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Doom Tower Overview

  • Doom Tower is a new game mode released on December 7 2020, which feature 132 stages (108 Common Floors, 12 Boss Floors, 12 Secret Rooms) for you to fight through.
  • It will be available in Normal and Hard difficulties, both of which will be repeatable
  • The Doom Tower resets every 30 days, erasing your progress, Rankings, and rotating some of the Bosses.
  • Golden Keys will be required to access a Floor for the first time, while Silver Keys will let you access Secret Rooms or replay Boss Floors you have previously completed.
  • In both cases, the Key will only be subtracted from your total if you successfully complete the Floor or Secret Room.
  • Neither Golden nor Silver Keys can be purchased. There is a limit of 10 Keys on both, and it resets at 00:00 UTC every day.
  • However, if you receive these Keys as a reward for in-game activity, they will be available for you to use before the next reset.
  • Doom Tower Floors follow a classic scheme: your Champions fight through 3 Rounds of enemies, while every 10th floor will feature a Boss fight. These Bosses will be different and their power will scale with the difficulty you’ve chosen and your progress (the Boss on Floor 110 will be much tougher than the Boss on Floor 10).
  • Secret Rooms will pose an additional challenge as they require specific conditions to complete. Such as using Champions of a specific Rarity, Faction, or Type.
  • Completing a Floor for the first time will earn you a set reward that cannot be farmed again before the Doom Tower is reset.

Doom Tower Artifact Sets

Beating the Boss Floors rewards materials that you can use forge powerful and unique Artifact Sets in the Artifact Forge. Each boss type rewards materials for a specific Set. Currently, there are 8 unique Artifact Sets that you can craft, which are Fatal, Untouchable, Affinitybreaker, Frostbite, Bloodthirst, Guardian, Fortitude and Lethal artifacts.

Fatal (2 Artifacts per set)

Fatal Set provides the wearer +15% Attack (ATK) and +5% Critical Rate (C.RATE). Fatal Set is a superior version of Offense Set with bonus Critical Rate! Farm Magma Cores from Kuldath the Magma Dragon to craft Fatal artifacts in the forge. Fatal Set is not in high demand in late game since Divine Offense Set provides better overall value in terms of Ignore Enemy Defense.

Untouchable (4 Artifacts per set)

Untouchable Set provides the wearer +40 RESIST and 2 turns Immunity Buff. Farm Scarab Claws from Borgoth the Scarab King to craft Untouchable artifacts in the forge. Untouchable Set is recommended to protect champions against negative effects applied by the enemies. It’s useful in both go-first or go-second team especially against Hegemon and Tormin the Cold.

Affinitybreaker (4 Artifacts per set)

Affinitybreaker Set provides the wearer +30% Critical Damage (C.DMG) and 20% chance to convert a Weak Hit to to a Critical Hit. Farm Nether Eggs from Agreth the Nether Spider to craft Affinitybreaker artifacts in the forge. Affinitybreaker Set is useful for non-Void affinity debuffer champions who applies negative effects while dealing damage on enemies. Reason being, whenever a champion weak hits, the negative effect will not be applied. Hence, dealing normal or Critical Hit allows the debuffer champion to successfully apply their effect on the target. For example, Alure (Magic Affinity) equipped in Affinitybreaker Set against Scarab King (Force Affinity).

Frostbite (2 Artifacts per set)

Frostbite Set provides the wearer 15% chance to resist Freeze and has a 10% chance to place a [Freeze] debuff on the attacker (chances increase to 30/45% and 20/30% respectively with more Artifacts from the set being equipped. Farm Frost Spines from Sorath the Frost Spider to craft Frostbite artifacts in the forge. Frostbite Set is recommended for crowd control champions especially the ones who has the ability provoke enemies. When the provoked enemies deals damage to the provoker who has Frostbite Set, it has a chance to Freeze them at the same time!

Bloodthirst (4 Artifacts per set)

Bloodthirst Set provides the wearer +12% Critical Rate (C.RATE) and heals them by 30% of the damage dealt. It’s a superior version of Lifesteal Set with bonus Critical Rate! Farm Dragon Bones from Iragoth the Eternal Dragon to craft Guardian artifacts in the forge. Bloodthirst Set is useful in all areas of the game especially for all-rounder champions who is able to deal high amount of damage to benefit from the healing based on damage dealt as well as inflicting debuff on enemies.

