Raid Shadow Legends Guide

Raid Shadow Legends Guide
Raid Shadow Legends is a turn-based, fantasy-themed, role-playing gacha game, which can be played on mobile, PC, and MAC. Players will need to assemble a team of champions to battle against the enemy. There are 12 Campaign Stages with storyline, 4 Dungeon Keeps to farm potions to ascend champions and 4 Dungeon Bosses (Fire Knight, Spider, Ice Golem, Dragon) to farm powerful equipment, Minotaur’s Labyrinth to learn new masteries to customize champion based on your preference for a given role, and Clan Boss that you can earn amazing daily rewards.

Raid Shadow Legends Index

Getting Started

Raid Shadow Legends Overview
Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Beginners
Frequently Asked Questions
Artifacts & Accessory (Equipment Guide)
Buffs and Debuffs Guide
Progress Missions
Mercy System Explained

Useful Guides

Daily Login Rewards
2X 10X Summon Calendar
Raid Promo Code
Campaign XP Silver Table
Champion Fusion Guide
Champion Leveling Guide
Champion Mastery Guide
Tournament and Event Guide
Daily Advance Quest Guide
List of Champion Storyline and Champion Lore
List of Patch Notes
List of Champions by Affinity
List of Champions by Faction
List of Champions by Rarity
List of Champions by Role
List of Offer Packs Guide
Call of the Arbiter Code Chase Series
Live Arena Guide
Fragment Trading System Guide


Champion Tier List
Arena Defense
Arena Offense
Clan Boss
Faction Wars


Fire Knight
Ice Golem
Iron Twins
Sand Devil
Phantom Shogun

Potion Keep

Arcane Keep
Force Keep
Magic Keep
Spirit Keep
Void Keep

Doom Tower

Celestial Griffin
Dark Fae
Eternal Dragon
Frost Spider
Magma Dragon
Nether Spider
Scarab King

Raid Shadow Legends Skills


AoE Attack
Extra Hit
Multiple Attack


Accuracy (ACC)
Attack (ATK)
Critical Rate (C.RATE)
Defense (DEF)
Health Points (HP)
Resistance (RESIST)
Speed (SPD)


Ally Join Attack
Block Revive
Decrease Buff Duration
Decrease Debuff Duration
Decrease MAX HP
Decrease Resistance
Decrease Skill Cooldown
Damage by Enemy MAX HP
Equalize HP
Exchange HP
Extra Turn
Ignore Block Damage
Ignore Defense
Ignore Shield
Increase Buff Duration
Increase Debuff Duration
Increase Skill Cooldown
Increase Turn Meter
Put Skill on Cooldown
Remove Debuff
Reset Skill Cooldown
Spread Debuff
Steal and Remove Buff
Steal and Decrease Turn Meter
Transfer Debuff


Passive Skill & Unlock Secret Skill


Ally Protection
Block Damage
Block Debuff
Continuous Heal
Increase Accuracy
Increase Attack
Increase Critical Damage
Increase Critical Rate
Increase Defense
Increase Resistance
Increase Speed
Reflect Damage
Revive on Death


Block Buff
Block Active Passive Skill
Decrease Accuracy
Decrease Attack
Decrease Critical Damage
Decrease Critical Rate
Decrease Defense
Decrease Speed
Heal Reduction
HP Burn
Poison Sensitivity

Raid Shadow Legends Overview


There are over 600 champions in the game and each of them has a unique combination of rarity, affinity, and role. There are 5 Rarities (Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common), 4 Affinities (Magic, Void, Spirit, Force), and 4 Roles (Attack, Defense, Support, HP) in Raid Shadow Legends! Affinity plays a big part in determining the success to win against the opponent! Magic is strong against Spirit, Spirit is strong against Force, Force is strong against Magic. Void is neutral, it has no strengths or weaknesses.

PvE Content

The Campaign Stages are divided into 4 parts (Normal, Hard, Brutal, Nightmare). Players will need to clear the Campaign stage to move on to the next stage and unlock a new storyline regarding Teleria’s future. Clan Boss is the big boss in Raid Shadow Legends where you farm skill tomes, summoning shards, and exclusive equipment daily along with your Clan members! There are 6 Clan Boss difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard, Brutal, Nightmare, and Ultra Nightmare), and each higher difficulty grants better reward drops depending on the total damage dealt by your team! There is also Doom Tower (Normal and Hard) for mid~end game players where you can farm additional resources in-game.

PvP Content

There are 2 types of Arenas where you can battle against other players’ team champion setup! There is Classic Arena and Tag Team Arena. Classic Arena allows you to earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals. These medals are used to boost your overall champion’s stats via the Great Hall. Tag Team Arena is also known as 3v3 Arena enables you to farm Gold Bars that can be traded for other resources in the game such as Skill Tomes, Champion Fragments and Forge Materials.

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for RAID Beginners

By following the guidelines below, you will avoid making most of the common mistakes that beginners made.


  1. Do dailies to earn the rewards.
  2. Invest in upgrading the champion’s equipment who can farm stages to level up your food
  3. Purchase the Gem Mine to earn gems to unlock Sparring Pit upgrades and Market slots.
  4. Get a 6 Star Champion as early as possible as it will help you greatly in all battles! Do not spread yourself too thin by leveling up multiple champions that you want to use but focus 1 at a time.
  5. Buy all the Mystery Shards from Market and save them for Champion Chase Tournament. You will need at least 1600 Mystery Shards to get the required champion for the Champion Fusion event.
  6. Buy all Uncommon and Common Champions from Market and use them as fodder instead of using Mystery Shards to save them for Champion Fusion Event.
  7. In early-mid game, focus on leveling up and booking champions who can help you in multiple areas in the game. Once you are in late-end game, then only prioritize champions who can help you unlock specific areas further.


  1. Don’t ever sacrifice your Void, Epic, and Legendary champions unless there’s really a good reason for it such as leveling up Skills on a Champion you have duplicates of. The reason is, that it’s difficult to get Void, Epics, and Legendaries every day. In addition, that Champion might be useful for a particular challenge you’ll find yourself struggling at some point.
  2. Don’t invest heavily into your Common and Uncommon Champions early in the game. They generally won’t be able to perform as well as you need them to be. However, there are some exceptions to specific champions such as Outlaw Monk and Saurus.
  3. Do not keep energy overcapped when possible as this prevents energy from regenerating.
  4. Do not take certain rewards right away like Double XP, Energy Refill, Etc.
  5. Do not fight arena teams you are pretty sure you will lose
  6. Do not fight the wrong difficulty clan bosses to avoid wasting keys

How to progress in Raid Shadow Legends?

  1. Equip your starting champion with LifeSteal set and Speed Set for better survivability.
  2. Get this champion to 6* and level up to Level 60 so he can help you clear all Campaign modes and farm Champion fodders.
  3. Get the basic masteries all level up to help boost this champion efficiency in clearing maps.
  4. Repeat Step 1-3 for 2 more champions who can assist you in clearing Clan Boss, Dungeon and Arena.
  5. With 3 6* Level 60 champions, start clearing Minotaur Stage 13 to get Giant Slayer or Warmaster mastery.
  6. Once you have done this, you can deal high damage to bosses in Dungeon and Clan Boss to reap better rewards.
  7. Repeat Step 4-5 for the remaining 2 champions so you can perform more efficiently in Dungeon, Clan Boss and Arena.
  8. Once your 5 core champions is made, you can blaze through all the content in-game in less than 2 months.
  9. All of this process will take approximately less than 6 months to complete as a F2P (Free to Play Player)
  10. It will be even faster for P2W (Pay 2 Win Players) who can spend the cash to progress faster in-game.

Raid Shadow Legends Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the best starting champion?

  1. Kael (Clan Boss, Campaign farmer, AoE Attacker) ~ Highly Recommended
  2. Athel (Clan Boss, Campaign farmer, AoE Attacker)
  3. Elhain (Clan Boss, Campaign Farmer, AoE Attacker)
  4. Galek (Fast Single Attacker) ~ Not Recommended

What are the 1* or 2* Champions worth keeping?

  1. For Clan Boss: Outlaw Monk
  2. For Spirit Keep Dungeon: Dervish
  3. For Force Keep Dungeon: Spiritwalker
  4. For Magic Keep Dungeon: Skinner (Remove Buff)
  5. Spider’s Den Dungeon: Armiger
  6. Ice Golem’s Peak Dungeon: Armiger
  7. All Purpose Attacker: Saurus, Shieldguard, Sister Militant, Sniper

What are the best farmable Rare champions?

  1. Diabolist (Great in speeding up team members and increase turn meter)
  2. Executioner (For Campaign Farming and Arena Defense.)
  3. Templar
  4. Valerie (For Arena Defense)
  5. Rocktooth (For Spirit Keep Dungeon. Apply Healing Reduction debuff against high healing enemies.)
  6. Warmaiden (For Force Keep Dungeon. Apply Decrease Defense debuff against high defense enemies.)
  7. Spirithost (For Arena Offense. Apply Increase Attack Buff and allow allies to begin their turns first before enemies.)

What are the best Arena champions for F2P (Free to Play) players?

  1. High Khatun (Speed Aura, Increase Speed. 1st champion to start turn)
  2. Spirithost (Speed Aura, Increase Attack Buff. 1st champion to start turn)
  3. Warmaiden (Decrease Defense. 2nd champion to start turn)
  4. Athel, Kael (Starter Champion. Attacker. 3rd/4dth champion to start turn)
  5. Berserker (Attacker. 3rd/4th champion to start turn)
  6. Relickeeper (Attacker. 3rd/4th champion to finish up remaining enemies)

What are the best champion for campaign farming?

  1. Sacred Shard: Queen Eva, Big ‘Un
  2. Void Shard: Bellower
  3. Ancient Shard / Starter Champion: Athel, Elhain, Kael
  4. Mystery Shard: Saurus, Shieldguard

What are the best Healer Champion in Raid Shadow Legends?

  1. Apothecary
  2. Bad-el-Kazar
  3. Doompriest
  4. Vrask

Does getting 3 Stars in Campaign rewards better artifacts?

No. The quality of rewards remains the same regardless of the stars earned at end of the level.

Do aura stat increase effect total or base stat?

Aura stat only applies to the Champion’s base stats. This same applies for stat% from equipment, skill, mastery, and Great Hall bonuses.

What is the recommended speed for Clan Boss Counter Attack Team setup?

Brutal (160 Speed) = Team Speed = 161~169 / 171~179
Nightmare (170 Speed) = Team Speed 171~179
Ultra Nightmare (190 Speed) = Team Speed 191~199

Clan Boss Recommended Stats

Clan Boss Difficulty

Ultra Nightmare

Clan Boss Speed


Req. Accuracy


Req. Defense


What makes you a whale? (Spending Tier List)

F2P (Free to Play): Spent $0
Amoeba: One Time Transaction on an Excellent Offer (e.g. Black Friday)
Mino: Spent between $1~30 per month
Bass: Spent between $30~100 per month
Dolphin: Spent between $100~300 per month
G Squid: Spent between $300~500 per month
Whale: Spent between $500~2000 per month
Kraken: Spent between $2000~5000 per month
Cthulhu: Spent above $5000 per month

What other tools that we can use for Raid Shadow Legends?

Raid Shadow Legends PC Auto Clicker – Clan Boos Speed Tune Calculator – Champion Mastery

Alternative Champion Database

Who are content creators for Raid Shadow Legends? (Youtube)

English (Active Content Creators)

Chofly Mobile
Cold Brew Gaming
Edward Moore
MurderInc Raid
Skratch AK47

English (Inactive Content Creator)

Bionick Gaming
Darth Microtransaction
Farting Cows
Manibal Gaming
Raid Rush
SecondStar Right
Sharky’s Compass


