Raid Shadow Legends Campaign XP and Silver Guide

RAID: Shadow Legends Campaign XP (Experience Points) and Silver Guide for Normal (4 Energy), Hard (6 Energy), Brutal (8 Energy) and Nightmare (16 Energy) Campaign! I would recommend leveling your champions at Brutal Campaign Stage 12-3 with your Speed Farmer as Nightmare Campaign would take a longer time to complete per run as the enemies are much more stronger!

Mode Normal Hard Brutal Nightmare
Map 1 EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver
Stage 16407504,5604,5009,6005,50021,3128,500
Stage 21,6008004,5844,5509,6005,55021,3128,585
Stage 31,6068504,6064,6009,6005,60021,3128,671
Stage 42,2549004,6244,6509,6005,65021,3128,758
Stage 52,2609504,6544,7009,6005,70021,3128,845
Stage 62,2641,0004,6844,7509,6005,75021,3128,934
Stage 71,6241,2004,1164,9508,4005,95021,3129,023
Map 2 EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver
Stage 12,2881,2004,7524,9509,6005,95021,3129,023
Stage 22,2961,2504,7685,0009,6006,00021,3129,113
Stage 32,3041,3004,7685,0509,6006,05021,3129,204
Stage 42,3201,3504,8085,1009,6006,10021,3129,296
Stage 52,3361,4004,8945,1509,6006,15021,3129,389
Stage 62,3521,4504,8645,2009,6006,20021,3129,483
Stage 71,6841,6504,3445,4008,4006,40023,9769,578
Map 3 EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver
Stage 13,0601,6505,5645,40010,8006,40023,9769,674
Stage 23,0961,7005,6705,45010,8006,45023,9769,771
Stage 33,1321,7505,6705,50010,8006,50023,9769,868
Stage 43,1841,8005,7785,55010,8006,55023,9769,967
Stage 53,2081,8505,7785,60010,8006,60023,97610,067
Stage 63,2321,9005,8145,65010,8006,65023,97610,167
Stage 72,9082,1005,2325,8509,6006,85026,64010,269
Map 4 EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver
Stage 13,6402,1006,5765,85012,0006,85026,64010,372
Stage 23,6562,1506,6165,90012,0006,90026,64010,475
Stage 33,6962,2006,6605,95012,0006,95026,64010,580
Stage 43,7162,2506,6646,00012,0007,00026,64010,686
Stage 53,7602,3006,6966,05012,0007,05026,64010,793
Stage 63,7842,3506,7446,10012,0007,10026,64010,901
Stage 73,7882,5506,7236,30012,0007,30026,64011,010
Map 5 EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver
Stage 14,1802,5507,4586,30013,2007,30029,30411,120
Stage 24,2242,6007,4586,35013,2007,35029,30411,231
Stage 34,2482,6507,4586,40013,2007,40029,30411,343
Stage 44,2882,7007,5566,45013,2007,45029,30411,457
Stage 54,3122,7507,6166,50013,2007,50029,30411,571
Stage 64,3522,8007,6166,55013,2007,55029,30411,687
Stage 74,3683,0007,5846,75013,2007,75029,30411,804
Map 6 EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver
Stage 14,8163,0008,4486,75014,4007,75031,96811,922
Stage 24,8403,0508,4486,80014,4007,80031,96812,041
Stage 34,8723,1008,4486,85014,4007,85031,96812,162
Stage 44,9203,1508,5766,90014,4007,90031,96812,283
Stage 54,9283,2008,5926,95014,4007,95031,96812,406
Stage 64,9443,2508,6407,00014,4008,00031,96812,530
Stage 74,5763,4507,8887,20013,2008,20031,96812,655
Map 7 EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver
Stage 14,8163,4508,7847,20014,4008,20031,96812,782
Stage 25,3683,5008,7847,25014,4008,25031,96812,910
Stage 35,1363,5508,7847,30014,4008,30031,96813,039
Stage 45,1603,6008,8007,35014,4008,35031,96813,169
Stage 55,1883,6508,8247,40014,4008,40031,96813,301
Stage 65,2323,7008,9527,45014,4008,45031,96813,434
Stage 75,2683,9008,9287,65014,4008,65031,96813,568
Map 8 EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver
Stage 15,3283,9009,1447,65014,4008,65031,96813,704
Stage 25,3683,9509,1447,70014,4008,70031,96813,841
Stage 35,3924,0009,1447,75014,4008,75031,96813,979
Stage 45,4244,0509,1427,80014,4008,80031,96814,119
Stage 55,4724,1009,2327,85014,4008,85031,96814,260
Stage 65,5124,1509,3047,90014,4008,90031,96814,403
Stage 75,5284,3509,3308,10014,4009,10034,63214,547
Map 9 EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver
Stage 16,0484,35010,2088,10015,6009,10034,633
Stage 26,0804,40010,2648,15015,6009,15034,633
Stage 36,0804,45010,2648,20015,6009,20034,633
Stage 46,1604,50010,3208,25015,6009,25034,633
Stage 56,2004,55010,3208,30015,6009,30034,633
Stage 66,2404,60010,3208,35015,6009,35034,633
Stage 74,3924,8007,2888,55010,8009,550
Map 10 EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver
Stage 16,3924,80010,6248,55015,7049,55034,864
Stage 26,4324,85010,6968,60015,7849,60035,041
Stage 36,4324,90010,6968,65015,7849,65035,041
Stage 46,5284,95010,7688,70015,8649,70035,219
Stage 56,5685,00010,7688,75015,8649,75035,219
Stage 66,5685,05010,7688,80015,8649,80035,219
Stage 75,7205,2509,3049,00013,66410,000
Map 11 EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver
Stage 16,8084,80011,3209,00017,12010,00038,007
Stage 26,8484,85011,3929,05017,16810,05038,114
Stage 37,0924,90011,3929,10017,16810,10038,114
Stage 46,9444,95011,5569,15017,26410,15038,327
Stage 56,9845,00011,6289,20017,30410,20038,416
Stage 67,0245,05011,7009,25017,34410,25038,505
Stage 76,0725,25010,0749,45014,52010,450
Map 12 EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver EXP Silver
Stage 17,0805,70011,8009,45017,16810,45038,114
Stage 27,1285,75011,8009,50017,16810,50038,114
Stage 37,1285,80011,8009,55017,30410,55038,41618,741
Stage 47,2405,85011,8009,60017,43210,60038,700
Stage 57,2885,90011,8009,65017,56010,65038,984
Stage 67,3365,95011,8009,70017,60010,70039,07219,031
Stage 75,1906,1508,2609,90012,24010,900

