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Awaken Chaos Era List of Heroes by Faction has 8 factions, which are Holy Light Empire, Crisas, Lasir, Soulplunders, Sylvan Woodlands, Titan Icelands, Free Cities, Dragonscale Marsh. Below is a list of heroes categorized by Factions and sub-categorized based on the Hero’s rarity! The list is sorted in alphabetical order to ease searching by champion name.

Group 1

31 Holy Light Empire
17 Crisas
24 Lasir
22 Soulplunders
24 Sylvan Woodlands

Group 2

19 Titan Icelands
22 Free Cities
19 Dragonscale Marsh
13 Visitors by Sea
3 Travelers from Afar

Holy Light Empire Heroes

The man we now call Emperor Gilbert, the founder of the Holy Light Empire, was once a subordinate of the Holy King Carlos. Gilbert won his king’s trust by virtue of his military prowess. After the death of the Holy King, Gilbert made use of his prestige and outstanding leadership abilities to establish the brilliant Holy Light Empire and achieve what even the Holy King Carlos could not; the unification of the entire continent under one man’s rule.

Holy Light Empire Legendary Hero

  1. Darcy (HL-LOF)
  2. Fianna (HL-LOP)
  3. Garnet (HL-LCD)
  4. Geironul (HL-LOF)
  5. Lydia (HL-LOW)
  6. Nero (HL-LOW)
  7. Ophelia (HL-LSL)
  8. Rachel (HL-LOP)
  9. Shane (HL-LSP)
  10. Taliesin (HL-LOF)
  11. Urion (HL-LOL)
  12. Zoltan (HL-LOL)

Holy Light Empire Epic Hero

  1. Crixus (HL-EOP)
  2. Edicris (HL-EOP)
  3. Hazel (HL-ESW)
  4. Jacob (HL-EOF)
  5. Royce (HL-EOL)
  6. Thomas (HL-EOF)
  7. William (HL-ESW)

Holy Light Empire Elite Hero

  1. Abbott (HL-BSW)
  2. Barack (HL-BOW)
  3. Celine (HL-BOW)
  4. Charles (HL-BDW)
  5. Connor (HL-BSF)
  6. Dulov (HL-BDP)
  7. Vidar (HL-BDP)

Holy Light Empire Rare Hero

  1. Imperial Archer (HL-ROP)

Holy Light Empire Common Hero

  1. Imperial Crossbowman (HL-COF)
  2. Imperial Guardsman (HL-COF)
  3. Imperial Lancer (HL-COF)
  4. Imperial Swordmaster (HL-COF)

Crisas Heroes

Legend has it that the vast sandlands of Crisas were formed long ago during the war between the Titans and the God of Chaos. Today, Crisas is mostly inhabited by goblins and orcs, amongst a scattering of some humans and other races. For centuries, exciting tales of adventure and mysterious ancient artifacts have attracted countless greedy treasure-hunters to this seemingly boundless golden desert.

Crisas Legendary Hero

  1. Adoette (CR-LOP)
  2. Corrupt Orakh (CR-LOD)
  3. Crazed Urzag (CR-LOL)
  4. Garrell (CR-LOF)
  5. Gubeg (CR-LOP)
  6. Hector (CR-LOF)
  7. Jocasta (CR-LSP)
  8. Kasim (CR-LDP)
  9. Simma (CR-LOP)

Crisas Epic Hero

  1. Bruszakk (CR-EDF)
  2. MogNar (CR-EOF)
  3. Noelia (CR-EOW)
  4. Okubi (CR-ESP)
  5. Orakh (CR-EOF)
  6. Sylan (CR-ECP)
  7. Urzag (CR-EOP)

Crisas Elite Hero

  1. Tuzago (CR-BCP)

Crisas Rare Hero

Crisas Common Hero

Lasir Heroes

Lasir was once the most powerful kingdom on the continent. Carlos, the Holy King of Lasir, was a gifted statesman and military strategist, and through his bold campaigns, he managed to unify the scattered and divided human kingdoms under a single banner: the Flaming Cross. It was this feat that earned him the name “Holy King”. The Lasir of today might not be as brilliant as in bygone days, but its people remain deeply proud of its former glory.