Валентин Томашевский
Дядя О.
jester 5500
Капитан Пёсик

Raid Shadow Legends Champion Affinity Guide

Champion Affinity Overview

Weak Affinity

-20% Damage
-15% C.RATE
+35% Weak Hit Chance

Neutral Affinity

0% Strong Hit Chance
0% Weak Hit Chance
No Penalties or Advantages

Strong Affinity

+15% C.RATE
+30% Strong Hit Chance

Weak Hit

-30% Damage
Cannot apply Debuffs

Normal Hit

No Penalties or Advantages

Strong Hit

+30% Damage

Raid Shadow Legends List of Buffs and Debuffs


  1. Ally Protection: The Caster Champion takes 25/50% of direct damage inflicted upon the Target Champion. Self-inflicted damage and Poison do not trigger this effect. Each Champion uses their respective DEF values for mitigating damage.
  2. Block Damage: Makes the Champion immune to all forms of damage.
  3. Block Debuffs: While this buff is active, the Champion is immune to all debuffs. Instant negative effect such as Decrease Turn Meter are not affected and work as normal.
  4. Bone Armor: A Champion starts each Round with a number of Bone Armor stacks. Each Bone Armor stack decreases the damage the recipient receives from a single hit, then disappears. A Champion can have a maximum of 3 Bone Armor stacks at one time.
  5. Continuous Heal: Heals the target Champion by 7.5/15% of their MAX HP at the beginning of their Turn.
  6. Counterattack: When attacked, the Champion with this buff strikes back at their attacker using their Default Skill. This attack deals 75% of the normal Default Skill damage. Can only counterattack once when attacked with a Multi-hit Skill. Does not counterattack in response to the enemy’s own counterattack. Does not count as a Turn. If the Champion who has Counterattack buff and has default skill that grants Extra Turn upon killing an enemy (e.g. Relickeeper), that Champion will not gain Extra Turn during the Counterattack session.
  7. Increase ACC is a buff that increases ACC of the recipient. Can increase ACC by 25% or 50%.
  8. Increase ATK: Increases the Champion’s Battle ATK (current ATK value, all other effects taken into account) by 25/50%
  9. Increase C.RATE: Increases the Champion’s C.RATE by 15/30%
  10. Increase C.DMG is a buff that increases the Critical Damage dealt to the recipient. Can increase the damage inflicted by 15% or 30%.
  11. Increase DEF: Increases the Champion’s Battle DEF by 30/60%
  12. Increase SPD: Increases the Champion’s Battle SPD by 15/30%
  13. Lightning Orb (Blessing): Whenever an enemy receives a buff or has their Turn Meter filled, places one Lightning Orb stack on this Champion. When activated, a Lightning Orb stack randomly protects one other active buff from being removed, stolen, or transferred. After activation, the Lightning Orb stack disappears. A Champion can have a maximum of 3 Lightning Orb stacks at one time. Whenever a Champion with 3 Lightning Orb stacks hits enemy targets, inflicts Bonus Damage to them based on their MAX HP. Bonus Damage can occur on each hit of a Skill, but does not count as an extra hit. After the Bonus Damage is applied, all active Lightning Orb stacks are removed from this Champion.
  14. Perfect Veil: A more powerful version of Veil which works as same as Veil except you do not lose the buff when attacking or dealing damage to an enemy Champion. Perfect Veil reduces incoming AoE damage by 15%.
  15. Reflect Damage: Any Champion attack a target with this buff will sustain 15/30% of the damage they inflicted with the attack.
  16. Revive On Death: If a Champion with this buff dies, he or she will immediately be revived with 30% HP and 0% Turn Meter.
  17. Shield: The Champion’s HP bar is reinforced for X Turns with a Shield effect. Damage is calculated normally but is first applied to the Shield (unless the attack ignores Shields, which is stated in the Skill description). When the buff expires or Shield value reaches 0, the Shield is removed and further damage applies as normal. Note: damage dealt to the shield does not count as damage dealt to the Champion, so effects such as Lifesteal do not benefit from it.
  18. Stone Skin: Stone Skin buff decreases the damage (except the damage received from Bombs and HP Burn), removes all debuffs except Bombs and HP Burn, gives Immunity to all debuffs except Bombs and HP Burn. Also, it gives additional Stone Skin HP. A Champion with the Stone Skin is immune to the Decrease MAX HP and Decrease Turn Meter Effects.
  19. Strengthen is a buff that decreases the damage inflicted on the recipient. Can decrease the damage taken by 15% or 25%.
  20. Unkillable: The Champion with this buff cannot fall below 1 HP for the entirety of its duration.
  21. Veil: Champions under [Veil] buffs are unable to be targeted by the enemy team. However, Champions under [Veil] can still be hit with AoE attacks or attacks that hit random enemies. Champions will lose their [Veil] buff when they attack an enemy Champion. However, Champions under [Veil] can use Skills that do no damage to the enemy without losing the buff — like buffing their own team, or applying debuffs to the enemy team with Skills that don’t deal damage. If all Champions on a team are under either [Veil] or [Perfect Veil] buffs, it will be ineffective. The enemy team will be able to target each Champion directly as if no [Veil] buffs were present. If only one Champion remains on a team, and they are under either a [Veil] or [Perfect Veil] buff, it will be ineffective. The enemy team will be able to target the Champion directly as if no [Veil] buffs were present. Veil reduces incoming AoE damage by 7.5%.
  22. Taunt is a buff that forces enemies to attack the Taunting Champion. It’s great against single-target nukers in both PvP and PvE, champions with crowd control debuffs on their basic abilities, champions who have Evil Eye mastery, or bosses with powerful single-target attacks. The Taunt buff can be stolen, removed, and decrease its duration. Petrification on the Taunting champions will also remove this buff. However, you cannot spread Taunt debuff and increase its duration. Provoke has priority over Taunt. A provoked champion will target the Champion who placed Provoke on them. If there are 2 champions with a Taunt buff, then the enemy can target either one. However, if one of them have Veiled buff , the one without Veil is targeted first.


  1. Block Active Skills: Prevents the Champion with debuff from using Active Skills other than their Default Skill for the duration of the debuff. Skill Cooldown of the affected Champion refreshes as normal.
  2. Block Buffs: All buffs that are applied to the Champion with this debuff are automatically blocked and have no effect.
  3. Block Heal: Any healing received by the Champion with this debuff is reduced by 50/100%.
  4. Bomb: When this debuff expires, the affected Champion suffers direct damage that ignores their DEF value. The damage inflicted by the bomb scales in accordance with the Stat indicated in the Skill description.
  5. Decrease ACC: Reduces the Champion’s Battle ACC by 25/50%.
  6. Decrease ATK: Decreases the Champion’s Battle ATK by 25/50%
  7. Decrease C.DMG is a debuff that decreases the Critical Damage inflicted by the recipient. Can decrease the damage inflicted by 15% or 30%.
  8. Decrease C.RATE is debuff that decreases the Critical Rate of the recipient. Can decrease C.Rate by 15% or 30%
  9. Decrease DEF: Decreases the Champion’s Battle DEF by 30/60%
  10. Decrease RES: Decrease RES debuff decreases the Champion’s Battle RES by 25% or 50%. This allows your debuffers to inflict debuff easily with lesser accuracy required.
  11. Decrease SPD: Decreases the Champion’s Battle SPD by 15/30%
  12. Enfeeble: Champions under an Enfeeble debuff can only land weak hits, unless stated otherwise in a skill description.
  13. Fear: When a Champion with this Debuff attempts to use a Skill, there is a 50% chance that the Skill will not activate and the Champion will lose their turn.
  14. Freeze: The Champion with this debuff is unable to act X Turns. Cooldowns are not refreshed while [Freeze] is active. The Champion only receives 75% of incoming damage.
  15. Hex: Champions under Hex debuffs take damage whenever their allies do. The damage from Hex debuffs ignores Champions’ DEF. The original targets all take full damage. Champions under Hex debuffs take 2% of AoE damage inflicted on their allies, and 10% of single—target damage inflicted on their allies. Champions under Hex debuffs only take extra damage from direct attacks on their allies, not lasting effects (like buffs or debuffs) – for example, damage from Poison, HP Burn, Bomb debuffs, Reflect Damage buffs, etc.
  16. HP Burn: While the debuff is active and at the start of the affected Champion’s turn, they and all their allies take damage equal to 3% of their respective MAX HP. There can be only one [HP Burn] debuff active of a Champion at a time. However, if multiple Champions on the Team are debuffed with [HP Burn], all of these debuffs work as normal and apply their full damage.
  17. Leech: Any Champion that attacks a Champion with this debuff heals for 18% of inflicted damage.
  18. Petrification: A Champion under a Petrification debuff will have all of their buffs removed, and be unable to take their next turn. When under a Petrification debuff, a Champion will be unable to receive buffs, and is susceptible to receiving more debuffs. Instant effects do not work on Champions under a Petrification debuff, except for the Remove Debuff effect. Finally, while under a Petrification debuff, a Champion will only receive 40% of any incoming damage. However, incoming damage from Bomb debuffs is increased by 300%.
  19. Poison: Damages the target Champion by 2,5/5% of their MAX HP at the beginning of their Turn. This damage is not affected by any other effects and only scales in accordance with the Target’s MAX HP. Block Damage blocks it. If the Target Champion has a Shield, Poison damage will be applied to the Shield first.
  20. Poison Sensitivity is a debuff that increases the damage taken from the Poison debuff by the recipient. Can increase the damage taken by 25% or 50%.
  21. Provoke: The Champion with this debuff can only attack the Champion that applied it for X Turns, using their Default Skill.
  22. Sheep: Champions under Sheep debuffs lose access to their normal skills, and can only use the following Sheep skill: Attacks 1 enemy. Any ally Sheep will join this attack. Has a 50% chance of removing the Sheep debuff from this Champion after attacking. Whenever a Sheep debuff expires or the Sheep is defeated, the affected Champion will return to battle with 50% HP.
  23. Sleep: The Champion with this debuff is unable to act X Turns. Cooldowns are not refreshed while [Sleep] is active. Continuous Heal and Poison Effect work as normal while the Champion is debuffed with [Sleep], so do any Passive Skills that heal the Champion. Any incoming damage that the Champion receives automatically removes [Sleep].
  24. Seal: There are two versions of this debuff: Seal and Master Seal. The Seal debuff blocks effects from Gear Sets and Masteries, except stat boosts granted by artifacts and Accessories, as well as Masteries that only boost stats like Blade Disciple, Flawless Execution etc. Master Seal is an enhanced version of this debuff, which additionally blocks the effects from Blessings, except stat boosts. The Seal and Master Seal debuffs don’t block effects that were activated before these debuffs were placed.
  25. Smite: Champions under the Smite debuff will be hit by a meteorite when they use an Active Skill. The meteorite inflicts damage equal to 25% of the affected Champion’s MAX HP, and will also inflict damage to all other enemy Champions equal to 5% of their MAX HP. Only one Smite debuff can be active per team at any point.
  26. Stun: The Champion with this debuff is unable to act X Turns. Cooldowns are not refreshed while [Stun] is active.
  27. True Fear: When a Champion with this Debuff attempts to use a Skill, there is a 50% chance that the Skill will not activate and the Champion will lose their turn. The Skill that they tried to use goes on cooldown.
  28. Weaken: Increases damage received by the Target Champion by 15/25%.

Enemy Buffs & Debuffs

Hydra Clan Boss Marks

  1. Mark of the Hydra: Marks one Champion who will be affected by the Devouring Skill. This effect can’t be removed, and its duration can’t be decreased. It cannot blocked or resisted, and ignores Perfect Veil and Veil buffs. The Mark of the Hydra is placed irrespective of the number of debuffs on the Champion.
  2. Digesting: At the start of a Hydra battle, one Champion will receive a Mark of the Hydra debuff with a 20-turn countdown. Once the
    countdown expires, the marked Champion will be devoured by the Head that moves next. After devouring the marked Champion, the Hydra Head will begin digesting them and a 5-turn countdown will begin. If enough damage is dealt to the digesting Hydra Head before the countdown ends, the devoured Champion will be set free and return to the battle. If the countdown expires, the Champion will be consumed and cannot be revived or return to the battle.

Hydra Clan Boss Buffs

  1. Life Barrier: This buff gives additional Life Barrier HP apart from Champions HP. It has the highest priority of all buffs and will always work for the indicated number of turns. Life Barrier buff cannot be removed, stolen, or otherwise affected by buff manipulation skills. Skills that take into account the size of the Shield on the target for damage consider Life Barrier as a Shield. The buff is placed over Stone Skin and Digestion Hydra Effect. One need to remove the Life Barrier to inflict damage on the other effects.
  2. Poison Cloud: Poison Cloud buff blocks damage from Poison debuffs. If a Champion got an HP Burn debuff before the Poison Cloud was applied, then the effects of the Poison Cloud won’t work, but the buff itself will not be removed. It’s not affected by the Steal Buff, Remove Buff, Spread Buff, Increase Buff Duration, Decrease Buff Duration effects.
  3. Serpent’s Will: Serpent’s Will buff reduces all damage a new Head takes by 75%. It starts working once the dead Head is transformed into a new Head and is active until the new Head makes its first move. This buff can’t be removed, stolen, or spread. Also, its duration can’t be increased or decreased.
  4. Vengeance: Increases the damage inflicted by the Head of Wrath by 300%. It is activated automatically once the Head of Wrath
    receives 15 hits. The hits are shown on the Vengeance counter. The Head of Wrath deals increased damage twice: right after the buff was activated and on its next turn. This buff can’t be removed, stolen, or spread. Also, its duration can’t be increased or decreased.

Hydra Clan Boss Debuffs

  1. Decapitated: Increases damage taken by the Head that was cut off by 200%. It is active for as long as the Head is dead. Decapitated debuff can’t be removed; its duration can’t be increased or decreased.
  2. Pain Link: The Pain Link debuff causes the affected Champion to receive 15% of all damage received by the Head of Suffering. The Head of Suffering receives 100% of the damage inflicted to it. The Pain Link debuff can be blocked or removed, and can have its duration increased or decreased. Receiving a Pain Link debuff will awaken Champions under a Sleep debuff. If a Champion is under both a Pain Link debuff and a Block Damage buff, they won’t recieve any damage from the Pain Link debuff.

Miscelleanous Buffs & Debuffs

Enemy Buffs

  1. Eternal Rage: The Eternal Rage buff increases Iragoth’s SPD and causes Iragoth to ignore Unkillable, Block Damage, Shield buffs and ignore 50% of the target’s DEF when attacking.

Special Effects: Minotaur’s Labyrinth

  1. Rage: While active, this buff increases the damage the Minotaur deals by 400%.
  2. Dazed While active, this debuff increases the damage the Minotaur receives by 200%. The duration of this debuff cannot be increased.
  3. Hex: Minotaur’s [Tremor Stomp] Skill deals double damage to Champions with this debuff.

Raid Shadow Legends Quests

Daily Quest

  1. Summon 3 Champions.
  2. Win Campaign Battles 7 times.
  3. Fight in Classic Arena 5 times.
  4. Use 50 Energy.
  5. Increase Champion’s Level in the tavern 5 times.
  6. Make 4 Artifact/Accessory upgrade attempts.
  7. Purchase an item at the market.

Weekly Quest

  1. Upgrade a Champion to Rank 4 (Reward: 1 Energy Refill, 200 XP)
  2. Claim the reward for completing all Daily quests 5 times (Reward: 1 XP Day, 200 XP)
  3. Ascend a Champion 1 time (Reward: 1 Energy Refill, 200 XP)
  4. Upgrade 1 Artifact to Level 12 (Reward: 2 Random XP Brew, 200 XP)
  5. Summon 25 Champions (Reward: 200 XP, 25K Silver)
  6. Beat a Dungeon Boss 15 times (Reward: 200 XP, 25K Silver)

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387 thoughts on “Raid Shadow Legends Guide

  1. Jeff

    Team Power isn’t a great metric to try and judge opposing teams. Resistance stats tend to inflate it a lot, or if you have Mythical champs it bloats the number, as I think it adds the champ power from both forms. So my guess is you have a high resistance team, which can be a good thing, but probably lack 100% crit rating and dont have good crit damage, and perhaps not enough accuracy to try and strip of buffs to get any damage through.

  2. Ted Clark

    Just curious here…..My “team power” is like 401, and it’s more than a lot of other players…..BUT…….I get destroyed and it’s like my champs are hitting with a wet noodle!!!! What am I doing wrong (Typically)?????

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @Gregory P Bowerman: The characteristics of a Mythical artifact or accessory are they have 4 substats unlocked from the start, and one of the substats is upgraded once. The random pre-upgraded substat is indicated in red. When you attempt to upgrade the Mythical item, there is a chance where it can upgrade on any substat including the red substat.

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @NurseWrath: I have included Hex and Petrification debuff description along with other new debuffs that was introduced. Thanks!

  5. Overwater

    You are awesome.

  6. Gregory P Bowerman

    trying to figure out mythical artifacts. Some say there is an extra roll, but the total rolls are 4 if you look at the numbers in parentheses. some say there’s already a roll, whatever that means. It’s blue smoke and mirrors or typical Raid mumbo jumbo, which one figures out weeks to months down the line. Any help?

  7. NurseWrath

    Theres Hex & Petrification debuffs.

    Hex currently has 2 in game effects. Firstly it interacts with some champions to enable powerful features or additions to champion skills such as Ruel, who will attack hex targets twice. Secondly, enemies under hex will receive damage based on damage dealt to another enemy. For single target attacks, hex targets receive 10% of the HP Removed (therefore does not work with shield and will not reduce excess damage beyond remaining HP). For Area of Effects attacks, hex targets receive 2% of the HP Removed.

    When placed, removes all buffs from the target Champion and blocks any other buffs from being applied while the debuff is active. Enemies under petrification will skip their turn and their skills cooldown will remain the same whilst the debuff is active. Additionally, damage is reduced by 60% for petrified enemies except for damage dealt by Bombs which are increased by 300%.

