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Raid Shadow Legends Freeze Skill is a skill that applies Freeze debuff on enemies to prevent them from taking action upon their turn. Frozen enemies will receive 75% damage from your champion. In addition, the Frozen champion will have his skill cooldown refresh only after Freeze effect has expired or removed. This is one of the best Crowd Control skill (apart from Stun, Sleep, Provoke, Decrease Turn Meter) to manage stronger enemy champions that can’t be defeated in burst attack. This skill is great against enemies in Dungeons at late game where they have vast amount of HP, Defense and Attack but lacking in Speed, Accuracy and Resist. Take note that Crowd Control skill does not apply to Clan Boss and Dungeon Boss. Freeze skill can be also obtained through equipping Frost Set which Freezes enemies at a certain success rate upon attacked by enemies.

Raid Shadow Legends Freeze


The Champion with this debuff is unable to act X Turns. Cooldowns are not refreshed while [Freeze] is active. The Champion only receives 75% of incoming damage.

Freeze Champions (38)

Freeze (AoE)


  1. Crypt-King Graal (UH-LSM)
  2. Gliseah Soulguide (SO-LDF)
  3. Gurgoh the Augur (OT-LAV)
  4. Ninja (SK-LAM)
  5. Rae (DE-LAM)
  6. Shirimani (HE-LSF)
  7. Tormin the Cold (DW-LDV)


  1. Achak the Wendarin (DS-ESF)
  2. Jinglehunter (HE-EAS)
  3. Luria (DE-EAS)


  1. Graybeard (SW-RDM)
  2. Hellfang (DS-RAS)



Freeze (Target)


  1. Aleksandr the Sharpshooter (HE-LAM)
  2. Gliseah Soulguide (SO-LDF)
  3. Sir Nicholas (SO-LHV)
  4. Tatura Rimehide (HE-LDS)
  5. Wurlim Frostking (KR-LDV)
  6. Yakarl the Scourge (BA-LAV)


  1. Broadmaw (LZ-ESV)
  2. Exemplar (HE-EAV)
  3. Luthiea (HE-EAF)
  4. Oathbound (BL-EDF)


  1. Anointed (BA-RSF)
  2. Courtier (BL-RAF)
  3. Flesheater (OT-RSS)
  4. Maiden (SO-RAS)
  5. Marquess (DS-RDS)
  6. Ordinator (DE-RAF)
  7. Pounder (OT-RDM)
  8. Preserver (BL-RDF)
  9. Rotting Mage (UH-RSS)
  10. Warpriest (SO-RSS)


  1. Frostskin (OT-USM)
  2. Jaeger (HE-UAS)
  3. Skellag (UH-UDF)
  4. Skullsquire (UH-UAF)


  1. Pikeman (BL-CDM)

Freeze (Random)


  1. Pyxniel (HE-LSM)


  1. Gory (SK-EAS)




Special Freeze Champions (7)

Freeze (Immune)


  1. Leorius the Proud (SW-LAV)
  2. Norog (SW-LDM)
  3. Teumesia (SW-LAV)


  1. Atur (BA-EHM)
  2. Gerhard the Stone (BL-EAM)




Freeze (Dependent)


  1. Gliseah Soulguide (SO-LDF)


  1. Dark Elhain (UH-EAM)




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20 thoughts on “Freeze Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Robert

    Can a Freeze set be added to a Freeze champ? Does both the Champ and the set possibly take place if the roll is favorable?

  2. Aireez

    Yakarl the Scourge Needs to be added to AOE list plz…pretty much best AOE freeze in game, you have him on single target list, where he should be as well…just missing from your AOE list. Keep up all the GREAT work you do plz!!!

  3. PandaX

    Yakarl got a quick update for aoe freeze 🙂

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Leigh: I added Dark Elhain under the Freeze (Dependent) section since her passive skill relies on Freeze debuff to be activated.

  5. Leigh

    Hi – Dark Elhain is immune to freeze (removes and buffs if frozen)

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @lurium: I have moved Jinglehunter from Freeze (Target) to Freeze (AoE). Thanks!

  7. lurium

    Jinglehunter has “freeze all if attack kills target”

  8. NobleStiff120

    Devs should begin to create a debuff/buff that takes advantage of freeze debuff. It should be similar to poison sensitivity and effectively negates the 25% damage reduction put on the freeze victim and or produces a speed reduction or turn meter loss after thawing. I found the game has a variety of champs that have a cold or frosty characterization but nothing of their skill sets has anything to do with the harm that caused from cold. This could be buff/debuff chances,damage modifiers,freeze resistances, and/or active debuff for victims of freeze. Some cool names could be of course (debuffs)Frostbite,Brittle ice form, freezing fracture, frozen fate, frozen face, Freeze burn, (passive/buffs) cold heart of ice, Icey touch, chilling gaze, Cold Breath. Mountain wind resistance.

  9. Ayumilove Post author

    @Shadz: I have updated Tormin from Target Freeze to AoE Freeze. Thanks!

  10. Shadz

    Hello, Tormin AOE Freeze on his A1.


  11. Ayumilove Post author

    @22: I have added Achak the Wendarin (Epic champion) for the Freeze AoE. Thanks!

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @Azmin: I have added a new section “Freeze (Random)” that has Pyxniel. Thanks!

  13. 22

    there is another epic AOE freeze @Ayumilove

  14. Azmin

    Pyxniel has random target AOE freeze skill

  15. Diggity

    I think Freeze lasts longer than Stun doesn’t it? Unless going up against someone like Doompriest?

  16. Ayumilove Post author

    @Y4nn1ck: Thanks for spotting the error! I have corrected it 🙂

  17. Shaaw

    @Akakira: His base stats are way too low to rank 5 stars. Stealing a buff is ok, but even compared to other rares, ranking him 5 stars would put him on par with champs like Apothecary, Kael, Warmaiden, and Bellower. He is definitely not 5 stars. I think 3 stars is accurate. He can provide situational utility, but he’s not a main lineup arena champ at any stage of the game.

  18. David

    Luria has AOE freeze skill.

  19. Akakira

    You should rate anointed 5 starts in arena. It can steal unkillable, with speed increase turn with attack buff and solo freeze. Highly underrated.

  20. Y4nn1ck

    In this sentence : This is one of the best Crowd Control skill (apart from Freeze, Sleep, Provoke, Decrease Turn Meter) :: i think you mean (apart from Stun, …