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Awaken Chaos Era is a turn-based, mythical-themed, role-playing gacha game, which can be played on mobile (Android and iOS) and PC (emulator). Players will need to form a team of heroes to battle the enemy. There are 10 Adventure Chapters with 3 difficulties (Normal, Hard, Mythic) with the storyline, 10 Dungeons to farm gear and Hero skills, 2 challenging dungeons to test your team synergy (Void Tower and Endless Trail), and raid Guild Bosses to earn amazing daily rewards.

Download Emulator: LDPlayer (Play Awaken Chaos Era on PC!)
Note: The LDPlayer has Google Playstore where you can download and install Awaken Chaos Era!
Tips: Visit LDPlayer Promo Tab as occasionally give free Advanced Summoning Shards!
ACE Youtube Guide: Ayumilove Gaming

Awaken Chaos Era Index

Getting Started

Awaken Chaos Era Overview
Rookie Summon Guide
Tips for Beginner
Hero Stats Guide


Hero Tier List
Account Re-roll Guide
Redemption Code Guide
Foody’s Guide
Gear Sets Guide
Covenants Guide
Hero Synthesis Guide
Bounty Hunt Guide
Friend System Guide
Spell Guide
Wiki Resources & Terminology
Patch Notes
Glyph Guide

Secret Room Guide

Chapter 2-S1 Guide (Chaos in Crisas – The Champion’s Path Hard)


Agulis Boss Guide
Guild Boss Guide
Market Guide
Magic Pass Season 2
Magic Pass Season 3

Gear Dungeons

Arcane Dominator
Ash Magisteria
Gemini Dragon
Queen of Tides
Roaring Tulpa
Witch of Wind

Skill Dungeons

No Man’s Land
Bane Wraith
Flame Lizard
Lord of Holy Light
Shadow Captive
Wrathful Flood

Special Dungeons

Void Tower
Endless Trial
Friend Challenge
Party of Three

Hero Lists

Hero by Element
Hero by Faction
Hero by Rarity
Hero by Type


Sage of Sylvan Godfery
Flaming Asura Garrell

Awaken Chaos Era Skills

Instant & Passive Skill

Bonus Attack
Bonus Turn
Ignore Defense
Joint Attack
Remove Negative Effect
Remove Positive Effect
True Damage

Aura (Leader Ability)

Attack Aura
Critical Damage Aura
Critical Rate Aura
Defense Aura
Focus Aura
Health Aura
Resistance Aura

Buff (Positive Effect)

Ability Immunity
Attack Up
Counter Attack
Critical Rate Up
Critical Damage Up
Damage Up
Defense Up
Heal Over Time
Max Health Up
Speed Up

Debuff (Negative Effect)

Accuracy Down
Attack Down
Critical Rate Down
Defense Down
Focus Down
Increased Damage Taken
No Positive Effects
Precision Down
Random Stats Down
Speed Down

Awaken Chaos Era Overview


There are 155 heroes in the game, each has its own elements (Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Dark), roles (Offense, Defense, Support), rarity (Common, Rare, Elite, Epic, and Legendary) from 8 factions (Holy Light Empire, Crisas, Lasir, Soulplunders, Sylvan Woodlands, Titan Icelands, Free Cities and Dragonscale Marsh). You assemble a team of heroes to battle in Arena, Adventure, Dungeons, and Incursion (Guild Boss), so you can farm resources to upgrade your hero skills, stats and get better gears. Each Hero has their own unique traits and abilities that synergize with other heroes. You will need to experiment to find the best synergy to build a powerful team!

PvE Content

There are 12 dungeons in the game grouped in 5 main areas (Endless Trial, No Man’s Land, Arcane Dominator, Void Tower, Bounty Hunt). No Man’s Land contains 5 dungeons where you farm hero gems to upgrade hero skills for your Fire, Water, Wood, Light and Dark element heroes. Arcane Dominator contains 5 dungeons where you farm hero gears of special types. Void Tower is a special dungeon on its own where you need to clear each floor to earn Stardust to perform Limited Summons. Endless Trial is similar to Void Tower but allows you to choose different floor paths to reach to the end of the destination and earn Trial Token. This token is exchanged for goods at the bartender’s tavern.

