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Awaken Chaos Era Arcane Dominator is a dungeon where you farm gear sets to be equipped on the hero to enhance their abilities or improve their base stats. There are 5 types of dungeons in Arcane Dominator, and each dungeon drops 3 unique types of gear sets. The best stage to start farming your gears is Stage 10 to replace the lower rarity gears farmed from Adventure! Checkout the link below to learn more about the individual Arcane Dominator along with the boss and side minions guarding the area.

Arcane Dominator Dungeons

Arcane Dominator Drop Rate

Here is a table showing the drop rate for Arcane Dominator for Stage 7 to 12 on the amount of gear rank you can get from multi-battle runs. The information is gathered by Dan Heilman running the Arcane Dominator dungeons multiple times to piece this information together.
Awaken Chaos Era Arcane Dominator Drop Rate Guide

Dungeon Drop Rate Explanation

  • Stage 12 has approximately 60% chance of getting 6-Star gears and 40% chance of getting 5-Star gears.
  • Stage 11 has approximately 80% chance of getting 5-Star gears and 18% chance of getting 6-Star gears.
  • Stage 10 has approximately 90% chance of getting 5-Star gears and 10% chance of getting 4-Star gears.

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