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @Awxs: You should focus on your starter heroes as they will help you progress quickly within 2 months as a F2P player as Rare Skill Tomes are easier to get compared to Epic/Legendary Skill Tomes. Focus on equipping your heroes with the right stats first, then once you get more pieces of LifeSteal, then switch to that Set to help you survive in longer battles like Clan Boss.

  9. Awxs

    For context, I just started 2 days ago and have no idea what I am doing so far. In the basic progression section, it says that I should focus on upgrading my main champion. I got a 4* epic (Chonoru) and was wondering if I should keep them or sacrifice them for ranking up my starter. Also, I got 6 6* legendary and epic equipment from the righteous set that already buff speed, so is it ok to keep all of them on or swap one for lifesteal? If I do, every other stat falls so much that I don’t think it is worth it. Thanks in advance.

  10. Ken Weller

    Tagoar, I’m my opinion is the best healer out there. Not only does is heal all champions, but revives them too.
    He is always the last champ standing-even amongst the legendarys.
    With a Regeneration and perception set, he is one touch cookie, with a bit of a kick.

  11. Ayumilove Post author

    @Heavy: I have updated the Veil and Perfect Veil buff description by adding the reduce damage taken. Thanks!

  12. Heavy \m/

    In Buffs under Veil is the fact missing that Veil also reduces the damage you take by 7.5% and Perfect Veil will reduce the damage you take by 15%.

  13. mugengsr

    Thanks for creating this website. I find it so much easier than the other fancy sites! Keep it up.

  14. WileyMan

    Gasblue: to get three stars in Campaign, you can only use 1 or two champions and cannot have anyone die. If that is what you are doing, then you should submit a support ticket to the game itself. This site has nothing to do with official game management.

  15. Gasblue

    I have a victory five times in Godfrey`s Crossing (Stage 7 Nigtmare) two chanpions,no losses and i allways take only two stars. Can you give me an answear? thanks.

  16. Mikey Mike

    We miss you Ayumilove… Are you ever coming back?

  17. Gordon Knowles

    I so appreciate this site , TYVM . When time comes can we get some #s on Merouka?

  18. Diogo

    No updates since December?

  19. 4CatsArmy

    Thanks for the good work! But i noticed that increase and decrease resistance are missing from the “Raid Shadow Legends Skills” lists of debuff and buff respectively. Will you be adding that soon so we can filter out champions with these skills?

  20. Doug Gallant

    Will there be an update with the new dungeon levels?

  21. TitanVikram

    thanks for your resourceful explanation that’s helps a lot.

  22. [L420] Steve

    Wythir and Vogoth should probably be added to your best healers list on this page.

    Absolutely awesome website and resource you’ve put together here btw, thank you.

  23. Cody

    Thomas, I have seen that one but I know there are some Rare champions that are better than Epic ones. How do I know whether to use the Rare or the Epic ones?

  24. BuX NaStY

    Active cc for raid – leilafox
    Inactive cc for raid – I’ve lee gaming
    Suggestion: a random champ button which takes you you to, you guessed it, a random champ to learn about. Just like the random article button on Wikipedia There are so many champions it’s hard to decide where to start sometimes.

  25. Cody

    Are there any teir lists or guides that compare Epic and Rare/Legendary Champs? I am overwhelmed at how many different ones are in the game and who I should focus as my core 5.

  26. Nathan

    Looking for some sand devil info.

  27. Wyvern

    How does my energy refill? At what rate?

  28. John G Toner

    Hi – Are you planning to do champion evaluations of Tomoe or Prosecutor? I got those champions a week or 2 ago, and new characters are usually reflected in
    You have a wonderful web site!!! It makes playing Raid a lot more fun.
    John Toner

  29. Augi

    I don’t see anything about Iron Twins Fortress any help

  30. Adrian

    Whats about in german” Knochenritter” …it’s a awesome Champ …was für Masteries braucht er

  31. dorst622

    We are missing decrease resistance champions

  32. Julian

    Hi there!

    I already have a 6 Star athel. Who should I 6 star next? Im pending between Deacon Armstrong and Kyoku. Other than that I use MM and Deliana (Goffred Brassclad).

    Thanks in advance!

  33. Tom L.

    @Maurizio, search these words “google translate web pages automatically”

  34. Michael Marbaise

    ich finde das spiel echt cool zum ersten mal bin ich weiter gekommen macht auch echt Laune das spiel

  35. Maurizio

    I am a real beginner in this game, am not english, I am italian, therefore I’d like to read this quite useful guide in Italian to better understand what should I do to be a good player!

  36. Tom L.

    Any chance you will rank Lamibur (Rare Skinwalker Support). I don’t remember pulling it. Stumbled across him in my pool.

  37. Marc Stockmans

    Question as F2p player from Belgium / Europe !!!
    First i started the game under fokstok and joined a clan but after a while i was shut out of the sysytem and could go back so i opend another account . That new account and while i had learned a bit i was the clan leader marc1961 en the clan i made i named Junos but again i was shut out of the system while i was building a pretty good team !!!! Now i am back to my original first account and despite i get it goeing here i would go back to my own clan Junos but dont now how to do that ore iff its efen possible to do that !!!!!!! Sorry for the language and faults in the mail but i am nost so good in english !! Many thc anyway and lookingfor your answer here grtz Marc

  38. Ayumilove Post author

    @robert Lavender: You will need to wait the next day to get new Faction War Crypt Keys.

  39. Ayumilove Post author

    @Dave: I have corrected the typo “Block Review” to “Block Revive”. Thanks for highlighting the error!

  40. Dave

    I love your site! I use it daily! On the Raid Shadow Legends main page the link to the block revive page is misspelled as block review

  41. robert Lavender

    how do you get keys for cypts once you use the first 12 up

  42. David Speer

    Love the my you have the info layed out

  43. Michael Macygin

    I have 7 Epic Tomes Available to me. And I have the following Champs available for skills upgrades. The question is; Where are my Tomes best utilized?

    * Sicia Flametongue
    * Minaya
    * Bloodgorged
    * Black Knight
    * Aleksandr
    * Ninja
    * Scyl of the Drakes
    * Teela Goremand (x2)
    * Duchess Lilitu
    * Royal Huntsman
    * Rugnor Goldgleam
    * Golden Reaper
    * Baroth the Blood Soaked
    * Relickeeper

    All of these Champs are Rank 6 and fully upgraded and fully ascended. Any and all feedback, assistance or recommendations are sincerely appreciated. (I’m not much of a gamer, but I have been enjoying Raid)

  44. Ayumilove Post author

    @Stephen K: I have fixed the typo “to thin” to “too thin”. Thanks!

  45. Stephen K

    Small Typo…

    Get a 6 Star Champion as early as possible as it will help you greatly in all battles! Do not spread yourself to thin by leveling up multiple champions that you want to use but focus 1 at a time

    It should be “too thin” for perfect English. I’m guessing that that will make the language translator’s job easier as well.

  46. Charles Williamson

    My computer crashed for the second time.I have a couple thousand dollars invested in the game and i cant get back to my game.How do i get back where i was?

  47. joul 56

    Sie müssen die Privat5phäreneinstellungen schon achten

  48. Lob_It

    Great site and thanks for the detailed, up-to-date information.

    I’d like to recommend a new section for each of the characters titled F2P lvl 50 gearing. Lifesteal is never the answer for gearing and it brings the advantages of gearing 6 star flat stats vs 5 star percentage gear, plus mastery optimizations for faction wars, hydra, doom tower, etc for all of the level 50’s in rotation (and a lvl 40 paragon in the hip pocket)

    Keep up the good work!

    (Duplicating the character pages for level 50’s gives all of the stats/stars/materies a fresh balance for heavy def/hp builds without wm/gs procs,etc)

  49. Lob_It

    Great site and thanks for the detailed, up-to-date information.

    I’d like to recommend a new section for each of the character pages titled “F2P lvl 50 gearing”. Lifesteal is never the answer for gearing and it brings the advantages of gearing 6 star flat stats vs 5 star percentage gear, plus mastery optimizations for faction wars, hydra, doom tower, etc for all of the level 50’s in rotation (and a lvl 40 paragon in the hip pocket)

    Keep up the good work!

  50. NobleStiff120

    Is there a description of the buff spread effect and which if any champs have skill with this effect? I know Hydra Head of mischief has a buff spreading skill but can’t find a list for this buff that will point me in the direction of any champs that have this buff. Plenty of them have spread debuffs but do any have spread buffs?

  51. NobleStiff120

    oh almost forgot: dont forget to tell them to make the gears exchangeable in sparring pit from dressing room and free since its for testing, not permanent.

  52. NobleStiff120

    How do you feel about lobbying devs for an idea of mine for sparring pit? I think we would all enjoy and become addicted to a feature in the pit that allows us to pit our own champions against each other solo or in teams really just to test them and maybe for some humble exp or other rewards that don’t cost energy, silver, or attempts…or even just for no rewards just an extra thing to do. What do you think?

  53. ninjasun2

    where can i find dark elf stuff amulet and banners at

  54. RedPool

    Where’s Soda Dragon Gaming under active content creators? Prolly one of the better ones…

  55. Jim

    1. Is their a list of fodder rares? My team is getting unmanageable. I have maxed out my slots and have no room to manage heroes.
    2. Will the developers ever put a sort by name, so we can weed out triplets easier?

  56. mEGATON


  57. Albert Zigler

    Minor edit. You have Block Review not Block Revive on this page. Great content.

  58. ivan

    ahojte-som na 35leveli-nechte ma pustit do 8dugeonu co mam robit

  59. Jim_in_Texas (aka "GrayHorse" or "Gray" for short)

    Hello, Ayumi.

    Thanks for creating and maintaining such a great resource for “Raid: Shadow Legends” (and also “Awaken Chaos Era” which I am also playing). With that in mind, here are 2 minor corrections I’ve noticed:

    Correction needed on this page:

    1. “Block Review” should be “Block Revive”

    Other corrections needed in “Storyline” for “Vlad the Nightborn” and “Konstantin the Dayborn”:

    1. First sentence (for both) should read “Brothers born to a mortal woman and a vampire father, Vlad the Nightborn and Konstantin the Dayborn came into the world on opposing sides of the Light.”

  60. red vic

    I have High Khatun and Rector Drath at 5*. Both are fully ascended. I want to take one of them to 6*. Which would be the better choice?

  61. sertiz

    ciao ayumi, è possibile avere più di un account o sono passibile di ban?

  62. Robert

    Chris Babic,
    Yes, leveling up 1 star to 2, 2 to 3,etc. Is normal.
    I do this almost daily on Campaign 12-3 brutal. Select a champ that can be the turn by themself. I using Kael at 60 with all the masteries.
    Leave 3 slots empty, open multiplay, open the queue, and select 20 food.
    Level 4,5, and 6 stars will take more than the 30-40 multiplays, so you want to do those in the dungeons, 1 or 2 at a time.

  63. Chris Babic

    I know this seems like a simple question but could you explain the process of using 1 star champs to up level 4 and 5 star champs (I believe the term is food) and which champs to keep or use as food. Thanks

  64. Robert

    Hex is appearing other places besides Minataur. What is the effect on champions? Thank you

  65. courageouslio

    is a champions power the total of all the stat values added together?

  66. Floyd

    Is there anywhere to just look at the lore?

  67. ragetiger

    Hi, this is my favorite site for raid, but it is missing one crucial thing to put it over the top. In the skill description, buffs, debuffs, auras, etc that already have a page should be linked directly so that when we click it, we can see all of the champs that have that ability without scrolling to the side or bottom, which is really useful for mobile. Thanks for the work and good luck with your pulls.

  68. kumar

    how to complete progress mission equip another atk type champion with 6 offense .
    i equip 6 artifact not working. how to complete.

  69. Ayumilove Post author

    @hk852: Try clearing the browser cache to find the translation feature on the sidebar!

  70. Ayumilove Post author

    @courageouslio, @Steve, @Dan Martin: I have applied the fixes. Try clearing your internet browser cache to see the new changes.

  71. courageouslio

    the ads on your page are getting to be too much. i understand that you need them there to keep the website running but they are covering 39 (i counted) links that i use frequently if im trying to get to them from any page other than this one.

  72. Steve

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  73. Dan Martin

    I don’t know what’s going on but there’s an advertisement on the right side that’s covering up most of the “Getting Started” menu. I’m on Chrome using a Windows computer.

  74. Xotai

    Successful farming of Spirithost in Durham Forest / Hard / Stage 6.
    Found answer in Raid Forums and tested it out. After 5 runs I finally captured Spirithost. I had tried over a 1,000+ energy at different levels and spent only 40 one a single run.

  75. hk852

    Hello from Hong Kong, may I ask why no more Chinese on this website?

  76. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nick: I would recommend building an optimize Speed Run team and have it run auto play to save your time!

  77. Ayumilove Post author

    @AliAlPlays: Hey man, great to have you back! I’ll put your Youtube link to the active section now!

  78. Katherine Hayden

    @ Captain K15 rare items only drop from stage 7s

  79. Captain K15

    One of the Clan Challenges is to get a Rare shield in a Campaign battle. Is there any way to do that. I’ve been trying for 3 days straight – almost 500 battles in every castle; tried mostly stage 3, but it wasn’t working so sometimes I tried stage 7. I tried on Nightmare for the most part, but dozens of battles on Brutal and Hard didn’t work either…

  80. Gorgrak

    For Best Healer, I think you’re missing Skytouched Shaman on that list. She gets HUGE heals going for every fight I put her into and keeps overhealing my team every time she’s up.
    Put her in a good Frenzy set and have her HP and DEF boosted high and she will keep you up a long time in anything!

  81. CL4P

    Why Mino and not Minnow?

  82. Ju

    Best Campaign Farmer from Void shards – Ithos – one of the few champs to be able to farm NM campaign – Brutal 6sec

  83. AliAlPlays

    Ayumi, this is AliAlPlays, I’m back making raid content if you want to post my guides on your website.

  84. Nick

    Is it better to play manually or on autoplay?
    Which speed is better? 1 or 2

  85. Jeff Steiger

    Is there a list of all the CHALLENGES in Raid? I have just the “win 10 arena defense battles in Gold classic arena” left for example, and the rest are all completed. Are there more after this?

  86. Abby Lilienthal

    Wow you are knowledgeable! We are so lucky to find you!
    Btw, we are mom, dad and daughter playing 💕

  87. Eric

    @ DicjY The lock/unlock symbol is there to help prevent you from accidentally feeding a champ you want to keep . Epics and above are locked by default when you first get them . Rares and below are unlocked .

  88. DicjY

    On the champions screen what does the lock symbol mean?

