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Awaken Chaos Era Hero Synthesis is a feature that allow players to synthesize aka fuse 4 heroes into 1 powerful hero! There are 7 heroes available for synthesis to help you in your game progression. They are Siress, Savannah, Tia, Santis, Vance, Hakrin and MogNar.

You fuse a mixture of farmable Elite or Epic heroes together to get new hero. These heroes can be obtained either from Advanced Summoning Crystals, Hero Essence or Hero Matrix. Matrixes are attainable from Arcane Dungeon or purchased from Trial shop. Kindly refer below for the heroes combination needed to fuse the specific hero that you need!

Awaken Chaos Hero Synthesis

Siress (Legendary)

Siress requires Level 50 Santis, Vance, Hakrin and Mognar.
Awaken Chaos Era Siress Hero Synthesis Guide

Santis (Epic)

Santis requires Level 30 Fully Ascended Elson, Freya, Joseph and Rujago.
Awaken Chaos Era Santis Hero Synthesis Guide

Vance (Epic)

Vance requires Level 30 Fully Ascended Marian, Anna, Abbott and Tuzago.
Awaken Chaos Era Vance Hero Synthesis Guide

Hakrin (Epic)

Hakrin requires Level 30 Fully Ascended Evelyn, Cece, Valuk and Mulago
Awaken Chaos Era Hakrin Hero Synthesis Guide

Mognar (Epic)

Mognar requires Level 30 Fully Ascended Charles, Dulov, Vidar, Maluk
Awaken Chaos Era Mognar Hero Synthesis Guide

Savannah (Legendary)

Savannah requires Level 50 Hakrin, Hugh, Urzag and Melizza.
Awaken Chaos Era Savannah Hero Synthesis Guide

Tia (Legendary)

Tia requires Level 50 Andre, Lordrec, Bruszakk and Rickard.
Awaken Chaos Era Tia Hero Synthesis Guide

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2 thoughts on “Hero Synthesis Guide | Awaken Chaos Era

  1. EmperorNero

    Wouldn’t give up Harkin or Santis individually for Siress. They are both invaluable in terms of progression and too steep a price to pay for Siress until you have duplicates.

  2. Low Tier

    Do you think Siress (B tier Lengendary) is worth synth’ing Harkin and Santis (S tier Epics) and Charles (S tier Elite)? Would a B tier Legendary still be considered better than S tier Epics and Elites?