Agreth Nether Spider Guide | Raid Shadow Legends

Agreth the Nether Spider Guide | Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Boss
Agreth the Nether Spider is the new boss in Doom Tower Rotation 1 and 2 in Raid Shadow Legends, where she and her spiderlings has the ability to inflict Poison debuff on your champions. These Poison debuff are unblockable nor unresistable. To make things worse, these Poison debuffs will all activate at once upon the boss taking her turn, which could lead to massive damage on your champions if the Poison debuff are not cleansed regularly and promptly. Apart from that, the Nether Spiderlings has counterattack buff, and attacking them will trigger them retaliate and heal the boss simultaneously. Check out the guide below to learn more about the her game mechanics!

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Nether Spider Stats
Nether Spider Guide
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Nether Spider Champion Tier List

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Magma Dragon
Nether Spider
Scarab King

Agreth the Nether Spider and Spiderling Skills

Agreth the Nether Spider Skills

  • A1 Envenomed Strand [ATK] Attacks all enemies. Places 5% [Poison] debuff for 4 turns. Will repeat the attack 1 time for each Spiderling without any active buffs. The [Poison] debuffs cannot be resisted or blocked. (Damage Multiplier: 2.5 ATK)
  • A2 Brood Feast [ATK] (Cooldown: 3 turns) Spawns 4 spiderlings then places a [Counterattack] buff on all Spiderlings for 3 turns. Will team up with all Spiderlings to attack all enemies if a Spiderling is spawned by this skill. Agreth will attack with this Skill at the beginning of the round. Agreth can have a maximum of 4 Spiderlings in battle at any time.
  • Elder Lurker [Passive] Counterattacks when enemy decreases Agreth Turn Meter. The damage inflicted is equal to the amount of Turn Meter lost. Will ignore 100% of DEF.
  • Tide of Toxins [Passive] Attacks all enemies at start of each turn. Deals damage from all [Poison] debuffs on each enemy instantly. When attacked by an enemy under a [Poison] debuff, increases the duration of all debuffs on the attacker by 1 turn, then places a 25% [Poison Sensitivity] debuff on them for 3 turns. When attacked by an enemy that has no [Poison] debuff, places a 5% [Poison] debuff on the attacker for 4 turns. This debuff cannot be blocked or resisted.
  • Almighty Immunity [Passive] Immune to [Stun], [Freeze], [Sleep], [Provoke], [Block Active Skills], [Fear] and [True Fear] debuffs. Also immune to HP exchange effects, HP balancing effets and cooldown increasing effects.
  • Almighty Strength [Passive] Damage from skills that scale based on enemy MAX HP cannot esxceed 10% of the Boss’s MAX HP when attacking the Boss.
  • Almighty Persistence [Passive] All Turn Meter reduction effects are decreased by 50% when used against the Boss.

Nether Spiderling Skills (4 Minions)

  • Juvenile Venom [ATK] Attacks all enemies. Places 5% [Poison] debuff for 2 turns. Cannot be resisted or blocked. (Damage Multiplier: 2 ATK)
  • Mother’s Grace [Passive] Heals Agreth the Nether Spider by 10% of her MAX HP each time this Spiderling counterattacks. Places [Ally Protection] buff on Agreth for 2 turns whenever a [Counterattack] buff on this Spiderling is removed or expires. This [Ally Protection] buff cannot be removed. If Agreth already has an [Ally Protection] buff, increases the duration by 1 turn instead.

Agreth the Nether Spider Stats

Tower Rotation 1 (Spirit): Floors 20, 60, 90
Raid Shadow Legends Agreth the Nether Spider Stats in Doom Tower (Normal and Hard)
Tower Rotation 2 (Magic): Floors 30, 70, 110
Raid Shadow Legends Agreth the Nether Spider Stats in Doom Tower (Normal and Hard)

Agreth the Nether Spider Guide

How much Accuracy and Resistance needed for Nether Spider?

How much Accuracy required to apply debuff on Nether Spider?

To apply debuff Agreth the Nether Spider, your champions will need to have a minimum of 100 Accuracy for Doom Tower Normal or 330 Accuracy for Doom Tower Hard for all floor stages! However, these minimum requirements can be halved if you have champions who can consistently provide your champions with Increase Accuracy buff! In addition, you can also use Accuracy Aura champions in the Leader position to fill in the missing Accuracy gap if you do not have sufficient Accuracy substats on your equipment nor having an Accuracy banner.

