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Awaken Chaos Era Endless Trial is a dungeon where you clear 3 different environments by moving your team through hexagon tiled map by beating enemies and collecting artifacts to assist you in battle!

Endless Trial has 3 environments, which are Ascendant Lake, Magma Core and Temple of Roots. Each of them has their unique negative condition applied to your hero if you use them 5 or more times in battle. This negative effect can be removed by using Bonfire, Breath of Revival or Cleanse (purchased from shop) to make it easy to clear the waves. You can purchase immediate special positive effect such as Heal, Revive, and Cleanse to aid you in battle if its too difficult.

The Endless Trial resets every 48 hours. Therefore, ensure you can complete all of them to reap the rewards! It’s one of the best places to farm Gear Charms to upgrade your hero’s gear without consuming Energy, so try not to miss it out. High rarity gear is rewarded upon completing the final stage of the 3 environments depending on the Endless Trial difficulty.

Area Effect

Rooted (Level 1,2,3)

Heroes gain 1 Thorn per battle in Temple of Roots. Heroes that gain 5 Thorns become Rooted, reducing Speed and Resistance by (20% → 30% → 40%) in battle.

Biting Cold (Level 1,2,3)

Heroes gain 1 Snowflake per battle in Ascendant Lake. Heroes that gain 5 Snowflakes will suffer Biting Cold, inflicting damage equal to (15% → 20% → 25%) of Max Health per turn and reducing the effectiveness of healing on affected units by (10% → 20% → 30%) during battle.

Desiccated (Level 1,2,3)

Heroes gain 1 Spark per battle in Magma Core. Heroes that gain 5 Sparks become Desiccated, reducing Max Health and Critical Resistance by (20% → 30% → 40%).

Endless Trial Tips

  • Own at least 3 different element attacker and support heroes (Fire, Water, Wood) to make it easy to counter different enemy defense.
  • If you feel that you do not have any strong element against the enemy formation, especially when there is a boss you are weak, then choose a different hexagon tile option that you are confident to win.
  • Choose your battle carefully. Upon selecting the battle tile, you will not be able to switch to different tile unless you complete it! Otherwise, you will be stuck there and have to wait 48 hours for Endless Trial to reset.
  • You can retreat from battle to retry again to avoid losing the hero forever if one of your heroes was killed by the enemy! If you won the battle with a slained hero, then you cannot use that hero until you revive him/her.
  • Farm the hexagon tiles that rewards Advanced Gear Charm as you can use it to upgrade your hero’s gear to make them better and help you in all areas in the game.
  • Before claiming the artifact reward after finishing a battle, check your Artifact Inventory (bottom right corner) to ensure you do not pick the same artifacts if you plan to have a wide variety of tools to help you in your battle for different environments and team formation.
  • Pick artifacts that can help you both in offense and defense. Do not neglect one for the other as it might help you in areas that you least expect!
  • Attempt to do more battles during Floor 1 and Floor 2 rather than taking the easy route by performing randomize events, as more artifacts from battle will help you clear Floor 3 easily as the enemies becomes even more tankier and destructive in their damage output!
  • Use different heroes to replace the ones that has negative effect (Rooted, Biting Cold, Desiccated) before using the Breath of Revival. Move your best gears around to the next hero to save your Breath of Revival for the most important battle such as clearing the final boss.

Endless Trial Team Setup

  • For Endless Trial Level 10 to 50, you can bulldoze the enemies easily with Speed Nuke Team comprising mostly AoE Attacker heroes (e.g. Valeria, Hydrissea, Evera, Zatlux) supported by a debuffer & healer (e.g. Connor). Equip the best gears you get from Adventure rewards on these heroes for sufficient damage output to clear the waves.
  • For Endless Trial Level 60 and 70, I would advise you to build 2 team types: Speed Nuke Team and Slow Tanky Team.
  • Utilize different squads based on the enemy composition that you are dealing with in Endless Trial. For enemy team that primarily consists of squishy attack heroes, use your Speed Nuke team to crush them quickly. For enemy team that consists mainly tanky heroes, use your Slow Tanky Team against them.
  • Speed Nuke Team benefit from artifacts that provides immediate Attack%, Critical Rate and Critical Damage stat boosts.
  • Slow Tanky Team benefit more from artifacts that provides passive attacks such as applying Poison debuff on the enemies, counterattack, joint attacks, chances to re-attack (bonus attack) and high Health/Defense stats.
  • You will need to gear them pretty well with at least Level 12 5-Star Gear or Level 9 6-Star Gear. The better the gear quality, the easier you can beat these enemies!

