Warchief | SW-LDF | Raid Shadow Legends Skill Mastery Equip Guide

Raid Shadow Warchief Skill Mastery Equip Guide

Raid Shadow Warchief Skill Mastery Equip Guide

Champion Fusion



FACTION: Skinwalkers
RARITY: Legendary
ROLE: Defense
USABILITY: Situational
TOMES: 9 (A2 A3)

Total Stats (6★)

Health Points (HP): 18,990
Attack (ATK): 848
Defense (DEF): 1,465
Speed (SPD): 102
Critical Rate (C.RATE): 15%
Critical Damage (C.DMG): 50%
Debuff Resistance (RESIST): 50
Debuff Accuracy (ACC): 10


★★★✰✰ Campaign
★★★★★ Arena Defense
★★★★★ Arena Offense
★★★✰✰ Clan Boss
★★★★★ Faction Wars


★★★★✰ Minotaur’s Labyrinth
★✰✰✰✰ Spider’s Den
★★★★✰ Fire Knight’s Castle
★★★★✰ Dragon’s Lair
★★★★✰ Ice Golem’s Peak


★★★✰✰ Void Keep
★★★★✰ Force Keep
★✰✰✰✰ Spirit Keep
★★★★✰ Magic Keep

Warchief Skills

Brutal Force [DEF]
Attacks 1 enemy 3 times. Has a 25% chance of placing a [Provoke] debuff for 1 turn.
Level 2: Damage +5%
Level 3: Damage +5%
Level 4: Damage +10%
Level 5: Damage +10%
Level 6: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%

Marauder [DEF] (Cooldown: 5 turns)
Attacks 1 enemy. Places a [Provoke] debuff for 3 turns. Steals 2 random buffs from the target.
Level 2: Damage +5%
Level 3: Damage +5%
Level 4: Damage +10%
Level 5: Damage +10%
Level 6: Damage +10%
Level 7: Cooldown -1

Standstill [Passive]
Reflects 60% of the damage taken back to the attacker. DEF increases by 15% for each dead ally.

Warchief Equipment Guide

Arena, Campaign, Faction Wars Clan Boss, Dungeons

Equipment Set

3 Immortal Set
3 Life Set
1 Retaliation Set, 1 Accuracy Set
1 Retaliation Set, 1 Defense Set

Equipment Set

2 Defense Set, 1 Speed Set
1 Retaliation Set, 1 Defense Set
1 Lifesteal Set, 1 Defense Set

Equipment Stat Priority

Weapon (ATK)
Helmet (HP)
Shield (DEF)
Gauntlets (HP% / DEF%)
Chestplate (HP% / DEF%)
Boots (Speed)
Ring (HP / DEF)
Amulet (HP / DEF)
Banner (ACC)

Equipment Stat Priority

Weapon (ATK)
Helmet (HP)
Shield (DEF)
Gauntlets (C.RATE)
Chestplate (DEF% / HP%)
Boots (Speed)
Ring (DEF / HP)
Amulet (DEF / C.DMG)
Banner (ACC)

Warchief Mastery Guide

Arena, Campaign, Clan Boss, Dungeons, Faction Wars

Raid Shadow Legends Warchief Skill Mastery Equip Guide


  1. Deadly Precision
  2. Keen Strike
  3. Single Out
  4. Wrath of the Slain
  5. Ruthless Ambush
  6. Cycle of Violence
  7. Blood Shield
  8. Stoked to Fury
  9. Giant Slayer


  1. Defiant
  2. Rejuvenation
  3. Improved Parry
  4. Shadow Heal
  5. Bloodthirst
  6. Delay Death
  7. Retribution


  1. N/A

Warchief Videos

RAID: Shadow Legends | Warchief Champion Guide by Sir Jaxo

RAID: Shadow Legends | Warchief Champion Guide by FeedzTitan

RAID: Shadow Legends | Warchief Champion Guide by Дядя О. (Russian)

Warchief Updates

  1. (2019-09-19) Raid Shadow Legends Patch V1.10 #2
  2. (2020-04-07) Raid Shadow Legends Patch V1.14

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13 thoughts on “Warchief | SW-LDF | Raid Shadow Legends Skill Mastery Equip Guide

  1. SirRobs

    This Champ need a new review. No chance is this a 5 star in offence or defence PVP. And he is not that usefull anywhere else either. I used him to pick out a particular difficult champ in some higher dungeons, But as soon as I got wave clearing champs he just slow down the process. He is not very usable anywhere I am afraid. Tried to max him, but alas … back to the vault!

