Critical Rate Aura Hero List | Awaken Chaos Era

Critical Rate Aura aka Critical Rate Leader Ability is a skill that amplifies the Critical Rate stats of all team members in Awaken Chaos Era. This Critical Rate Aura only works if the hero with this leader’s ability is positioned in the leader’s spot. Take note of the area when using the leader ability as some only work in specific areas such as All Battles, Arena, Dungeons, and Guild! Critical Rate Aura is useful in enabling your nuker to deal consistent critical damage if they are not able to achieve 100% Critical Rate through their gear stats for early-mid game players!

Critical Rate Aura Heroes (3)

Critical Rate Aura (Dungeons)


  1. Evelyn Firstdawn (LA-LSL)
  2. Hydrissea (DM-LOW)


  1. Sacred Windstrex (SW-ESL)




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