Guardian (4 Artifacts per set)

Guardian Set provides the wearer the ability to absorbs 10% of all damage dealt to ally Champions. It also heals the wearer 10% every turn based on their MAX HP. Farm Griffin Feathers from Grythion the Celestial Griffin to craft Guardian artifacts in the forge. Guardian Set is recommended for Champions who have high HP and Defense to tank the damage whenever allies receive damage from enemies! It’s commonly used in Clan Boss team setup to mitigate damage from the main ally protector champion.

Fortitude (2 Artifacts per set)

Fortitude Set provides +10% Defense and +40 Resistance. Farm Dreadhorn Plates from Boomal the Dreadhorn to craft Fortitude artifacts in the forge. Fortitude Set is recommended for building high resist tanky support champions who mainly focus on dealing damage or providing support to allies rather than inflicting debuff on enemies.

Lethal (4 Artifacts per set)

Lethal Set provides the wearer +25% Ignore Defense and +10% Critical Rate (C.RATE). It’s a superior version of Savage Set with the bonus Critical Rate! Farm Fae Spheres from Astranyx the Dark Fae to craft Lethal artifacts in the forge. Lethal Set is recommended for champions who does high single-target or AoE nuke damage against the enemies!

Doom Tower Champion Fragments

You’ll be able to win Champion Fragments by completing Secret Rooms. Remember, you can only get this reward once per cycle (the Fragments will refresh once the Doom Tower resets), so be sure to complete as many Secret Rooms as possible! Below is a list of champions you can get by accumulating the necessary fragments by farming the Secret Room (Normal and Hard).

Doom Tower Normal Champions

  1. Archmage Hellmut
  2. Akoth the Seared
  3. Rian the Conjurer
  4. Taya
  5. Dark Kael
  6. Gwynneth

Doom Tower Hard Champions

  1. Thea the Tomb Angel
  2. Urost the Soulcage
  3. Gomlok Skyhide
  4. Ba Satha
  5. Varl the Destroyer
  6. Vasal of the Seal

Doom Tower Secret Rooms

Doom Tower Secret Rooms Overview

  • Doom Tower has Secret Rooms and each of them has unique requirements to be met to complete them and gain its rewards.
  • There are 24 Secret Rooms in Doom Tower and they are divided into 2 difficulties: 12 on Normal and 12 on Hard.
  • The Secret Rooms are optional and not required to be completed in order to move on to the next floor. They are unlocked as you climb up the Tower and clear the floors.
  • Each Secret Room will require a Silver key to unlock and once you complete the Secret Room for the first time, you gain a one-time reward. If you lost the challenge, it will not consume the Silver Key.
  • Secret Rooms that are already cleared can be access again without keys, but it will not provide any rewards after the first completion.
  • Completing a Secret Room rewards 2 Silver Keys and 3 exclusive Champion Fragments that can only be farmed from Doom Tower to summon unique champions.
  • Normal Secret Room rewards 3 Epic Champion Fragments while Hard Secret Room rewards 3 Legendary Champion Fragments. The Epic Champion Fragments are used to summon Archmage Hellmut, Akoth the Seared and Rian the Conjurer. The Legendary Champion Fragments are used to summon Thea the Tomb Angel, Gomlok Skyhide and Urost the Soulcage.
  • Silver Keys are used to farm miniboss and final boss floors for forging materials to craft Fatal Set, Untouchable Set, Afinitybreaker Set and Frostbite Set

Doom Tower Secret Room Rules

Doom Tower Rules by Level and Difficulty

Secret Room Levels

Secret Room 1
Secret Room 2
Secret Room 3
Secret Room 4
Secret Room 5
Secret Room 6
Secret Room 7
Secret Room 8
Secret Room 9
Secret Room 10
Secret Room 11
Secret Room 12

Normal Rules

Rare Champions
Banner Lords
Attack Champions
Magic Champions
Epic Champions
Spirit Champions
HP Champions
Force Champions
Sacred Order
Void Champions
2 Silver Keys
3 Epic Hero Fragment

Hard Rules

Epic Champions
Dark Elves
Defense Champions
Epic Lizardmen
Rare Attack Champions
Rare Champions
Support Champions
Epic Spirit Champions
HP Champions
Undead Hordes Epic
Void Champions
2 Silver Keys
3 Legendary Hero Fragment

List of Doom Tower Bosses

There are 8 different bosses in Doom Tower. Each of them have unique abilities, which requires distinct strategies to counter them. Click on the boss link below for more details!