Note: If you would like to contribute on the XP and Silver Reward for the Campaign, post in the comment below!

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86 thoughts on “Raid Shadow Legends Campaign XP and Silver Guide

  1. Shamo

    @Thylar Dar energy cost is at the top of the page
    for Normal (4 Energy), Hard (6 Energy), Brutal (8 Energy) and Nightmare (16 Energy)

  2. Thylar Dar

    You can put the energy of each stage

  3. baal

    @havek 12-6 becomes viable when farming 3 stars and up (diff in exp is useless below that), especially if premium and in a tournament/event where every drop of exp matters.

    12-3 only gives around 438/2.74% (408/2.25% for premium) more silver than 12-6 on average when considering the drop rates.

    12-6 gives 592(-148) (710(-177.5) premium) more exp with 100% boost, which we always have when farming campaign.

    But in the end the difference between the 2 is so small it is negligible. 12-6 will barely save you runs 3 stars and above and 12-3 will barely give you more silver and especially if unlucky.

  4. havek

    Hey @coomgrind, if you read the paragraph before this chart it tells you the answer to your question. Farm on brutal, dungeon 12, level 3.

  5. Ranjeeb

    Why am I getting only 7200 xp from stage 7 onwards in brutal difficulty? My xp boost is 100%.

  6. Radcliffa

    It should be noted somewhere that the xp values here are the total xp that the team earns. So if you run with 4 champions you will need to divide that xp number by 4, run with 3 divide by 3, and so on.

  7. coomgrind

    can we get a best silver/energy and xp/energy? and where should i farm for silver?