  89. PolishLeprechaun

    I’m not sure how many times I’ve said this but, thank you and I love this site.

    I was just wondering if there were anyway to include a news feed of who you may be researching currently?

  90. gladengul

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    Can we have the dark mode back or was there an issue with it?

  92. Riptide

    You should include archer if you include sniper!

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  94. rob

    @James Clayton I use Grohak lead,Dagger,Coldheart Scyl and Apothocary stomps lvl 20 Fireknight

  95. Strawberry369

    athel is magic, frost bringer is magic, treefeller is force, skyl of the drakes is magic, and high kantun in spirit.

  96. Jonathan Bortz

    Very good info but can you post something like who is a magic, spirit, force champion so we can tell their afinity

  97. Strawberry369

    well i use athel frostbringer tree feller skyl of the drakes and high kauntum. And they take me all the way to stage 19. the things you need are heal reduction debuff multi hit A1s decrease turnmeter skills and increase ally turn meter/SPD buffs.

  98. James Clayton

    Who is the best crew to use to defeat level 10 and up Fire Knight for mission achievement?

  99. Skye

    I’d like to see an link that explains some of the Sets. Most are obvious but some are a bit obscure. For instance Set: Curing. What exactly does 20% bonus heal mean? There is another one that says something like 5% damage increase as health goes down. Whose health? Stuff like that is confusing.

  100. Skye

    I would really like to see a link that tells what all the different sets are/do. Most are obvious but a few are obscure. For instance Set: Curing. What exactly does 20% Bonus Heal mean? There is something else that says 5% more damage as Health goes down. Whose health? Stuff like that is confusing.

  101. Levenyaak

    The guide about lifesteal is wrong, it most definitely lifesteals from HP% attacks, such as Warmaster or Giantslayer. Many Clan Boss lineups would be useless without this feature!

  102. Lamp

    Does anyone know how player level XP gain works in this game? Was just curious and wanted to know how quickly you could get to level 60 from 1.

  103. Andrew

    Artifacts definitely need some love. Preferably a separate guide. The ones you can forge are not mentioned at all. Like, you can replace Accuracy set with Perception set almost always.

  104. JimmyFLASH

    Hi Ayumilove, is there a chance to add some code, that changes the color of the champion’s [skill name] in brackets? Just to be more visible. Of course it could be also improved by turning it into link that leads the skill’s page. Thanks!

  105. Reno alf

    wherever I look everywhere it is only stated what Arena Dungeon CB Team should look like but In order for someone to explain what Campain team should contain, it’s not!For example, Farmer Kael + Suport + ?? Next farmer or Debufer or Next support I just don’t know and I just spend silver on artifacts for the ones I’m currently testing.

  106. Ayumilove Post author

    @Andy: The Clan Boss cycle resets at 10am UTC, so you will need to do inflict the required total damage before the Clan Boss resets at that time for that day.

  107. Mudacris

    Where’s the link to champions ranked by factions on this opening page? I know it exists. Thank you

  108. Andy

    Clan boss missions: Deal 75/100 millions damage to Demon Lord on Min. difficulty Nightmare in 24 hours

    Is the 24hours considered a Clan Boss “cycle” or actually 24 “clock” hours ?

  109. Ayumilove Post author

    @Anthony: You will need to farm Dragon’s Lair 20 dungeons until you get pieces of gears that have Speed substats. Then, you will need to upgrade those gear and pray it will upgrade the Speed substat. Once you have sufficient gears in your arsenal, you could then mix and match equipment to get the correct speed and the best stats that your champion needs. I could prepare a champion equipment guide that explains this in detail but it would take some time for me to make it since I’m busy with work as well.

  110. Merwin A Stapp

    Great information most helpful !!!

  111. Anthony

    I am having issues with , speed tuning, how to get your gear to reach ultra nightmare. And the proper build 4 a team . I learn better by reading is there such info?

  112. Bearded Thor

    Where can we see what boosts and such we have in an inventory? How do we use experience point boosts?

  113. 22

    Does anyone think that algorithm for auto battled suck? why would a champion with 50% increased attack use their skiill to increase 25% attack instead of attack, also my multi hits coldheart should be doing A1 but she went for A2 in fireknight’s castle and do A3 when the turn meter is not even half way!!!

  114. Sparky Busching

    Great guide. Use it almost daily. Thanks for your effort and time to create this.

  115. Marshall

    What happened to the dark mode it was way better

  116. WileyMan

    Do Divine sets stack the 15% shield? Meaning do you get a 30% shield for 2 sets and a 45% shield for 3 sets? I have read elsewhere online that only the base stat portion (Atk, Def, Speed, CR) stacks, and the shield is 15% no matter how many sets you are wearing.

    Please add these details to the descriptions above.

  117. EstCst420

    Good to see you back.

  118. Mikhail

    I spent some time thinking about these medal progress missions. You need a LOT of medals. However, there are some things you gotta remember so you can farm them as a low-skill, not very well armed and equipped player.

    The first way to farm is to bounce between the two tiers: if you are farming bronze medals, between bronze-4 and silver-1. The reason for this bouncing (once you get to next tier, lose and return to previous) is twofold:
    – You get free opponent resets
    – You return to a tier at which you are overpowered and have a higher chance of winning.
    This consumes your tokens rapidly, but does generate some medals. You can farm either bronze+silver or silver+gold.
    (one could argue that just playing in higher tier is more efficient, but it’s not always the case; you can end up in a tier where your chances of winning are slim).

    The second and intended method of QUICKLY amassing large amounts of medals is using up your gems. The trick is that MANY players put up “free wins”, i.e. defense teams in their tier whose sole purpose is to lose so that others can win these fights. Yes, they are not stupid, they do it on purpose. What little rating they lose, they just make back in a few fights once they are in a lower tier.

    If you need a lot of medals, you need them fast, and you have gems to spare (we are talking about 5 gems per 2 medals), you can do this. Reset (or wait) to find these weaker teams. Don’t even bother trying to kill anything you are not sure you can win: look for weaker teams. On average, each opponent reset will contain 0 to 2 weak teams whose only purpose is to feed others.

    Also, do not make a mistake and don’t try to take on teams you know are too strong for you. After a while, I can say that as an inexperienced player you can ignore (unless you are VERY good, i.e. full 60 with good synergies) the following enemy teams:
    – Any team with a Miscreated Monster of 60 is very hard to take down with brute force alone.
    – A team with a Kael of 60 and Diabolist/Spirithost/High Khatun/Apothecary (even if they are low level!) will likely go first and obliterate your team before you can even make a move.
    – A team of two Kaels/Athels hits like a truck, but you do have a chance if you know you can go first (stack speed and have a speed boosting champion).
    – Sinesha is a sign of a player who knows exactly what they are doing. Avoid such teams even if she is 50.
    – A team with Lyssandra, Arbiter or Zavia. While these champions are not an “always win” card, the fact that the enemy player has obtained them in the first place means they are doing way better in this game than you are. Even if the enemy team is not full, do not rush happily into such a fight. There is a good chance that one champion will be enough to kill you.

  119. MrSrgsnowman

    @Ayumilove How did you get the damage multipliers for legendary creatures? Is there a way to get it for some epics that are relevant? (Skullcrown, Tayrel, etc).

  120. Mikhail

    Is it just me, or are the Great Hall bonus missions harder than all others combined?

    Can anyone link exactly how many medals you win per fight on each tier? Because at section 2, where you are supposed to be in Silver league, you win like 2 medals per fight, while for a tier 4 bonus, you need… what was it, over 1000?

  121. Hairstyles

    I precisely had to say thanks yet again. I’m not certain the things I could possibly have followed without the type of strategies discussed by you concerning that field. It previously was the depressing problem in my circumstances, nevertheless discovering the very skilled strategy you processed it forced me to cry for fulfillment. Extremely happy for the help and even believe you know what a powerful job you are undertaking training people all through a site. I am certain you haven’t got to know all of us.

  122. J Sun

    Is there a list of rewards for campaign missions anywhere?

  123. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jesse MacKenna: Faction Wars has a daily limit/cap on the keys, which is 12. These keys will be replenish every day (24 hours). You can get 6 additional keys by completing the Advance Quests, which is participating in 5 Tag Team Arena Battle (regardless of win/lose). Once you are able to clear a stage in Faction War, you can proceed to the higher difficulty stage until you hit a wall where your champions aren’t strong enough. Then, you can slowly farm at the stage where your team is capable of while you strengthen the champions in that Faction (e.g. upgrade Artifact, rank champion, ascend champion, upgrading skill, etc).

  124. Jesse MacKenna

    How do you get past the 12 keys to battle on in Faction Wars? Once I run out of keys there is no way to proceed that I know and yes I’m almost a new player. Faction Wars how to get to 20 and 21 or.

  125. SeekerBS

    I have two questions about the sets or in particular their relation to buffs masteries:

    If a spell crits and inflict bonus from Warmaster or giant slayer masteries, in the case of the normal CB about 2.4 million points of damage not counting reductions life defence or something else will that damage be multiplied by the crit damage or remain the same?

    If weaken debuff is applied, will that increase damage from the above masteries or poison/hp burn?

  126. Desc440

    There are a few Progress Missions that are not what is listed here. Maybe Plarium updated them since last you edited this?

  127. ed J

    Just spotted that you have the great hall to lvl 10 twice in the final stage. It should be only once.

  128. ed J

    Great work again Ayumilove, especially helpful is the arbiter missions. Can you add if they are retroactive or not?

  129. John

    Why is there no search button for guide questions, for instance what is Energy, why does my lack of it prevent me from combat, a Dummy’s guide to RAID wouldn’t be the end of the world, I’m sorta heavily medicated and complicated game issues for people like me, not very computer savvy and not familiar with computer games, don’t want a cheat sheet but the game itself doesn’t exactly go out if it’s way to say “you accomplished A now go to B”

  130. Dany

    Thanks mate

    Fantastic job by the way!

  131. Ayumilove Post author

    @Dany: Arbiter is still viable for late game such as Arena Platinum Tier (both Classic Arena and Tag Team Arena). Also, Arbiter is used for Dungeon Speed Run for F2P and low spender players. For instance, I used to do Ice Golem about 10 minutes per run, and after gearing all my champions really well, it drops to around 5 minutes. With Arbiter, she can boost your Champion’s Turn Meter, apply Increase Attack buff so all your allies deals 50% extra damage especially Attack Role champions, apply Weaken debuff for more damage to inflicted to the enemies and finally Revive any fallen allies. With Arbiter, all my dungeon runs are below 2 minutes amd 30 seconds for Spider, Ice Golem, Fire Knight and Dragon’s Lair.

  132. Dany

    Quck question if I may. Once you are able to achieve all of that, do you still need Arbiter??

  133. Tristin Cross

    I really enjoy the backstory elements on some of the champion guide pages. I wanted to know if Ayumilove created them.

  134. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jason: I’m experimenting a few applications to provide the black theme for my site as some patrons requested for it. 🙂

  135. Jason

    Love this “Dark mode” for halloween, much easier on my old eyes… can we make this a page option to keep?

  136. BigBadGrin

    How come there is no decrease debuff duration listed in the instant skill list? I know Valerie is one character with that effect listed on her A2, for example.

  137. Tavius

    I wish I had found this website sooner! This is the most detailed and comprehensive guide I have found online for this game and I used it almost every day. I advise new Raid players to checkout this online resource all the time. Thank you for making it and for keeping it up to date. I know it takes some time to update and it is appreciated : )

  138. William Lee

    There is only one Upgrade a Great Hall Bonus to Level 10, the one before Reach Gold IV in Classic Arena doesn’t actually exist, the one after it (10y) does.

  139. FelineFuror50

    I just got my 1st legendary, Scyll of the Drakes. I couldn’t find her on lists. Is she new? Interested in what artifacts are best for her. Do you need her skills to answer this?

  140. Bill Clinto

    Do you have a full challenges list by any chance?

  141. Kalimore

    Do you have to upgrade 2 great hall area to level 10?

  142. Galloglas_Kilt

    Hi Ayumi, I tried looking through the comments here but there are SO MANY so if this question has already been asked and answered I apologize.

    I am wondering if there are any artifact sets or levels that I should just sell? I would say I am probably getting close to reaching mid-game (not strong enough for the lvl20 dungeons but working my way there) so I have amassed a LOT of artifacts that I never seem to use from dungeon runs. I already sell basically everything I get from running the Campaign as they seem to be trash pieces, but all of the Blue/Purple/Golds that I have which are 4-5 star are sitting in my inventory and it seems there are some sets, such as Destroy, Frenzy, Immunity etc. that I just have not found a use for yet. Are they worth holding on to?

    Thanks in advance.

  143. Dark Avari

    Ayumilove – Need to add under Buff the self buf of Elevated Fear that Skytouched Shaman (or others ) have and its explanation

  144. Frances

    What is the best way to get charms and when, in the game should I focus on charms?

  145. Sunny

    Where do you get relentless artifacts

  146. Ranen496

    Hello, I have been playing a couple months, and this explains so much. I am getting to the point where strength is not as important as strategy, and this site is greatly helpful. Thank you.

  147. SunnyRay

    How many level 10 Great Hall Bonuses are required for Arbiter? One or two? These lines confuse me. What is 10y? Is it a second level 10, a line duplicated by mistake or something different?

    Arena Upgrade a Great Hall Bonus to Level 10 Reward: 250 Energy, 500K Silver
    Arena Reach Gold IV in Classic Arena Reward: 150 Gems
    Arena Upgrade a Great Hall Bonus to Level 10y Reward: 250 Energy, 500K Silver

  148. Willy

    The missing mission in part 3 after Reach Silver III in Arena is:

    Campaign Clear Stage 7 of the Catacombs of Narbuk on Brutal
    Reward: 50K Silver, 15 Gems

    Also, there is an F missing in the one under it. 😉

  149. Regis

    Is there a way to post or send screenshots of my Champions to get opinions on which to keep and which to sacrifice?

  150. Ernest

    Thank you. and won’t be a problem with the updates. just learning what needs are where will probably let me see the updates as you do them. it is the basic info that i use at the moment anyway. besides being on the phone and away from computer need a way to quickly look it up without switching apps on phone all the time.
    again thank you.

  151. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ernest: I think you could save the webpage to your computer for offline viewing though. In addition, the ones that you save into your hard disk may not be updated as I’ll be updating them once awhile depending on the game updates.

  152. Ayumilove Post author

    @waxed crack: I could not view the previous Progress Missions after completing them to obtain Arbiter. Therefore, I’ll not be able to update the Progress Missions unless you could provide me the details of the progress missions that is not included in the list above (details such as the one shown in the guide).

  153. waxed crack

    noticing the progress missions aren’t accurate at 2/4 because that’s the part i’m currently focusing on. probably changed quite a bit since that part of the guide was made. (unless mobile is different somehow?)
    other than that keep up the good work!
    always super helpful website!

