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This section covers the resources that are commonly used in Awaken Chaos Era to progress your game account! Use this wiki to clarify any doubts or understand the game better.

Awaken Chaos Era Resources


Type: Currency
Obtained from: Adventure
Note: This is used to purchase items from the bartender tavern shop. Recommended to be used to purchase glyph and enhancement material for gear.
Description: Currency of the Hirschbuck Empire, forged from brass and then plated with gold via an alchemical process. Renowned for its beauty, this currency is accepted across the land.

Meal Coupon

Type: Energy Exchange
Obtained from: Completing Quests or Raiding Dungeons
Description: Meal coupon distributed from Blackbeard tarven master, which is used to recover 50 Energy.

Standard Gem Charm

Type: Enhancement Material for Gear
Obtained from: Completing Quests or Arcane Dominator
Description: Glittering mineral which contains 1000 points of Enhancement EXP for enhancing gear.

EXP Jelly

Type: EXP
Obtained from: Adventures and Battles.
Note: It’s recommended to use EXP Jelly to level up Common and Rare heroes and promote them (raise level cap) up to 4-Star Heroes to be used as promotion resources for your main hero! Spend EXP Jelly to level up and promote Foody up to 5-star to be used as promotion resources for your main hero. This will save your EXP Jelly significantly as it consumes 50% lesser than regular hero!
Description: Obtained from Adventures and battles. Used to upgrade heroes.


Type: Currency
Note: This is used to purchase Energy, Advanced Summon, Gear, Glyphs and materials from bartender’s tavern.
Description: Precious Element crystal, the apple of every adventure’s eye.

Hero Matrix

Hero Matrix are a special currency where collect a number of matrixes to summon a specific hero! You will need at least 40 Elite Hero Matrix, 60 Epic Hero Matrix or 80 Legendary Hero Matrix to summon that specific hero. These Hero Matrixes can be obtained from Friend Challenge rewards.

Magic Pass

The Empire issues Hero Passes to encourage adventurers to help uphold the general safety and stability of Aurelica. Adventure parties can upgrade their Hero Passes level to gain eligibility for special supplies and commendations. Elite Hero Passes are given out sparingly to the most exceptional adventurers, and upgraded Elite Hero Passes have been known to draw the attention of powerful new companions!
Magic Pass Season 1 – Blackhorn
Magic Pass Season 2 – Tia
Magic Pass Season 3 – Brand (Blessing of Mountains)
Magic Pass Season 4 – Evera (Gift of the Jade Sea)

Awaken Chaos Era Terminology

  • Promote Hero: This means raising the level cap of your hero. For example, a Common Hero (1-Star) has a level cap of 10. Level up that hero from 1 to 10 with EXP Jelly in the Heroes section, then sacrifice 1-Star Hero to promote it to raise the Level cap to 20! The higher the star, the more sacrifices you will need to use! For example, a fully leveled 2-Star Hero will require sacrificing two 2-Star Hero before the hero is able to be promoted to 3-Star!
  • Inlay Glyph: This means using the glyph on a hero at the Heroes section to unlock additional hero stats! These glyphs are farmable in Adventure stages (Normal, Hard and Mythic). Higher tier/quality glyph can be found in more difficult Adventure modes.

Awaken Chaos Era Miscelleanous

Unlock Features

Clear 1-2 to unlock Celine (Elite Hero)
Clear 1-5 to unlock 1st Spell Slot (set in Hero Selection in Squad)
Clear 2-5 to unlock 2nd Spell Slot (set in Hero Selection in Squad)
Clear 1-6 to unlock Auto Battle
Clear 1-8 to unlock Quests
Clear 2-2 to unlock Guild
Clear 2-5 to unlock Dungeon
Clear 2-5 to unlock 2X Battle Speed
Clear 2-8 to unlock Hero Index
Clear 3-1 to unlock Battle Pass aka Magic Pass
Clear 3-2 to unlock Arena
Clear 3-4 to unlock Covenants
Foody XP Jelly introduction upon completing Chapter 1-2
Clear 1-5 to unlock Smoldering Flames (1st Spell)

Clear 1-8 to get 2-star Elite Warrior Set weapon, helmet, chestplate and boots
Clear 2-8 to get 2-star Elite Terra Set weapon, helmet, chestplate and boots

Energy Capacity

Each Level UP +50 Free Energy
Level 1: Max Energy 50
Level 2: Max Energy 55
Level 3: Max Energy 60
Level 4: Max Energy 65

Rookie Rewards

Sign in for 7 days to dance with Earendil and listen to his “Song of Swords”.
Day 1: 100 diamonds
Day 2: Advanced Summoning Crystal
Day 3: Meal Coupon
Day 4: 4-Star Holy Pumpkin
Day 5: 5-star gear chest
Day 6: Special gear charm
Day 7: Earendial
Clear 2-5 to unlock Xmas Special Treat (2021-12-27 UTC+8)

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