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Raid Shadow Legends Decrease Defense Skill applies Decrease Defense debuff on the enemy so that they receive more damage from your Champions in battle. As a result, your team can defeat them quicker to win the battle. Decrease Defense Skill is frequently used in Clan Boss and Dungeon Boss to reduce the large amount defense at more difficult stages. This skill pairs well with Increase Attack Buff and Attack Aura on your team, which makes your team very powerful to defeat teams in a split-second. There are 2 versions of Decrease Defense buff (30% and 60%). The first Decrease Defense buff decreases by 30% of the enemy champion’s total defense while the second Decrease Defense buff decreases by 60% of the enemy champion’s total defense.

Raid Shadow Legends Decrease Defense 30%

Decrease Defense 30%

Decreases the Champion’s Total DEF by 30%

Raid Shadow Legends Decrease Defense 60%

Decrease Defense 60%

Decreases the Champion’s Total DEF by 60%

25% Decrease Defense Champions (1)

25% Decrease Defense (Target)




  1. Cudgeler (DW-RAM)



30% Decrease Defense Champions (38)

30% Decrease Defense (AoE)



  1. Alure (DS-EAM)


  1. Banshee (UH-RSM)
  2. Bellower (OT-RSV)
  3. Drowned Bloatwraith (UH-RAV)
  4. Eviscerator (DE-RAV)
  5. Fencer (HE-RAF)
  6. Kurzad Deepheart (DW-RAV)
  7. Maiden (SO-RAS)
  8. Totem (OR-RSS)



30% Decrease Defense (Random)




  1. Galek (OR-RAM)


  1. Dervish (BA-UAM)


30% Decrease Defense (Target)



  1. Jotun (BA-EHM)


  1. Avenger (HE-RAM)
  2. Chopper (OR-RAM)
  3. Cudgeler (DW-RAM)
  4. Fanatic (SK-RSV)
  5. Flinger (LZ-RAS)
  6. Gloril Brutebane (DW-RAS)
  7. Gravechill Killer (UH-RAM)
  8. Harrier (SO-RAV)
  9. Judicator (SO-RAS)
  10. Lamellar (SO-RHF)
  11. Marked (BA-RSM)
  12. Ox (BA-RAV)
  13. Raider (OR-RAS)
  14. Retainer (DE-RDV)
  15. Skink (LZ-RAM)
  16. Slasher (LZ-RAS)
  17. Vanguard (BL-RDV)


  1. Outrider (BA-UAS)
  2. Ritualist (BA-UAM)
  3. Skullsquire (UH-UAF)
  4. Slicer (DW-UAS)
  5. Tracker (OR-UAF)
  6. Vulpine (UH-UAF)


  1. Bandit (BL-CAS)
  2. Novitiate (SO-CAS)
  3. Swordsman (BL-CAM)

60% Decrease Defense Champions (106)

60% Decrease Defense (AoE)


  1. Abbess (SO-LAF)
  2. Ailil (SY-LAV)
  3. Aleksandr the Sharpshooter (HE-LAM)
  4. Belanor (HE-LAV)
  5. Bystophus (KR-LAF)
  6. Dracomorph (LZ-LAM)
  7. Genzin (SK-LAS)
  8. Ghostborn (DE-LSS)
  9. Gomlok Skyhide (OR-LSF)
  10. Hurndig (DW-LAM)
  11. Khoronar (SW-LHV)
  12. Lydia the Deathsiren (DE-LSV)
  13. Maranix (DE-LAF)
  14. Michinaki (SK-LDM)
  15. Rae (DE-LAM)
  16. Ragash (SW-LDS)
  17. Robar (OR-LAF)
  18. Roxam (LZ-LAM)
  19. Royal Huntsman (HE-LAS)
  20. Sicia Flametongue (DS-LAF)
  21. Suzerain Katonn (UH-LAS)
  22. Tomb Lord (KR-LSS)
  23. Ursuga Warcaller (BA-LHV)
  24. Venus (SO-LSV)
  25. Vlad the Nightborn (UH-LAV)


  1. Armina (BA-EAM)
  2. Deacon Armstrong (SO-ESS)
  3. Delver (DE-EAS)
  4. Dhukk the Pierced (OR-EDM)
  5. Fodbor the Bard (DW-EAS)
  6. Gorlos Hellmaw (DS-EAS)
  7. Madame Serris (DE-ESV)
  8. Mistrider Daithi (SY-EAF)
  9. Siegehulk (OT-EAM)
  10. Spider (DE-ESF)
  11. Stag Knight (BL-ESS)
  12. Suiren (SK-EAF)
  13. Tayrel (HE-EDM)
  14. Thylessia (KR-EAF)
  15. Uugo (OT-ESM)
  16. Valla (BA-EDS)
  17. Zargala (OR-EAF)


