Raid Shadow Legends Stun Skill Champions

RAID: Shadow Legends Stun Skill applies Stun debuff on enemies to prevent them from taking any action upon their turn. The stunned champion will have his skill cooldown refreshed only after Stun effect has expired or removed. This is one of the best Crowd Control skill (apart from Freeze, Sleep, Provoke, Decrease Turn Meter) to manage stronger enemy champions that can’t be defeated in burst attack. This skill is great against enemies in Dungeons at late game where they have vast amount of HP, Defense and Attack but lacking in Speed, Accuracy and Resist. Take note that Crowd Control skill does not apply to Clan Boss and Dungeon Boss.

Raid Shadow Legends Stun


The Champion with this debuff is unable to act X Turns. Cooldowns are not refreshed while [Stun] is active.

Stun Champions

Stun (AoE)


  1. Astralon (SO-LAM)
  2. Ba Satha (LZ-LHM)
  3. Basileus Roanas (HE-LAF)
  4. Big ‘Un (OT-LAM)
  5. Fu-Shan (LZ-LAF)
  6. Nethril (UH-LAS)
  7. Roric Wyrmbane (BA-LAS)
  8. Scyl of the Drakes (BA-LDM)
  9. Teumesia (SW-LAV)
  10. Trunda Giltmallet (DW-LAM)


  1. Archmage Hellmut (BL-ESM)
  2. Armina (BA-EAM)
  3. Burangiri (SK-EDF)
  4. Husk (UH-EHF)
  5. Magnarr (DS-EHS)
  6. Miscreated Monster (KR-EHM)




Stun (Target)


  1. Ba Satha (LZ-LHM)
  2. Cillian the Lucky (BL-LAM)
  3. Drokgul the Gaunt (OT-LSS)
  4. Hakkorhn Smashlord (SW-LHM)
  5. Ignatius (OT-LDM)
  6. Iron Brago (OR-LDS)
  7. King Garog (OR-LAF)
  8. Kreela Witch-Arm (OR-LSM)
  9. Ramantu Drakesblood (LZ-LAV)
  10. Riho Bonespear (SK-LSV)
  11. Robar (OR-LAF)
  12. Roxam (LZ-LAM)
  13. Soulless (KR-LDV)
  14. Trunda Giltmallet (DW-LAM)
  15. Vergumkaar (LZ-LSS)
  16. Yoshi the Drunkard (SK-LSF)


  1. Armina (BA-EAM)
  2. Azure (BL-EHV)
  3. Basilisk (LZ-EAF)
  4. Fodbor the Bard (DW-EAS)
  5. Gerhard the Stone (BL-EAM)
  6. Hoforees the Tusked (SW-ESF)
  7. Jarang (LZ-EAM)
  8. Knight-Errant (BL-EAS)
  9. Lady Etessa (SO-EAF)
  10. Maeve (BA-EAF)
  11. Missionary (SO-EHF)
  12. Prundar (OT-EDV)
  13. Rowan (BL-EAV)
  14. Tayrel (HE-EDM)
  15. Terrorbeast (OR-EHS)
  16. Tolf the Maimed (OR-EHV)


  1. Ashwalker (KR-RAV)
  2. Beast Wrestler (DW-RAF)
  3. Bloodmask (SK-RHF)
  4. Channeler (SW-RSS)
  5. Chevalier (BL-RDV)
  6. Chopper (OR-RAM)
  7. Crossbowman (BL-RAM)
  8. Drowned Bloatwraith (UH-RAV)
  9. Executioner (KR-RDM)
  10. Gladiator (KR-RAF)
  11. Hatchet Slinger (DW-RAS)
  12. Hound Spawn (DS-RAF)
  13. Huntress (OR-RAV)
  14. Magmablood (OT-RAF)
  15. Magus (KR-RAM)
  16. Marauder (SK-RHS)
  17. Raider (OR-RAS)
  18. Rotting Mage (UH-RSS)
  19. Sanctum Protector (SO-RDS)
  20. Slayer (BA-RAF)
  21. Tormentor (DS-RAM)


  1. Chemist (DW-UAM)
  2. Commander (BL-USF)
  3. Duelist (BL-UAF)
  4. Hardscale (LZ-UDM)
  5. Hungerer (OT-UHF)
  6. Icebound Prospector (DW-UAF)
  7. Stalwart (BL-UHM)
  8. Warchanter (OR-UHM)


Special Stun Champions

Immune to Stun


  1. Leorius the Proud (SW-LAV)
  2. Norog (SW-LDM)
  3. Teumesia (SW-LAV)


  1. Atur (BA-EHM)
  2. Gerhard the Stone (BL-EAM)




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12 thoughts on “Raid Shadow Legends Stun Skill Champions

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @pumicerD: I have added Magnarr as well as Ba Satha, Teumesia and Ashwalker to the Stun champion list!

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @Gammelnok: Debuff from Artifact Set does not require any Accuracy as it bypasses the target’s Resist stat. However, debuff placed by skills requires Accuracy stat unless stated unresistable. Although some special skills can place debuff that is unresistable, if the attack performed is a Weak Hit, then the debuff will not be placed as well with the exception of skill that does not deal any damage (so weak hit will not occur when battling against a stronger affinity).

  3. pumicerD

    Missing Magnarr in AoE stunners 🙂

  4. Gammelnok

    Uhm. Havent i read somewhere that set effects do not need acc, but abilities do? If so why top of the acc for stun? I can agree on acc for the ability debuffs but not the stun. Or am i wrong?

  5. Ayumilove Post author

    @MadVlad: I have included Trunda to Single Stun Target. Thanks!

  6. MadVlad

    Trunda has both Single and AOE Stun

  7. Ayumilove Post author

    @StewGaming: Both Freeze and Stun blocks the champion from performing any action upon taking their turn. Enemies in Freeze debuff takes only 75% damage from attackers.

  8. StewGaming

    What is a difference between freeze and stun?

  9. Ayumilove Post author

    @Michael Edes: Both Sleep debuff and Stun debuff will remain on the target.

  10. Michael Edes

    What happens if an enemy is under Stun and you use a move that applies sleep? does the Stun go away and get replaced by Sleep?

  11. Ayumilove Post author

    @asdf: Thanks for highlighting the missing champion! I have added Big ‘Un into the Champion Stun list!

  12. asdf

    Missing big un