  154. Ernest

    Hey just started playing a couple of months ago, and searched for guide type stuff and found yours. am wondering if i can put it into a file for myself when i am not near a computer so i have a hard copy of it. yes i am old school, hard copy. but it works for me.

    and yes this guide you provide for raid is awesome, has helped me at least when i get home.

  155. PDP

    Thank you, great info.

  156. Ayumilove Post author

    @PDP: Based on your input, your current Clan Boss team consist of:
    1. Duchess Lilitus (Veil, Block Debuff, Heal, Revive, Increase Attack)
    2. Arcanist (Healer)
    3. Kael (Poisoner)
    4. Diabolist (Speed Buffer, Increase Turn Meter)
    5. Frozen Banshee (Poisoner)

    And you have received 2 new champions: Dracomoprh and Lord Champfort.

    Based from these input, I would restructure your new Clan Boss team as such:
    1. Dracomorph (Decrease Attack, Decrease Defense, Poisoner)
    2. Duchess Lilitu (Revive, Heal, Block Debuff, Increase Attack)
    3. Arcanist (Healer)
    4. Diabolist (Speed Buffer, Increase Turn Meter)
    5. Kael (Poisoner)

    To see an increase boost of Clan Boss damage, you will need to get both Dracomorph and Diabolist to Level 60 with Warmaster, and equip them with Lifesteal to sustain longer in battle, in case Arcanist misses her Heal. Once all of your team has Lifesteal gear, replace Arcanist with someone who can provide Shield, Counter Attack or Ally Protection buff to sustain in battle longer and to increase the amount of damage. If you can’t 1 use 1 Key to get the Grandmaster Chest in Brutal Clan Boss (21,694K damage), it means your champions in the Clan Boss team does not have all Warmaster/Giant Slayer, the gears are not Level 16 (fully maxed) and the champion is not fully optimized (lack of skill tomes).

    My Speed Clan Boss team (using Kreela Witch Arm) does 48M damage in 1 Key for Brutal Clan Boss with all Champions have full masteries (Tier 6 Offense Warmaster/Giant Slayer), all equipments are Level 16 (basic equipment and accessories) and skills are all maxed. Counter Attack team will do about 45~60M damage with the same setup for Brutal Clan Boss too.

  157. Ayumilove Post author

    @poorii: Thenasil A2 Skill “Oaked Skin” has a base heal of 25% of his MAX HP. Once this skill is maxed, he will get a additional heal of 20% multiplied against the base heal. The total heal will be 30% (25% base heal multiply by 120% gives the total heal).

  158. Ayumilove Post author

    @Confused: I have added German language into the Translate drop down box.

  159. PDP

    Hoping to get a little help. Been playing a couple months, not slot of champs yet, but I just pulled Dracomorph & lord champfort yesterday. I’m going to use them and redo my CB team once they are viable. Lord champfort is only 1 I have with atk down. My current team is 3 – 60’s, Kael, Duchess Lilitu & Arcanist. 2 -50’s frozen banshee & diabolist. Everyone but Duchess is fully booked. The 3 have warmaster. I’m pulling 8m or so dmg on average on Brutal CB.

    My question is what will I put with Draco, Lord & Arcanist? Arcanist is my best healer. The only other healer worth beans is Warpriest unbooked. So currently I need her as healer. I don’t have any shield, counterattack or increase def champions worth my time really. I have athel, coldheart, bulwark, diabolist, frozen banshee. I’ll have 8 debuffs just between Lord & Draco so I don’t think Frozen Banshee is viable on this team. Kael I’m moving to other areas other than CB. I was thinking Coldheart or Athel with diabolist(don’t quite got the gear to make up for her speed increase)
    Or I can do Athel & Coldheart for a few less but more dmg hitting. Or should I use a crappy shield/increase def champ just for a bit more sustain with either Athel or Coldheart?

    Note: I don’t do near 8m with my current CB team without diabolist…

    Also, I see you suggest life steal gear almost always, but if not having enough good life steal gear, what other sets you recommend with the team you think I should roll with?

    Wow, I forgot all about Duchess Lilitu. My new CB team would be Draco, Lord, Duchess, Arcanist. I need 1 to go with them. I was thinking Coldheart, but a clan member said no. Athel is redundant with weaken. Frozen banshee would have room for 1 poison after her poison sensitivity. Thank you and sorry for some missed info in first post.

  160. Confused

    Is there near Future German Translate?

  161. James

    A suggestion for the site that might be useful for users: It might be nice to search for recommended champs based on gear set. If I have a well statted taunting or curing set for example I have no idea what champ would make use of that, and looking up each champ and checking is not really viable. Thanks for the site!

  162. Krath_Negral

    just started over a month ago and wanted to know certain things that are here. a bit cumbersome but well worth the click through to exactly what you need. been using this the last week and have gone up rather quickly because of it since.

    thank you for having this available to peruse in between sleep and gaming.

  163. Raistlin_BAT

    Mad props to this site, I’m at about 160 days into the game and reference it constantly. A couple things to consider for your mission list. I think someone else mentioned it but not sure you understood the request. Basically on the missions can you indicate in your guide whether the mission will count retroactively or not? I.e. for missions like getting a great hall bonus to x it will give you credit if you have already gotten a great hall bonus to x but for missions like ascending a spirit champ to level 6 it will not. I know for me i ascended several champs just prior to getting to those missions and had I know beforehand I would have waited. Secondly, can you change the wording on the Clan boss missions of dealing x damage within 24 hours to dealing x damage prior to reset? I burned a couple keys the night before thinking I had the next day to get another key in to finish the mission and the damage reset to 0 the following morning.
    Thanks Bro and keep up the great work.

  164. poorii

    hello i want to get all of my epic book to thenasil and i want to know how is the percentage of healing for second spell in full book

  165. Ayumilove Post author

    @Annihilus: You are F2P (Free to Play) player, you will need to amass these Mystery Shards as they can be used to gain points during these event/tournament to acquire a specific reward that is used for the Champion Fusion (example: Champion Fragments). If you are P2W (Pay to Win) Player, you can spend money by purchasing those Ancient Shards or Void Shards or Sacred Shards to get these points fairly easily without going through the hassle buying Mystery Shards from the Market every day.

  166. Annihilus

    Can you explain 5 and 6 things in DO’s? What connection between Champion Chase Tournament and Champion Fusion Event. And for what needs 1600 shards?

  167. Ayumilove Post author

    @Viviabey: I think the page is now okay. Try force-clear Internet Browser cache.

  168. Viviabey

    The Link >DEBUFF: Poison Sensitivity< pops an sql error.

  169. Red

    Something seems to be terribly wrong with the missions lately. The infamous mission “Reach Silver I in Classic Arena” is not showing in the list. Other missions of part 2/4 are also missing.
    Can you please check and correct if necessary?

    Btw: If people want to embed your content on their website they will. All you can do is adding the source to the images and screens – what you did. It is rather annoying that you disable right-clicks om your website and make the user experience on your website worse.

  170. Hack Daddy

    Something is wrong with the website. I’m assuming it’s an issue with all the ads, but I’m not able to right click any of the links and open them in new tabs. I’ve tried different browsers and even a different computer.

    Makes it hard when researching multiple things.

  171. Karma

    I’m having problems understanding some basics… If a champion has an attack based on HP or defense, is there any use for the attack stat? I’m worried about not developing attack skill and needing it. Also, how do the defense fit in?8

  172. Chris

    first of all absolutely great work!!!!! Perfect in anyways!
    One thing, maybe i missed it but you forgot Ash in the Videosection 🙂

  173. Donn Worthen

    Hi Ayumilove,

    I’m looking for how to increase artifact stars. I am not finding anything about that here in your guide. Can you help me with this?

  174. Brittany lambert

    We need more replay when we start the reset and it give you like 30 replays and I need to be able to talk to my clan members again need to know how to get the armor and everything like that for the characters

  175. Ayumilove Post author

    @Doogie630: I have recently disabled right-click to prevent users from copy-pasting/scraping content (text and images) from this site to their website. The workaround to opening multiple tabs is to click the link using the middle scroll-wheel button.

  176. Doogie630

    Ayumilove, did u recently updayte your website? I can nolonger right click on the site to make a menu pop up or right click a link to open it in another tab. Ive tried 3 different browsers

  177. Ayumilove Post author

    @Colin: If you are just starting out, I would recommend just using them first because if you get good Rare champions early on, it will help boost your game progression very quickly. Once you have the core champions that you can rely to take on all dungeons and Arena, then its the time to save up on Ancient Shards and Mystery Shards for the events. The Ancient Shards would be use only during Double Ancient Summoning Boost where you have double the chance to get an Epic or Legendary Champion. If your game account is late game where you have all the necessary champions to perform speed run and just missing essential champion to optimize the speed run or you just want to complete your champion index, then I would recommend using those Ancient Shards during the 10X Summoning Event to have a higher chance to get/snipe the champion that the game is offering. Mystery Shards keep saving them up for the Event/Tournament and buy the Common/Uncommon champion for fodder. For Void Shard and Sacred Shard, apply the same strategy as Ancient Shard.

  178. Colin

    @ayumilove I was wondering if I should save my ancient shards for the champion chase from the start or just my mystery shards.

  179. Dave

    If you get the mastery fearsome presence, and your champ has both an artifact set that stuns and a skill that stuns, do you get the bonus to both the skill and the set? I am using Scyl of the Drakes and i am curious about the utility of a stun set

  180. Drew

    The one thing that I think has changed is once you get your core 5 it no longer only takes 2 months to get through in game content. Arena is so terrible those progress missions now take weeks to months just for the silver missions I can’t imagine how long gold is going to take. Upgrading the great hall takes forever when you have 5 maxed champs with all masteries complete and you can’t consistently make it out of Silver 1. It wants you to upgrade 2 great hall skills to silver(at least 800 silver). Try doing that 1 piece of silver at a time. Then the next challenge is to ascend a champion to 5 stars, beat a campaign mission on hard,unlock a tier 3 mastery or get 1.5MM on a the Demon Lord. All things I have done months ago. I can get 13+MM on the Demon Lord. It just shows how out of wack Arena is and it is killing the game for a lot of people.

  181. Bushra

    I’m stuck in 38th progress mission..
    Artifact Equip an ATK type Champion with Gauntlets, Chestplate, and Boots with ATK% as their primary stats
    Can anyone help me with it?

  182. Avaraxius

    @Ayumilove thank you for that information did not know about those. was lucky to get a 90%discount i think it was on a 3void 500 gem and silver pack. will keep an eye open for those offers 🙂 they seem to help a lot progressing in the game.

  183. Ayumilove Post author

    @Avaraxius: The best offer packs to spend on is the $10 for 2150 Gems, Bonus Offer Packs and specific special Holiday Events (e.g. Christmas or Black Friday) for very low spender (excluding the On my F2P account, I have seen Bonus Offer Packs selling Legendary Skill Tomes and Epic Skill Tomes at a price 5 times lower than the one sold in the shop. 1 Legendary Skill Tome = 5 USD, 1 Epic Skill Tome = 2 USD. Same applies to Void Shards and Ancient Shards too.

  184. Avaraxius

    I Recently discovered Raid again so had one on my mobile had about 25k+ energy on it seems i logged in often to grab the extras now burning it up, So made a new fresh account that i wont do the same mistakes that i did with my first account, i am something between a Amoeba &
    Mino ^^.

    So thanx for the great helpful website should have searched it earlier 🙂 , any tips for spending gems, mostly keep them till i can spend for a “small shard packs”.

  185. Ayumilove Post author

    @Crypto kBone: It’s actually called “Sky Peak”. It’s a locked/hidden dungeon planned for future content (e.g. 100 level tower to farm resources). Based from my research, I believe there is content in development for this dungeon. However, there are no news about it being released in any specific update as it’s been locked/hidden since 2018. More details will be available once Plarium Raid Shadow Legends released some news publily.

  186. Ayumilove Post author

    @GideonEu: Lore of Steel works on all basic sets and not with sets that has unique effects like Lifesteal, Stun, Sleep, Provoke/Taunt, Poison, etc. Lore of Steel boost significantly for stats that aren’t percentage (e.g. Accuracy Set gains the most benefit out of Lore of Steel compared to Speed Set). However, if you are using this champion in Arena, every bit of Speed stat matters, so that is where Lore of Steel comes in place.

  187. GideonEu

    Just having abit of a heated discussion with a clan mate, he said that lore is steel the mastery dosnt work with the speed or lifesteal sets, lifesteal makes sense cause it isn’t increasing a base stat but he says that cause the speed set dosnt have 15% bonus it dosnt give the buff, could you elaborate if this is the case?

  188. Crypto kBone

    What is the Sky Peek?

  189. Ayumilove Post author

    @VendettaX: For Campaign boss runs, I completed all of them (Normal, Hard and Brutal) using the given champions. Example, Kael/Athel/Elhain (Attacker) paired with Warpriest (Healer) to tackle against Bosses that are Magic (Blue) or Spirit (Green). For Force, I use Relickeeper (Fusion Champion) or Jizoh with Warpriest (Healer). All of the attacker champions are fitted with Lifesteal Set.

  190. Ayumilove Post author

    @Destroyer39: Zephyr Sniper would be a useful champion for Spider’s Den run for her AoE A1 attack.

  191. Ayumilove Post author

    @J.Sandy: The spending tier list is basically categorizing how much money has being spent by the player.

  192. J.Sandy

    I was curious about the spending tier list, is that just random info or is there some hidden stat tied to being a whale?

  193. B.Morris

    Thank you for your work

  194. Kevin Van Der Fraenen

    Hi, I think mission to reach gold 4 is Just before Hall bonus lvl 10

  195. Spotz

    There’s a Progress Mission stage missing.

    Right before “Deal 39 milion damage to Demon Lord…”, there is a “Reach Gold IV in Classic Arena” mission.

  196. Jeff Ridout

    DragonLady, I lost access to my account because of the facebook login. Would you mind removing JeffroBodine and send an invite for Jeffro-Bodine? I wanted to stay in the same clan.


  197. Destroyer39

    What about Zephyr Sniper one of the champions worth keeping?

  198. Jozzeppi

    I’ve been playing RAID for about 3 months, just trying to figure things out on my own. A few days ago I found your site and it has helped me tremendously. Thank you so much for compiling all of this great information, you’re doing a wonderful job~ <3

  199. VendettaX

    Hi Ayumilove, love your guides. Id be lost without them. That being said; i dont know if this was asked in the comments or you even have one listed here( ive checked and couldnt find one). But is there any way you can make a list of strategies or best champion rankings for Campaign Bosses(like you do for dungeons and such)? I know its a lot of work, but could be helpful.

