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Awaken Chaos Era Ash Magisteria is one of the Arcane Dominator dungeon where you farm Raider Set, Dragonscale Set and Avarice Set gears by defeating the boss guarding the area. Ash Magisteria has 2 unique abilities that makes it challenging to defeat him, which are planting a bomb on one of your hero and summoning Fire Imps to assist him in battle. The Bomb explodes upon your hero taking 3 turns, dealing AoE True Damage (ignore Defense) and stunning on all of your heroes! In addition, the Fire Imps will join in the attack and any surviving Fire Imps enables the boss to boost his ultimate skill damage output.

How to Defeat Ash Magisteria?

  • The enemies in Ash Magisteria dungeon are all Fire element. Using Water element heroes allows you to deal +50% more damage to them and have 50% chance to receive 50% less damage from their attacks. Using this elemental advantage increases your survivability rate and enable you to defeat them swiftly.
  • It’s recommended to have at least 1 cleanser to remove the Bomb debuff to avoid getting stunned and missing out a turn to recuperate from Ash Magisteria subsequent AoE attacks. Recommended cleansers are Joseph, Mary, Celestial Kane or Blackhorn
  • Apart from that, AoE Attacker Heroes are essential to wipe out the Fire Imps to prevent them from assisting the boss in Ash Magisteria in their joint attacks and boosting his ultimate AoE Attack damage output by 1000%! Do take note that you cannot set priority target on Fire Imps, which means AoE damage dealers is a must have!
  • In addition, the boss has the ability to heal himself using Flame Vortex. Hence, you can prevent that from happening by using a champion who can inflict Unhealable debuff on him to speed up the run. This could be quite helpful if you do not have sufficient damage dealers in your team to outdamage his healing. Nathalia, Hydrissea, Mulhex, Valeria are some of the damage dealers commonly found raiding this dungeon.
  • It’s advisable to have a healer in your team to sustain your heroes in battle as it will be a lengthy battle against the boss.

Ash Magisteria Screenshots

Ash Magisteria Menu: There are 14 stages you can choose to fight against the Ash Magistgeria enemies to farm gears. The last 2 stages are Hell Mode difficulty, which has enemies that are much more difficult to defeat in the first 2 waves. From this menu, you can check the enemy’s skills and the popular team formation used by other players to defeat Ash Magisteria’s enemies.
Ash Magisteria Menu in Awaken Chaos Era

List of Enemy Skills

Ash Magisteria Skills (Boss in Wave 3)

  • Note: The right arrow denotes the boss skills are enhanced from Stage 1-6 → Stage 7-12.
  • Summon Flames: Summons (3 → 5) Fire Imps to assist in battle. Can only be triggered once per round.
  • Blaze Strike : Deals damage to an enemy, with a (50% → 100%) calls a joint attack from all Fire Imps.
  • Flame Bomb: Deals damage to an enemy and applies Flame Bomb for 3 turns. When the target dies or the countdown expires, deals True Damage to all enemies. (Stage 7-12) → and inflicts stun on the target for 1 turn.
  • Flame Vortex: Deals damage to all enemies and recovers (100% → 150%) of damage dealt as Health. Grants a bonus turn at the end of the round.
  • Sacrificial Cannon (Unlock at Stage 7-14): Damages all enemies. If there are surviving Fire Imps, then converts 50% of health into +1000% damage bonus to Sacrificial Cannon attacks.

Flame Guard Skills (Mob in Wave 1 & 2)

  • Scorching Strike: Deals damage to enemy, with a 50% chance to apply ignite for 2 turns.
  • Fireblast: Deals damage to all enemies, with a 30% chance to apply an Ignite effect for 2 turns.

Madbombs Skills (Mob in Wave 1 & 2 for Hell Mode)

  • Note: This enemy is only present from Stage 13 to 14.
  • Fire Sparkle: Deals damage to an enemy, with a 50% chance to apply Ignite for 2 turns.
  • Molten: Deals damage to all enemies, with a 30% chance to apply a Ignite effect for turns.

Ash Magisteria Written Guides

  1. Ash Magisteria 14 Guide (Gangelo, Santis, Nathalia, and Celestial Kane)
  2. Ash Magisteria 15 & 16 Guide (Ztlin, William, Opal, Nathalia)

Ash Magisteria Updates

Ash Magisteria Video Guides

Ash Magisteria Early Game 2023 Guide (F2P Team)

Ash Magisteria Stage 12 Auto Speed Run (F2P Team)

Ayumilove: Ash Magisteria 12 Full Auto (Mary, Ice Wolf, Nathalia, Santis)

