Increased Damage Taken Hero List | Awaken Chaos Era

Awaken Chaos Era Increased Damage Taken is a debuff that increases the damage taken on the target from your heroes. This negative effect allows you to deal a high amount of damage, which is useful to take down a tanky enemy quickly or rack up a high score on Guild Boss (Armoured Incursion).

Awaken Chaos Era Increase Damage Taken Skill

Increase Damage Taken

+30% damage taken.

Increased Damage Taken Heroes (7)

Increased Damage Taken (Target)


  1. Ciara (SP-LOW)
  2. Hector (CR-LOF)
  3. Hyunwoo (FC-LOP)
  4. Matson (TI-LOF)
  5. Poros (VS-LOW)


  1. Karena (DM-EOP)
  2. Urzag (CR-EOP)




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One thought on “Increased Damage Taken Hero List | Awaken Chaos Era

  1. June

    Flarence also applies increased damage taken.