  200. Ayumilove Post author

    @Byron: If you want to focus building up your Clan Boss team, I would go with Diabolist and Occult Brawler, followed by Skullcrusher. If you want to focus on Arena, I would go with Seeker and Diabolist. If you want to focus on Dungeons, I would go with Miscreated Monster and Diabolist. Diabolist is a versatile champion. In my F2P Account, I used her extensively (before Apothecary and High Khatun were available) for a long time. You won’t go wrong with leveling up Diabolist to Level 60. She will help you everywhere and she is easily to skill up as you can get multiple duplicate champions of her in Campaign 12-3 Brutal.

    The key to fast game progression is to get a Speed Champion (e.g. Diabolist) and a carrier Tanky Champion (e.g. Miscreated Monster). With Miscreated Monster, he can pair with Kael to 3 Star almost all stages in Campaign including Nightmare Campaign mode (but requires very good gear on them too). With Diabolist (Speed Champion), she boosts everyone overall speed so they can take more turns then the enemies to attack and cast their skills.

  201. Byron

    Hello Ayumi, love the site and thank you for all the hard work you put in to make it for us. I have a question about what champions I should focus on for dungeons to progress further. I am fairly new to the game and just got Kael to lvl 60. Some of the other champions I have obtained are below:

    Occult Brawler
    Miscreated Monster

    I appreciate any advice and wisdom you will give me.

  202. Sean Beebe

    Thank you for the response to my question on accessories flat vs percentage main stats. I saw in the guide where it shows that after I asked. I apologize but I am still curious about gear gauntlets, chest plate, and boots. Are RES and ACC always going to be a flat number? I never seem to see these two with a % after the number. I don’t usually keep any flat main stat gear of these 3 types but am still wondering about ACC and RES main stats though and your guide does show them as flat stats but it also, on those 3 types of gear shows crit rate and crit damage as being flat. So I’m confused.

  203. Floppy

    Hi Ayumilove, Thanks a lot for your site, it’s very helpful!
    I am trying to farm the campaign champs (spirithost and then executioner and heiress for fusion).

    Is there a higher chance to get them in brutal than normal? Was wondering as normal cost half the energy which means two times more run/chances to get them (putting xp and silver aside).

    Any idea or advice ?

  204. Chad A. Clayton

    I agree, but instead of a list it would be far more user friendly if it were a graph. albeit a graph seperated by columns that you can select individually, in order to see whatever champs are ranked highest in the base stat that you selected…. standard graph i guess.

    ayumilove, thank you for all the effort and hard work you put into this site! it definately cannot be easy; this is my #1 go to site for anything raid. keep up the fantastic work! im hoping you get more donations for your effots!

  205. MtgJedi

    I think a great addition to the site would be a sorted list of champions by their base stats. So all champions in order based on their hp on one list and by speed on another list, etc.

    Thanks so much for an amazing resource the whole community uses.

  206. Ayumilove Post author

    @Sean Beebe: Primary stats for Accessories and Equipment (Weapon, Helmet, Shield) are all Flat stats. Check out the guide in the “RAID SHADOW LEGENDS EQUIPMENT GUIDE” section to see what are the available stats that are percentages (indicated with % icon) and which stats are flat (indicated with plus + icon) for the equipment primary stats and substats.

  207. Sean Beebe

    Hey, been loving your site for about a month now ever since I heard about it from Salt (love his channel and Ash’s). I was just wondering, I keep seeing ACC and RES as flat stats and the main stat for accessories as flat stats, are these all only flat stats or can they also be percentage stats? I’m trying to figure out what to keep and what to sell from my inventory.

  208. vivi

    Hello! IT Is a good guide . however I have 3 champion with 60 level and I cant succeed level 12 of Minothaur so , What can I do?

  209. Lomo

    Hello administrator, I like it very much. I want to buy the advertising position here. Is there any related business here? Sincerely, I hope to get your reply anyway, thank you for your time.

  210. Destroyer39

    Missing the progress mission- reach Silver 1 in the Arena.

  211. Ayumilove Post author

    @Eric: To build Great Hall Mastery effectively is to get sufficient Accuracy, followed by Critical Damage, Defense, HP, Attack and Resist. Get all of it to Level 6. However, only work on the Affinity that you have champion that can benefit it. For example, if your champion roster are mainly Force and Magic Affinity, then invest/distribute those earned Arena medals to those affinities instead of doing for all Affinities (Void, Spirit, Magic and Force). This will help you progress much faster in-game as the stat boost from Great Hall will help you significantly as in you do not need to rely on gear much in early-mid game.

  212. Eric

    Where does one start choosing the right attributes for your in the great hall

  213. DemiGoddess

    First, this is an awesome site and the info is a great help for all players alike. However, I have to put in a couple of suggestions…
    1) Under Starter Champs, it should read: Galek (Clan Boss/Campaign Farmer/AoE Attacker) as well. Even though he is not highly recommended, he actually is a pretty good Starter. I chose Elhain as my 1st Starter, on my 2nd account, I chose Athel, my 3rd starter was Galek, and I use Kael in my 1st & 2nd accounts solid as well, so I know how they all perform.
    2) Under 1* & 2* Keepers/All-Purposer Attackers, you should have also included Death Hound (Common), who has a suprising kit of Rare quality skills: (A1) Attack one enemy. Ignores [Shield] & [Block Damage] Buffs. If critical, ignores enemy DEF. (A2) Attack one enemy. Places a 5% [Poison] for 2 turns. I just thought if no one ever mentioned these things before, I might as well…thank you!

  214. Ayumilove Post author

    @Haelix: Champion will not perform more than 1 Counterattack if he/she has Counter Attack Skill, Retribution Mastery Skill and Retaliation Set equipped. I have already tested this out in-game.

  215. Haelix

    So thankful we have you. Do you know if retailation set offers an additional counterattack if you have a counterattack buff on your champion? Thanks.

  216. Eric

    Thank you Aesir

  217. Aesir

    The website seems to be missing a “clan boss chest reward list/content”

  218. Ayumilove Post author

    @Eric: For end-game players, all Uncommon and Rare champions that does not have any 5 Star usage in any particular area. Also, all Common champions. If you are F2P (Free to Play) player, then keep at least 1 copy of each Rare Champions as they can be use for Champion Fusion. Mostly Uncommon and Common champions are fodders except Outlaw Monk and Armiger.

  219. Eric

    What champions would you use for food / farming

  220. Eric

    Is ayumilove in book format for raid shadows legends and if so where can I get a copy

  221. gerovit

    In part III progress mission “upgrade 2 chapmions to level 60” is this retroactive?

  222. Lesa Bird

    Your Instant Self Heal page is broken. I’d love to review it when you get a chance to fix it. Thank you for your efforts in creating this website. I use it regularly. <3

  223. WileyMan

    @Amol: Farm your artifacts in the Dungeons. By the time you can clear Nightmare stages, you should be into the mid-teens for Dungeon levels. That is where you will get better gear.

  224. Corin Black

    I have a champ with 119% total crit, but he still consistently fails to crit on weak hits, despite what the chart says. Might want to check that and update.

  225. Nick P

    You should throw a list of all the Champions who Transfer Debuff on here.

  226. Amol

    Any pointers on farming 6* artifacts. I am only till Felwin’s Gate in Nightmare and till there as well I only got 3 6* artifacts dispite playing for around 30 times

  227. Chris Peacock

    Hi there, I am stuck on Artifact Mission 39, I have equipped an ATK champion with gauntlets, chest and boots with ATK% as their primary stat but it says 2\3 and I have tried everything and cannot complete it !!! Thank you Chris

  228. Eleyeah

    everyone should be forced to read this before they can play these games:)

  229. Joel Morris

    I am looking for a tier list of Attack champions. Can anyone help me find one please?!

  230. denn

    Thank you so much for your guides! I was wondering are you were going to do a faction war champ ranking?

  231. JRP160058

    @KillaCam it costs 800 gems to get all scrolls for your champion. Does not matter how many scrolls you had previously.

  232. Christian

    @TiagoTitan…do you mean “you” or really a friend? If you purchase the scrolls for 800 gems you will get all the mastery scrolls, just won’t be able to apply the 6* scrolls until his or your Kael is 6*

  233. KillaCam

    If you already have a few masteries chosen, does it still cost 800 gems to get all the rest of the scrolls for a champion?

  234. virgil

    flinger? how about him? food or not?

  235. TiagoTitan

    Hi, I have a question regarding minotaur masteries scrolls:
    A friend of mine wants to buy the scrolls with 800 gems for his level 50 Kael. So his Kael is not yet 6stars, will he still get all masteries scrolls (basic, advanced and divine) or only basic and advanced, loosing all divine?
    Thenks for answering

  236. dylan

    is there a suggested mastery set up for specific champs anywhere on here

  237. Angel

    @Yo_Dexxxter, thanks for the comment, I’m a F2P, regarding the Skullsworns farming, I did check other forums and threads but the advice offered contradicted what I was seeing, in this regard I somewhat agree with what you stated about the runs. I used just over 500 energy on brutal and got only 2, but I did the same on Hard and got 8. I’ve in total spent nearly 2000 energy over a week and gathered all 16. And today have fused my first legendary Skull Lord Var-Gall. It was not an easy process and I’ve been playing for 114 days and I’m currently at level 58.

  238. WileyMan

    Lore of Steel Follow-up from below. I am about to select some Tier 4 Masteries, so I wanted to understand how it works now with the recent patch discussed below by ShalokShalom. I started a forum thread at Plarium:

    A Forum Moderator claims that the current Lore of Steel modifies all 2-Piece sets, which is not how it is described in-game or on this site. I do not want to waste 150 Gems on a reset if it does not modify Speed sets. Can anyone confirm how this works from personal experience?

  239. JerBinks

    Hi, thanks for this wodnerful website !

    I think the progress missions have changed because I’m stuck at “Reach Silver I in Arena” and I can’t find it on the liste here.

  240. CommanderAzure

    On the Progress mission, can you add on each one whether it is retroactive?

  241. Ayumilove Post author

    @BRICOUT: For this Progress Mission, it must be active. Once you reach to this mission, then only start ascending your Spirit Champions to Level 6 (Purple Star). If you have existing Spirit Champion that have made to Level 6 Ascension before reaching to this Progress Mission, it will not count.

  242. BRICOUT

    Hello Ayumilove
    Can you help me?
    for the mission ” Ascend a Spirit Champion to Level 6 of Ascension”
    I already have 2 spirit champions to Level 6 of Ascension but the mission is not a success…
    why? Do I need to make another spirit champion to level 6 ?

  243. Kraftyo

    Hello Ayumilove, first of all as a new player I’d like to say thanks. Your guides are awesome.
    One thing that I’m frankly suprised isnt a thing yet in this game is a skill order tree. Like 4 slots that you can put your skills in and they always will be used in that order if on auto. I wanted to post my idea on here because you have a pretty big following and it would be a great ease of life buff.. but you may have some more pull with devs then some nub like me =b Thanks again and hopefully you can pass this on to someone.

  244. Hugo Alves

    Hey Ayumilove, I didn’t see your updates at twitter or Maplestory content recently. I was thinking if is everything ok with you? Long time I follow your work here (Maplestory) and twitter 🙂

  245. Confusedone

    Hello, first thank you so much for all your hard work in keeping with your site. I’ve never played this type of game before. Friend got me started and we reference your site frequently.
    Being new, I understand the diff bet leg, epic, rare, etc but would/have you ever put together a list of champs in order of usefulness regardless of tier? Sometimes I can’t decide which one to rank first as I may have several defense, healers, etc.. Thus far, Kael seems to be my strongest even against the one legendary but I’m also not versed in gearing well. My friend keeps telling me not to use 4 piece sets? I don’t get why.

  246. Eric


    I’m using this site a lot for it’s usefull and easy to access information!
    Is there a reason to not display Champion Ranking for Arcane Keep?


  247. WileyMan

    @Moriar: The best way to spend $10/month is on the Daily Gem Pack. It’s over 2000 Gems for $10. There is nothing more cost effective.

  248. WileyMan

    @Moriar. With a budget of $10-$15 per month, the most important thing for you to purchase is the Daily Gem Pack. There is simply no better way to spend $10 per month on RSL.

  249. Moriar

    Strange i just posted a comment but it disappeared.
    My question basically was: as a very new player, with a budget of around 10$ a month for this game, what should i buy as first “deal” ? I’ve read that after you buy the first time, the game doesn’t offe anymore such juicy deals!
    Also a question regarding this hero that many people talk about, Skullsworms: I just dropped him on my 5th run in the sewers, is it just a big hit of luck?

  250. Moriar

    Hello there, very nice guide, thank you so much.
    I will follow it thoroughly , I have only one simple question for now:
    I can afford to spend on this game, as I like it, 10-15 $ a month.
    I read somewhere that after the first purchase, the offer that the game propose you are not that good, so we should be very careful in what we decide to buy as first purchase: what do you recommend to buy as a beginner? there are many packs right now spamming on my screen, but in general what should I look for?
    Energy deals? Shard deals? Items deals?

  251. Yo_Dexxxter

    Farming for SkullSworns is pointless unless your account has spent large amount of money. This “amount spent” marker also contributes to support tickets being answered by an actual person. (This topic has been discussed on Reggit & Discord forums/threads) I’ve done 300+ runs for SkullSworns & have received 2. I’ve played Raid for approx 7 months & have 2 Legendary Champs. 2 from Battle Pass event & 1 from an ancient shard. Ayumilove is an absolutely awesome source of helpful guides for RSL. Too bad the game won’t respect it’s fanbase.

  252. Frank

    As always Ayumi, quality stuffs. You are my Advancement Instructor from MS to Raids.
    Much love from Vietnam

  253. Angel

    Hi Ayumi,

    Love the site, apology if I’ve missed it but are you able to confirm the best way to farm champions level 3 champions? (Farming for Skullsworn) Other than XP, coin and higher gear does farming on Normal, hard, brutal or even nightmare have any better drop rates? And is it better to stick to stage 6 and replay or play through tall the stages?

    Many thanks


  254. Ben

    Rougly how much does it cost to upgrade your vault all the way?

  255. Miso

    Hello ! Thanks a lot for all the info.
    I’m a beginner and i struggle finding out which hero to keep/xp and which to use as food (for campaign progression, very early game).
    Could you explain why Death Hound is S – uncommon whereas it’s not in the “worth keeping” in this guide please ?

  256. John

    Great info! Appriciate the hard work and time put into this. Thanks a million!

  257. ash

    the mission guide seems to be wrong, it doesn’t tally with my missions for stage 3

  258. Kayla Tanksley

    How come there no child guide in the game

  259. Ayumilove Post author

    @Shuaimi: You can inflict Stun/Freeze/Sleep debuff on her so she doesn’t take her turn to attack with Crack Armor. You could also buff your champions with Block Debuff to avoid getting Decrease Defense from her Crack Armor skill.

