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Awaken Chaos Era Wrathful Flood is one of the No Man’s Land dungeon where you farm Water Gems, Water Crystals and Water Obsidians to upgrade Water element heroes. Check out the Wrathful Flood boss skills and the strategies below to learn more about this dungeon so you can farm it more efficiently!

How to beat Wrathful Flood Boss?

  • The enemies in Wrathful Flood dungeon are all Water elements. Using Wood element heroes allows you to deal +50% more damage to them and have 50% chance to receive 50% less damage from their attacks. Using this elemental advantage increases your survivability rate and enables you to defeat them swiftly.
  • Wrathful Flood has 3 unique abilities that make him dangerous. The first ability is he deals extra damage based on the amount of Health lost by your heroes. The second ability is he can heal himself every turn. The third ability is he can crowd control a hero with a stun.
  • To prevent your heroes from suddenly dying altogether due to the abrupt damage increased, have at least 1 healer to keep all your heroes in the pink of health. It’s recommended that the hero can also apply Attack Down on the boss to further reduce the damage if your heroes are squishy (lack of Health and Defense). The best heroes for this role are Rodira and Blackhorn.
  • To counter the Wrathful Flood boss’s passive healing, there are 3 methods you can choose. High damage output from skills, using Poison to deal damage based on Enemy MAX HP or apply Unhealable. Poison is the easiest route using Valuk or Santis, apply Unhealable (Jonathan, Hulens, Freya, Rujago) or any strong heroes who is properly geared in high Critical Rate and Attack stats.

Enemy Skills

The right arrow denotes the boss skills are enhanced from Stage X → Stage Y.

Wrathful Flood Skills

  • Healing Spring (Unlock at Stage 7-9): Restores 5% of Max Health to this character at the end of the turn.
  • Aqua Arcanos: Attack damage scales with the sum of all enemies’ lost Health.
  • Water Arrow: Deals damage to an enemy and applies Frostbite for 2 turns.
  • Bouncing Water Orb: Deals damage to an enemy using an attack that bounces between enemies 5 times. Damage decreases with each bounce.
  • Rough Waters: Deals damage to all enemies and grants this character Attack Up II for 3 turns.

Frogman Lancer

  • Frogman Aim: Deals damage to an enemy, with a 50% chance to apply Poison for 1 turn.
  • Assault Thrust: Deals damage to an enemy, with a 70% chance to apply Stun for 1 turn.

Wrathful Flood Screenshots

Wrathful Flood Menu: There are 11 stages you can choose to fight against the Wrathful Flood. Each stage rewards a different amount of Water Gems, Crystals, and Obsidian. On the right side, there are 2 buttons, which allow you to check the Wrathful Flood skills and the popular team formation used by other players to defeat Wrathful Flood. Click on “Rewards” to view the First Clear Reward, Likely Loot, and Possible Loot.
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Wrathful Flood Dungeon - Menu
Wrathful Flood Battle (Wave 1/2): You will need to defeat the first wave of Frogman Lancers before getting to the Wrathful Flood boss. These enemies do not provide much of a threat as they are pretty slow and can be easily wiped out using powerful nukes from Wood Element heroes such as Zatlux who goes on a killing spree once he is able to get the first kill.
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Wrathful Flood Dungeon - Frogman Lancer
Wrathful Flood Battle (Wave 2/2): This is the Wrathful Flood boss residing in this dungeon where you will be farming his Water Gems, Crystals, and Obsidian drops. Apply consistent Poison to counter his passive healing each time he takes a turn. Using an Elite hero such as Valuk is a great counter against this boss! Also, pay attention to the health of your heroes because the boss will deal more damage based on the total amount of health lost by your heroes.
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Wrathful Flood Dungeon - Boss
Wrathful Flood Battle Results: After defeating the boss, you will be greeted with the Battle Results. The one shown here is the multi-battle result along with the total items being collected from farming this dungeon. It’s recommended to farm Stage 4 to upgrade Elite Hero skills (highest amount of Water Gems), Stage 6 for Epic Hero skills (balance of Water Gems and Water Crystals), and Stage 9 for Legendary Hero skills (Water Crystals and Water Obsidian).
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Wrathful Flood Dungeon - Battle Results

Wrathful Flood Hero Tier List

Legendary Heros Ranking

5★ Wrathful Flood | Legendary Hero

4★ Wrathful Flood | Legendary Hero

3★ Wrathful Flood | Legendary Hero

2★ Wrathful Flood | Legendary Hero

1★ Wrathful Flood | Legendary Hero

Epic Heros Ranking

5★ Wrathful Flood | Epic Hero

4★ Wrathful Flood | Epic Hero

3★ Wrathful Flood | Epic Hero

2★ Wrathful Flood | Epic Hero

1★ Wrathful Flood | Epic Hero

Elite Heros Ranking

5★ Wrathful Flood | Elite Hero

4★ Wrathful Flood | Elite Hero

3★ Wrathful Flood | Elite Hero

2★ Wrathful Flood | Elite Hero

1★ Wrathful Flood | Elite Hero

Rare Heros Ranking

5★ Wrathful Flood | Rare Hero

4★ Wrathful Flood | Rare Hero

3★ Wrathful Flood | Rare Hero

2★ Wrathful Flood | Rare Hero

1★ Wrathful Flood | Rare Hero

Common Heros Ranking

5★ Wrathful Flood | Common Hero

4★ Wrathful Flood | Common Hero

3★ Wrathful Flood | Common Hero

2★ Wrathful Flood | Common Hero

1★ Wrathful Flood | Common Hero

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2 thoughts on “Wrathful Flood Guide | Awaken Chaos Era

  1. LibraryVoices

    Uhealable on lvl 11 has been working for me…
    I use Jonathan with his Ult turned off for full coverage.
    @Ayumilove Maybe add him to the suggested list of heroes for Unhealable at the top? His AoE protection is really nice too…

  2. Frank

    unhealable does not work. The guy blows through it to full health. At least at level 11