  1. Dagger (BL-RAV)
  2. Fleshmonger (SW-RAM)
  3. Warmaiden (BA-RAF)



60% Decrease Defense (Random)


  1. Fu-Shan (LZ-LAF)


  1. Crypt Witch (KR-EAM)
  2. Frostbringer (SO-ESM)
  3. Jarang (LZ-EAM)


  1. Sorceress (UH-RAF)



60% Decrease Defense (Target)


  1. Acrizia (DW-LAV)
  2. Astralon (SO-LAM)
  3. Baron (BL-LAV)
  4. Bloodgorged (UH-LAF)
  5. Foli (DE-LAM)
  6. Goffred Brassclad (DW-LDM)
  7. Jintoro (SK-LAM)
  8. Krisk the Ageless (LZ-LDV)
  9. Lord Champfort (BL-LHM)
  10. Martyr (SO-LDS)
  11. Ninja (SK-LAM)
  12. Quintus the Triumphant (BL-LAV)
  13. Ramantu Drakesblood (LZ-LAV)
  14. Rhazin Scarhide (LZ-LDF)
  15. Riho Bonespear (SK-LSV)
  16. Rotos the Lost Groom (UH-LAM)
  17. Roxam (LZ-LAM)
  18. Ruel the Huntmaster (DE-LAS)
  19. Saito (UH-LAM)
  20. Shemnath (KR-LAM)
  21. Ultan of the Shell (DE-LAS)


  1. Aina (BA-EAM)
  2. Anax (UH-EAS)
  3. Baerdal Fellhammer (DW-EAV)
  4. Baroth the Bloodsoaked (BA-EHF)
  5. Bloodfeather (OR-EAF)
  6. Bonekeeper (OR-EAF)
  7. Cagebreaker (OT-EAS)
  8. Cormac the Highpeak (SY-EAM)
  9. Dark Athel (UH-EAM)
  10. Deathless (KR-EDS)
  11. Defiled Sinner (UH-EAF)
  12. Enda Moonbeam (SY-EAS)
  13. Fahrakin the Fat (BA-EAS)
  14. Fayne (SW-EAS)
  15. Fenax (SO-EAS)
  16. Galkut (OT-EAS)
  17. Hellgazer (DS-EAS)
  18. Hexia (UH-EAF)
  19. Luria (DE-EAS)
  20. Miscreated Monster (KR-EHM)
  21. Necrohunter (KR-EAM)
  22. Oboro (SK-EAV)
  23. Rearguard Sergeant (DW-EDF)
  24. Royal Guard (HE-EAM)
  25. Ruella (SY-EAS)
  26. Rugnor Goldgleam (DW-EAV)
  27. Sir Artimage (BL-EAF)
  28. Suwai Firstborn (BA-EAV)
  29. Towering Titan (OT-EHV)
  30. Venomage (LZ-ESM)


  1. Dilgol (DW-RAV)
  2. Fanatic (SK-RSV)
  3. Gravechill Killer (UH-RAM)
  4. Hound Spawn (DS-RAF)
  5. Judge (DE-RAM)


  1. Militia (SO-UAS)


Passive Decrease Defense Champions (1)

Passive Decrease Defense (Target)


  1. Harima (SK-LDF)





Remove Decrease Defense Champions (1)

Remove Decrease Defense (AoE)


  1. Goffred Brassclad (DW-LDM)





Special Decrease Defense Champions (1)

Special Decrease Defense (Dependent)



  1. Thylessia (KR-EAF)




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34 thoughts on “Decrease Defense Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Kulbangal

    Chaaagur? 60% AOE

  2. Riceaxe

    Magnarr is missing from the single target decrease defence list. (A1)

    I would probably put Galek in the 60% decrease defence random list too.

    And Baron belongs in the special decrease defence list too. ItΒ΄s ALLWAYS is put on the target, even through fire knight shield, canΒ΄t be resisted and does not need accuracy.

  3. william reno

    Wagonbane has 30% decrease def on target with A3. I don’t see him on the list

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Paul McGee: Your champion’s Accuracy is used to counter the enemies/target’s Resist when it attempts to inflict a debuff or instant negative effect. For example, assuming Warmaiden is fully booked (100% success rate to apply Decrease Defense) with very little Accuracy stat provided from her equipment and Great Hall Bonuses, when you use her in high difficulty stages of dungeons to apply Decrease Defense debuff, you will notice the word “Resisted” pops up on the enemies. This means that the enemy’s resist is able to prevent from receiving your champion’s debuff as Warmaiden’s Accuracy is low.

    A different analogy to explain this is, think of Accuracy is the agility of the person. If the attacker has lower the agility when attacking the defender who possess higher agility, then the attack is meaningless as the defender will always have an upper hand in dodging the attack regardless of the number of times the attacker swings his sword.