How much Resistance required to resist Nether Spider debuff?

The Poison debuff inflicted by Nether Spider and Nether Spiderling are unresistable and unblockable. Hence, it’s recommended to focus on beefing up your champions with high amount HP (Hit Points aka Health), Defense and Speed.

What are the main things to avoid on Nether Spider?

Avoid Champions with AoE A1 Ability

Avoid champions who has the ability to attack multiple enemies on their default attack (A1 Skill) such as Bad-el-Kazar. This is to prevent Nether Spiderling from counterattacking your champion and healing the Nether Spider boss simultaneously! If a champion who has AoE skill other than their A1 Skill, their default AI will not use those skills. Apart from that, you can disable your champion AoE skill in Team AI Preset, so they will not use it!

Turn Meter Reduction

Avoid using Champions who has Decrease Turn Meter skill in your team. Nether Spider will counterattack your champion based on the amount of Turn Meter she lost and the damage inflicted ignore defense. It could lead to 1 hit knockout your champion in your team. However, if the champion Turn Meter reduction is little and has sufficient survivability skill, then the champion is still viable for Nether Spider (e.g. Scyl of the Drakes)

How to defeat Nether Spider and her minions?

How to defeat Nether Spider Boss?

The easiest approach to takedown Nether Spider is to use HP Burn and Poison debuff. MVP champions for this damage dealer role is Drexthar Bloodtwin. This method is much more efficient especially for higher stages in Doom Tower as it deals damage based on the Enemy MAX HP! The traditional strategy would be to dwindle the boss health with Tier 6 Offense Mastery such as Warmaster and Giant Slayer.

How to defeat Nether Spiderling?

You can use Stun and Freeze to crowd control Nether Spiderling to prevent them from counterattacking and healing Nether Spider boss. It’s recommended to use champions who has a guarantee 100% to apply those debuff to avoid any chances of them from retaliating, else it makes the run much more slower and dangerous! Alternatively, you can just avoid them all together and use passive skills such as Drexthar Bloodtwin to apply HP Burn debuff on them. This approach is much more efficient to take down the boss quickly!

How to survive against Nether Spider?

Utilize Remove Debuff Champions

I highly recommend having at least 2 cleanser champions who is able to remove debuff from allies in your team. The MVP champions for remove Poison and Poison Sensitivity debuff inflicted by Nether Spider are Melga Steelgirdle, Mausoleum Mage, Reliquary Tender and Runekeeper Dazdurk. It’s preferable to have champions who can also heal allies while simultaneously removing the debuffs to quickly recover from Nether Spider Poison detonation whenever she takes her turn!

Engage Reviver Champions

Alternatively, if you do not have any cleanser champions in your roster, the next best strategy is to rely on reviver. It’s recommended to choose champions who can perform revive all allies who died due to Poison debuff and Poison detonation. If the skill is only dedicated to reviving, it will be much better for auto-battle as it will only use for emergency cases. MVP Revive champions are Duchess Lilitu and Rector Drath. Both of these champions have abilities to perform revive, healing and reduce damage intake from enemy attacks with Veil buff.

Use Transfer Debuff Champions

You could also use champion who can transfer debuff from allies to the enemy, to take advantage of their Poison debuff to takedown the enemy quickly! MVP champion for transfering debuff role is Helior.

Employ Healing Champions

Healer champion is necessary to combat against the depreciation of health caused by the damage dealt by Poison debuff whenever your champions takes their turn. It’s advisable to have at least 1 dedicated healer in your team who can perform AoE healing. MVP champions who can perform healing efficiently is Vrask and Cardiel as they can heal whenever they perform their default attack! You can also supplement the healing with Continuous Heal buff to speedily recover your champions who are on the verge of death.

Using Unkillable or Block Damage Buff

Paragon is one of the champion that is commonly used to cheese a difficult stage in the game as he has the lowest skill cooldown for applying Unkillable buff. You can use Paragon to clear Nether Spider boss floor by having him self-applying the Unkillable Buff to himself to survive the entire battle! The best equipment for Paragon would be to use Deflection Set to transfer the Poison debuff to Nether Spider to take her down quickly. If you have him ascended 6-star, then having Tier 6 Warmaster mastery can help to reduce the time taken to clear this boss too. Other than that, you can use Block Damage buff champions to prevent allies from taking damage such as Roshcard the Tower.

Agreth the Nether Spider Strategy

StewGaming: Nether Spider is the EASIEST BOSS!

