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Awaken Chaos Era Ruins of Gods also known as GvE (Guild vs Environment) is a new game feature implemented in the Guild to allow players to challenge other players guild for the highest score in the leaderboard through their ability of corporation and organization. Guild members need to corporate with one another to quickly defeat the 4 mini-bosses and the main boss on each floor of Ruins of Gods.

Guild vs Environment Talents

  • Battle Spirit Unleashed (Talent 1): At the start of the battle, +50% Attack, Critical Damage, and Speed. Decreases by 5% each turn. This talent is an alternative to “Kiss of Death” and “Thunder Punishment” if you do not have a hero to cast a debuff on enemies to take advantage of extra turns or your heroes aren’t able to survive 10 Rounds per battle.
  • Kiss of Death (Talent 1): Attacks increase the chance of a bonus turn to 10% per negative effect affecting the target. Can be triggered once every 1 round. This is one of the best talents to improve your overall team damage output and reduces your hero’s skill cooldown quickly. Best for bossing and clearing medium relic and ancient relic tiles quickly!
  • Thunder Punishment (Talent 1): Grants a bonus turn to all the heroes after launching 12 attacks in total. Can only be triggered once per 1 round.
  • Berserk Spirit (Talent 2): +20% Hero Attack
  • Fearless Mind (Talent 2): +20% Hero Speed
  • Resilience (Talent 2): +20% Hero Defense
  • Blood Curse (Talent 3): -1% enemy Max Health at the start of an elemental guard tower battle.
  • Blessing from the Gods (Talent 3): Restores 15% of Max Health to all heroes at the start of every round.
  • Holy Hourglass (Talent 3): Round limit for relic battles prolonged for 15 rounds.
  • Vulcan’s Fury (Talent 4): All heroes’ Critical Damage increased by 30%.
  • Titan’s Destiny (Talent 4): +30% Hero Max Health
  • Divine Rhythm (Talent 4): +30 Hero Agility
  • Order of the Gods (Talent 5): Attacks deal 30% more damage for each enemy hit.
  • Mark of the God of War: Grants all heroes Attack Up buff at the start of each round, stackable up to 10 times. This buff is unremovable.
  • Divine Possession (Talent 5): Randomly revives 1 hero at the start of each round and restores 50% of Max Health. Can be triggered once every 3 rounds.

Guild vs Environment Tile Conditions

There are 3 types of tiles in GvE (Guild vs Environment), which are Small Relic, Medium Relic, and Ancient Relic. Only Medium Relic and Ancient Relic have special conditions attached to it. This is to make it challenging for players to clear those tiles as these tiles provide you an advantage in clearing future battles!

Medium Relic Conditions

  • Emergency rescue: Lend a helping hand to an adventurer left on their own. Enemies in the relics will attack this adventurer first, their life must be saved.
  • Time Delay: Hero’s cooldown for all abilities is extended by 1 turn and baser cooldown is extended by 1 turn at the start of the battle.
  • Element Restrictions: The relic possesses element restriction that cannot be lifted. Hero elements on the battlefield cannot be duplicated.

Ancient Relic Conditions

  • Intimidation of the Gods: Each hero can only has 2 positive effects in the relics due to intimidation of the Gods.
  • Life Desolation: The Life Desolation cursed relic reduces all heroes’ healing by 100%.

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