  8. Fweo

    @dr Oz
    14400 is the total amount of XP from that stage. If you have x2 xp it’d be 28800 and with raid pass it’d be 34560.

    The four characters share the xp which makes them get, 34560/4 each = 8640

  9. Fweo

    It’s the total xp gained by the whole team. So if you have 4 characters they take 25% of it each. And if you have 2x xp you gain twice as much as stated on the sheet (obviously also divided evenly).

    Remember that a character that is max level still takes their part of the xp.

  10. dabear51

    I’m not following these XP values? Just ran Map 2 Stage 5 on Hard and got 2432 XP. Is that max XP if you get 3 stars?

  11. Ayumilove Post author

    @Vempele: I have updated Brutal 6-7 XP from 14,400 to 13,200.

  12. Vempele

    This has been pointed out a couple of times already, but Brutal 6-7 gives 13200 XP, not 14400.

  13. Al-Sanchez

    Dear Anmol, the 4.400 exp amount you get for each of the heroes at 12-6 – 4.400*4 = 17,600 as at the table which is shown above πŸ™‚

  14. anmol karki

    its shows in your data that in brutal 12-7 the exp is 12240. but right now in the game the exp giving in 12-7 is 4400 only . can you help me in this

  15. Dr Os

    Grinding 6:1 on brutal. 3 full rank and 1 training. Got raid and XP boost. Only getting 8640pts – not the 14.4k showing above. What gives?

  16. WileyMan

    @Lane: These numbers are correct. This is the total amount of XP earned, divided evenly among all of the champions you run. If you run 4 champions and have no 2XP, you will receive 4292 per champion. If you have 2XP active, you will receive 8584 per champion.

  17. Lane_Guthrie

    There is no more 17k exp in brutal! Same goes to the other mode! Right?

  18. Benjie

    You can farm Map 9 on brutal stage to get war maiden and berserker. Both champions are good at arena so you can invest on grinding the heroes so that you will have arena champions. In addition, you can farm the 9-4 for gloves, you’ll be looking for 5star crit gloves which you can give as broken set for your attack heroes. Speed boots also is good. Both crit and speed boots are in high demand so getting those artifacts here are good to equip on your faction war heroes.

  19. TraumFabriK

    Rexide 5900 it’s correct.
    You are underdouble XP so it would be 11800*2 =23600
    If you do the run with 4 chars you will get, per char, 23600xp /4 = 5900

  20. Rexide

    Hard 12-3 only gives me 5900 exp

  21. TraumFabriK

    Hi, thanks for the spreedshet.

    I would add XP per energy to help decide, expecially new players, wich stage is worth to farm.
    IE I got lucky with an early Lugan that could farm 12-3 normal (1782 xp per energy) or up to 9-3 hard (1710 xp per energy) buth with warmaiden as a drop and a better money per energy ratio due to higher stars on drops.

    My 2c

  22. Bonanca

    Normal 11-6 is giving me 5,500 Silver.
    Normal 11-3 is giving me 5,350 Silver.

  23. Baal

    Just to add some % for brutal 12-6 compared to 12-3 including shield vs boots
    Exp: +1.71%
    drop rates (185 runs) + silver
    (green 5*. 1.08%). -6.61% silver
    (white 5*. 3.24%). -6.05%
    (g4*. 5.41%) -4.47%
    (w4*. 28.11%). -3.84%
    (g3*. 4.32%). -3.10%
    (w3*. 27.57%). -2.50%
    (other 30.27%) +1.42%

    Assuming those rates are somewhat correct 12-6 gives -2.67% silver than 12-3 on average.
    (12-6= 15994.4162,,, 12-3=16432.4252silver)

    Notes:numbers are the increase or decrease using 12-3 as the base. And I could not find official drop rates so I just used those made by “SetonAlendel” on reddit

    Btw, why do I keep seeing people say that the shield sells for 15% more? (not here but all over YouTube and reddit) The boots sell for 10% less or shield for 11.111…% more, if you want to look at it this way (ie: 8100vs9000)

  24. Ayumilove Post author

    @Sarah Craft: It could probably be your RAID Pass (1 month / 6 month) subscription has been expired.