PvP Content

The Arena is the place where you battle against other player team champion setup and rank up in tiers. The Arena Tier is divided into 5 Tier groups (Legend, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze). Each Tier Group has a limit of players who can reside within it. In addition, each tier group has its own specific rewards (Advanced Summon, Pumpkin, Gold, Ancient Summoning Crystal, Diamonds, Awakening Soul Arcana, Hierarchy Soul Arcana) that are handed out when the season ends (every 7 days). Arena Pass is required to participate in the Arena match. You gain Bread (Energy) and Arena Token (currency to exchange items in shop) regardless of whether you win or lose! Just that you won’t go up nor down in Tier if you lose the battle. You only gain points for every winning match in Arena to go up in Tier! Arena Pass is automatically added to your resources every 1 hour similarly to Energy.

Friend System

You can get help from your friends to complete some of the difficult dungeon challenges to earn an additional reward! In addition, you can use their support hero to clear difficult areas in Adventure if you get stuck in any areas due to a lack of heroes in your account.

Tips for Beginner starting Awaken Chaos Era

The tips below are based on my experiences playing as a F2P (Free to Play) player. P2W (Pay to Win) players will have an easier way route since the roadblocks can easily bypass by purchasing offer packs from the shop to quickly promote Hero or gain better Legendary champions.

Tip #1 : How to progress in Awaken Chaos Era

Normal Mode Adventure

  1. Clear Adventure Normal 2-8 and choose your free Legendary Hero. Pick Evera or Hydrissea if you want a easy journey for Adventure Hard and Mythic difficulty. You can opt for Mytheasia for your end-game support hero, but the farming process will be slower.
  2. If you are unable to get these Legendary champion, you can perform the re-roll again!
  3. Use this Chapter 2-S1 Secret Room guide to clear it quickly and get rewarded with 1 Advanced Summoning Crystal and 50 diamonds!
  4. Focus on leveling only 4 Heroes while clearing Adventure Normal stages. Recommended to have 2 nukers and 2 support (healer and cleanser).
  5. It’s highly recommended that these 2 nukers are 2 DIFFERENT elements! Otherwise, you will get stranded in Adventure stages.
  6. You can summon Connor (Rare Hero) sitting at the bar by completing the Covenants tasks! He is an excellent support champion used from early-mid-late game!
  7. While clearing Adventure stages, do the tasks set by Foody’s Guide and Evelyn’s Development Guide to gain additional resources.
  8. You can complete Adventure Normal with Level 40 Heroes within 1~2 days playing the game as F2P (Free to Play).
  9. Important: Focus on leveling up your 4 core main heroes. You do not need to farm any gear from dungeon at this point as you get 4~5 star gear by completing the Adventure Normal chapters! Save your EXP Jelly to level up fodders to promote your main heroes! You will need to get at least 1 6-star Hero to complete Adventure Hard!

Hard Mode Adventure

  1. Clear Adventure Hard stages while leveling up your champions to Level 50. This will take 3~5 days depending on the hours spent on the game.
  2. You will certainly get stucked at certain stages in Adventure Hard mode, especially Chapter 8, 9 and 10.
  3. Fret not, the game has a Friend system where you can borrow their support champion to help you clear these roadblocks!
  4. Choose friends who have Level 60 Hero. Pick various element Legendary Hero (Fire, Water, Wood) to help you in areas that you are weak element.
  5. While clearing Adventure Hard, start collecting and inlaying glyphs to your core 4 Heroes. Get them to Tier 4 Glyph! These will add additional damage and survivability to your heroes.
  6. Clearing area 1~8 can be done on auto easily while area 9 and 10 will require manual intervention, especially the bosses. Choose strong element against the boss element to reduce the damage intake by 50%! This increases your odds of winning the stage.
  7. You will need at least one 6 Star champion paired with a Level 60 friend support hero to aid you in clearing Chapter 9 and 10!
  8. Most players will get stuck at Adventure 10-8 due to Darkened Nicklaus invinciblity buff that prevents him from taking any damage for a few turns and he places a shield on himself too. Use Water Prison spell to remove the buff or any heroes to strip away enemy buff. Apart from that, you will need a strong single-target attacker to knock the boss. The recommended champion is Siress who has the ability to nullify incoming damage to herself, which allows her to sustain for a longer period of time. Find a friend who has a Level 60 Siress fully equipped with high level gear to beat this challenge!