BGE: “EASY AUTO TEAM” Agreth The Nether Spider

Soda Dragon Gaming: Paragon Speed Run Nether Spider

Nether Spider Champion Tier List

Champion by Rarity: Legendary | Epic | Rare | Uncommon | Common

Mythical Champions Ranking

5★ Nether Spider | Mythical Champion

4★ Nether Spider | Mythical Champion

3★ Nether Spider | Mythical Champion

2★ Nether Spider | Mythical Champion

1★ Nether Spider | Mythical Champion

Legendary Champions Ranking

5★ Nether Spider | Legendary Champion

4★ Nether Spider | Legendary Champion

3★ Nether Spider | Legendary Champion

2★ Nether Spider | Legendary Champion

1★ Nether Spider | Legendary Champion

Epic Champions Ranking

5★ Nether Spider | Epic Champion

4★ Nether Spider | Epic Champion

3★ Nether Spider | Epic Champion

2★ Nether Spider | Epic Champion

1★ Nether Spider | Epic Champion

Rare Champions Ranking

5★ Nether Spider | Rare Champion

4★ Nether Spider | Rare Champion

3★ Nether Spider | Rare Champion

2★ Nether Spider | Rare Champion

1★ Nether Spider | Rare Champion

Uncommon Champions Ranking

5★ Nether Spider | Uncommon Champion

4★ Nether Spider | Uncommon Champion

3★ Nether Spider | Uncommon Champion

2★ Nether Spider | Uncommon Champion

1★ Nether Spider | Uncommon Champion

Common Champions Ranking

5★ Nether Spider | Common Champion

4★ Nether Spider | Common Champion

3★ Nether Spider | Common Champion

2★ Nether Spider | Common Champion

1★ Nether Spider | Common Champion

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98 thoughts on “Agreth Nether Spider Guide | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Joseph Garrison

    I finally defeated it thanks to two Mortus, Magnarr, Rector Drath, and Lady Kimi. I was going to eventually try Wight Queen Ankora, but I would have had to pull her…

  2. Joseph Garrison

    Suggestions for Stage C5 of Cursed City, using HP Support Champions from among the Knights Revenant, Demonspawn, and Shadowkin Factions… It is a mission to complete and that’s the rotation in play right now. I don’t have Riho and I don’t have Wythir the Crowned…

  3. Mike

    I didn’t have any of the champions mentioned here, but got through with Torturehelm (fully mastered) with a bit of help from Wukong. The self revive does it.

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Shizukuishi: If you remove the spiderlings buff without inflicting any damage to them, then they could not counter attack. You could either stun/freeze the spiderlings first if your buff remover inflicts damage while stripping their buff.

  5. Shizukuishi

    Question. If I remove the counter attack buff on the spiderlings, how can they still counter attack?

  6. m00se

    for all hard stages of Nether Spider i use

    Drexthar lead
    Duchess Lilitu(Pythion is good, any cleanser)
    Syl of the Drakes

    Turn off all AoE’s and target the main spider then leave it and goo eat popcorn or enjoy life

    keep calm and burn

  7. Paha-Pirkko

    I finally found a team that worked for me (F2P) against floor 70 lvl 90 nether spider:

    Duchess Lilitu, lvl 60, fully booked
    Scyl of the Drakes, lvl 50, mostly booked
    Uugo, lvl 50, not booked
    Reliquary Tender, lvl 50, 1 star awakened (Survival Instinct), fully booked
    Gala Longbraids, lvl 50, mostly booked

    Auto. Took 24:05, but so what. I’ll test replacing Gala with other damage dealer (lvl 50 Armiger for example).

  8. Shizukuishi

    Interesting. Once she gets to the boss, Chani can solo Nether Spider… She should have a much higher rating.


    I would have to agree with BLOOD. I run Boragar and UDK takes nearly an hour on Auto and is ugly but efeective.

  10. THOMAS L

    Pythion should be listed as an MVP. A1 Healing. A2 Remove All Debuffs plus healing and A3 Reviving. Thanks for your website help. It is the best!

  11. JGR

    Staltus Dragonbane is listed as 1* but should really be 5* due to his passive that transfers all poison buffs back onto the attacker with zero cooldown.

  12. Blood

    eh..OK – but with all of that; early/ mid F2P-i left Ultimate DK(Death Knight lvl60 full Ayumi Doom Twr Masteries /not even half Booked) running solo for 56min Turn count 1368 against Agreth lvl 150/(110F??) Doom Twr Normal(LOLOLOL) and the legend wore the stupid spider down…why do more..?