    Note: If only his provoke was AOE… then he would be usefull.

  2. RaidWarrior

    50 Stars, Should Be A Ranked

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: Warchief skills have been updated based on Patch 1.14

  4. Warp3dm1nd

    Needs to be ranked in the terrible category. The only use for him is in FK and there is 20 rares and epics who do it far better then him along with then other stuff they bring to the table. Also since plarium has said they can’t close worth a crap so they can’t buff campaign bosses without tons of issues. Ma-shart and Warfart will forever be vault guardians

  5. Snuff

    I’ve had the Chief vaulted for some time, but reading this I’m thinking of dusting him off.

    Does his passive still proc WM after the update?

  6. Nemuikage

    Nice, so he got a “buff” just to get a bigger nerf. From a decent legendary were you could use in cb and spider in a vault one. I feel bad for the ones who invested in him without knowing this.
    ps: you have to love the Raid rework team

  7. Ayumilove Post author

    @here: Cirilla the Community Manager for RAID Shadow Legends has informed that they have reworked both active and passive Reflect Damage as such it will prevent champions from gaining health if they are geared with Lifesteal Set and have the Reflect Damage buff or Reflect Damage passive skill.
    Source: https://plarium.com/forum/en/raid-shadow-legends/672_release-notes/173268_passive-reflect-damage-skill-rework/

    Quoting Cirilla Notes (December 2, 2019):
    Hello guys! There is one important point that we missed in our patch notes because of a simple oversight and do apologize for that. The passive reflect damage Skills used to replenish champs’ HP if they were equipped with the Lifesteal set. However, the damage yielded by the champs with the Lifesteal set was not intended to be influenced by the Skill initially (the same goes for Reflect Damage buff), thus, we fixed it for the passive Skills. Basically, now the reflect damage Skills and the damage that they produce work the same way as the corresponding buff does.

  8. Pychess

    I’ve noticed in the arena, and perhaps other dungeons that the blood shield mastery is not being activated upon a reflect damage kill. Was this a nerf I missed?

  9. Sirjaxo

    Hey here’s a more updated guide on warchief for everyone. Thanks


  10. dhr21577

    I want to add that this guy is a bit of an exception to the retaliation set being trash. He is an absolute beast in the retaliation set for Arena. Because he provokes fairly reliably on his A1 putting him in the retaliation set has a fair chance of getting a provoke on a second opponent (in addition to whoever he provokes on his own turn). That’s double the damage reflected per round, and importantly double the opponents who can’t use their A2 and A3 abilities. It also works well on auto, substantially improving his arena defense potential. I have had matches where he has provoked entire teams and essentially won the battle with decent healing support.

    I would suggest that for arena his best sets are 1 retaliation, 1 defense. I don’t believe speed is as important for him as for other arena champions because so much of his damage occurs out of his turn, but it does admittedly offer more opportunities to get additional provokes. At any rate I would prioritize accuracy over speed in the stat priority to ensure the provokes land.

  11. Rocket Chief

    There has been a huge update. Now he is really good in CB and also Spider 20.
    He is force so the spiderlings will attack him and with a lifesteal set and warmaster (instead of giant slayer) he is really a beast.
    see this post on reddit: (spider 20 without a counterattack team)

    Warchief- Thanks for the tip from /u/LeonSpartiatis on this one. I initially debated not adding it, because he doesn’t need the counter mastery like the heroes above to work, but I guess he belongs in this guide more than one covering any of the other approaches. His strength in this role comes from the fact that the damage reflect from his passive ability can proc Warmaster. So you don’t need to worry about the proc chance on the retribution mastery. In his case, you just gear him up with Lifesteal and make sure he has Warmaster and decent resists, and then watch and laugh as the spiderlings attacks trigger reflects and WM procs to keep him healed. With this strategy, you bypass the RNG associated with the Retribution mastery, and you can build him with higher HP because you don’t have to worry about the spiderlings doing 25% of his health with each attack. I’d venture to guess that you could build a team around this that would be reliable enough to farm Spider 20. So if you have him, and are able to get WM on him, I’d definitely go this route.

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ebolite Saint: Thanks for the notice! I have corrected the info to reflect based on the image. There was an issue occurred while updating the mastery template structure.

  13. Ebolite Saint

    the mastery guide text and picture do not line up with eachother.