Lasir Legendary Hero

  1. Aphronie (LA-LOW)
  2. Ashlynn (LA-LOP)
  3. Darkened Nicklaus (LA-LOD)
  4. Doomweaver Valeria (LA-LOD)
  5. Evelyn Firstdawn (LA-LSL)
  6. Gavin (LA-LOF)
  7. Grayson (LA-LOW)
  8. Muriel (LA-LSP)
  9. Nicklaus (LA-LOL)
  10. Valeria (LA-LOF)

Lasir Epic Hero

  1. Andros (LA-EOF)
  2. Daphne (LA-EOW)
  3. Hugh (LA-EOP)
  4. Kalona (LA-ESL)
  5. Kyle (LA-ESW)
  6. Marian Shadowblood (LA-EOD)
  7. Scarlett (LA-EOF)
  8. Timmons (LA-EOW)
  9. Trista (LA-ECF)
  10. Vance (LA-EOP)

Lasir Elite Hero

  1. Anna (LA-BDP)
  2. Evelyn (LA-BOF)
  3. Freya (LA-BSP)
  4. Marian (LA-BSF)

Lasir Rare Hero

Lasir Common Hero

Soulplunders Heroes

Following the invasion of the God of Chaos, the elves’ ancient homeland was reduced to ashes in a cataclysmic explosion. With the passing of centuries, this desolate island gradually regianed its vitality. The followeds of the God of Chaos gathered here to establish their shadow cult. Calling themselves the “Soulplunders”, they believe that the God of Chaos will visit the world again to cleanse it of its corruption and hypocrisy.

Soulplunders Legendary Hero

  1. Abaddon (SP-LOD)
  2. Aubry (SP-LSD)
  3. Balberith (SP-LOF)
  4. Ciara (SP-LOW)
  5. Darktune Ophelia (SP-LSD)
  6. Desdemona (SP-LCD)
  7. Desmond (SP-LOP)
  8. Donovon (SP-LOP)
  9. Gangelo (SP-LOP)
  10. Shark Soul Andre (SP-LOD)
  11. Terez (SP-LOW)

Soulplunders Epic Hero

  1. Agustin (SP-EOD)
  2. Andre (SP-EOW)
  3. Jabez (SP-EOD)
  4. Onomaros (SP-ECW)
  5. Punk (SP-ESD)
  6. Santis (SP-EOW)
  7. Viola (SP-ESF)

Soulplunders Elite Hero

  1. Agzul (SP-BOD)
  2. Hulens (SP-BOD)
  3. Ravyn (SP-BOD)
  4. Valuk (SP-BOP)

Soulplunders Rare Hero

Soulplunders Common Hero

Sylvan Woodlands Heroes

After the elves’ homeland was destroyed a thousand years ago, they were force to migrate to the Sylvan Woodlands, where they were welcomed by the Bloodbeast tribe. Over the passing centuries, however, the elves corrupted the western reaches of the woodlands through their abuse of arcane energies, and were forced to relocate once again toward the east, where they remain to this day. the elves anmed their new home the “Astral Forest” to express their devotion to the divine power of the stars.

Sylvan Woodlands Legendary Hero

  1. Bachelard (SW-LOF)
  2. Blackhorn (SW-LSW)
  3. Godfery (SW-LSP)
  4. Haruna (SW-LOW)
  5. Holy Armor Virgil (SW-LOL)
  6. Mytheasia (SW-LSP)
  7. Siress (SW-LOF)
  8. Tashir (SW-LSW)
  9. Thor (SW-LOW)

Sylvan Woodlands Epic Hero

  1. Antinua (SW-EOP)
  2. Celestial Kane (SW-EDL)
  3. Earendil (SW-EOP)
  4. Helmar (SW-EOW)
  5. Kane (SW-EDP)
  6. Lunar Melizza (SW-ECL)
  7. Melizza (SW-EOF)
  8. Orchi (SW-EDP)
  9. Sacred Windstrex (SW-ESL)
  10. Virgil (SW-ECW)
  11. Windstrex (SW-ESP)

Sylvan Woodlands Elite Hero

  1. Cece (SW-BSP)
  2. Kaluk (SW-BOP)
  3. Maluk (SW-BOF)
  4. Rodira (SW-BSP)

Sylvan Woodlands Rare Hero

Sylvan Woodlands Common Hero

Titan Icelands Heroes

According to dwarven myth, this vast expanse of ice is the cemetery of the great primordial Titans, and their ancient remians are the source of the inexhaustible elemental energy hiddenhere. It was in this frigit tundra that the dwarves established their Mountain Kingdom, which is a federation of the four major dwarven clans. Dwarves are not the only ones who inhabit the Titan Icelands, however: a variety of scattered free tribes also eke out a living in this unforgiving land, and these warlike wildlings are known as the “Snow Savages”.

