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Awaken Chaos Era Covenants is a place where you can obtain new heroes such as Connor, Zatlux, Asrina and Ciara by completing a few challenging quests as it will help in your game progression immsensely! Clear Chapter 3-4 to unlock Covenants. Checkout the guide below for more details on these quests for each hero!

How to access Covenants?

In the Tavern area, click on the bar chair located on the left side of the summoning dragon to access the Covenants screen. Pre-requisite: You will need to complete Adventure Normal Chapter 3 Stage 4 to unlock Covenants area!
Awaken Chaos Era Guide - How to access Covenants?

Covenants Screenshot

Here is the area where you can obtain all 4 heroes: Connor, Asrina, Zatlux and Ciara. Each of them have their unique challenges that you need to complete before able to claim them!
Awaken Chaos Era Guide - Hero Selection containing Ciara, Connor, Zatlux and Asrina

List of Covenant Heroes


  • Where the Adventure Begins: Clear Stage 3-4
  • Prove Yourself!: Clear any stage in No Man’s Land 3 times
  • Tips: Upon clearing Adventure Chapter 3 Stage 4 and defeating the boss in No Man’s Land dungeon 3 times, you will get access to Connor easily. He will help you immensely as a support healer and Attack Up buffer for all content. Farm the Fire Gems from Flame Lizard (No Man’s Land Dungeon) to get his skills fully maxed for him to work efficiently.


  • The Mad Hunt: Defeat 200 bosses
  • Endless Battle: Battle in the Arena 200 times.
  • Gain Experience: Own a 6-Star Hero
  • Prepare Your Supplies!: Obtain 50 Items of 5-Star Gear
  • Tips: Zatlux is an amazing speed farmer in all areas in the game. Do your Arena and raid boss daily to quickly complete the challenge. Additionally, while clearing Adventure Normal and Hard, focus on leveling up fodder heroes to promote your primary hero to Rank 6 that can help you farm Adventure. In future, you will be using your main hero with Zatlux to speed farm Adventure to gather glyphs, EXP Jelly, summoning crystals frequently.


  • Don’t Forget to Warm Up: Defeat 300 monsters
  • Armed to the Teeth: Equip 4+ Star Gear to Every Slot
  • Find the Learning Grounds: Clear Stage 7 Roaring Tulpa Dungeon
  • The Rewards of Self Cultivation: Own a 5-Star Hero
  • Tips: Borrow your friend’s support hero to clear stage 7 Roaring Tulpa easily using any Fire damage dealer heroes such as Siress, Asrina or Hector. Use all Fire element heroes for the battle to deal additional +50% damage to the boss to break his Shield before the 2 turns end! Otherwise, he will wipe out your entire squad with his AoE True Damage nuke. Employ Decrease Down heroes to decrease the boss defense, so you can deal more damage to it.


  • Endpoint of the Dark: Clear Hard Void Tower
  • A Terrible Bloodlust: Complete all Bounty Hunt Stages
  • Summoning the Dark Servant: Own 4 Water Heroes at Max Level
  • The Dark Treasure: Obtain 50 Legendary Gears
  • Tips: Ciara’s challenge will take more than a month to complete as a F2P or Casual Player. Both Hard Void Tower and Bounty Hunt (Stage 60 ~ 100) requires Crowd Control and tanky (high health and defense) heroes to survive the enemy attacks and powerful nuker against tanky enemy teams. Getting 4 Water element heroes at Rank 6 is easily achievable within a month as a casual player or P2W (Pay 2 Win) player, while F2P may take more than a month to gather sufficient resources to promote heroes. Recommended water heroes to promote are the ones who can Crowd Control (e.g. Tia) and provide support like healing (e.g. Blackhorn). The Legendary gears can be obtained from completing Party of Three (PO3), Evelyn’s side quests and completing specific Adventure stages that has Legendary Gear as first clear time reward.

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