  1. Agreth the Nether Spider drops Nether Eggs to craft Affinitybreaker Set
  2. Borgoth the Scarab King drops Scarab Claws to craft Untouchable Set
  3. Sorath the Frost Spider drops Frost Spines to craft Frostbite Set
  4. Kuldath the Magma Dragon drops Magma Cores to craft Fatal Set
  5. Iragoth the Eternal Dragon drops Dragon Bones to craft Bloodthirst Set
  6. Grythion the Celestial Griffin drops Griffin Feathers to craft Guardian Set
  7. Boomal the Dreadhorn drops Dreadhorn Plates to craft Fortitude Set
  8. Astranyx the Dark Fae drops Fae Spheres to craft Lethal Set

Doom Tower Storyline

Many millenia have I shielded the realm of Teleria from Darkness. Countless foes rose to challenge the will of the Goddess, some were slain but there are creatures of eldrich might that could only be banished from the world. Those I had imprisoned in a tower of obsidian and magic, there to be forever trapped in a cycle of their own malice. But the tide has turned. My strength wanes while Siroth and his minions grow in power. I fear we can no longer trust the ancient wards to hold the tide of evil at bay. That is why I ask you, my Champions, to accept this sacred duty. Venture forth and face the creatures of doom that lurk within the Tower. Perhaps together you shall achieve what I could not those many centuries ago… Make haste, I implore you, for the fate of Teleria hangs in the balance.

Doom Tower Videos

Doom Tower Core Mechanics by Raid Shadow Legends

Doom Tower Boss Skills by Raid Shadow Legends

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59 thoughts on “Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Guide

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @Dennis: You can only farm crafting materials from Boos Floors and use them to craft artifact sets in the Artifact Forge!

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @HW2: Agreth the Nether Spider has a unique passive skill that always allows it to attack in the first turn regardless of the speed of your champions.

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jon: I have created links to each boss individual page so it has more space to cover the recommended champions for those areas.

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Charles Brown: For Celestial Griffin and Eternal Dragon, the easiest way to counter them is to build a high resist team with heavy damage such as Rotos the Lost Groom. You can support these nukers with debuffer champion that focusses primarily on Accuracy (ACC) and Resist (RES) stats.

  5. Ayumilove Post author

    @Erik Hansen: Yes, any Block Revive champion such as Rotos the Lost Groom, Fenax, Armiger and Lydia the Deathsiren will allow you to counter Frost Spider revive skill.

  6. Erik Hansen

    Sorath the Frost Spider on Normal floor 30 can be killed with Rotos the lost Groom’s Block Revive skill. Anyone know if this can be done on floor 70 too? Would be nice to know if i have to build a hpburn champ from lvl1…. or if i can use same method

  7. Cap

    Secret room 6 on hard for the rotation you are showing is support champions, room 7 is High Elves.

  8. RG

    ok i am new to this what is minimum rank / levels to be able to actually clear the first floor? any particular affinity / faction etc needed?

  9. Charles BROWN

    So no tips on the Griffyn or the Eternal Dragon yet? Had no problem with the former so far but the ED is a nightmare…

  10. Jon

    When can we have an update with the new bosses pls?

  11. HW2

    No, my arbiter is 248 and Agreth still goes first on level 60 hard!

  12. H3

    What is the speed of Agreth on level 60 hard? My arbiter is 240 and Agreth still goes first

  13. [SNA]Bloodwolf

    for magma dragon warchief should be listed as mvp…. his a2 can provoke dragon right away, so long as you are fast enough and can keep him alive he will cycle to his a2 again as debuff expires and place it again before dragons turn..

  14. Dennis

    Can you farm items from doom tower? Why do we get so many silver keys?

  15. WR

    I would say Vergumkaar is very good for scarab. he was made for it

  16. John Arego

    Just a typo above 0% if Borgoth’s Max HP has been decreased less than 30%. It should be more than 30% not less than.

  17. KC

    I facing a huge problem with completing the mission which requires to utilize 5 silver keys in Doom Tower. How are you able to archive that when you have completed the quest on the secret room?

    I’m not sure if this is a bug!

  18. Sgt.Drill

    Maybe add Lugan the Steadfast in there, he can solo SK at least so far for me the first two of them.(second at level 50). Still climing the ladder though.