  25. Sarah Craft

    I was recently getting 14,000 silver running 12-3, I changed something on my gear and now I only get 11,000. I don’t why. Can you help?

  26. a

    @alex 11800 total exp, ur 5900 with the boost is divided by 4

  27. Alex

    This is incorrect information. Now with the experience booster for 12-6 on the hard, I get 5900 experience, where is 11800 without a booster ???

  28. One-Eyed Jack

    @Andreas Mbia:
    Its total, divided by number of champs, not counting any XP boosts.

    You have to apply bonuses and then divide XP by the number of champs, including the farmer. So 12-6 formula would be (17,600 x 240%)/4 = 10560 (if there’s 4 champs). Silver doesn’t get doubled, so it it’s just 10,700 + 20% = 12,840, which the game rounds off in the after-battle screen to 13k. Actual silver gained is not rounded, and will be 12,840, as can be seen if you do a single run on multi-battle and and check the multi-battle rewards earned.

    From the Leveling Guide page in the links to the right (or bottom on mobile):

    Note: 2XP provides Double XP Boost (200%), RAID Pass provides multiplicative 20% XP against Total XP, Level 100 Battle Pass provides additive 50% XP. Example: Brutal Campaign 12-3 base XP rewarded per champion is 4326. 2XP doubles the base XP (+200%), RAID Pass multiplies the total XP (200% x 20% = 40%), Battle Pass adds to the total XP (+50%). The formula is calculated as 200% + 40% + 50% = 290% (4326XP x 290% = 12545 XP per champion).

  29. Jasontek12

    I’m running Map 12 Stage 6…I’m only getting 10,560 exp and 13k Silver

  30. Andreas Mbia

    Is the Xp divided by 4 or solo?

  31. Mihob

    EXP value for Brutal Stage 6-7 is 13200

  32. DemonGirl

    Told ya I was likely missing something. I just got home from work and it’s nearly 5am. Don’t judge me πŸ˜‰

  33. DemonGirl

    These are definitely not the same numbers that i’m getting. Mine are alot lower and that’s with Raid Pass and XP Banners. My Brutal 12-6 runs get me 13k silver and 10,560XP. Am I missing something? That’s highly likely. Lol. Thanks for putting this together. <3

  34. WillOWisps

    Ignore my previous post, was looking at the wrong map lol. My bad.

  35. Doro626

    Why are most of the brutal XP numbers for Map 1 -map 9 pretty flat across all stages (1-6 )? Does XP really flatten out at those low levels and not climb incrementally until the later stages?

  36. WillOWisps

    Map 2, which is Sewers of Arnoc, at Stage 6 only gives 588 xp for a full team. In total for solo that means it gives 2,352 xp. The silver is correct. Just ran this multiple times to check to make sure I was correct.

  37. Stoyan Dermendzhiev

    @ WileyMan: you’re right, everything is spot on, i made a mistake. Love to this site for all the info, amazing!

  38. WileyMan

    @Sto: Most of these numbers are correct. These are given as total XP, with no multipliers. The XP you are getting per champion depends on how many you are running and what multipliers you have, i.e., Double XP, Battle Pass, RAID Card. Take the number above, multiply by your specific multipliers, and divide by the number of champions you are running.

  39. WileyMan

    I have not verified very many of these, but in my experience, the XP Value for Brutal Stage 6-7 is incorrect. The correct XP Value for this stage is 13,200.

  40. Sto

    Is this accurate? Im new, currently farming 12-6 normal, i get 4402 exp on the champs im skilling

  41. James

    Just to follow up, I’ve found that 12-3 artifacts (Shields) sell for higher than those from any other stage. On Hard 12-3, which gives 2*-4* artifacts, the lowest return is 2,880 Silver (2* common) and the greatest is 11,250 Silver (4* Uncommon). The 3* common is frequent enough to be a surrogate for the average value of the artifacts, which sells for 5,538 Silver.

    So in addition to the 9,550 Silver for winning the stage, one can likely expect 5,538 for selling the gear, or 15,088 Silver/run. Of course, there are also the item drops that come into play so no additional Silver can be gained on those runs. I haven’t considered the frequency of those drops on the Silver/run estimation.

