Ability Immunity Hero List | Awaken Chaos Era

Awaken Chaos Era Ability Immunity aka Ability Ineffective is the ability that allows a hero to not get affected by the enemies attack, debuff aka negative effect or spell cast to him/her. This allows them to better survive against enemies nuke attacks, especially in Arena where most battle ends up in an instant!

Awaken Chaos Era Ability Immunity Skill

Ability Immunity

Grants immunity to the next negative effect taken.

Awaken Chaos Era Ability Ineffective Skill

Ability Ineffective

Ability rendered ineffective 1 time.

Ability Immunity Heroes (6)

Ability Immunity (Self)


  1. Balberith (SP-LOF)
  2. Siress (SW-LOF)
  3. Zoltan (HL-LOL)


  1. Edicris (HL-EOP)
  2. Harbeg (FC-EOF)


  1. Cece (SW-BSP)



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