  19. Navas

    Can u add reward for each floor? Especially chickens. It would be more helpful

  20. Dresi

    hey there, greetings from lucerne

    thx for all your work, amazing site. found a little mistake:

    MVP Champions (Cleanser): Raglin, Reliquary Tender, Sethalia

    Sethalia misses 1x L

    Cheers, Dresi

  21. Centurion_dregg

    Yes exactly, Drexthar is very good for frost spider, I was very lucky to get him otherwise I wouldn’t have made it through frost spider.

  22. alix one

    Another vote for Drexthar Bloodtwin as a MVP for Frost Spider. He sets the spider on fire when he’s hit, meaning that often the spider gets burned immediately after losing the last burn.

    Stag Knight’s increase ACC ability is clutch for Frost Spider too, because of the increased resist when not under a Hp burn, along with the reduce speed and defence down.

  23. Vokko

    Warchief is godlike for Magma Dragon. After he was nerfed over a year go, he finally has a use in the game besides Vault Guardian.

  24. Teacup

    for frosty spider hard lvl 70+ you need very high ACC to put hp burn on him, my Tyrant had 330ACC was unable to land a single hp burn on it, upgraded to 336, was able to land 1 in about 5, I need to farm a 96ACC banner now, currently using 78ACC

  25. Mr. Nuffle

    Not a time limit, but a turn limit off 1000 turns.

  26. daniel

    Metalshaper should 100% be added to the Borgoth MVP list. He is quite possibly the best champion in the game for this in terms of accessibility and being easy to build (just high speed and survivability).

  27. ymirsson

    Kuldath the Magma Dragon also is immune to turn meter reduction

  28. dhillers

    Thaniks for the info, as always. Please examine your recoomendations for Scarab King the play is is better handed by advice i saw on Hell Hades page… I went to a team of Duchess Lillitu, Ithos, Valkerie, Coldheart, and Madame Serris after a few tries with other Chars, and went from 9 minute fails to 3 minutes and out.

  29. Robius


    A full booked Sir Nik can easily solo Borgoth floor 100 IF the team built around him was able (before to die) to lower Borg max HP at least even under 10%.

    My Sir Nik had these specs: 80k hp, 2 Immortal sets 1 Speed set, 220 resist (mandatory, to get almost no provoke or steal C-Heal).

  30. Gulyabani

    Rotos is not MVP for Borgoth because his skill does not work on the bosses.

    By the way, is there a time limit for stages? I tried the top floor twice on Normal, game freezes when the spider dies.

  31. GuacamoleBen

    Ayumilove, your site is great. Possibly add Metalshaper to the list of good champs for Borgoth?

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    @Knightmayre: I have updated the Doom Tower Hard Secret Room requirements based on your input. Thanks!

  33. Knightmayre

    @ayumilove thanks as always for all you do!

    My clanmates have me a couple of corrections for secret rooms –

    Hard SR4 is Epic Lizardmen, not just Lizardmen.
    Hard SR7 is Support champs

  34. Knightmayre

    @sir – only “all battle” auras for now. They’ve said they will add DT-only auras :/

  35. HW3

    I am confused by Borgoth’s ‘spectral horror’; a) is ‘max hp reduced’ referring to actual max hp reduction or just damage taken? and b) all of the categories of hp reduction given (<10%, 10%-20%, 20%-30%) are less than 30% but I imagine 0% reduction of damage taken does not always apply. Can you clarify this?

  36. HW3

    Man, the dwarf secret room really point out (if the faction wars hadn’t already) how lame my dwarves are.

  37. Emalkartha

    Doom Tower convinced me to quit Raid.

  38. WileyMan

    @Beze: Ultimate Galek self-buffs the ATK Up and he has a 50% chance on all of his skills. A fully-booked Wyvernbane does a 2-turn HP Burn on a 4-turn cooldown. There is no comparison. Ultimate Galek wipes the floor with Wyvernbane if you are looking for HP Burn uptime.

    If you want a Rare option, Bulwark is probably your best bet: fully-booked, he does a 2-turn HP Burn on a 3-turn cooldown.

  39. MrShovel

    For borgoth, why is rotos not listed as mvp, as he has a 2 turn 20% hp decrease.

  40. Sir Screeli

    Perhaps I overlooked it, but what aura skills will apply in the Doom Tower, if any?

  41. Hawkmistress

    Me thinks this new thingy (doom tower) will put a new twist on masteries.

