How to reroll in Awaken Chaos Era Guide

UPDATE: The Rookie Summon Adventure 2-8 has been removed on 21st September 2022. Hence, new players are no longer able to get a free Legendary hero from this Reroll activity! It’s now replaced with a rookie-exclusive Garrell Drop Rate Up Summon event, which lasts for 14 days after account registration.

In this Awaken Chaos Era Rerolling Guide, I’ll guide you step by step on resetting your account to attempt for a better gacha result. Check out the Awaken Chaos Era Tier List to identify the Legendary hero to keep before you begin your game as this will affect your game progression immensely, especially as a F2P (Free to Play) player!

Rookie Summon Chance

Complete Adventure 2-8 (storyline) to unlock Rookie Summon. Rookie summon provides 5 options where each option contains 5 heroes. Three options contain only 1 Legendary Hero and 4 Elite Heroes while the remaining two options contain 2 Epic Heroes and 3 Elite Heroes. You can only summon Water/Fire/Wood element Legendary hero from Rookie Summon: Balberith, Evera, Hector, Mytheasia, Valeria, Hydrissea and Mulhex.

Which starter Legendary Hero should I pick?

F2P Tip: I highly recommend getting an AoE damage dealing offense hero such as Valeria (Fire), Hydrissea (Water) or Evera (Wood) as they will massively speed up your game progression. Valeria is less recommended compared to the other 2 as you will be provided with a free storyline hero Zachary who is a powerful Elite Offense Fire Hero who deals massive AoE damage to clear waves in Adventure Normal and Hard mode. These Legendary heroes will allow you to reach Mythic Adventure in less than a week quickly. Alternatively, choose Mytheasia to breeze through endgame content as she is the only hero with Revive ability, which is useful for sustaining your team in difficult battles. However, the grind in Adventure will be strenous and slow.

Resetting Game Account

Step 1: Click “Star” icon located top right corner of the screen in the Tavern.
Step 1 of Awaken Chaos Era Re-roll Guide - Open Menu

Step 2: Click “Settings” to open the Settings window.
Step 2 of Awaken Chaos Era Re-roll Guide - Open Settings

Step 3: Click “Account” tab located on the left. Click “Data Reset” button in the Account settings.
Step 3 of Awaken Chaos Era Re-roll Guide - Open Account Settings and Click Data Reset

Step 4: Click “Confirm” in the Account Reset Overview window.
Step 4 of Awaken Chaos Era Re-roll Guide - Confirm Account Reset

Step 5: Enter the nickname into the textbox shown in the screen and click Confirm to proceed.
Step 5 of Awaken Chaos Era Re-roll Guide - Input Nickname

Step 6: Click “Confirm” on the notice “This account has been forced offline”. You will be brought to the Start Screen again.
Step 6 of Awaken Chaos Era Re-roll Guide - Confirm Notice

Account Reset Overview

  1. Resetting will downgrade your account to level 1 and erase all hero and battle data.
  2. Resetting your account will also remove any purchases that you have made on your account, including your purchase history.
  3. Resetting your account will also remove all mesages and other social information on your account, including all friend connections and lists.
  4. Resetting your account will effectively remove your account from any leaderboards on which it sits.

Reroll Rookie Summon Guide

You will need to clear Adventure 2-8 (Storyline Chapter 2 – Chaos in Crisas) before you can get to choose a free Legendary Hero to aid you in your game progression! The game will provide you with 5 options upon completing that Adventure stage. 3 of the options contain 1 Legendary Hero with 4 Elite Heroes while the remaining are 2 Epic Heroes with 3 Elite Heroes.

Tips: I highly recommend going for the Legendary Hero since it’s much more difficult to get them, especially if you are a F2P (Free to Play) player! There are only Fire, Water, and Wood element Legendary from the rookie summon. The special Light and Dark element Legendary Hero are only obtainable through Advanced Summon!

Awaken Chaos Era Guide | Pick Your Free Legendary in Rookie Summon

Which Legendary best for game progresion?

  • There are only 7 Legendary heroes that you can pick from the Rookie Summon, which are Balberith, Evera, Hector, Mytheasia, Valeria, Hydrissea, and Mulhex.
  • The best adventure farmer are Hydrissea, Evera, and Valeria as they can clear mobs of enemies pretty quickly with their AoE attacks. Most players will spend 80% of their time farming Adventure for Gold, EXP Jelly and Glyph Scrolls. Having a good Adventure Hero will help you in the long run!
  • Hydrissea (Water Element) is the recommended pick for most players as there are lack of Water Element attacker heroes with decent AoE attack to wipe out the enemy quickly, especially in Adventure Chapter 7 to Chapter 10. If you choose her for your Rookie Summon, then you can get both Zachary (Fire) and Zatlux (Wood) for free through game missions to setup your Adventure Speed Farming Team easily!
  • Evera (Wood Element) is similarly to Hydrissea as they can help you in Adventure Chapter 7 to Chapter 10. She was recently buffed, which increases her damage output tremendously to deal more damage to mobs and bosses. If you didn’t pick Evera, you can get free Zatlux (Epic Wood Hero) from Covenants by completing a few challenges. Zatlux is one of the staple Adventurer hero for many players who opt for Hydrissea.
  • Valeria (Fire Element) is recommended to be picked since she is the only AoE Fire Attacker hero who can deal a massive amount of damage to mobs of enemies, especially against Wood affinity enemies located in Void Tower, Bounty Hunt, and Endless Trial. If you didn’t pick Valeria, then you can substitute with Zachary, who is a powerful Elite Fire Hero who will help you in the Adventure Chapter 1 ~ 6 chapters. If you pick Valeria as your starter, then you might have difficulty against Water affinity enemies. Hence, I would advise you to train Celine (Water Element) to temporarily fill in the lack of Water element Hero attacker. If you get Nathalia (Water Element) hero, then you’re good with Valeria as both of these heroes are one of the best speed farmers in the game for most content!
  • Mytheasia (Wood Element) is the only hero in the game who has Revive ability, which is excellent for difficult content such as Void Tower, Endless Trial, Dungeon Bosses (No Man’s Land & Arcane Dominator). However, she will not help you clear the Adventure stages quickly as she is mainly a support champion. Mytheasia is an end-game support champion similarly to Blackhorn. If you choose Mytheasia, then be prepared to struggle during the early-mid game as it will be much more challenging, but you will breeze through end-game content.
  • Hector (Fire Element) is a single-target damage nuker best for boss raiding such as Armored Incursion (Guild Boss) or Dungeon Bosses (No Man’s Land and Arcane Dominator) such as Roaring Tulpa. He excels in dealing high amount of damage to an enemy, provided you can sustain him in a lengthy battle. If you do not have good support heroes to protect him, then he won’t be able to help you much in clearing end-game content such as Endless Trial, Void Tower and Bounty Hunt.
  • Mulhex (Water Element) is a mix of support and offense hero and an average nuker compared to Hydrissea and Evera. However, he boosts his ally’s damage output, which makes up for his lack of damage compared to other Legendary heroes.
  • Balberith (Fire Element) is another a mix of single-target and AoE nuke hero who has a special trait of self-revive upon enemy killing him. This is useful for certain areas in the game such as Arena (PvP) and survives against dungeon bosses who can 1 hit KO all your team with True Damage. However, he isn’t a great Adventurer farmer but he can help you clear some difficult areas slowly with the aid of self-revive.

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