  42. James


    Nice work! πŸ™‚

    What might also be cool is if the silver from the artifacts one sells could be included. Especially for Map 12, I don’t think twice about selling the artifacts I get from it. But is that data available?

  43. James

    @Christian I was thinking along similar lines. Farming Brutal gets more EXP per champion, but the energy costs are greater than the Hard stages. So when you’re not able to farm 12-3 Brutal, where are you best to spend your energy?

    If you’re still using a starter champion like me, 12-3 Brutal won’t be farmable for you for a while. As I work toward that goal, I’m taking the approach of maximizing the EXP/Energy ratio because Energy is a limiting factor in farming. At the moment, I’m able to farm in Map 12 Hard, which takes 6 energy and gives 11,800 EXP for a victory. Dividing that by the energy (6) gives 1,966.67 EXP/Energy. This is the maximum ratio possible in farming the Hard stages. To get a better ratio, I will have to farm Brutal stages, but when does it become more energy efficient? Based on the table above, the energy efficiency starts to improve compared to Stage 12 Hard at Brutal 10-2 (15,784/8 = 1,973).

    Generally, I think this is an important consideration for the players who are starting to grind, and often overlooked. Energy is a limited resource (especially when I’m not overcapped), so I want to avoid undervaluing it. Farming Brutal too early doesn’t give you the full value of your energy.

  44. Sharakari

    Where can I find info on how a Champions “power” is determined and what role does it play in game mechanics. I see when I fight a team in Arena that “team power” is displayed. Same with Arena Defense so I assume this number plays a role.

  45. Christian

    If you started with Elhain and is using her as your farmer, the best stages to farm with her would be 9-3 or 12-3 depending on which you can clear more consistently. Once you’ve unlocked the next difficulty, surprisingly enough, it is actually better to farm 12-3 Normal than 9-3 hard as the exp output is a bit higher. Needless to say this would apply for people who have a bit more time to farm as less energy consumption means more runs.

  46. Matthew Danner

    Hi there! I love all your stuff, super appreciative. I actually rebuilt your chart to include an exp/silver per energy spent column. I saw it asked for a couple of times and if you’d like to have it I’d be happy to send it your way.

  47. Ayumilove Post author

    @BamBamBara: 12-3 refers to Leveling up your champions in Campaign 12 Stage 3.

  48. BamBamBara

    Hi Ayumi. Please can you explain what you mean by the term “12 – 3”? I see this mentioned everywhere but still have no idea what it refers to! Many thanks, Bara

  49. Arvius

    So with energy efficiency in mind, you should farm levels at Normal 12-3/6 until you can farm Hard 10-6, and you should farm at Hard 12-3/6 until you can farm Brutal 10-3.

  50. RED H4WK

    Great job! Btw, do you know if they lowered the XP to half? I know the table is for XP x2 bonus but I’m getting 1782 XP on 12.3 normal w/out XP bonus, this is a quarter of the 7128 you have on the table. Maxed leader and 3 getting XP.

  51. Akuma_Okami

    Thank you for that explanation i had no idea. much appreciated

  52. Ayumilove Post author

    @skay: You get more silver in Brutal Campaign 12-3 by selling the Shield looted after completing the battle. The shield drop can be from 3~5 stars to compensate the loss of silver obtained directly from completing the campaign. If you want to grind specifically for Silver, the best is to do Spider’s Den dungeon. The amount of silver you gain is approximately 3~6 times more when selling accessories (Ring, Amulet, Necklace) depending on the stars for the amount of energy spent, while at the same time finding good pieces for your Faction champions. 2 Energy Refills can earn approximately a million silver with some spare excellent accessory pieces for your champions.

  53. BurningpPoster

    @Ben seaman Exp in the chart is ‘Total’ Exp.
    The exp reward will be split to every champions (even that champ was lv.max).
    That’s why you only receive 4k+ exp per character.

  54. Ben seaman

    Farming on 12-3 brutal, only recieving 4k+ exp per character…..why?

