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Awaken Chaos Era Bane Wraith is one of the No Man’s Land dungeon where you farm Wood Gems, Wood Crystals and Wood Obsidians to upgrade Wood element heroes. Checkout the Bane Wraith boss skills and the strategies below to learn more about this dungeon so you can farm it more efficiently!

How to beat Bane Wraith Boss?

  • The enemies in Bane Wraith dungeon are all Wood element. Using Fire element heroes allows you to deal +50% more damage to them and have 50% chance to receive 50% less damage from their attacks. Using this elemental advantage increases your survivability rate and enable you to defeat them swiftly.
  • Bane Wraith has 2 unique abilities that makes him annoying to takedown. The first ability is he is able to apply stackable shield that can only be destroy by attacking it. The second ability is he deals AoE True Damage similarly to Roaring Tulpa if you are not able to break all his shield in time.
  • To quickly break Bane Wraith’s shield, it’s recommended to use multi-hit hero (Jacob, Elson) or use counterattack heroes (William, Thomas, Kyle, Hugh) or joint attack heroes (Scarlett, Earendil)
  • The best team setup for Bane Wraith is to pair Jacob with Earendil and Scarlett. Jacob can perform up to 7 hits. When Jacob performed Critical Hit, Earendil will join in to attack the enemy. Scarlett’s wolf will join in the attack against the enemy who is inflicted with Bleed. You can use this strategy to complete Evelyn’s Challenge Quest (Master the Elements – Armour Piercing) easily.
  • It’s good to have at least a healer to support the team in case your team is unable to break the shield in time and defeat Bane Wraith quickly. Connor, Rodira, Brand are great heroes to fill in this role.

Enemy Skills

The right arrow denotes the boss skills are enhanced from Stage X → Stage Y.

Bane Wraith’s Skills

  • Immovable (Stage 1-6 → 7-9): At the start of battle, grants (5 → 10) stacks of Immovable. 1 stack are removed when attacked.
  • Earthen Enhancement (Unlock at Stage 7-9): Converts all damage dealt by Earthshaker into True Damage.
  • Petrification (Stage 1-3 → 4-6 → 7-8 → 9): Deals damage to an enemy, with a (20% → 30% → 50% → 100%) chance to apply Petrified for 1 turn.
  • Desecration: Deals damage to all enemies.
  • Mode Change (Stage 1-3 → 4-6 → 7-8 → 9): Upon engaging Palisade mode, applies (3 → 6 → 8 → 12) stacks of Block to this character. While in this state, this character may use Earthshaker until Block is removed.
  • Earthshaker: Deals True Damage equal to this character’s Max Health to all enemies. Damage increases with each strike.
  • Immovable (Buff): Each stack grants +20% Damage Reduction, and incoming attacks remove one stack.

Forest Wolf Skills

  • Wolfbite: Deals damage to an enemy, with a 50% chance to apply Bleeding for 2 turns.

Bane Wraith Screenshots

Bane Wraith Menu: There are 11 stages you can choose to fight against the Bane Wraith. Each stage rewards different amount of Wood Gems, Crystals and Obsidian. On the right side, there are 2 buttons, which allows you to check the Bane Wraith skills and the popular team formation used by other players to defeat Bane Wraith. Click on the “Rewards” to view the First Clear Reward, Likely Loot and Possible Loot.
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Bane Wraith Dungeon - Menu
Bane Wraith Battle (Wave 1/2): You will need to defeat the first wave of Forest Wolfs before getting to the Bane Wraith boss. These enemies does not provide much of a threat as they are pretty slow and can be easily wiped out using powerful nukes from Wood element heroes such as Zatlux, Valeria or Zachary.
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Bane Wraith Dungeon - Forest Wolf
Bane Wraith Battle (Wave 2/2): This is the Bane Wraith boss residing in this dungeon where you will be farming his Wood Gems, Crystals and Obsidian drops. Apply multi-hit heroes such as Jacob, Earendil, Elson or Scarlett to takedown the boss’s shield quickly. Have at least a support healer to heal your heroes if you are unable to take the shield down within 2 turns.
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Bane Wraith Dungeon - Boss
Bane Wraith Battle Results: After defeating the boss, you will be greeted with the Battle Results. The one shown here is the multi-battle result along with the total items being collected from farming this dungeon. It’s recommended to farm Stage 4 to upgrade Elite Hero skills (highest amount of Wood Gems), Stage 6 for Epic Hero skills (balance of Wood Gems and Wood Crystals), and Stage 9 for Legendary Hero skills (Wood Crystals and Wood Obsidian).
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Bane Wraith Dungeon - Battle Results

Bane Wraith Videos

Ayumilove: Bane Wraith Speed Farming Team (Scarlett, Earendil, Jacob, Valeria)

Ayumilove: Farming Bane Wraith Stage 9 Guide (Cece, Earendil, Jacob, Lordrec)

Bane Wraith Hero Tier List

Legendary Heros Ranking

5★ Bane Wraith | Legendary Hero

4★ Bane Wraith | Legendary Hero

3★ Bane Wraith | Legendary Hero

2★ Bane Wraith | Legendary Hero

1★ Bane Wraith | Legendary Hero

Epic Heros Ranking

5★ Bane Wraith | Epic Hero

4★ Bane Wraith | Epic Hero

3★ Bane Wraith | Epic Hero

2★ Bane Wraith | Epic Hero

1★ Bane Wraith | Epic Hero

Elite Heros Ranking

5★ Bane Wraith | Elite Hero

4★ Bane Wraith | Elite Hero

3★ Bane Wraith | Elite Hero

2★ Bane Wraith | Elite Hero

1★ Bane Wraith | Elite Hero

Rare Heros Ranking

5★ Bane Wraith | Rare Hero

4★ Bane Wraith | Rare Hero

3★ Bane Wraith | Rare Hero

2★ Bane Wraith | Rare Hero

1★ Bane Wraith | Rare Hero

Common Heros Ranking

5★ Bane Wraith | Common Hero

4★ Bane Wraith | Common Hero

3★ Bane Wraith | Common Hero

2★ Bane Wraith | Common Hero

1★ Bane Wraith | Common Hero

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    @doro626: The Armour Piercing challenge states that you need to remove Bane Wraith Block in 1 round (rather than a turn). You can easily accomplish this by attempting it in a lower-level dungeon (recommended Stage 1) using Earendil who is a free Epic hero provided by login into the game for 7 days. Pair Earendil with heroes who have a high amount of Critical Rate, so he can proc his passive skill each time your hero performs a single-target critical attack!

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