  13. Maxo996

    Just wanted to say my Rotos solos even Normal 90 Nether Spider in not-amazing 4 & 5 star Lifesteal gear unbooked.

  14. Bub

    You don’t have Helicath on the legendary list. On Helicath’s page, Helicath is listed as a 4* for this boss.

  15. MatX

    I was able to defeat the Nether Spider with Helga SteelGirder (TL), Rector Drath, Steel Bowyer, Chevalier (not much help) and Shaman, all lvl 60, in 8:00 flat. and 96 turns. Chevalier’s A2 Stun never activated at all.

    Strong multi-hit A1s with extra turns (Steel Bowyer, Speed and Relentless with high defense and attack) with Shaman’s A2 (Lifesteal, Resilience) helped a lot bringing down Nether’s HP, while the combined healing and revive of Helga and Rector, along with Shaman’s revive kept everyone in rotation.

  16. Roger Huggett Jr.

    QUICK UPDATE: I pulled Rel. Tender and Dutchess out and added Drex and Scyl and finished in 9 minutes. My mistake was just looking at your ranking of champs and not considering that replacing level 50s with level 60s compensated for the skill level difference.

  17. Roger Huggett Jr.

    I’m running a team of 5 stars all ranked 5 from your list (Rector, Rel. Tender, Armina, Dutchess and Godseeker) on easy floor 120. They could do it if not for the turn count limit. Only 45% done after 1100 turns and 58 minutes, but you only get 1500 turns so I’m probably done. Either Rector or Dutchess is going to be my next 6 star, so either I upgrade myself to victory or figure out who I can pull to add Drex Bloodtwin. I’m barely staying alive with 3 revivers though.

  18. Lozan

    Broadmaw missed from champions ranking

  19. Simonescu

    Gorgorab, Ninja, Lanakis, Demytha and Godseeker Aniri, Normal mode, floor 60, 4:08. Slow, but never in any danger. Gorgo, Ninja and Demytha at level 60, Lanakis and Godseeker are level 50. Then substituted a level 50 Reliquary Tender for Gorgorab and got did it 6 seconds faster. The poisons never got a foothold. Thanks for this indispensable site.

  20. Peteypablo88

    Is Ultimate Galek good for nether spider?

  21. minhtue2

    hey i was wondering why armina is a godtier epic for the nether spider? She doesnt have a guaranteed stun on the spiderlings so it has a chance to counterattack, thus healing the boss. If anyone could enlighten me that would be great!

  22. Deadassdisco

    Doompriest, Warpriest, Achak, Demytha and Scyl works excellent on auto. 🙂

  23. Frédéric Duclos

    Seer no longer uses Karma Burn against the Nether Spider, even if AI priority is set to 1 (always use if available). I consider it a bug, as it used to work fine before.

  24. Ayumilove Post author

    @Lahara: If you do not attack the Spiderling while they have Counterattack buff, then they will not heal Agreth the Spider Boss, which means there will be no need to apply Heal Reduction debuff. The most efficient way to defeat this boss is to use single-target attack rather than AoE attacks. If your crowd controller is not able to 100% Stun/Freeze the enemy, then it’s recommended to just use single-target champions and have cleanser and healer champions to survive.

  25. Lahara

    Thank you for an excellent site.
    I am fairly new to raid and don’t have many s an a tier legendaries and epics, and i only have 7 lvl 60 champs so far.

    So nether spider is a though challenge. On floor 30 normal i could get through with Gator to remove debuffs and Rector Drath to heal.

    But on floor 70 this wasn’t enough as the spiderlings healed Agreth to fast. The solution was to throw some heal reduction at Agreth to stop her getting healed.

    My team was Rector Drath 60 for healing (leader), Gator 40 for removing debuffs, Fodbor the Bard 50 for heal reduction, Seeker 60 for boost turn meter, Ninja 60 for damage and freeze of spiderlings.

    The heal reduction was very useful for minimizing the effectiveness of the spiderlings.

    You may consider adding it to your otherwise excellent guide

  26. Toetag

    @Ayumilove It looks like Mausoleum Mage is missing from the 5* champions ranking for Nether Spider

  27. Thorsen

    Vergis, Zavia

  28. A Will

    Gator is a non-void rare champ with a 3 turn cooldown cleanse. Might be a good champ for this? Very few champs in the game hαve this skill on 3 turn cd.

