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Bounty Hunt is a series of special challenges in Awaken Chaos Era where players clear them once to claim decent rewards! There are 80 challenges in Bounty Hunt to be completed and some of them are the pre-requisites to unlock the following Foody’s Quest tasks too. In this guide, I have a couple of video walkthroughs/playthroughs to show I clear each of these stages based on the heroes I have on my account!

List of Bounty Hunt Video Guides

Bounty Hunt Guide Stage 71 Nathalia

Hi everyone! I’ll be covering how to beat Nathalia in Bounty Hunt Stage 71 in Awaken Chaos Era using Antinua, Zatlux, Windstrex, and Charles. Nathalia is protected by 3 Abbott who provides Shield and Healing. This video shows you step by step guide on how to take them down. In addition, I’ll be showing you the gears and stats that you need to attain for each hero to complete this challenge easily!

Bounty Hunt Guide Stage 72 Brand

In this video, I’ll show you how to defeat Brand on Stage 72 of Bounty Hunt in Awaken Chaos Era using 3 Epic heroes and 1 Elite hero. They are Zatlux, Nathalia, Lunar Melizza, and Connor to tackle Brand on this stage. Brand is difficult to take down if you do not have strong attacker heroes in your account. Hence, if you are struggling in this stage, I highly recommend you to farm a decent amount of attack gears for at least 2 attacker heroes.

Bounty Hunt Guide Stage 73 Blackhorn

Bounty Hunt Guide Stage 74 Valeria

Bounty Hunt Guide Stage 75 Tia

Bounty Hunt Guide Stage 76 Mytheasia

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2 thoughts on “Bounty Hunt Guide | Awaken Chaos Era

  1. freville

    bonjour je bloque au niveau 80 merci d’avance pour votre aide

  2. Christoph

    Do you have videos for other levels? I’m currently stuck on level 60