. Tomoe (SK-ESF)
  28. Ursala the Mourner (BL-ESV)
  29. Ursine Ironhide (SW-EDF)
  30. Vogoth (UH-EHS)
  31. Yelagirna (OR-EAS)


  1. Judge (DE-RAM)



50% Decrease Attack (Random)




  1. Jarang (LZ-EAM)


  1. Paragon (DE-RDV)



50% Decrease Attack (Target)



  1. Altan (BA-LDM)
  2. Angar (OR-LHV)
  3. Chronicler Adelyn (BL-LSF)
  4. Corvis the Corruptor (SO-LDM)
  5. Cromax Moonblood (DE-LDF)
  6. Crypt-King Graal (UH-LSM)
  7. Harima (SK-LDF)
  8. Highmother Maud (SO-LSF)
  9. Keeyra the Watcher (DW-LDS)
  10. Krisk the Ageless (LZ-LDV)
  11. Narma the Returned (KR-LSM)
  12. Nekhret the Great (UH-LDV)
  13. Riho Bonespear (SK-LSV)
  14. Sniktraak (SW-LHS)
  15. Taras the Fierce (BL-LHV)
  16. Tuhanarak (BA-LSV)
  17. Vizier Ovelis (DE-LAF)
  18. War Mother (OT-LAM)
  19. Zinogre Blademaster (SK-LAM)


  1. Balthus Drauglord (UH-EDS)
  2. Baroth the Bloodsoaked (BA-EHF)
  3. Crimson Helm (DE-EDS)
  4. Fayne (SW-EAS)
  5. Giscard the Sigiled (BL-EDS)
  6. Hordin (BL-EAM)
  7. Jareg (LZ-EHM)
  8. Jurojin (SK-EHS)
  9. Lightsworn (SO-EDV)
  10. Lodric Falconheart (SO-EHS)
  11. Maneater (OT-EHV)
  12. Missionary (SO-EHF)
  13. Neldor Rimeblade (HE-EAF)
  14. Phranox (KR-EAS)
  15. Rector Drath (KR-ESF)
  16. Sepulcher Sentinel (KR-EDF)
  17. Tayrel (HE-EDM)
  18. Toragi the Frog (SK-EHM)
  19. Wyrennon the Silken (SY-ESS)


  1. Bogwalker (LZ-RDF)
  2. Coffin Smasher (KR-RHM)
  3. Dagger (BL-RAV)
  4. Gladiator (KR-RAF)
  5. Judge (DE-RAM)
  6. Runic Warder (DW-RHM)
  7. Veteran (OR-RDV)



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34 thoughts on “Decrease Attack Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Green Ceinwen

    Nekmo Thaar is missing from the 50% Decrease Attack (AoE) list.

  2. Chris Moore

    Old Ghrukkus needs to be put on this list.

  3. Chris Tyson

    I think the list is missing Mighty Ukko. Great list! Very helpful!

  4. Randy

    Just an FYI, Ultimate Deathknight has not been added to this or other skill lists. Thank you for this tool, I find it invaluable.

  5. Scornful

    Missing Tuhanarak in 50% Target, although it can also be AOE depending on the spread debuff RNG

  6. mike

    Kyoku is missing from the 50% AoE section. Her A2 drops it.

  7. Linkit

    maneater is AOE decrease attack on A1 if critical

  8. GorqMorq

    Hey m8, very adorable job over there, your site is life-saving beacon!
    I suppose you may add Drexthar to the page of Decrease ATK champs since his A2 also has a chance to do the job
    Keep going!

  9. Ayumilove Post author

    @Thrif: I have added Narma the Returned to the 50% Decrease Attack champion list. Thanks!

  10. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ryan: I have moved Dagger from AoE to Target for both 50% and 25% Decrease Attack. Thanks!

  11. Ryan

    Dagger is listed under AoE instead of target.

  12. Thrif

    missing Narma the Returned, has 50% dec atk on a2

  13. Vitalij

    Dagger is single target Decrease ATK as far as I can see, his A3 attacks 1 target.

  14. Deliaya

    Missing Avir the Alchemage – Rare – A2: 50% chance of placing a 25% Decrease ATK(AOE), can be increased to 100% chance with books.

  15. Grinch

    Belanor decreases def, not atk.

  16. Gabriel

    Maneater decrease attack is AoE. He hits one single target, but the debuff is an AoE.

  17. Gun

    Apakah anda tidak menambahkan Rearguard sergeant dalam daftar anda

  18. Ayumilove Post author

    @Zevinar: Increase Attack buff and Decrease Attack buff does not affect Defense/HP champion as long as they do not use that stat as their primary damage for their skills. (e.g. using Defense/HP stat as their primary damage stat).

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    @ruud: Skull Lord Var-Gall is now available in the Decrease Attack 50% list above.

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @John: I have added Ursine Ironhide into the Decrease Attack 50% champion list. Thanks for highlighting the missing champion 🙂

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    @RCS: I have updated the Decrease Attack champion list into 3 categories (AoE, Target and Random). Decrease Attack 25% does not have any champions which applies this debuff randomly. Hence, that section is not added.

  22. RCS

    Would it be possible to break these down to single-target vs. AOE abilities like the Decrease Defense page is?

  23. Zevinar

    Hmm am I correct to assume that Attack buff/debuff have no effect whatsoever on Defense/HP champions ?

  24. ruud

    Hi Thanks for your great content!!. Skull Lord Var-Gall is missing with his 50% decrease ATK

  25. John

    Ursine Ironhide is missing from the list.

  26. Ayumilove Post author

    @shaneVapid: Stag Knight has been added into this list!

  27. Jay Ryan

    Stag Knight needs to be on this list

  28. shaneVapid

    Where’s Stag Knight?

  29. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ben: I checked the in-game champion index and confirmed that Jarang has both Decrease Attack and Decrease Defense. Jarang has been added into the list above!

  30. Ayumilove Post author

    @DVision42: Sepulcher Sentinel has been added into the list above!

  31. DVision42

    sentinel sepulcher needs to be added

  32. Ben

    Jarang doesn’t have Dec Atk, he has Dec Def.

  33. Ayumilove Post author

    @vitres: Thanks for spotting the error! I have updated the Uncommon champion list Decrease Attack 50% to 25%.

  34. vitres

    have you updated this? i think most of the uncommon only give 25% decrease attack