  29. Ritchie K

    Scyl, Duchess, Knight-Errant, Lodric, and Doompriest to auto the easy boss.

  30. Tommy Lewellen

    I don’t see Doompriest on the list. 5*?

  31. Vino

    I passed DT Hard 30 one (not easy though) without too many fancy champs Altan lead, Tender (suppose to have regen set but after the fight I found out one piece of regen was missing) , Cardinal (quick revive + single heal but don’t rely on her 20% poison chance good combo with Doompriest), Doompriest with Frost gear high speed(everyone say she is bad for N Spider but she actually kept my team alive for a bit), Runekeeper with lots of HP. I am not sure this will work for the next one but it locks down the N spider pretty well in this round. The team will constantly on the edge of dying but interesting thing is that they don’t stay dead for too long. Most gears are lv12 so there is room for improvement. I will rety this doing silver key farming to fine tune it.

  32. Kevin Paterson

    MVP Damage Dealer Ma’Shalled.

    Mine solo’d Hard DT floor 30 while Melga, Vergis, Septimus, and Ursula all died within the first few rounds.
    Hes just too fast to die. Gets 4 turns to her one, he strips all his debuffs and fully heals himself before getting attacked.
    Took 30 minutes to win but still, incredible performance.

  33. Mr. Majestyk

    The new guy, urogrim, seems to be getting the job done and he has continuous heals that are pretty darn good for everybody. ( Maybe not the greatest time, but I have cardiel, riho, duchess, serris urogrim) Serris maybe not for higher hard doom tower, but ok with the first one.

  34. Firr

    Helior should be added to the list of cleansers.
    Throwing the poisons and poison sensitivity back doesnt do huge damage, but it easily stacks it up to 10 debuffs. Add Elder Skarg’s A2 to the mix and you are doing cleanse and heavy duty damage to Magic affinity Spider.

  35. Chlorine

    Scyl of the Drakes appears to be missing from the 5* Legendaries list. Thanks so much for building and maintaining this info.

  36. Cragun

    Seeker should be listed … he’s tough, ads a shield and speeds up the team. I couldn’t beat the spider until I added him to the team. (Brogni, Scyl, Reliquary, Drexthar and Seeker).

  37. Luis

    SpiritHost should be at least an A rare champ.

  38. Svogthos

    Con Monstruo Malformado, Scyl de los Dracos, Rhazin Scarhide, Uugo y Sacerdotisa del Sino la he pasado en 10:41 en automático. Imagino que mejorando artefactos conseguiré bajar tiempos. Planta 110 de Normal.

  39. kikkass

    Gator doesn’t get enough love for his A3 – removes all debuffs from all allies – on a 3 turn cooldown. faster than Spirithost, whose block debuffs addition doesn’t work against these spiderlings’ poisons anyway.

  40. Giovanni

    Seeker is missing too in the 4* ranking …

  41. Giovanni

    Hi, it seems that Skullcrown is missing in the 4* ranking.

  42. justin

    Add Roshcard the Tower plz, single enemy attacks and block damage for two turns. Easy win

  43. YesChef

    There’s a few remove debuff champs that should be on this list. Madame was mentioned below, and I’ll throw Seer into the ring as a 5* epic as well.

  44. hoser2

    I randomly threw Zargala (in lifesteal), Scyl, Vrask, Stag Knight and Juliana at the floor 70 version of the Magic affinity Agreth. The second time, Zargala basically soloed it. She may be worth trying/evaluating. Probably not 5 star, but maybe 3 at least.

  45. Awz

    Hakkohrn Smashlord is great for this fight on normal. His A3 can kill all the spiderlings and his A2 has a cleanse and heal. I paired him with painkeeper and it worked really well.

  46. WOLF_569

    @ Pr.Thivi : When I ran the Madame on auto, the AI is not totally stupid, she only uses her A1 and A3, as long as no other carecter is Damage AEing.

  47. Chris

    Hello and good morning,

    I noticed Kreela Witcharm is missing from your Lego Hero rankigs for Nether Spider. Be well.

  48. Jaraldyne

    Pr.Thivi: I suspect it’s because her A2 is an AOE that provokes counterattacks from the spiderlings, and her A3 removes the counterattack (which results in the spider getting extra devastating hits against you).

  49. Pr.Thivi

    Hey ! Can you explain why Madame Serris is one star against nether ? I just finished lvl110 nether. And she was super useful to remove the counterattack on spiderlings. AOE Dec.Att. and Dec.Def are nice too.