Best Artifacts for Endless Trial

What are the best artifact sets for Speed Nuke team?

  • Increase Speed: Doomsday Chain, Onyx Greatsword, Cursed Grail (useful to counter the Rooted area Effect)
  • Decrease Enemy Defense: Golden Horseshoe (deal extra damage to enemies on top of your Defense Down!)
  • Bonus Turn per kill: Troll’s Treasure, Oath Flag (amazing for attackers especially heroes who gains Extra Turn such as Zatlux and Valeria)
  • Reduce Skill Cooldown: Precision Ring, Silverscale Cuisse, Flood Staff (allows your heroes to spam their ultimate abilities)
  • Pre-Increase Damage Output: Griffin Heart, Explosive Totem, Onyx Greatsword, Shipwreck Boots, Gladiator Medal, Gloves of Pain, Lucky Clover, Trainee’s Talisman
  • Post-Increase Damage Output: Beast Necklace, Executioner’s Dagger
  • Additional Attacks: Dragon Eye, Guiding Crown, Soulchaser Blade (enable your hero to chain attack to finish off the remaining enemies quickly)
  • Healing while attacking without healer: Dwarf King Helmet, Hunter’s Gloves (useful to counter Biting Cold area effect)

What are the best artifact sets for Slow Tanky Team?

  • Additional Attacks: Guiding Crown, Soulchaser Blade
  • Pre-Increase Defense: Golden Bell Jar, Helmet of Glory, Trainee’s Talisman
  • Post-Increase Defense: Executioner’s Armor
  • Increase Survivability: Gaia Heart, Budding Sprout, Nimble Ring
  • Pre-Healing: Fountain of Vitality, Scepter of Healing, Maiden’s Blessing
  • Post-Healing: Veteran’s Ring, Victory Pledge
  • Passive Damage: Amulet of Piercing, Counterattack Boots, Toxic Armor

