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Raid Shadow Legends Remove Buff Skill is used to instantly remove buffs from enemies that they have cast on themselves which allows your team to defeat them more efficiently. Steal Buff Skill allows a Champion to steal enemy Champion’s buff for its own advantage to strengthen self or allies while weakening the enemies simultaneously in battle. Both of these Remove Buff and Steal Buff abilities requires Accuracy to prevent enemies from successfully resisting them.

Remove Buffs Champions (63)

Remove Buffs (AoE)


  1. Arix (KR-LHM)
  2. Astralon (SO-LAM)
  3. Elegaius (UH-LSM)
  4. Gurgoh the Augur (OT-LAV)
  5. Guurda Bogbrew (OT-LSF)
  6. King Gallcobar (SY-LSM)
  7. Lady Kimi (SK-LSM)
  8. Michinaki (SK-LDM)
  9. Mighty Ukko (SW-LSF)
  10. Prince Kymar (DS-LSM)
  11. Rae (DE-LAM)
  12. Ramantu Drakesblood (LZ-LAV)
  13. Sethallia (BL-LSM)
  14. Shemnath (KR-LAM)
  15. Suzerain Katonn (UH-LAS)
  16. Underpriest Brogni (DW-LSM)
  17. Venus (SO-LSV)
  18. Vergumkaar (LZ-LSS)
  19. Yannica (HE-LAS)


  1. Chancellor Yasmin (BL-ESF)
  2. Chonoru (SK-EAS)
  3. Grimskin (OT-EDM)
  4. Hope (SO-EHM)
  5. Madame Serris (DE-ESV)
  6. Rian the Conjurer (DE-ESF)
  7. Seer (OR-ESV)
  8. Sikara (BA-ESM)
  9. Valla (BA-EDS)


  1. Banshee (UH-RSM)
  2. Grinner (UH-RSF)
  3. Hospitaller (SO-RSM)
  4. Skirmisher (BA-RAV)



Remove Buffs (Random)


  1. Soulless (KR-LDV)





Remove Buffs (Target)


  1. Cruetraxa (DS-LAV)
  2. Gronjarr (DW-LHF)
  3. Quintus the Triumphant (BL-LAV)
  4. Rhazin Scarhide (LZ-LDF)
  5. Roshcard the Tower (SO-LHM)
  6. Shamrock (OT-LSS)
  7. Sigmund the Highshield (BL-LDM)
  8. Tormin the Cold (DW-LDV)


  1. Alaric the Hooded (BL-EAF)
  2. Baroth the Bloodsoaked (BA-EHF)
  3. Geomancer (DW-EAF)
  4. Gorgorab (UH-ESM)
  5. Juliana (SO-EAM)
  6. Luria (DE-EAS)
  7. Mistrider Daithi (SY-EAF)
  8. Shaman (OR-ESF)
  9. Snorting Thug (SW-EHF)
  10. Spider (DE-ESF)
  11. Theresc (DE-EAF)


  1. Candleguard (DW-RAM)
  2. Chopper (OR-RAM)
  3. Conquerer (BL-RAS)
  4. Courtier (BL-RAF)
  5. Hurler (LZ-RAF)
  6. Ogryn Jailer (OT-RAF)
  7. Quaestor (BL-RAF)
  8. Solaris (SO-RAF)
  9. Totem (OR-RSS)


  1. Battle Sister (SO-UAM)
  2. Skinner (LZ-UAM)


Specific Remove Buffs Champions (2)

Specific Remove Buffs (AoE)



  1. Locwain (SY-EAM)




Specific Remove Buffs (Target)


  1. Ultan of the Shell (DE-LAS)





Steal Buffs Champions (46)

Steal Buffs (AoE)


  1. Gamuran (SK-LSS)
  2. Samar Gemcursed (DW-LHS)
  3. Skartorsis (UH-LSF)


  1. Eolfrig (BL-ESS)
  2. Madame Serris (DE-ESV)
  3. Romero (SO-EDF)
  4. Skathix (LZ-ESV)




Steal Buffs (Random)



  1. Romero (SO-EDF)




Steal Buffs (Target)


  1. Ailil (SY-LAV)
  2. Archbishop Pinthroy (SO-LSS)
  3. Basileus Roanas (HE-LAF)
  4. Elder Skarg (BA-LAF)
  5. Errol (SO-LAF)
  6. Gomlok Skyhide (OR-LSF)
  7. Harvest Jack (UH-LHS)
  8. Kantra the Cyclone (BA-LDF)
  9. Konstantin The Dayborn (SO-LAV)
  10. MaShalled (UH-LAS)
  11. Morrigaine (UH-LSM)
  12. Nari the Lucky (DW-LDF)
  13. Shamrock (OT-LSS)
  14. Teela Goremane (OR-LSM)
  15. Tormin the Cold (DW-LDV)
  16. Warchief (SW-LDF)


  1. Alaric the Hooded (BL-EAF)
  2. Aothar (SO-EAF)
  3. Fodbor the Bard (DW-EAS)
  4. Genbo the Dishonored (SK-EAV)
  5. Geomancer (DW-EAF)
  6. Locwain (SY-EAM)
  7. Masamoto (SK-EDS)
  8. Oboro (SK-EAV)
  9. Peydma (DS-EDV)
  10. Phranox (KR-EAS)
  11. Snorting Thug (SW-EHF)
  12. Tomoe (SK-ESF)
  13. Torturehelm (OR-EHF)
  14. Warcaster (BL-ESV)


  1. Anointed (BA-RSF)
  2. Candleguard (DW-RAM)
  3. Hellfreak (DS-RAS)
  4. Honor Guard (DW-RDF)
  5. Metalshaper (LZ-RSS)
  6. Mystic Hand (DE-RSF)
  7. Ogryn Jailer (OT-RAF)
  8. Slitherbrute (LZ-RAM)
  9. Temptress (UH-RAM)



Passive Steal Buffs Champions (1)

Passive Steal Buffs (Target)


  1. Mighty Ukko (SW-LSF)





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41 thoughts on “Remove Buff and Steal Buff Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @lurium: Sigmund the Highshield is categorized in the Remove Buffs instead of Steal Buffs champion list!