  50. WOLF_569

    I start with a full team;
    Lyssandra (relentless)in Lead, Norog (Regen+Immor), Doompriest(Relentless), Raglin, Scyl. And Auto it. The spiderlings are best not to hit or only drop turn meter/strip buff.
    Norog can tank and regen the damage, when it was spirit, lots of weak hits.
    This time with Magic affinity, when everyone lived, everyone only A1 on big spider, except Lys A3 when up, I think i had Raglin cleanse occasionaly. This was on the lower levels Hard.

  51. Swannky

    Add Doompriest?

  52. Ayumilove Post author

    @WOLF_569: How do you survive the Poison debuff from the Spiderlings? Is this there a video that showcases him soloing on the highest difficulty in Nether Spider?

  53. WOLF_569

    This list should have Norog as 5 Star.
    Built mine with Regen/Imortal , Warmaster/+Def – can Solo the spider on hard once his buddies all die.

  54. Osterholm

    Just managed Hard 90 and I went about this all wrong on my first few runs. I had Dracomorph in for the debuffs and Bad-el-Kazar for the cleanse and 20% dmg to poisoned targets. Then I went about killing the spiderlings every spawn with Septimus. However, one wrongly timed cleanse with Bad-el or a failure to one-shot a spiderling would make them counter and that would result in a fail.
    I then shifted my strat to not touching the spiderlings at all.
    My new comp:
    Runekeeper Dazdurk (Speed, DS & Perception, Fully booked)
    – In lead, for the cleanse and atk buff & aura
    Duchess Lilitu (Immortal, Res, DS, A few books)
    – For the block debuffs & revives
    Scyl of the Drakes (Relentless, Acc, Fully booked)
    – Heals, speed down, reduce turn meter & a clutch revive for IF Duchess dies
    Septimus (LS, Offence, Fully booked)
    – For that sweet, sweet dmg

    Didn’t know who to use as a fifth, prolly should have used a second cleanser like Relicuary Tender, but had Dracomorph in there from earlier tries.
    I realize this team isn’t very FTP-friendly, but the general idea seemed to work.

    Didn’t touch the spiderlings, just cleansed and healed while Septimus hacked away at the spider.

  55. Sckull

    Was there an update to this Boss?

  56. nero

    you could add here the stats you need, resist, speed and acc

  57. GoreTaint

    You need a lot remove debuffs and heal to get over the hump against her. HP-Burn is also great for damage. Also resist is good against her Poison Sensitivity. Teela (Resist Aura) was the key for me to came through on Floor 150…

  58. Raabensohn

    finally I did it with
    Cardiel (2 books)
    Scyle of the Drakes (booked)
    Reliquary Tender (booked)
    Amiger (booked)
    Coldheart (booked)

  59. rekoJ

    I wonder if this can get updated since now Turn Removal punishes you. These champs are no longer mvp here

  60. Larry

    Elder Lurker [Passive] Counterattacks when enemy decreases Agreth Turn Meter. The damage inflicted is equal to the amount of Turn Meter lost. Will ignore 100% of DEF.

    Then why are Alure, Armiger still good?

  61. Joseph

    Lol, yeah cuz my team was down to last two champ but were able to finish it off before dying. Thanks for the info! 🙂

  62. GoreTaint

    Well you forgot to mention the importance of “block debuff” buff. Without seducer, I wasn’t able to finish the spider… It’s the Poison Sensitivity that kills me otherwise…

  63. Joseph

    Samuel Henderson III,
    Thank you!! Your idea of choice in champs actually got me through! TY, ty!!! :))

  64. Robert

    Hi everyone.
    HP burn is really good for nether spider. Drexthar is ideal for this boss.

  65. Linkit

    Recommended HEAL REDUCTION champs!!!
    Ma’Shalled or Coldheart for example do have this ability which prevents 780000 healing by spider due to the spiderlings turn

  66. Jaraldyne

    Managed Level 90 (Hard) Nether Spider with Shamrock, Lilitu, Scyl, Astralon and Vizier. Vizier for heal redux, Astralon and Scyl for crowd control, Lilitu to keep everyone alive, Shamrock to slow down NS and spiderlinings, and Scyl and Shamrock provided insurance for Lilitu potentially dying. Still took a long time.

    Now stuck at Scarab King floor 100.