    However, in RAID Shadow Legends game mechanics, you can’t 100% guarantee preventing or inflicting the debuff. There is a 3% cap in place for both attacker and defender. If you have 100 more Accuracy stat than the Defender, there is a 3% chance of the Defender is able to resist the debuff. This same applies for the attacker where he has a 3% chance to inflict a debuff to the Defender if the Defender has 100 more Resist to counter the Attacker’s accuracy. This 3% cannot be overriden unless the debuff skill mentioned is unresistable.

    If the debuff skill’s description mentions its unresistable but it deals damage, then it’s a different game mechanics applies, where if the target/enemy who is receiving the debuff receives damage as a Weak Hit, then the debuff will not be applied! Ghostborn has a skill that places AoE Decrease Defense debuff which is unresistable, but using him against Strong Affinity (Magic Affinity) champions, then the debuff might not land due to weak hits.

  5. Paul McGee

    Is there any reason to have high accuracy for the Warmaiden’s 60% [Decrease DEF] debuff, since it is 100% chance? The poison, of course, but that’s such a minimal part of her kit that I think it’s almost irrelevant. All the work you’ve put into this site is much appreciated, Ayumilove. Thank you.

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @Diablo209: The larger version of the debuff “60% Decrease Defense” will override the “30% Decrease Defense”.

  7. Ayumilove Post author

    @darkmie: Bystophus is now available in the Decrease Defense list!

  8. Diablo209

    Can 2 different champions place a %60 Def Debuff or can the target only be affected by one Def Debuff?

  9. darkmie


  10. Ayumilove Post author

    @HustokrutorCZ: Only the strongest debuff (60% Decrease Defense debuff) version will override the weakest debuff version (e.g. 30% Decrease Defense debuff). These debuff cannot stack with one another.

  11. HustokrutorCZ

    Hello, I wonder, if both versions u can place at the same time, i mean from 2 champs, so the enemy have 90% decrease DEF ??

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @A: Uugo has been added to the Decrease Defense skill champion list!

  13. Jeray

    Whoever Created This πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ”‘πŸ”‘πŸ”‘πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°
    You The G🐐

  14. A

    Uugo is missing

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    @Dezso Schaap: Galkut is moved to the correct listing in Decrease Defense list!

  16. Ayumilove Post author

    @Iliyanna: Suwai Firstborn has been added into the Decrease Defense skill list!

  17. Iliyanna

    Suwai Firstborn has 60% decrease defense on her A1

  18. Dezso Schaap

    Galkut does 60% not 30%. Could have been a buff at some point.

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    @JP, @Aleksey, @Chris: I have added Stag Knight into the Decrease Defense 60% AoE

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @Baron Mendavia: I have added Fencer into the Decrease Defense 30% AoE

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    @CyberThrall: I have updated the Decrease Defense Skill champion list by sub-categorizing it into 3 parts (AoE, Target, Random).
    1. AoE refers to applying the debuff to all enemies.
    2. Target refers to applying the debuff to a specific target.
    3. Random refers to applying the debuff to a random target.

  22. CyberThrall

    Thanks for this list, and all your great work. It would be brilliant if you added a sub-category to the skill lists which made it evident which champs have the skills as AoE versions of these skills from this page, is that possible?

  23. Baron Mendavia

    Missing Fencer, for what it’s worth …

  24. JP

    Stag knight is not listed here.

  25. Chris

    I believe stag knight has decrease defense as well

  26. Aleksey

    Stag Knight is totally forgotten

  27. Ayumilove Post author

    @thomas: Thanks! Hexia has been added into the Decrease Defense 60% champion list!

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    @Union: Thanks! Dark Athel has been added into the Decrease Defense 60% champion list!

  29. Union

    Dark Athel has a 40% chance of applying a 60% decrease defense debuff on the enemy with her A1 (profane glaive) but she’s not on this list.

  30. thomas

    hexia is a 60% defense decrease now
    you still have her as a 30%

  31. Ayumilove Post author

    @LonkiSolomki: Assuming the champion has 100 Defense Stat and has both 50% Increase Defense and 60% Decrease Defense, it would be calculated as (100 x 1.5 x 0.4 = 60)

  32. LonkiSolomki

    Is there any info about the the ‘defense increase’ and ‘defense decrease’ interaction? Does the ‘decreases total defense’ mean that their multipliers stack, i.e. characters under a 60% armor increase buff and a 60% armor decrease debuff would have 0.64 of the armor they initially had?

  33. Bryan

    Dark Athel is a 60% (A1) Epic. 90-day login reward now.

  34. Matthias Schuster

    Which are the Aoe’s?