Titan Icelands Legendary Hero

  1. Barclay (TI-LOP)
  2. Brand (TI-LDF)
  3. Brand the Brilliant (TI-LOL)
  4. Martome (TI-LOL)
  5. Matson (TI-LOF)
  6. Rick (TI-LOP)
  7. Vengeful Hassel (TI-LSD)

Titan Icelands Epic Hero

  1. Alastair (TI-ECL)
  2. Aurea (TI-ECD)
  3. Epena (TI-EOP)
  4. Hakrin (TI-EDW)
  5. Hassel (TI-EDF)
  6. Lordrec (TI-EDW)
  7. Myla (TI-ECW)
  8. Oramo (TI-EOF)
  9. Rickard (TI-EDP)
  10. Rozlynn (TI-EOW)

Titan Icelands Elite Hero

  1. Mulago (TI-BCW)

Titan Icelands Rare Hero

Titan Icelands Common Hero

  1. Ice Wolf (TI-CDW)

Free Cities Heroes

The Free Cities were once a province that belonged to the Holy Light Empire. Known for their bustling trade and open-minded culture, the Free Cities attracted ambitious adventurers from around the world. However, their values and beliefs conflicted strongly with those of the Empire and tensions gradually escalated until a bloody insurrection erupted. After the Imperial Magistrate was overthrown and expelled, the Free Cities declared independence from the Empire, and over time, eventually developed into the loosely-governed confideration that we know today.

Free Cities Legendary Hero

  1. Alisha (FC-LOF)
  2. Boolin (FC-LOP)
  3. Divine Yolanda (FC-LSL)
  4. Evera (FC-LOP)
  5. Fendrich (FC-LOP)
  6. Flarence (FC-LSF)
  7. Hyunwoo (FC-LOP)
  8. Imogen (FC-LOD)
  9. Opal (FC-LOW)
  10. Tia (FC-LCW)
  11. Yolanda (FC-LSP)

Free Cities Epic Hero

  1. Borden (FC-EOF)
  2. Ghajar (FC-EOP)
  3. Harbeg (FC-EOF)
  4. Jonathan (FC-EOW)
  5. Lightwing Zachary (FC-EOL)
  6. Nathalia (FC-EOW)
  7. Zachary (FC-EOF)

Free Cities Elite Hero

  1. Elson (FC-BOF)
  2. Joseph (FC-BSW)
  3. Mary (FC-BSL)
  4. Vught (FC-BOW)

Free Cities Rare Hero

Free Cities Common Hero

Dragonscale Marsh Heroes

Located to the east of the Starfall Sea, Dragonscale Marsh is a swampy region inhabited by a variety of cold-blooded, reptilian races – including the Lizardmen. Dragons once dwelled in these marshlands, and thus they contain the buried remains of countless dragons. Many say that the elemental energy exuded by the marsh is sourced from the dragon scales buried here. Some even claim that a small number of dragon descendants still lurk within the region’s foggy interior.

Dragonscale Marsh Legendary Hero

  1. Dark Dragon Asrina (DM-LOD)
  2. Elune (DM-LCW)
  3. Fahim (DM-LOP)
  4. Hayyim (DM-LOW)
  5. Hydrissea (DM-LOW)
  6. Mulhex (DM-LOW)
  7. Nyah (DM-LOW)
  8. Rosalie (DM-LOF)
  9. Savanna (DM-LOP)
  10. Ztlin (DM-LSF)

Dragonscale Marsh Epic Hero

  1. Asrina (DM-EOF)
  2. Galeno (DM-EOW)
  3. Karena (DM-EOP)
  4. Tucker (DM-EOL)
  5. Zatlux (DM-EOP)

Dragonscale Marsh Elite Hero

  1. Muudos (DM-BOF)
  2. Rogge (DM-BDP)
  3. Rourke (DM-BDW)
  4. Rujago (DM-BDW)

Dragonscale Marsh Rare Hero

Dragonscale Marsh Common Hero

Visitors by Sea Heroes

Aurelica is surrounded by the sea, and has been steadily developing over the centuries to have a thriving island culture and economy. The countless nameless isles have their own culture and systems. They are not exactly the same as the law, but have their own unquestionable authorities, which are crucial for every island visitor. Before the numerious adventurers go on to their final destination, they would go to these islands for short periods to rest. Though they are just passing through the islands, they still lend many factors to the lives of the locals.

Visitors by Sea Legendary Hero

  1. Alesia (VS-LCF)
  2. Atara (VS-LSW)
  3. Bella (VS-LOF)
  4. Halia (VS-LSW)
  5. Lyerly (VS-LDW)
  6. Pluto (VS-LOW)
  7. Poros (VS-LOW)
  8. Ralf (VS-LDF)

Visitors by Sea Epic Hero

  1. Bacchi (VS-EOW)
  2. Beran (VS-EOP)
  3. Hitoshi (VS-EOP)
  4. Horry (VS-EOW)
  5. Phyllida (VS-EOF)

Visitors by Sea Elite Hero

Visitors by Sea Rare Hero

Visitors by Sea Common Hero

Travelers from Afar Heroes

Chance brought adventurers from other dimensions into the vast Aurelica. While looking for the way home, they find themselves more and more attached to this foreign and ancient land.

Travelers from Afar Legendary Hero

  1. Eren (TA-LOW)
  2. Levi (TA-LOF)
  3. Mikasa (TA-LOW)

Travelers from Afar Epic Hero

Travelers from Afar Elite Hero

Travelers from Afar Rare Hero

Travelers from Afar Common Hero

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