  260. Suhaimi

    How to counter Zagalas crack armour skill pls

  261. Cookie

    Is there any where besides the fire knight to get Regeneration sets?

  262. Dan Trumphour

    Looks like they changed lore of steel. I believe you are describing it incorrect. But they way it has changed it looks correct. Used to be only on basic sets. (Life, speed, acc, etc) now it should boost divine sets bonuses as well.

  263. ContinuousImprovement

    There are a lot of missing progress missions in part 2? The current list only shows the last 38 of the 75 missions.

  264. MaxBT

    Could you please add an advice to Masteries part, that player should pay 800 gems for Masteries instead of wasting time fighting Minotaur. I just did the math base on lvl 60, fighting last stage 15th, best luck cost 13.14 energy potions (assume we use 0.86 energy potion for other task), worse luck cost 23.58 energy potions; average costs 18.36 energy potions ~ 735 gems, player do not save much gems but waste too much time because cost 122 – 219 battles ~ about 4 – 10 hours playing.

  265. Ayumilove Post author

    @Khafka: Currently there is a bug reported that the Potion requirement is buggy and not yet fixed.

  266. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nico: Currently I do not have the drop rate for those items that you have mentioned. It is said that higher difficulty campaign has higher success rate of dropping those Rare champions.

  267. Ayumilove Post author

    @ShalokShalom: Could you please point me to the official Plarium website that has this patch details?

  268. Ayumilove Post author

    @Azul: It’s not an issue equipping Epic Artifacts on Rare champion if they could help you progress in-game much faster, especially Early-Mid-Late game champion such as Kael.

  269. Ayumilove Post author

    @Hapi: To perform Ascension for a champion, you will need to collect Potions from Potion Dungeon Keep. Then, visit the Tavern, select the Champion that you want to ascend and click the Ascend button.

  270. Ayumilove Post author

    @anonymous: Thanks! I have updated the guide based on your input.

  271. anonymous

    Raid Shadow Legends Progress Missions
    Win 5 Superior Spirit Potions from Stage 13 or higher of the Spirit Keep
    Reward: ccc

    The missing reward is: 150 Energy, 75K Silver

  272. Hapi

    How to do Ascension ?

  273. Aasimar3G


    I am new so my question my looks silly but I cant stop thinking about it.

    Is fe. Rare – S rank champ is equal to Epic – S rank champ when both are at lvl 60 ?

    I mean if Athel is S Rank but is ‘only’ Rare is there any point to invest in her or is it better to focus on Epic champ B rank or A rank ?

    Is there any scheme which would show that fe.
    Rare S rank > Epic F/C rank
    Rare S rank = Epic Rank
    Rare S rank < Epic A/S rank ??

  274. Azul

    Is it ok to equip a rare champion with epic artifacts?

  275. Nico


    Can we know the drop rate of rare, common monster, ect in campaign?

  276. ShalokShalom


    The new patch nerfs lore of steel

    Speed, accuracy, resistance, crit rate and crit damage are not increased anymore, only 15% stat increase sets

    This renders the mastery almost useless in my eyes, and has, of course, intense changes in the database to follow when it comes to the recommendations for masteries.

    This mastery was previously used for speed, accuracy and crit damage, who are all not increased by this mastery anymore.

    Hard nerf for an already mediocre skill

  277. Khafka

    Hi ayumi, I seemed to have been stuck at this progress mission :
    Dungeon Win a total of 3 Lesser Potions from Spirit, Force, Magic or Void Potion Dungeons
    Reward: 10K Silver, 10 Lesser Arcane Potion

    I wonder why I cant complete it, maybe a bug?

  278. ShalokShalom

    Hi dude!

    Thanks for all the work 🙂

    Could you implement the search bar in the mobile version too?
    At each page on the bottom and/or top would be awesome, I think.

    Thanks for the consideration

  279. xlFUELlx

    What kind of champions & Champions Teams do best in Spiders, Dragon & Fk=Fire Knight?

  280. RED H4WK

    @Ayumilove: You have the XP for actual rank, I included the information of the total XP including all the rank ups.
    For instance, if you have a rare champion and want to level it to 60 using only uncommons as food you are going to need 357 uncommon champions for food, 117 at lvl 20, 30 at lvl 30, 6 at lvl 40 and 1 at lvl 50 and the total XP for all the food and your champion will be 21,367,191.

  281. Ayumilove Post author

    @Misthios: It depends on the champions you currently have. For example, if I have a Level 60 Kael fully ascended with all the skills fully upgraded, then any new Kael champion I get from Mystery Shard or Ancient Shard will be turned into food. Alternatively, if I have a powerful Legendary Poisoner such as Bad-el-Kazar, then Kael would be redundant for my team, therefore he becomes food as well. If you do not have any decent Poisoner champion, then you should level up Kael that you obtaijned from Shard if you have started with Elhain/Galek/Athel in the first place. If you are performing fusion for Rhazin Scarhide, those champions will be kept in vault instead of being used as food. These are some of the scenarios of when you should keep or let go those champions.

  282. Misthios

    Hey is there any possible way you guys can make a list of Champions that you can use exclusively for food? Is so I would greatly appreciate it! and am I interpreting it right that you should never level up rank 1 champions but instead feed them in the tavern?

  283. Dovahkiin

    Hello, is there a place to check (like twitter or something) or do you know when will the next “true” increase ratings for pulls will happen? im saving a lot of shards for that and i was wondering if they pre-announce somewhere… tks vm!

  284. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ciapek23: You need to fuse champions in the Tavern. To get 5 Star Champion, fuse 4 of 4 Star Champions in the Tavern. It will cost some silver too. To get 6 Star Champion, fuse 5 of 5 Star Champions in the Tavern.

  285. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: I have added Strengthen, Increase Accuracy, Increase Critical Damage, Decrease Critical Rate, Decrease Critical Damage and Poison Sensitivity to the index above!

  286. Ciapek23

    How to get 5* or 6* hero? I have rare and epic but only 4*

  287. Kate

    All this i Have, but nothing…

    March 5, 2020 at 9:05 AM
    Mozaffar: Ill break it down.
    1. the champion has to be “attack” you can see the type of champion Directly left of the “artifact tab name” in Champion tab when the champ is selected.

    2. The stat on the Artifact gloves, Chest, and Feet needs to be Attack % (It does not matter what set it comes from. Meaning u can use a “life set gloves” “speed set chest” “lifesteal set boots” as long as the PRIMARY STAT IS ATTACK %

    3. Upgrade these items to lvl 12.

    4. Equip those lvl 12 pieces on 2 DIFFERENT ATTACK TYPE CHAMPIONS

    5. Complete Mission

  288. matthias

    >> Helmsmasher mastery is great against high defense Champions in Arena and Dungeons.

    2 lines under it:

    >> Flawless Execution: Critical Damage +20%. This is the mastery you take on anyone not getting Giant Slayer and Warmaster.

    First, this contradicts each other.

    Second, Helmsmasher is default choice, flawless is for campaign farmer and people like Errol, who already have 100% defense ignorance.

    People like mountain king and Cruetraxa benefit significantly from Savage plus Helmsmasher, flawless is easy to achieve with a 2 piece set.

    My opinion

  289. matthias

    There is also a new simulator on

    What about adding a list of all defense based, hp based and speed based/scaling heros?

    So not their description accordingly that says HP, Support or so, but Hp scaling shields, Hp scaling heals and defense based attacks?

  290. matthias schuster

    This is a list for optimal results in trainings events:

    And just as a heads up, the new buffs and debuffs have no category

  291. matthias schuster

    Bad el is the best healer, he is the only one is the game which lets you do high level clanboss without lifesteal

  292. TiagoTitan

    Hi. Ayumi congrats for your great work. I have a question regarding missions progress part4/4:

    Clan missions where I have to deal some amount of damage to succeed ( example: Deal 10 milion damage to Demon Lord on Min. difficulty Hard in 24 hours/ Deal 75 milion damage to Demon Lord on Min. difficulty Nightmare in 24 hours) in-game it doesn’t say to do in 24hours.

    So, was the game updated and I don’t need to do that amount of damage under 24hours and you didn’t updated that info in the website? Or is it a mistake/error/bug of the game?

    I changed my game language to see if it was a translating error or typo but it was the same.

    I found an error before where some mission asked to get 5 artifacts 5* and it was actually 10 artifacts 5*. So it could be an error.

    I hope someone have an answer =) thanks

  293. matthias schuster

    “Void is neutral, it has no strengths nor weaknesses”

    Void will never land a weak hit, which means 15% chance to not land a debuff, instant and critical hit.

    This is huge and definitely a benefit.

  294. matthias schuster

    Increase Accuracy buffs are not listed here at all.

    Stag Knight, Frozen Banshee and all those new characters are not yet listed here and in the champion listings:

  295. Vault dweller

    I would like to make a suggestion for a new simulator, I don’t know if there is one on a different site, but i come here. So the same way you have the value calculator, is it possible for you guys to make something where you would pick a champion, then pick the artifact type(weapon, helmet, shield, etc.), then type in the main stat and sub stats you have in game, and it would tell you the total stats you have after the change. It would help literally everybody, on the discord and reddit alike, so many people complain of the waste of silver trying out new builds. I know it’s pretty simple math in general, but people like me just don’t have the time(6 kids lol). Anyways this would help me and everybody I think, and i don’t know how hard it would be, but since u have that value calculator I assume you could do this.

    Thanks if you read this.

  296. KindaEpic

    Mozaffar: Ill break it down.
    1. the champion has to be “attack” you can see the type of champion Directly left of the “artifact tab name” in Champion tab when the champ is selected.

    2. The stat on the Artifact gloves, Chest, and Feet needs to be Attack % (It does not matter what set it comes from. Meaning u can use a “life set gloves” “speed set chest” “lifesteal set boots” as long as the PRIMARY STAT IS ATTACK %

    3. Upgrade these items to lvl 12.

    4. Equip those lvl 12 pieces on 2 DIFFERENT ATTACK TYPE CHAMPIONS

    5. Complete Mission

  297. Zane75

    Can block revive, TM reduction, or increase CD be resisted?

  298. Mozaffar

    Hi . Please help me . I can’t understand this mission.

    Artifact : Equip 2 ATK Champions with Level 12+ Gauntlets, Boots, and a Chestplate with ATK (%) as their primary stats
    Reward: 75K Silver

  299. RogueTrooper65

    Whats the best way to find an active guild?
    My current one doesnt complete any Clan Boss now.
    Im currently lvl 54.

  300. Balu

    Hi. i dont know what is bedder. I take Galek as my first hero. I roll Ignatuis, Infernal Baroness, Apothecary, Miscreated Monster, Golden Reaper.
    SHall i go fsat lv 60 ignatuis? or as u said galek?

  301. Ayumilove Post author

    @LeiaLouise: Starter champion should equip with Lifesteal Set, so he/she can survive throughout the entire Campaign battle. Lifesteal Set is also used to improve Clan Boss Team Setup survivability immensely once they get Warmaster/Giant Slayer (Tier 6 Offense Mastery) as the large amount of damage inflicted to the Clan Boss will heal up to 70~100% HP instantly depending whether the Clan Boss has debuffs such as Weaken and Decrease Defense.

  302. LeiaLouise

    you write for the core Team i should repeat Step 1-3.
    Does that mean i equip on every champ the Lifesteal Set?
    Or just for the Starter?
    Im confused… sry.

  303. Stamos

    I agree with Leader-HAD,
    Your work is amazing and I would not try to rush you.
    I would like to know if you have a plan to rank champions by faction wars. Is that something on your list to add?

    It would also be very nice to add a filterable spreadsheet with all champions and rankings in each category for ease of use, but that is obviously secondary.
    Thanks again for your great work!

  304. Leader-HAD

    1st thx for your great work you do here it’s so helpful.

    2nd can you plz rank champions by faction from best to worst to help us


  305. Ayumilove Post author

    @Fryevia: What are the champions in your inventory? For starters, you can level up your starter champion (example: Kael) to be Level 60 and ascend him to at least 3 stars to unlock the skill full potential. This level 60 will be your primary campaign farmer to create more fodders for your next Level 60 champions.

  306. Ayumilove Post author

    @ShalokShalom: I have made it into 2 sections (side by side) to make it less cramped. Having only 1 section make this page kinda lengthy.

  307. Fryevia

    Great Guide, I am wondering when i am working on my first 6*, should i ascend it? if yes, when should i start?

  308. ShalokShalom

    Great that you have put all the links on the top, exactly what I was hoping for.

    Maybe use only one column on top of each other, side by side does look it very cramped together.

    thanks a lot

  309. Ayumilove Post author

    @Tony Galyuk: I have added n1Cartman to the Russian Youtuber List. Thanks for your recommendation!

  310. Tony Galyuk

    I think n1 Cartman should be on the list of YouTube content creators. He is the first player in whole world to defeat last bosses of Faction wars for 3 stars.

  311. Ayumilove Post author

    @ShalokShalom: I have added a list of URL to the Champion pages to ease the navigation for RAID: Shadow Legends.

  312. ShalokShalom

    Could you show the list to the characters on the top? (mobile)

  313. Navareth

    So I currently have a level 50 Athel with 2 offense and 1 speed. Do I just farm a few vampire pieces from hard and then equip them? The login vampire pieces I got are all hot garbage.

  314. bigzeus58

    It’s hard for me to farm with Elhain 5 booked I can’t farm 11-3 4 sixteen on my gear crit rate 170 acc 150 crit damage 100

  315. Skyasterix

    Hello there, please add my channel too here as I am creating video for portuguese speakers.

    My channel is Skyasterix and I have videos almost everyday.

    I’m new you tuber but I’m getting subscribers as the game in my country Brazil is getting evidence.

  316. Asylum

    Awesome guide man! Thank you for taking the time to lay this all out, it is I credibly helpful =)

  317. Ayumilove Post author

    @Chris: Thanks for pointing out! I have updated the Unkillable List to include Skullcrown.

  318. Chris

    You don’t have skullcrown listed in the unkillable buff area

  319. Ayumilove Post author

    @Evan: Thanks for pointing it out! I have moved the Fear and True Fear from Buff List to Debuff List.

  320. Evan

    You have fear and true fear listed as buffs.

  321. Matthias Schuster

    The spider boss description is part of the passive skill description

    So I mean that the formatting is an issue

    Also other dungeon boss descriptions like fireknight are missing

  322. Ayumilove Post author

    @nathanb131: Thanks. I’ll add Kytis into the list!

  323. nathanb131

    You should add Kytis to the Spirit Keep useful champs list. The re-balance in December freed up his A1 to apply Heal Reduction without any qualifiers. He’s been my Spirit specialist since then and he carries my team through the second highest spirit level even though I haven’t bothered to level him past 40 yet. Also maybe this should improve his overall ranking as that made him more useful all-around.