  67. samuel henderson III

    nether spider 90 hard

  68. samuel henderson III

    i ended up using tower scyl drexthar maus mage and septimus

  69. Hosehead

    I was having great difficulty with Normal 90 Nether Spider, here is what worked, on auto, a little under 4 minutes. All 60, Big Un, Septimus and MM are booked, big un and septimus have full masteries. others 2 just 60.

    Minaya – lead
    Scyl of the Drakes
    Mausoleum Mage

  70. Link

    anoying thing is that the spiderlings heal the Nether spider, so depending on how you kill it … Anti heal (heakl reduction) could be required

  71. SiJebat

    Managed to clear floor 90 Nether Spider on normal after few days of trying…..(F2P)
    1. Crypt King Grall – Lifesteal – no booked
    2. Matyr – Lifesteal – mostly booked
    3. Frozen Banshee – Livesteal – fully booked
    4. Mauseloum Mage – mix gear – barely booked
    5. Armiger – mix gear – half way booked.

    All champions are lvl 60 fully ascended.

  72. Kujasan

    you are my hero. i bashed my head in for the last week.

    i took your adivce, but switched Aox with uugo (for the leech):

    Reliquary Tender
    Septimus – lifesteal

    7min kill, easy.

  73. EugeKava

    I managed to manual through the lvl 20 on Hard using Scyl and Longbeard. Took forever. High HP and DEF plus both were in Lifesteal.

  74. HW3

    Sometimes I think the game has an AI because I will put together a team that works once but never does again. I know the probabilities of things like glyphs are not uniform (if range is +4 to +7, +4 will come at least 50% of the time…).

    Anyway, I have had 2 teams for hard 20 that worked once, and my teams for hard 20 up through whatever the last one I’ve reached, 50 or 70, that worked once but have not worked since on lower levels.

  75. Dragoon

    Hard stage 20:
    Aox (lead) for accuracy
    Reliquary Tender
    Septimus – lifesteal

    3 revivers/healers kept me going, septimus did 90% of the damage, Aox and septimus kept all the debuffs on the boss, most importantly decrease attack
    auto in 5 mins, not the best, but did the job 🙂

  76. samuel L henderson

    should add ma shallad to that list

  77. sirrosso

    150 lvl spider, from the 90th Floor, I mean

  78. sirrosso

    Longbeard: lvl 90 nether spider down – alone! (lifesteal set and mastery like aymilove), just a1, a2….

  79. Addermatt

    I Cleared 150 lvl spider, from the 90th Floor with
    Miscreated Monster
    Scyl of the Drakes

  80. David

    Roxam is great

  81. Dianna Sandora

    I thought this was about the Frost Spider. Won’t let me delete.

  82. Dianna Sandora

    The Key is to use a champion that doesn’t allow revive. I used Arminger. He’s only a 50. I took it off of auto when my team was ablout half way through killing it so I could make sure the final kill shot was from his A2.

  83. Brad NTx

    I defeated the spider with Turvold, Scyl of the Drakes, Tomb Lord, Rhazin Scarhide, and the Relickeeper. They are all level 60 and ascended, but none fully mastered.

  84. Ryan Derenzy

    Does armigur really work at super high doom tower level though? the damage kick back from turn meter is almost too much, with the poisen

  85. Teacup

    what I use for hard doom tower 50-120
    Scyl in relentless set with turn meter reduction
    Alure in divine life and speed set, she needs a lot of HP to stay alive, 100% Cri % for A1
    Warlord for shield and heal A2 and turn meter reduction A3 high AC
    Coldheart for the A3 350+ ACC
    Royalguard for the A2 and A3 350+ ACC
    If you don’t have warlord, replace him with another healer, with shield and debuff remove
    If you don’t have Alure, use 2 Armiger.
    If you don’t have Royal Guard, use another Coldheart or someone deal damage base on max hp
    If you have Lyssandra, use her too, Alure+Lyssandra is enough to keep the spider’s turn meter below 30% at all time so there will be no spiderings

  86. HisChild

    My team was as follows:

    All level 60, fully ascended, and mastered
    Duchess Lilitu
    Rhazin Scarhide
    Cold Heart
    Ma’Shalled is a beast in this! He outlasted everyone else to knock it out!

  87. Zargblatt

    Normal stage 90 completed with:
    – High Kathune level 50
    – Armiger x 2 at level 50
    – Scyl of drakes level 60
    – Coldheart level 60

    Save the skill on turn 2 so they are ready to use. Reduce turnmeter with coldheart to 0 and use armiger to keep it at 0. If they get low health use the 2nd skill.
    Use High katune and scyl turnmeter skill as much as possible.
    Speed of champs are all over 170.