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @DynamoDucky: Nari the Luck and Gamuran is now available in the Steal Buff champion list!

  3. DynamoDucky

    I think Nari the Lucky and Gamuran are missing from the Steal Buff lists.

  4. lurium

    Why is Sigmund the Highshield in steal buff-s list? He has remove buff and decrease buff duration, but I see no Steal buff

  5. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: I have added new champions to the Remove Buff & Steal Buff champion list:
    1. Remove Buff (AoE): Grimskin, Valla
    2. Remove Buff (Target): Candleguard, Solaris
    3. Steal Buff (Target): Candleguard

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jón Gunnar Borgthórsson: Hellfreak is added to the Steal Buff champion list!

  7. Jason

    Only one Knights rev champ, not only is it a lego but its also void and its a random hit on a 3 turn… Hope they add more champs to this category for FW’s sake.

  8. Jón Gunnar Borgthórsson

    Hellfreak (Rare – spirit affinity) – his A2 can steal all buffs from a target – seems to have a good kit although no AOE’s

  9. Dave

    only 1 High Elf with the abiltiy to steal or remove buffs, a Legendary no less… now i see why there are so many Paragon in High Elf Faction Wars…. great job Plarium

  10. Ayumilove Post author

    @korukyu: I have included Genbo the Dishonored to the Steal Buff Champion list!

  11. korukyu

    Genbo the Dishonored should be added to the Steal Buff -> Epic list

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @aleksey: I’m not able to confirm whether Sniper mastery increases the success rate for Steal Buff skills.

  13. aleksey

    can sniper mastery affect steal buff ability? Thanks

  14. ian

    uugo doesnt remove buffs

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jessie Ramirez: Your champion who is performing the Remove Buff or Block Buff requires a high amount of Accuracy stats to prevent enemies from resisting it. The accuracy amount required is for every stage, multiply it by 11. For instance, Void Stage 7 multiply by 11 gives 77. Hence, you will need at least 77 Accuracy for it to work as expected. Do keep in mind that it also depends on the champion’s skill whether it has a high or guaranteed success rate for it to work too.

  16. Jessie Ramirez

    How to remove or block buff on void level 7? I have tried with many different types of players and won’t work. Need help please

  17. Ayumilove Post author

    @Daniel Lloyd Iles: Elder Skarg has been added to Steal Buff champion list!

  18. Daniel Lloyd Iles

    Elder Skarg now steals buffs with ‘hunt the marked’, his A2.

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    @Vleq: Soulless have been added into the list above!

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @Damiana: I have merged the Steal Buff list into the Remove Buff list page. In addition, Suzerain has been added into the list above.

  21. Vleq

    Soulless (KR-LDV) also removes buffs with his second ability. It hits the primary target and two other random targets, and also provokes them if it removes a buff.

  22. Damiana

    Suzerain should be listed as he removes the ones that count most. And tbh Steal Buffs list should be combined with this list. In the interest of clarity. Jmo. New players and even some older aren’t going to think about the difference between ‘steal’ and ‘remove’. They want the buffs off. Whether stolen or removed. Would be good for the lack of availability of knowledge to make 1 list of both. Separate headings but 1 combined list. Thanks for all your work. You’ve done an outstanding job and helped me a ton. 💜

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    @Herocoder: I have updated this page to have 2 new subcategories for Remove Buff (AoE and Target).

  24. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mick: Ma’Shalled does not remove buff, but he steals buff. He is listed under Steal Buff section.

  25. Herocoder

    Please kindly sort the list into single buff, all buffs, AOE buff remove, target buff remove. Would be quite useful to look through them.


  26. Mick

    After Ma’Shalled was reworked his A3 now also removes buffs.

  27. M3rcer

    @Johnny Removing buffs, applying debuffs and decreasing turn meter all depend on ACC doing it and target’s RESIST.

  28. Johnny

    Hey does this skill depend on champion’s ACC? My Conqueror keeps getting resisted when using this skill against Arcane Keep boss

  29. Digao Momeil

    Valla removes shield buff.. i think you have to add her..

  30. Marijn

    suzerain katonn removes [Shield], [Block Damage], and [Unkillable] buffs

  31. Ayumilove Post author

    @Wayatt: I have added Sethallia into the Remove Buff champion list above. Thanks!

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    @annon: Anointed skill is Steal Buff instead of Remove Buff. Therefore, he is listed under Steal Buff section.

  33. Wayatt

    sethallia after 1.13

  34. annon

    Anointed 2nd skill has 75% chance of stealing 1 buff

  35. Ayumilove Post author

    @Anonymous: It’s ok 🙂

  36. Anonymous

    Never mind — it’s a steal buff, not remove buff. Feel free to delete my last comment. 🙂

  37. Anonymous

    Aothar’s A1 removes buffs.

  38. Ayumilove Post author

    @Synthes: Thanks for mentioning it! I have added Madame Serris into the Remove Buff champion list 🙂

  39. Synthes

    Madame Serris?!
    The best buff remover…

  40. Ayumilove Post author

    @james montgomery: Thanks! I have added Rae into the Remove Buff champion list above!

  41. james montgomery

    Rae’s skill 3 removes buffs