  55. skay

    Just asking a question: If I just go for silver, what is the best map+stage combination (without completely ignoring XP, see it more as second stat)? Isn’t level 12 on hard much more efficient than on brutal? I’ve calculated it in 12-3 (hard) -> I get 1592 silver per energy but only 1319 silver on brutal. But sure, the XP decreases from 2163 to 1967 per energy. Does the sale of the better shields compensate for the loss of silver? Or wouldn’t 12-3 on hard be the better grind in case of silver shortage?

  56. Ayumilove Post author

    @Akuma_Okami: The XP Table calculation is correct. What you are seeing above is the total XP gained from 1 champion when he solo that campaign. If you have 4 champions doing Campaign 12-3 Brutal, the XP is divided into 4, and multiplied by 2 if you are using Double XP Boost. So the calculation is performed as (17304 XP divided by 4 multiplied by 2 = 8652 XP). In addition, the Silver rewarded is not 11K. If you click on the Silver icon after you completed the Campaign 12-3, it will give you the exact value of 10,550 Silver (but the value is rounded up by the game developers to make it easier to view the numbers). I’ll prepare another Campaign XP Table to make it easier for players to understand.

  57. Akuma_Okami

    Just did Brutal 12-3 and exp was 8652 and 11k silver. this was with the XP “flag” boost that is free to obtain and not with the paid sub fee. which is way off for both Map 12 stage Brutal that is shown on this chart

  58. Warmachine6905

    To lvl from 1 to 60 it will take 107 exp brews (same affiliate as champ) plus 1star x3 champs. Using 108 will be a waste.

  59. Warmachine6905

    @ honeyloops. I ran all campaign for Normal. Hard. Brutal. Started 1/7/20 – 1/13/20. You can look at my comment for silver/exp. I’m also helping out with the events and tournaments. I have run nightmare on a few stages and will send my #s for them as well. I’ll also send what dungeon exp/silver when I can

  60. Ayumilove Post author

    @carlos: Thanks! I have populated the remaining stages XP for Nightmare Campaign.

  61. Ayumilove Post author

    @H0NEYL00PS: Thanks. I have updated Campaign Hard Map 11-1 to 11-7 silver, and also updated the page title.

  62. H0NEYL00PS

    Hey. Shouldn’t the name of this just be “for Campaign”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this doesn’t show data for Dungeon stages like it says it does in the title. The first sentence of the intro says its just campaign too – this would help clarify the intent.

    Also – I just ran Map 11 Stage 1 on Hard and got 9K Silver. This might need an update. Happy to contribute to that if you like! Just hmu.

    Further to my last comment – I just looked at the table again and realised you’ve copied the Silver from Map 10 1-7 down over Map 11 1-7, so Map 11 just needs doing again. πŸ™‚


  63. Warmachine6905

    Here are xp / silver for map lvls w/raid pass/xp boost as of 1/7/20
    Based on Max Leader and 3 non maxed ( FULL TEAM )

    ** Note. Max Leader and 1or2 non maxed xp given is more
    For example 5-4 (HARD)
    Max ( full team )____________7740
    Max and 1 non max xp given 9067

    1-1. 768/900_____2736/5400___5760/6600___12787/10K
    1-2. 1920/960____2750/5460___5760/6600___
    1-3. 1927/1020___2765/5520___5760/6720___
    1-4. 2705/1080___2774/5580___5760/6780___
    1-5. 1808/1140___2792/5640___5760/6840___
    1-6. 1811/1200___2810/5700___5760/6900___
    1-7. 1299/1440___2470/5940___5040/7140___

    2-1. 1372/1440___2851/5940___5760/7140
    2-2. 1378/1500___2861/6000___5760/7200
    2-3. 1384/1560___2861/6060___5760/7260
    2-4. 1391/1620___2885/6120___5760/7320
    2-5. 1404/1680___2918/6180___5760/7380
    2-6. 1411/1740___2918/6240___5760/7440
    2-7. 1010/1980___2606/6480___5040/7680