  88. jeff halfhide

    Floor 60

    Tay, 60, fully booked and masteried
    Madame Serris, 58, fully booked and masteried
    Vrask, 50, no books, full masteries (5 *)
    Stag, 60, full
    Visix, 60, full
    5:40 on manual, death on auto

  89. Chuup

    Normal floor 90 Nether spider beat in 13 mins
    High Katun: lvl 60, booked out, masteries not complete
    Armiger: lvl 50, booked out, masteries not complete
    Armiger: lvl 50, missing 2 books, masteries not complete
    Vrask: lvl 60, no books, masteries not complete
    Nethril: lvl 60, no books, masteries not complete

    Manual the whole fight. Spider never gets a turn. Armigers deal most of the damage.

    If no nethril then swap out with coldheart, soulbond Bowyer or a lua. Just a big turn meter reduction champ.
    4 turn meter reduction champs and a good healer will get the job done.

    Good luck

  90. ale

    i did it with

    tyrel lvl 60
    scyl lvl 60
    aphotecary lvl60
    armiger lvl 50
    allure lvl 50

  91. Martijn

    I failed the first time, but when i added Rotos the lost groom he beated this spider completely on his own. 🙂

  92. Ayumilove Post author

    @Shlomi: There are 3 methods to beat Nether Spider (Poison Detonation / Decrease Turn Meter / Brute Force with Cleanser)

    Here is a team setup using Bomb Detonation:
    1. Attacker x2 Champion (To clear the first 2 waves)
    2. Taurus x2 (Apply 4 Poison debuff per champion)
    3. Karam (Poison Detonator)
    Note: You can replace Taurus with any other Poison inflicter, but necessary to apply a lot of it for it to deal high damage. Need to defeat the boss in the first round before she summon her spiderlings!

    Here is a team setup using Decrease Turn Meter:
    1. Alure (Decrease Turn Meter)
    2. Coldheart x2 (Damage Dealer, Decrease Turn Meter)
    3. Scyl of the Drake (Healing, Decrease Turn Meter)
    4. Martyr (Decrease Defense)
    Note: You can use Armiger if you do not have Alure for Decrease Defense. In addition, you can use Stag Knight to apply Decrease Defense and Decrease Speed to manage the Boss Speed easier.

    Here is a team setup using Brute Force with Cleanser:
    1. Reliquary Tender x2 (Remove Debuff and Apply Continuous Heal)
    2. Attacker x3 (To clear the first 2 waves and hit the boss).
    Note: You can replace with any Cleanser you have available (e.g. Bad-el-Kazar, Raglin, Sethalia)

  93. Shlomi

    I cant beat the nether spider level 75 some help best team?
    And what best team for fire castle

  94. POP75

    Hi there,
    Nether Spider was a huge problem for me, couldn’t find the good setup…”Cold Brew Gaming” video helped me a lot indeed 🙂
    1 : High Khatun Lv50 nothing full
    2 : Alure Lv50 full masteries, skill 50% done
    3 : Gorgorab Lv60 full masteries, full skills ( increase att, revive all )
    4 : Tyrant Lxlimor full masteries, full skills ( HP burn, ally protection, inc def 60% )
    5 : Mausoleum Mager Lv60 full masteries, full skills ( inc C.Rate, inc Def 60%, Block debuffs )

    12’10 not that fast but hey 🙂 it’s done !

  95. Stas611

    watch the video made by “Cold Brew Gaming”

    i passed this stage just because i watched this video and did what he proposed

    thanks a lot cold brew!

  96. MadMikeDisease

    See the problem I have with this boss, is that Evil Eye is on most of my best champs, so whenever theres an A1, it procs the turn meter decrease, and Argeth attacks, and Valkyrie’s A1 does that even without the mastery.

  97. Jens


    same here… no idea how to do it.

  98. Cramden

    I beat floor 60 Nether Spider with…
    1) Miscreated Monster
    2) Mausoleum Mage
    3) Hordin
    4) Scyl of Drakes
    5) Zelotah

    all booked full (except Scyl has only 1 book) and Masteries full (except Maus Mage just one 2nd tier) per this web site. However, level 90 Nether Spider is yet another story. not even close. Came here looking for ideas but Alas….