Random Stats Down Hero List | Awaken Chaos Era

Awaken Chaos Era Random Stats Down is a debuff that when applied to a hero, it randomly assigns a debuff from a pool of debuffs. The pool of debuffs is related to decreasing one of the target’s stats, which are Attack, Defense, Focus, Resistance, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and Speed.

Awaken Chaos Era Random Stats Down Skill

Random Stats Down

Applies a random negative effect to reduce one of the following stats: Defense, Attack, Speed, Crit. Rate, Crit. Damage, Focus or Resistance.

Random Stats Down Heroes (9)

Random Stats Down (Target)


  1. Abaddon (SP-LOD)
  2. Adoette (CR-LOP)
  3. Alesia (VS-LCF)
  4. Eren (TA-LOW)
  5. Matson (TI-LOF)


  1. Borden (FC-EOF)
  2. Epena (TI-EOP)
  3. Karena (DM-EOP)
  4. Okubi (CR-ESP)




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