Important Notes

  • Ascension: Nathalia requires Ascension 2 so she can deal extra 10% damage for every positive effect she has to clear the first 2 waves and Fire Imps. Santis requires Ascension 5 to apply Poison with 100% success rate through her Trait for a consistent speed run.
  • Speed Tuning: This team requires heroes take their turn in a sequence. Santis goes first, followed by Mary, Ice Wolf and finally Nathalia. The first 3 heroes must have speed 140 and above, while Nathalia speed must be between 125 to 139. Santis goes first as she has the highest focus to apply the Sundering Purgator (AoE Defense Down) on enemies, Mary goes second to apply Invincible (Block Damage for 1 hit) to protect Nathalia and Santis. If Mary were to go first to apply the Invincible buff, then Santis will have that buff expires upon taking her turn. Nathalia is speed tuned to be slow, so the boss will use his AoE True Damage Nuke against her Invincible buff and at the same time the remaining Fire Imps around the boss causes the boss to sacrifice 50% of his Current Health. In the video guide, the speed I used for my heroes are Santis (162), Mary (154), Ice Wolf (150) and Nathalia (125).
  • Equipment: Santis to be equipped in Cursed Set gear, so she can stack up multiple Poison on the enemies with her basic attack quickly. Nathalia to be equipped in Rage Set and Warrior Set to raise her Attack%, Critical Rate and Critical Damage as high as possible to deal maximum amount of damage. Both Mary and Nathalia can be equipped in Raider Set to boost their speed stats.
  • Stats to Prioritize: Both Mary and Santis recommended to be gear tanky with at least 16~18K Health, 1400~1600 Defense, so Mary will use her Inspiration buff on Nathlia who will be having the least health close to the end of the battle. Santis to have 80% Focus to consistently apply her negative effects aka debuff on the enemies successfully. Ice Wolf require 3000~4000 Health to survive against the Flame Bomb casts by the boss, but low enough so he can get killed by the AoE nuke attack. The reason why we need him to get killed by nuke is to prevent him from getting killed by the initial damage of Flame Bomb when his health is low. If the Flame Bomb manages to kill your hero with the initial damage, it will wipe out your entire team with AoE True Damage before the Bomb can expire.
  • Spells: The best spells to be use for this team are Sundering Purgatory (AoE Defense Down) and Last Breath (Revive a random slain ally and reset all of their skill cooldowns). Sundering Purgatory is to enable Nathalia to deal massive amount of damage while Last Breath is to revive Ice Wolf to re-apply his Counterattack buff to all allies, so they can deal more damage.

Ash Magisteria Stage 12 Auto Speed Run (2 Minutes)

Dan Heilman: Ash Magisteria 12 Full Auto (Gangelo, William, Nathalia, Santis)

Ash Magisteria 15 & 16 Guide (William, Opal, Pluto, Nathalia)

Ash Magisteria Stage 14 Auto Speed Run (2 Minutes)

Ayumilove: Ash Magisteria 14 Full Auto (Gangelo, Nathalia, Santis, Celestial Kane)

Ash Magisteria Stage 14 Auto Speed Run (2 Minutes)

Team Setup: Yolanda, Gangelo, Nathalia, Santis

Ash Magisteria Stage 15 Auto Speed Run (2 Minutes)

Team Setup: William, Opal, Nathalia, Ciara

Ash Magisteria Stage 15 & 16 Auto Speed Run (2 Minutes)

Team Setup: William, Opal, Nathalia, Ztlin

Ash Magisteria Stage 15 & 16 Auto Speed Run (3 Minutes)

Team Setup: Flarence, Joseph, Pluto, Nathalia

Ash Magisteria Hero Tier List

Legendary Heros Ranking

5★ Ash Magisteria | Legendary Hero

4★ Ash Magisteria | Legendary Hero

3★ Ash Magisteria | Legendary Hero

2★ Ash Magisteria | Legendary Hero

1★ Ash Magisteria | Legendary Hero

Epic Heros Ranking

5★ Ash Magisteria | Epic Hero

4★ Ash Magisteria | Epic Hero

3★ Ash Magisteria | Epic Hero

2★ Ash Magisteria | Epic Hero

1★ Ash Magisteria | Epic Hero

Elite Heros Ranking

5★ Ash Magisteria | Elite Hero

4★ Ash Magisteria | Elite Hero

3★ Ash Magisteria | Elite Hero

2★ Ash Magisteria | Elite Hero

1★ Ash Magisteria | Elite Hero

Rare Heros Ranking

5★ Ash Magisteria | Rare Hero

4★ Ash Magisteria | Rare Hero

3★ Ash Magisteria | Rare Hero

2★ Ash Magisteria | Rare Hero

1★ Ash Magisteria | Rare Hero

Common Heros Ranking

5★ Ash Magisteria | Common Hero

4★ Ash Magisteria | Common Hero

3★ Ash Magisteria | Common Hero

2★ Ash Magisteria | Common Hero

1★ Ash Magisteria | Common Hero

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  1. Jd

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    alguien sabe como cumplir la mision de conquista de mazmorras llamada “movimiento rapido” que debe cumplirse en ash magisteria?

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