Void Tower Guide | Awaken Chaos Era

Awaken Chaos Era Void Tower is a dungeon where you defeat enemies and bosses on each floor to reach to Floor 100 while farming Stardust to summon heroes. There are 3 difficulties similarly to Adventure, which are Normal, Hard and Mythic. The Normal difficulty can be easily done using brute force raw damage, while the Hard and Mythic requires crowd control heroes to assist in battle since you will not be able to defeat enemies within 1-2 hits easily.

Void Tower Rune Mark

  • The Void Tower is brimming with rune-based magics, which have marked all creatures within.
  • Normal Void Tower: Enemies have a 50% chance of inflicting Critical Resistance Down on targets upon a critical Hit
  • Hard Void Tower: Enemies are immune to Stun and Sleep.
  • Mythic Void Tower: +30% Enemy Critical Rate.

Awaken Chaos Era Void Tower Rune Mark

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