Endless Trial Artifacts

  • Amulet of Piercing: When taking damage, reflects damage equal to 5% of this character’s Max Health.
  • Beast Necklace: When an enemy is killed, all allies get +30% Attack and +10% Speed.
  • Boots of Black: At the start of battle, every ally grants a random negative stat effect on every enemy.
  • Boots of White: At the start of battle, every ally grants a random positive stat effect on themselves.
  • Blast Wine: Elemental advantage effects +100%.
  • Budding Sprout: +30% Max Health
  • Counterattack Boots: When taking damage, there is a 40% chance to counterattack.
  • Cursed Grail: Increases all allies’ speed by 50%
  • Death Heart: Upon death, curses a random enemy with -30% Attack, Defense, and Speed (only effective during the current battle).
  • Dragon Eye: 10% chance to grant a bonus turn after your action.
  • Dwarf King Helmet: Lifesteal +12%
  • Doomsday Chain: Speed +20
  • Dummy Totem: When any enemy attacks your hero, has a +30% chance to dodge the attack.
  • Executioner: Deal increased damage to enemies that are below 50% Health.
  • Executioner’s Armor: After obtaining every victory, grants +4% Defense. Max +20%.
  • Executioner’s Dagger: After obtaining, every victory grants +3% Attack. Max +15%.
  • Explosive Totem: When attacking a group, there is a 30% chance to double the Attack stat.
  • Eye of Disdain: +15% area damage and removes 1 positive effect from the target.
  • Flask of Poison: Poison Effect +200%.
  • Flask of Rebounding: Single-target attacks have a 25% chance to duplicate damage onto another random enemy.
  • Flood Staff: When a spell is used, resets all of the caster’s ability cooldowns.
  • Flower of Life: Grants +10% Max HP to all allies.
  • Fountain of Vitality: Restores 5% Health at the start of the turn.
  • Gaia Heart: Grants a shield with strength equal to 20% of this character’s Max Health at the beginning of battle for 2 rounds.
  • Gaze of Death: Inflicts a large Health drain on all enemies at the start of battle.
  • General’s Headwear: Each action on the battlefield increases Attack by 5%. Max 10 stacks.
  • Gladiator Medal: +20% Critical Damage
  • Glimmering Pickaxe: +5% Attack per positive effect on an ally.
  • Golden Bell Jar: +25% Defense and +20% Deflect.
  • Golden Horseshoe: -50% Defense of all enemies for 2 turns at the start of battle.
  • Gloves of Pain: +15% Attack, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage.
  • Griffin Heart: Attacks have a 50% chance of inflicting bonus True Damage.
  • Guiding Crown Each attack has a 20% chance of granting this character a bonus joint attack from a random ally.
  • Helmet of Glory: Defense +15%
  • Howl of Fury: +50% damage to the first ultimate ability used in battle.
  • Humility Amulet: At the start of battle, grants immunity to 1 strike from abilities. Lasts 1 turn.
  • Hunter’s Gloves: 15% Life Steal on Critical Strikes.
  • Knight’s Glory: Upon receiving damage of over 50% Max Health in a single attack, all team members gain +30% Attack for 3 turns.
  • Lucky Clover Critical Rate +15%
  • Maiden’s Blessing: Healing effects +15%
  • Marksman’s Bow: Attacks have a 50% chance to steal 1 random positive effect.
  • Nimble Ring: Dodge +10%
  • Oath Flag: Grants a bonus turn upon defeating an enemy.
  • Onyx Greatsword: Attack +15%, Speed +20
  • Precision Ring: All ability cooldowns are reduced by 1 turn.
  • Raging Cross: Attack +20% when Health is below 30%.
  • Rescuer’s Ring: Grants a 20% chance of restoring 50% Health upon taking massive damage. This ability may only be triggered once per battle.
  • Rod of Rage: When a spell is used, grants +50% Attack to the caster for the current turn.
  • Silverscale Cuisse: Critical Strikes reduce this character’s ability cooldowns by 1 turn.
  • Slaughter Amulet: Grants +10% Attack for every 20% Health lost.
  • Soulchaser Blade: When attacking a single target, there is a 20% chance to attack again.
  • Scepter of Healing: Any spell cast restores 20% Health
  • Shipwreck Boots: +15% Critical Rate and +20% Critical Damage.
  • Slaughter Amulet: Grants +10% Attack for every 20% Health lost.
  • Toxic Armor: When taking damage, applies 1 stack of Poison on the attacker.
  • Trainee’s Talisman: +20% Attack and Defense (only on Floor 3)
  • Traveler’s Kettle: Non-damage-dealing abilities have a 50% chance to reduce all of this character’s ability cooldowns by 1 turn.
  • Troll’s Treasure: Grants 1 bonus turn upon killing an enemy.
  • Victory Pledge: All team members recover 30% Health at the end of battle.
  • Vengeance Staff: Upon death, deals damage to the attacker based on Attack.
  • Veteran’s Ring: Heals whichever ally has the least Health by 30% at the end of battle.
  • War Drum: Boosts chest gold loot after battle by 15%

Endless Trial Preparation Shop

Black Market

  • Ring of Taunting: Upon an ally’s death, grants other allies a shield with strength equal to 50% of their Max Health for 2 turns. (Cost 100 Blackmarket Voucher)
  • Wood Core: Restores 11% Health to Wood heroes at the start of the turn. (Cost 70 Blackmarket Voucher)
  • Water Core: Water Hero attacks have a 30% chance to apply Frozen. (Cost 70 Blackmarket Voucher)
  • Fire Core: Fire Heroes gain Critical Rate +30% (Cost 70 Blackmarket Voucher)
  • Gladiator Medal: Critical Damage +30%
  • Claw of Death: +15% Attack (Cost 60 Blackmarket Voucher)


  • Heal: Fully restores the Health of all team members. (Cost 100 Blackmarket Voucher)
  • Revive: Revive 1 slain hero. (Cost 100 Blackmarket Voucher)
  • Cleanse: Removes all area effects from all team members. (Cost 100 Blackmarket Voucher)

Endless Trial Screenshots

Divine Statue: This statue allows you to revive 1 random slained hero in your team. It’s useful to regain the lost hero upon completing the battle successfully. Plan ahead to get to this tile if you foresee that you have no way to avoid having a hero getting killed due to the enemy formation being too strong.
Awaken Chaos Era Guide | Endless Trial Divine Statue to Revive Hero

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  1. Heywood Kenobi

    Poison is your friend. Always grab the poisoning items they help so much against the mobs that regenerate and have lifesteal.

  2. Heywood Kenobi

    My advice.
    Artifact> temporary boost. I always avoid the temporary boost and instead attack a node with an artifact. Better to have permanent boost.
    10% dodge is better than you think.
    If your CRIT is really high grab that +CRIT damage.
    Extra turn items are high priority.
    Dark Nicholas slaps harder than Will Smith.
    More later