  42. Beze

    For Sorath, put Wyvernbane on the MVP list here.
    Ultimate Galek is a nightmare to handle, because his LP-Burn only activates when a ATK-Buff is active (so you need Spirithost or Warpriest or something like that around as well – and Sorath throws dispel around every 3 turns) and also has only a 50% chance to do so. Took me approx. 30 tries to finally beat the Boss.
    Wyvernbane, however, can easily be booked to 100% chance, is an easily obtainable rare, and all around just so much more fun to use at Sorath.

  43. Morhen

    Hey folks,

    Do any of the “Leader” Auras activate in the Doom Tower? Other than “All Battles”.

  44. Dark Elhain

    My team for Frost Spider:
    Miscreated Monster in Stun set + Harvest Despair mastery for Leech
    Scyl in Stun set + Harvest Despair mastery for Leech
    Drexthar (no masteries yet)

  45. pOPETOOS

    For the frost spider, other MVPs.
    – Teela Goremane: HP burn and leech, plus steals buffs.
    – Drexthat Bloodtwin: HP burn everytime he is attacked, and in all his skills.
    – Dark Elhain: attacks whenever an ally gets freeze.

  46. pOPETOOS

    For the Scarab King, Vergumkaar should be the MVP.
    Does shields and increase defense. This pairs well with an Armiger in destroy set. Removes buffs from the enemy can could place decrease defense.
    More importantly, is immune to Provoke, and can remove the provoke in other allies. This would be key for higher level bosses.
    It is also Spirit afinity!

  47. Agent9x0

    My Team with 3m5s on Hard mode for Borgoth was:

    Little Miss Annie – Decrease Enemy Max HP / Damage
    Siphi – Speed,Heals and Revive
    Arbi – TM, Attack Boost and Revive
    Madame – Shields herself, Dec Def, Dec Attack
    Miscreated – Shield set and Allied protection

    I would significantly improve on that by swapping miscreated with Zelotah but I don’t have him leveled.

    Zelotah and Hope are brilliant epics for this fight. They both have AOE ally shields based on their MAX HP and as such can consistently put up decent sized shields. Draconis is a rare option also.

    Don’t underestimate how useful destroy sets will be here as well 🙂

  48. Picachu

    Jizoh was my solution for Borgoth the Scarab King Boss; not very fast one but after he remain last standing he did excellent job .
    He had like 30% HP when rest of my team died and boss like 35-40%. When he finished the boss was having full HP 🙂

  49. Dark Elhain

    Miscreated Monster’s Shield is not so good.

    My team was :
    Drokgul – for Shield, heal counterattack and buffs
    Warlord – for Shield, heal
    Reliquary Tender – for heal and revive
    Ripper (4*, at lvl 16 , equipped with Destroy set) – for Decrease Enemy MAX HP
    Dark Elhain – for Decrease Enemy MAX HP

    Completed in 7m, but the time can be improved


    Valla is also a good champ for Borgath. I didnt have a badass Valarie or any of the MVP’s so i threw my 6 starred Valla in and she pretty much soloed the boss on Normal

  51. Hamid

    Miscreated monster and sir Nik are not that great for Scarab King, because their shield is based on how much damage they can deal, and Scarab King has a lot of defense. On the other hand their ally protection can be stolen easily along with block debuff of Duchess. That is why the only reliable shield hero for Scarab King is Draconis and Valkyrie. Actually, I don’t have Valkyrie and I don’t know if her Counterattack can be stolen.

  52. Decoverto

    Setthalia is not so good for Kuldath. She removes hex but then hex is going to be placed on herself, moreover she is placing HP burn that automatically is replaced by 15% continuous-heal on the boss for 2 turns. She is not only un-useful, she is damaging the team. Better to use another healer

  53. Ayumilove Post author

    @chuck chang: I corrected the typo in the Doom Tower storyline. Thanks!

  54. chuck chang

    “Countless foes rose ot challenge” should be “to” in Storyline

  55. DudeJB

    Opened Today December 7th 2020

  56. Ayumilove Post author

    @Armadaeus: I have fixed the mispelled champion name. Thanks for highlighting it!

  57. Armadaeus

    Just thought I’d let you know @Ayumilove you have Duchess Lilith spelled Dushess under Bargoth the Scarab King

  58. Ayumilove Post author

    @William: Plarium mentioned that they will open Doom Tower early mid December 2020. Hence, we should get prepared with the necessary champions to complete those Secret Rooms 🙂

  59. William

    When does the tower open up or how do you open it