Guaranteed Champion Summon Event | Raid Shadow Legends

Guaranteed Champion Summon Event is a special event introduced in Raid Shadow Legends to enable players to obtain the champion after summoning a specific amount of shards (e.g. Ancient Shards, Void Shards, Sacred Shards) without resetting your Mercy System Counter.

While the event is active, if you do happen to summon the guaranteed champion before the targeted amount (e.g. before 40 shards), the event will end instantly. However, if you are not lucky to summon the specific champion within the targeted amount, the last shard will be the guaranteed summoned champion!

This special event started with Countess Lix on March 12 2021, and followed by Helior, Geomancer and so forth. This event is suitable for champion collectors who have more than 80% of the champions to get a unique champion rather than a dupe/copy champion in the game! We also have a historical list of 2X and 10X Champion Calendar events too!

Guaranteed Champion List

October 22 2021 – Madame Serris – 30 Void Shards
September 28 2021 – Coldheart – 7 Void Shards
September 21 2021 – Lady Kimi – 150 Ancient Shards
March 12 2021 – Countess Lix – 150 Ancient Shards
June 18 2021 – Helior – 15 Sacred Shards
June 24 2021 – Ursala the Mourner – 15 Void Shards
July 27 2021 – Geomancer – 40 Ancient Shards

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2 thoughts on “Guaranteed Champion Summon Event | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @Alan Casanova: Ursale the Mourner is added to the Guaranteed Champion list!

  2. Alan Casanova

    Maybe you should put ursala too, she was 15 voids