    3-1. 1836/1980___3337/6480___6480/7680
    3-2. 1858/2040___3402/6540___6480/7740
    3-3. 1879/2100___3402/6600___6480/7800
    3-4. 1912/2160___3467/6660___6480/7860
    3-5. 1926/2220___3467/6720___6480/7920
    3-6. 1940/2280___3488/6780___6480/7980
    3-7. 1745/2520___3139/7020___5760/8220

    4-1. 2183/2520___3946/7020___7200/8220
    4-2. 2194/2580___3970/7080___7200/8280
    4-3. 2219/2640___3996/7140___7200/8340
    4-4. 2230/2700___3998/7200___7200/8400
    4-5. 2255/2760___4018/7260___7200/8460
    4-6. 2269/2820___4046/7320___7200/8520
    4-7. 2273/3060___4054/7560___7200/8760

    5-1. 2508/3060___4475/7560___7920/8760
    5-2. 2533/3120___4475/7620___7920/8820
    5-3. 2548/3180___4475/7680___7920/8880
    5-4. 2573/3240___4534/7740___7920/8940
    5-5. 2587/3300___4570/7800___7920/9000
    5-6. 2612/3360___4570/7860___7920/9060
    5-7. 2620/3600___4550/8100___7920/9300

    6-1. 2890/3600___5069/8100___8640/9300
    6-2. 2904/3660___5069/8160___8640/9360
    6-3. 2923/3720___5069/8220___8640/9420
    6-4. 2952/3780___5146/8280___8640/9480
    6-5. 2956/3840___5155/8340___8640/9540
    6-6. 2966/3900___5184/8400___8640/9600
    6-7. 2746/4140___4744/8640___7920/9840

    7-1. 2890/4140___5270/8640___8640/9840
    7-2. 3221/4200___5270/8700___8640/9900
    7-3. 3082/4260___5270/8760___8640/9960
    7-4. 3096/4320___5280/8820___8640/10K_
    7-5. 3113/4380___5294/8880___8640/10K_
    7-6. 3138/4440___5371/8940___8640/10K_
    7-7. 3161/4680___5357/9180___8640/10K_

    8-1. 3197/4680___5486/9180___8640/10K_
    8-2. 3221/4740___5486/9240___8640/10K_
    8-3. 3234/4800___5486/9300___8640/11K_
    8-4. 3254/4860___5486/9360___8460/11K_
    8-5. 3283/4920___5539/9420___8640/11K_
    8-6. 3307/4980___5582/9480___8640/11K_
    8-7. 3317/5220___5598/9720___8640/11K_

    9-1. 3629/5220___6125/9720___9360/11K_
    9-2. 3648/5280___6158/9780___9360/11K_
    9-3. 3648/5340___6158/9840___9360/11K_
    9-4. 3696/5400___6192/9900___9360/11K_
    9-5. 3720/5460___6192/9960___9360/11K_
    9-6. 3744/5520___6192/10K____9360/11K_
    9-7. 2635/5760___4373/10K____6480/12K_

    10-1. 3835/5760__6374/10K____9422/12K_
    10-2. 3859/5820__6418/10K____9470/12K_
    10-3. 3859/5880__6418/10K____9470/12K_
    10-4. 3917/5940__6461/10K____9518/12K_
    10-5. 3941/6000__6461/11K____9518/12K_
    10-6. 3941/6060__6461/11K____9518/12K_
    10-7. 3432/6300__5582/11K____8198/12K_

    11-1. 4085/6300__6792/11K____10272/12K
    11-2. 4109/6360__6835/11K____10301/12K
    11-3. 4255/6420__6835/11K____10301/12K
    11-4. 4166/6480__6934/11K____10358/12K
    11-5. 4190/6540__6977/11K____10382/12K
    11-6. 4214/6600__7020/11K____10406/12K
    11-7. 3543/6840__6044/11K____8712/13K_

    12-1. 4248/6840__7080/11K____10301/13K
    12-2. 4277/6900__7080/11K____10301/13K
    12-3. 4277/6960__7080/12K____10382/13K
    12-4. 4344/7020__7080/12K____10459/13K
    12-5. 4373/7080__7080/12K____10536/13K
    12-6. 4402/7140__7080/12K____10560/13K
    12-7. 3114/7380__4956/12K____7344/13K_

  64. Madfox

    From what i got in 12-6, Carlos is correct, can extrapolate all the values now.