Mythic Mode Adventure

  1. Start farming XP Jelly with XP Jelly Boost as the XP here is massive! Farm better quality glyphs and 5 star gears here!
  2. Start 6 starring your 4 core heroes to clear Adventure Mythic mode as you have done for Normal and Hard mode! Attempt to clear Adventure Mythic Chapter 1 to 5 to farm the Legendary Tier 5 Glyphs, and leave out Chapter 6 to 10 as it requires high end gear from dungeon Stage 10 to 12 to clear them.
  3. Next, farm glyphs for all 4 core heroes. Max them to Tier 5 Glyph.
  4. It’s recommended to have 3 different element offense heroes (Fire, Water and Wood) to tackle different enemy elements.
  5. Then, farm materials from No Man’s Land to upgrade your hero skills to the max.
  6. The result of completing the promotion of 4 heroes to 6 stars, 5 tier glyphs and maxing their skills, you can easily assist Party of Three without any issues, clear Void Tower normal quickly and farm EXP Jelly much more efficient and effective! You will be able to farm within 1 minute per battle in Adventure Mythic. This process will take approximately 2 weeks to complete depending on the number of hours you spent per day.
  7. After building your speed farming team, you can produce 5 Star fodder hero very fast. Now focus on building your new specific team for gear set dungeons stage 9~12.
  8. Work on your Arcane Dominator dungeon team and push to stage 10 auto for better gear. If you want to farm Roaring Tulpa, setup your Fire team (Siress, Asrina, Connor and another fire damage dealer such as Orakh). If you want to farm Queen of Tides, setup your Water team (Valuk, Santis, Hakrin and Rodira). Get them to Level 60 Tier 5 Glyphs with good gears to be able to farm auto Stage 9~12. I would highly recommend start with Queen of Tides first as its the easiest dungeon to reach Stage 10~12!
  9. Don’t forget to also build a few tanky crowd control or support heroes (e.g. Charles, Rogge, Hakrin, Lunar Melizza) as they are beneficial in clearing stages in Bounty Hunter, Void Tower and Endless Trial.
  10. I would recommend farming these dungeons in this sequence: Queen of Tides, Roaring Tulpa, Ash Magisteria. Leave out Gemini Dragon and Witch of the Wind as they are much tougher to complete without end-game gear from the first 3 dungeons.

Adventure Gear Farming

  • Mythic Level Gear Set by Chapter
  • Chapter 1 – Warrior Set (+15% Attack)
  • Chapter 2- Terra Set (+15% Health)
  • Chapter 3 – Raider Set (+20 Speed)
  • Chapter 4 – Rage Set (+20% Critical Rate)
  • Chapter 5 – Focus Set (+20 Accuracy)
  • Chapter 6 – Vanguard Set (+15% Defense)
  • Chapter 7 – Faith Set (Convert heal to shield for 1 turn)
  • Chapter 8 – Revival Set (Self heal 10% per turn or 20% under 50% Health per turn)
  • Chapter 9 – Dragonscale Set (-30% Critical damage from enemy attacks. PvP)
  • Chapter 10 – Cursed Set (35% chance to trigger basic attack)

Tip #2: When to use EXP Jelly Boost?

