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Raid Shadow Legends Leech Skill applies Leech debuff on enemies which allows your Champion’s to recover some HP whenever they attack a target with Leech debuff. This allows your team to survive longer in battle by healing themselves while attacking the enemies. It’s a good supplement that you can pair well with Lifesteal Set to get more HP recovery with each hit towards the enemy champions. Leech debuff can be applied by champions who have the Harvest Despair mastery when they place a Stun, Freeze, Sleep, Fear, or True Fear debuff.

Raid Shadow Legends Leech


Any Champion that attacks a Champion with this debuff heals for 18% of inflicted damage.

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40 thoughts on “Leech Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Nastyquigley

    Minaya has AOE leech as well. Even though she only attacks single targets the debuff is placed on all enemies.

  2. fr34kg

    UDK does not have AOE Leech. Why is he on this list?

  3. Adrian

    Pestilus has a Leech on his A1 on 2 times hitter and Trumborr have a chanse for leech on his A1 also

  4. Jason

    This list is missing Kunoichi.

  5. Misha b

    Wythir the crowned has aoe leech on a1

  6. Selonair

    @Ayumilove there’s a few things missing here. Yannica has AOE leech if under veil. Also withir the crowned, Bivald the Thorned, Kunoichi and Deliana are missing who have AOE leech.

  7. Slayer

    You can add Legendary – Deliana to the list now.

  8. Katarsia

    Hi! Kunoichi of Shadowkin have AOE Leech. Thanks for your work!

  9. Faithless

    Wythir has aoe leech

  10. magna

    Hi! Leech (Self) should be Leech (Random) (“3 sections (AoE, Target and Random)”). Thanks!!! :))

  11. Ayumilove Post author

    @kie: Only direct damage dealt by the champion’s skill benefits from Leech debuff. Bombs, Poison and HP Burn does not heal the caster whenever the enemy receives damages from either of these debuffs when the target has Leech debuff.

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nobody: I have included Hotatsu into the Leech champion list. Thanks!

  13. Nobody

    Hotatsu is another one

  14. kie

    A dumb question, does life burn, poison or bombs count as an attack or can they somehow benefit from this debuff?

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    @Sovoy, @ShadowZeta: I have added Deacon Armstrong to the Leech skill champion list above! Thanks.

  16. Sovoy

    Hey @Ayumilove, there is an epic with Leech on his A1. Deacon Armstrong from Sacred Order.
    Thank you for your hard work <3

  17. Ayumilove Post author

    @Hokery, @BraveZ, @Mike Hunt: The list of champions that you have mentioned have been added to the Leech Skill Champion list!
    1. Yannica
    2. Rugnor Goldgleam
    3. Vogoth
    4. Uugo

    In addition, I have sub-categorized the Leech skill champions into 3 sections (AoE, Target and Random)

  18. Hokery

    New hero , Vogoth has a leech debuff

  19. BraveZ

    @Ayumilove, you missed the rugnor goldgleam in leech skill list

  20. Mike Hunt

    So, Yannica also has AoE leech as well when she is under veil

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    @Grant: I have updated the page with the correct links!

  22. Grant

    Only seeing “Uncommon
    [list tags=”rsl_skill_leech+rsl_rarity_common” title=”” for leech champion lists.

  23. Q

    Note that you can get this debuff when you have a champion with the “Harvest Despair” defense mastery, when you stun, freeze, or sleep an enemy (does not work on bosses, who are immune to these debuffs, and not very useful with sleep, when it will only works for the attack that wakes them)

  24. christopher c chambers

    Yannica can apply AOE leech while under Perfect Veil if A2 crits she will go into Perfect Veil, her A1 becomes AOE, and will apply it to all. I use her more than Any champ because of this.

  25. Drive2quik

    FYI, Canoness is missing from the Leech skill list.

  26. WileyMan

    @Karla: Damage to the shield is not damage to the champion. Your team will only gain HP from the Leech debuff after the shield is down.

  27. WileyMan

    @ Jon Myers: Foli has always been a great Lego. His AOE A3 is one of the strongest attacks in the entire game. If you can’t get good results from Foli, you are gearing him poorly.

  28. karla

    no leech if there is a shield i guess?

  29. Ayumilove Post author

    @TanjianX: The champion will recover a portion of his health by inflicting direct damage to the enemy who has Leech debuff. This includes Warmaster, Giant Slayer and their skill attacks except Poison (Damage over Time). It works similarly like Lifesteal Set but less effective than it.

  30. Ayumilove Post author

    @Agostinho Silva: No. Leech does not heal the champion who inflicts Poison. The champion must deal direct damage to benefit from Leech effect.

  31. TanjianX

    Am I right in saying this also procs of damage from masteries such as Giant Slayer?

  32. Agostinho Silva

    Will this heal with all damage including poison?

  33. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ragenfeld: I have added Ma’Shalled to the Leech Skill Champion List above

  34. Ragenfeld

    Ma’Shalled is missed on this list.

  35. Jeremiah Jones

    What about Teela the new Orc Leg? I just pulled her today.

  36. xXPulseDropXx

    Yo where is Ma’Shalled on here?

  37. Tim

    Ma´Shalled has leech too. Legendary Undead Hordes

  38. Jonathon J Myers

    Just saw patch 1.14 increased leech from 10% to 18% … wo der if Foli is finally a good lego?

  39. Predecessor

    Yannica, when veiled, applies an AOE Leech with her A1