  65. Madfox

    nightmare 12-6 gives 39072xp and 19031 silver

  66. carlos

    Looks like the experience you get in brutal is 45.045% of the exp you will get in nightmare, except in stage 7, so i would safely asume what the xp por each stage is in brutal…

  67. Ayumilove Post author

    @Warmachine6905: The list is showing the total XP gained for all 4 champions if they have not reached the max level. If you take 1 champion to battle and solo the campaign stage, you will get the same amount of XP indicated in the chart above. Ensure that champion is fully geared (transfer your decent fully upgraded gears on him) to level him up fastest rather than having a speed farmer to level up him along with 2 more fodders.

  68. Ayumilove Post author

    @Joe: May I know which campaign stage you see its Double XP? Take note that the XP shown in the chart is the total XP gain for 1 champion. If you have 4 champion in battle, divide it by 4. Fastest way to level up a champion is in completing Campaign Stage 12-3 Brutal (for best XP and Silver ratio = More Silver gain when selling shield obtained from Stage 3). Put your best equipment on that solo champion who you want to take him to Level 60. Otherwise, get a decent campaign speed farmer or starter champion to level up 3 champions.

  69. Joe

    Looks like you had a double xp going when you made this chart…

  70. Warmachine6905

    I have no idea eather. I tried the math but it’s not coming up with the list vs what I see. I have finished Normal xp/silver totals for Max leader with full team. I will send updated #s for Normal / Hard / Brutal by Feb 1st

  71. Silverfox

    Silver for nightmare increases by 10% progressively, so you can update the rest of them…..for Xp i have got no idea how its being calculated.

  72. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mahyudha: The XP shown here is received by 1 champion. If you have 4 champions in battle, divide the EXP by 4. Assuming you have 4 champions selected for Campaign Battle, 5362/4 = 1341 EXP gained per champion. With double XP Boost active, each champion gains 2681 XP per battle. The XP distribution is either 100% (1 champion), 50% (2 champions), 33% (3 champions) and 25% (4 champions). It’s highly recommended to get all 4 champions in battle, so each round you will only waste the minimum of 25% XP for the maxed level farmer champion.

  73. Mahyudha

    Why does the XP that I get doesn’t match the one on the list above?
    for example in map 7 stage 2, above it says 5,368 XP, but all I get is around 2000, even though my double xp is still active

  74. Ayumilove Post author

    @Tswift: I’m not sure how to retrieve the raw XP and Silver without the Raid Pass 20% and Double XP. Do you know the previous values?

  75. Ayumilove Post author

    @MrOtaku: Thanks for your highlighting the error! I have made the necessary corrections to Brutal Map 11.

  76. Tswift

    Nightmare 12-6, raid pass, double xp. The numbers I just posted are when running 1 farmer + 3 food champs, exp divided between 4 champs

    Exp: 23,443 xp
    Silver: 22,837 silver

  77. MrOtaku

    Values for map 11 Brutal are wrong (same as map 10).

    11-1 17120 10000
    11-2 17168 10050
    11-3 17168 10100
    11-4 17264 10150
    11-5 17304 10200
    11-6 17344 10250
    11-7 14520 10450

  78. Madfox

    I have, but i didn’t pay close attention, and only farm 12-3.

  79. Ayumilove Post author

    @Madfox: Thanks for your input! I have added it into the list above! Have you tried the other stages in Campaign 12 Nightmare?

  80. Madfox

    12-3 nightmare gives 38,416xp and 18471 silver

  81. Ayumilove Post author

    @Flors: I would need some assistance to clear Nightmare Campaign. If you have the data, post it here, so I can update the XP Silver table above πŸ™‚

  82. Flors

    An update for the nightmare would be great
    Could help us not waste so much energy on it

  83. Ermns

    I second the motion for the update to Nightmare.

    Could you please go over the Nightmare and update the chart?

  84. RymeDog

    Will you be updating for nightmare (16 energy)
    Im wonder what the exp energy ratio is.
    At first looks it seems brutal is still better for lv grinding