  • Use XP Jelly Boost on Hard or Mythic difficulty in Adventure to gain tons of XP Jelly to level up your heroes!
  • It’s recommended to use XP Jelly Boost on non-boss Adventure stages as its much faster to clear (2 waves vs 3 waves with boss).
  • The most efficient way to clear Adventure stages is to use AoE Nuke champions such as Zachary, Valeria, Evera and Hydressia.
  • You might heard from Youtube content-creators recommending you to use only EXP Jelly Boost in Adventure Mythic difficulty. However, it’s a bad advice that results in a slow progress as an early game player, especially F2P.
  • I strongly advise to use it once you unlock Adventure Hard mode to farm sufficient XP Jelly quickly to get your first 6 star Hero quickly.
  • Reason being, reaching Mythic difficulty requires you to clear all Adventure stages in Hard difficulty. To achieve this, you will need to have at least one 6 star Hero from your account supported with your friend’s 6 star Hero to clear it. Otherwise, you will get stuck at Adventure Hard 9 with all four Level 50 Hero as a F2P Player.
  • For P2W (Pay to Win) Players, you can buy 5-star Holy Pumpkins with credit card to quickly promote your Hero, which allows you to bypass this challenging roadblock easily and save the inconveniences of leveling up fodders with EXP Jelly Boost.

Tip #3: How to spend the XP Jelly efficiently?

  • Use XP Jelly to level up fodder heroes (Common, Rare) from 1 star to 4 star.
  • Use XP Jelly to level up Foody (Common Light Hero) from 1 star to 5 star. Foody consumes 50% less XP to level up. It’s recommended to use Foody to promote 5 star hero to 6 star hero! This will save your XP Jelly significantly in the long run.
  • Foody is obtainable from purchasing from the bartender shop or completing quests.

Tip #4: What should I spend my diamonds on early game?

  • Check out this Market Guide for more details on what to spend your hard-earned diamonds!
  • Essentially, use the diamonds to purchase energy to farm Adventure for EXP Jelly, Scroll Glyphs, Summoning Crystals and gears to level up your primary gear.
  • During early game, use diamonds to purchase Foody in the market to quickly level up your first Level 60 hero during Adventure Normal to Hard.
  • Once you reach Adventure Mythic, purchase the 24 hours Double EXP Card instead of Foody from the market to farm massive amount of EXP Jelly to raise your heroes level and rank quickly.
  • You can use the diamonds to purchase the discounted Advanced Summoning Shard for 100 diamonds at 3 limit per week or 150 diamonds with unlimited refill if you are P2W player.

Tip #5: Using Element Strength to your Advantage

  • Water is strong against Fire. Fire is strong aginst Wood. Wood is strong against Water. Light and Dark is strong against each other.
  • Elemental Advantage: Our heroes’ attacks against this unit deal +50% damage.
  • Elemental Disadvantage: Our heroes’ attacks against this unit have 50% chance to deal -50% damage.

Awaken Chaos Era Beginner Guide 2023

Day 1

  1. Objective: Clear as many Common and hard difficulty chapters with the base team of Celine, Evelyn, Zachary, and Connor.
  2. Challenges: You will get stuck at Common Chapter 5-8 and Hard Chapter 2-8 due to lack of gears, glyphs, and un-upgraded skills.
  3. Step 1: To strengthen your team, upgrade your damage dealers (Celine, Zachary) and support heroes (e.g. Connor, Joseph) to Level 40.
  4. Step 2: Next, farm sufficient glyphs from Adventure to upgrade your hero Glyph Level to Level 2.
  5. Step 3: After spending tons of energy, you will eventually reach Level 10 to unlock No Man’s Land dungeon. Farm materials to upgrade your Elite hero skills.
  6. Additional Info: Your account will be lacking EXP Jelly, Holy Pumpkins, and fodder heroes to upgrade your core team of 4 heroes. To solve this issue, remember to complete the missions found in Daily Quests, Weekly Quests, Achievements, and Path of Growth to collect additional resources to speed up your account progression!