  324. MihaiP

    Hi there,

    Thanks a lot for your site, very usefull information and use it all the time.
    I didn’t find a list of the challenges for raid and are some of them related. Like artifacts challenges, where in part 4 you have to upgrade to lvl 12 some sets of 4-5* and in part 5 you have to equip 4 champion with 3 x 5or 6* artifacts sets of lvl 12 or higher.

  325. Dylbrt

    Ive noticed your ability list does not include INSTANT: DECREASE DEBUFF DURATION

  326. Jesse

    Awesome guide

  327. Matthias Schuster

    Warmaiden is by far not only for force dungeons. She has a 100% chance to land a 60% defense decrease and not even Epics have that. She is considered one the best rares in the game, right with Kael and Apothecary

  328. Matthias Schuster

    I found a new issue:

    Curing (4) – Increases value of Healing done by the Champion by 10%. It’s important to note that this set only applies to Healing the Champion casts. Meaning it does not stack with Artifact Sets such as Lifesteal or similar effects.

    How to put on lifesteal AND Curing?

  329. Ayumilove Post author

    @Matthias Schuster: I have added a link at the top of the page to directly go to the Progress Missions.

  330. Jon

    Just a thought, but what would your thoughts be about also dividing champs up by armor sets they prefer at some point? I really am looking forward to the location based search system you’re setting up now! Thank you for all the hard work!

  331. Ed

    Is there a place where you have a table of Ascension costs by rarity & star?

  332. Matthias Schuster

    Can you create a direct link on the top that directs to the progress missions?


  333. Matthias Schuster

    3 issues:

    1) you write Armiger is good for clan boss
    You probably mean the ice golem and maybe spiders for the turnmeter reduction

    2) bellower is void, not sacred shard

    3) Valerie is not only for arena def, she is one of the very few who can increase the duration of buffs

  334. Ayumilove Post author

    @GoTo: Yeah, I’m currently fixing it. It will take sometime for the changes to propagate to all pages.

  335. GoTo

    Also (sorry I should have mentioned before) your great champions by ranking list is not linked from all pages. The link appears on the right when on a champion page, but not here and not on some other pages (champion lists by other criteria for example)

  336. Ayumilove Post author

    @GoTo: Thanks! I have updated the Frenzy Set description (For every 5% HP lost, gain 10% Turn Meter).

  337. GoTo

    Just wanted to mention the description for Frenzy set is not up to date. The set has been changed to +10% TM every 5% HP lost.

  338. Mez

    @Sicis it means u will need to have 4 Chimps with 6 items upgraded to level 16

  339. GoTo

    Sicis, can you share screens of your equipped champions?

  340. Sicis

    Hi, cant end mision Equip 4 Champions with 6 Level 16 Artifacts
    Reward: 150 Energy…
    It says I did 4/3 but I have 8 characters with items 6lvl and +16..
    Any help? Thanks!

  341. Zakk

    Great thank u

  342. zakk

    great site, could u put how many potions it requires to ascend a champ to ascension level 5 and 6

  343. William Weiss

    Do you have a list of all champion builds? I just summoned Nethril Legendary and want to build him for maximum damage.

  344. William Weiss

    Awesomness!! Thank you

  345. William Weiss

    I know he’s a new Champion, But do you have a build for “Ultimate Galek” yet?

  346. DeclaredSnow

    @Raph Thank you good sir!

  347. Raph

    Maybe even fusing Erinyes would be render kael obselet in a counter attack setup ? I plan on getting her ( to replace Kael ) and Bulwark + any reliable attack decrease on a1 i can drop.

    Thanks a lot for the insight on Athel !

  348. Ayumilove Post author

    @Raph: It depends on your Clan Boss team setup. Currently, I swapped Athel with Kael in my Counter Attack team as I have Rhazin Scarhide to apply both Weaken and Decrease Defense. Athel will automatically remove the Counter Attack buffs with his Extra Turn, unless you manually play Clan Boss which I don’t since it takes up too much time compared to Auto. Athel is best suited for Easy, Normal and Hard Clan Boss in Speed team setup based from my experiences. If you get Occult Brawler or Aothar, you can swapped Kael with him.

  349. Raph

    Stage 15/16 there is no more brew or shard drop. Wasting 14E for 2 brew or 4 mystic shards such a boomer..

    Kael is good, but Athel has more late game potential once T6 masteries are unlocked, if im not mistaken.
    I have already droped Bad El and Martyre (only lvl 40 ^^) wouldn’t it better to 6star athel now ? Or should i wait for a better drop to invest in (x2 sacred are comming in boyss) ?

    Looking forward to your POV !

  350. DeclaredSnow

    I tried googeling this but didnt find an answer. Is there any point of farming Dungeons ( gear ) on highter levels of a tier that offer the same reward? For example, I can clear Dragon stage 13 in about one minute, I can also clear dragon stage 16 in about 2.5 minutes. same energy req and rewards. But is there a point in doing this other than getting more silver per clear? better drop rates etc? thank you!

  351. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nate Hughes: Kael is godly in Clan Boss! I highly recommend you to get him to Level 60 as soon as possible, so he can help you in all Clan Boss stages since Poison debuff are quite effective even though you do not have Tier 6 Mastery (Warmaster / Giant Slayer). I have both Athel and Elhain, which I used quite often in clearinng Skavag’s summoned spiderlings in Spider’s Den dungeon. With Kael, he can help clear those mobs much more efficiently than Galek. I got lots of copies of Athel, Elhain and Galek but only 1 Kael. You are so lucky to get Kael multiple times 🙂

  352. Nate Hughes

    Hi, a great website you have here, I refer to it often. I have a question, I’m at level 50 now and have used many ancient shards. All of the “rare” champions have dropped for me, some of them several times, except for 2. These 2 are Athel and Elhain. I started with Galek and have had Kael drop for me 4 times already. Is this just bad luck I’m having or do the starting 4 champions drop at a much lower rate than the other champions? I see below that you mention you have all 4 starting champions so I’m hopeful that I can still get these 2 “missing pieces”. Thanks!!!

  353. zakk

    what are the drop rates for potions on the keeps?

  354. Paul

    Can you provide Clan Boss information? Such as how much accuracy/speed you need for clan boss at each difficulty?

  355. Eric

    To get the full set of gear with atk% on your two champions. What’s the best drop rate spots for each? I can only ever find atk% on shoes shield and chestpiece.

  356. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mally McGinnis: After reviewing Galek skills, he performs subpar compared to the other starter champions in terms of Clan Boss, Campaign Farmer and AoE attacker. Reason being, the extra Critical Hit is easily obtainable from equipment itself, Speed Buff is provided by other champions in the same team with even better potency in Clan Boss setup, and his Decrease Defense debuff has a long cooldown. I have all 4 Champions (Athel, Kael, Elhain and Galek) in my hero inventory for comparison.

  357. Ayumilove Post author

    @Edgedemon: Thank you for highlighting the errors on this page! I have updated the Champion names. In addition, I have attached a link to each Champion name for easier reference to their skills, masteries and equipment guide.

  358. William Weiss

    I really fascinated with the amount of information that you have here and I really hope you don’t mind my sending folks your way VIA our forums.

  359. Edgedemon

    i suspect you messed up one name in the Dungeon Guide for spirit keep, the undead with heal reduction is Bone Knight not Deathknight, Deathkight is a common with 30% counter chance pasive, and sleep on its a1, not a great unit by any stretch

  360. Crossboner

    Thank you SO much for this guide for everyone that put it together, I couldn’t have asked for better, I really appreciate it!

  361. FlashPlays

    Part 1 71/75: I’m getting mad on this quest, I’m farming the artifacts for 3 days and found only a cheastplate with atk% it’s normal that is so hard? Or I do wrong something

  362. Mally McGinnis

    Hi, love your website. I use it constantly. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done. On the front page of the Raid section, near the top in the FAQ:

    What’s the best starting champion?
    Athel (Clan Boss, Campaign farmer, AoE Attacker)
    Kael (Clan Boss, Campaign farmer, AoE Attacker)
    Elhain (Clan Boss, Campaign Farmer, AoE Attacker)
    Galek (Fast Single Attacker)

    Galek could and should be designated in the same way the other 3 starter champions is designated, as (Clan Boss, Campaign Farmer, AoE Attacker).

  363. KarnEdge

    Under the Mission 3/4 you have ??? which is missing some missions, I’m there now:

    Arena — Reach Silver III in Arena
    Reward: 1 XP 1 Day, 75 Gems

    ??? (Don’t know if there are more before these others)

    Dungeon — Clear Stage 10 or higher of the Minotaur’s Labyrinth on Auto
    Reward: ??? (Don’t remember sorry)

    Champion — Unlock two Tier 4 Masteries for a Champion
    Reward: 150 Energy

    Campaign — Earn 3 Stars on Stage 7 of the Catacombs of Narbuk on Brutal difficulty
    Reward: 50K Silver

    Dungeon — Win ten 5* or 6* Artifacts rom Stage 10 or higher of the Ice Golem’s Peak
    Reward: 2 Epic 5* Defense Artifacts

  364. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: The Progress Missions from 1 to 4 has been completed! Thanks to for providing the Progress Mission Stage 4 missions which I have added it up here!

  365. Squizgar

    I just started playing this game a couple of weeks ago, and your guide have been such a great resource! Thank you for all the hard work and time you have put into this.

  366. Andre Michael Pietroschek

    Thank you!

  367. Ayumilove Post author

    @Lord Brkes (id Jahoda): Thanks for your input on the RAID Progress Mission 4/4, I’ll add them into the guide above!

  368. Ayumilove Post author

    @FreeGrifter: Thanks for the list of Progress Missions for Part 2/4! I have added them into the guide above.

  369. FreeGrifter

    2/4 (not sure where I am in the list, here is the one I am currently on, and all of them after that one) Putting Rewards in Parenthesis
    Dungeon: 5 Greater Spirit Potions from stage 7 or higher (1 superior potion)
    Campaign: State 7 Deadlands on Hard (25K silver 10 gems)
    Champion: Ascend Champ to 5 (30k silver)
    Artifact: Upgrade any artifact to 16 (1 energy refil)
    Campaign: 3 stars on Deadlands Hard (50k silver)
    Dungeon: 5 Greater Force Potions stage 7 or higher (1 Superior force potion)
    Champion: get 4 rank 5 champions (10 brews)
    Campaign: Clear stage 7 Godfrey’s Crossing hard (25k silver 10 gems)
    Dungeon: 5 Greater Void, stage 7 or higher (1 superior void pot)
    Arena: upgrade 2 Great Hall bonuses to 4 (1 arena tolken refil, 30k silver)
    Campaign: 3 stars hard stage 7 Godfrey’s crossing (50k silver)
    Champion: Unlock teir 3 mastery for 2 Champs (100 energy)
    Campaign: Clear stage 7 Hallowed Hall, hard (25k silver, 10 gems)
    Dungeon: Win total of 5 4*, 5*, or 6* artifacts from stage 5 or higher of FK castle (5* epic Crit Damage artifact)
    Campaign: 3 stars on S7 Hallowed Halls (50k silver)
    Champion: Upgrade 4 champions to level 50 (50k silver)
    Dungeon: Win total of 5 4*5* or 6* artifacts from stage 5 or higher Spider’s den (4* epic banner)
    ARtifact: equip champ with 3 level 16 artifacts (200 energy)
    Campaign: S7 Brimstone Path hard (1 ancient shard)
    Clan: Deal 1.5Million to Demon Lord (1 day xp boost)
    Campaign: 3 stars S7 Brimstone Path (1 epic skill tome, 75 gems)
    Arena: Reach silver 2 in arena (250 energy)
    Champion: Fuse Justicar (100k silver, 75 gems)

  370. Lord Brkes (id Jahoda)

    Ahoj mám tady 4 part.Nemám první úkol,jsem ho proklikl. Dám tady prvních 10.Snad to pomůže.

    1/60 ?
    2/60 Champion mission:Unlock a Tier 6 Mastery for a Champion
    (50 Energy+250K cr.)
    3/60 Clan mission:Deal 10Milion damage to the Demon Lord on single difficulty. Min.difficulty HARD
    (5* Epic Artefact Cruel 6x ) “24 hour ”
    4/60 Arena mission:Reach II in the Arena Gold
    ( 75 Gem )
    5/60 Dungeon mission:Clear stage 14 or higher of Ice Golem’s Peak 10 times on Auto
    ( 75 Gem )
    6/60 Dungeon mission:Clear stage 14 or higher of Dragon’s Lair 10 times on Auto
    ( 75 Gem )
    7/60 Dungeon mission:Clear stage 14 or higher of Minotaur’s Labyrinth 10 times on Auto
    ( 75 Gem )
    8/60 Dungeon mission:Clear stage 14 or higher of Fire Knight’s Castle 10 times on Auto
    ( 75 Gem )
    9/60 Dungeon mission:Clear stage 14 or higher of Spider’s Den 10 times on Auto
    ( 75 Gem )
    10/60 Artefact mission:Equip 2 Champions with a Ring,an Amulet,and a Banner.
    (250 Energy+250K cr.)

  371. yuore

    Friend, I follow you from Maplestory for many years, now that I start in this new game, you keep helping me, thank you very much for using your time to help others, a big greeting and I wish you many successes!

  372. Gina

    Great build of info. Saving this!!
    Thanks your sharing
    ~Gina aka Shekrae

  373. Ayumilove Post author

    @Greythan: Thanks for your input! I have added the ones you posted here into the guide above 🙂

  374. Greythan

    2/4 Details

    Dungeon Mission (37/75)
    Win five 5* Artifacts from Stage 7 or higher of the Ice Golem’s Peak
    Reward: 5* Epic Defense Artifact

    Campaign Mission (38/75)
    Earn 3 Stars on Stage 7 of Palace of Aravia on Hard difficulty
    Reward: 4* Speed Artifact, 25,000 Silver

    Champion Mission (39/75)
    Unlock three Tier 2 Masteries for 4 Champions
    Reward: 100 Energy

    Dungeon Mission (40/75)
    Win 10 Greater Arcane Potions from Stage 7 or higher of the Arcane Keep
    Reward: Superior Arcane Potion x1

    Campaign Mission (41/75)
    Clear Stage 7 of Tilshire on Hard
    Reward: 25,000 Silver, 10 Gems

    Champion Mission (42/75)
    Get 3 Rank 5 Champions
    Reward: XP Brew x10

    Dungeon Mission (43/75)
    Win five 5* Artifacts from Stage 7 or higher of the Dragon’s Lair
    Reward: 5* Frost Artifact

    Campaign Mission (44/75)
    Earn 3 Stars on Stage 7 of Tilshire on Hard difficulty
    Reward: 50,000 Silver

    Dungeon Mission (45/75)
    Win 5 Greater Magic Potions from Stage 7 or higher of the Magic Keep
    Reward: Superior Magic Potion x1