Day 2

  1. Objective: Clear as many Common and hard difficulty chapters with the base team of Celine, Hitoshi, Zachary, and Connor.
  2. Challenges: You will get stuck at Arcane Dominator Stage 5, No Man’s Land Dungeon Stage 6, Common Adventure Chapter 8, and Hard Adventure Chapter 4.
  3. Tips: Acquire Hitoshi from the Rookie Event by completing the missions to get at least 15 points! Then upgrade him to the same strength as your existing damage dealers like Zachary and Celine. You will now have 3 different affinity damage dealers to tackle the Adventure stages!
  4. Step 1: Strengthen your team by upgrading your damage dealers (Celine, Zachary, Hitoshi) to Level 50.
  5. Step 2: Farm sufficient skill materials to max your Epic hero skills.
  6. Step 3: Farm the lower stages of Arcane Dominator Stage 4 for 4-Star gears to replace 1~3 Star gears.

Day 3

  1. Objective: Upgrade Hitoshi to Level 60 using Foody purchased from Market and Holy Star Pumpkins.
  2. Challenges: You will get stuck in Common Adventure Chapter 10 and Hard Adventure Chapter 10 because the mini-bosses there are powerful.
  3. Tips: Use Friend Support heroes who are Level 60 and above to help clear those blockades, so you can get the final reward from Common Adventure and Hard Adventure.
  4. Step 1: Once you get Hitoshi to Level 60, upgrade his glyphs to Level 4. He will help you immensely in farming the EXP Jelly from Jelly Madness Event which lasts for 30 minutes. Pair Hitoshi with Joseph for 100% uptime of Attack Up!
  5. Step 2: Complete the Common Adventure Side Quests as they reward 4 pieces of Avarice Set, which is useful for Hitoshi to deal 50% more damage on his AoE Attack Ultimate Skill! Put these gears on Hitoshi and get him to at least 70% Critical Rate!

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  25. Ayumilove Post author

    @Chris: Zachary is a decent AoE Attacker (Elite Fire Hero) to fight against Wood element enemies that Hydrissea is weak at. If you are lucky to get Valeria (Legendary Fire Hero), then you can replace him with her as she has a higher base attack to deal more damage to your foes.

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    Would you say Zachary is a good nuker to accompany Hydrissea? Thanks 🙂

  27. Ayumilove Post author

    @Johu: Could you kindly elaborate which part of the guide is misleading so I could fix it? Regardless of the player account level, the essential part to clear Adventure Hard Chapter 10-8 is you will need to have at least Level 60 Hero decently geared (Level 12 5 Star gears) to sustain along to be supported with your friend hero (e.g. Siress) to beat Darkened Nicklaus. If you haven’t achieve this yet, it means that the team is not prepared for the difficult challenge ahead, which requires the player to farm EXP Jelly, Scroll Glyphs and Gears to make the heroes stronger.

    For Adventure Normal 10-8, it’s much easier compared to Adventure Hard 10-8. Use your best gears on your 3 heroes supported with a Level 60 friend support to clear the area. I completed this as F2P using Valeria (Rookie Summon Legendary), Rodira, Joseph and a friend champion (Attacker Type).

  28. Johu

    Some parts are kinda misleading. Especially at stage 10-8 where Dark Nick will wipe out everyone if you are only at level 40. You need some strong Single Target Hitter to do the job. Also hero like Mira will help unless they changed how her invisible works. I think it is better you keep progressing on hard mode until you are stuck then farm again. And go back later to stage 10-8 normal if you are strong enough.

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  31. Ayumilove Post author

    @Norm: Support hero refers to hero who can provide healing, defensive and offensive buffs to increase your team’s survivability and damage output (e.g. Connor) or heroes who can crowd control or apply debuffs on the enemy. They might not be able to provide much in terms of damage output during battle but keep your team alive throughout the battle.

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