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Awaken Chaos Era Shadow Captive is one of the No Man’s Land dungeon where you farm Dark Gems, Dark Crystals and Dark Obsidians to upgrade Dark element heroes. Checkout the Shadow Captive boss skills and the strategies below to learn more about this dungeon so you can farm it more efficiently!

How to defeat Shadow Captive?

  • The enemies in Shadow Captive dungeon are all Dark element. Using Light element heroes allows you to deal +50% more damage to them. Using this elemental advantage allows you to defeat them swiftly. However, they will also have +50% damage advantage against your Light element heroes too.
  • Employing neutral element heroes such as Fire, Wood and Water is relatively safe as you will not get seriously injured by being weak element.
  • Use a cleanser hero to remove the Plague from your allies, otherwise they will receive huge amount of damage. Recommended heroes who can remove Plague debuff are Blackhorn, Celestial Kane and Mary. If you do not have AoE cleanser, you can use 2 single-target cleansers such as Joseph and Rodira or a champion who can apply AoE Immune buff to your allies from getting infected by Plague debuff.

Enemy Skills

The right arrow denotes the boss skills are enhanced from Stage X → Stage Y.

Shadow Captive Skills

  • Plague: Attacks apply Plague to the enemy. Max 10 stacks. At Plague stacks, deals massive damage to all enemies.
  • Swiftshadow (Unlock at Stage 7-9): Speed + 100%
  • Plague Attack (Stage 1-6 → 7-9): Deals damage to an enemy and applies (1 → 2) stacks of Plague.
  • Plague Source: Deals damage to all enemies and creates a Plague Zone for 3 turns. Applies 2 stacks of Plague on all enemies at the end of every round.
  • Plague Outbreak: Deals damage to all enemies and applies 2 stacks of Plague. Damage scales with the number of stacks of Plague on each target.
  • Plague (Debuff): +10% damage taken. Max 10 stacks. Deals massive damage at max stacks.

Dark Priest Skills

  • Healing Block: Deals damage to an enemy, with a 80% chance to apply unhealable for 2 turns.
  • Reckless Charge: Deals damage to all enemies and applies Defense Down for 2 turns.

Shadow Captive Screenshots

Shadow Captive Menu: There are 11 stages you can choose to fight against the Shadow Captive. Each stage rewards different amount of Dark Gems, Crystals and Obsidian. On the right side, there are 2 buttons, which allows you to check the Shadow Captive skills and the popular team formation used by other players to defeat Shadow Captive. Click on the “Rewards” to view the First Clear Reward, Likely Loot and Possible Loot.
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Shadow Captive Dungeon - Menu
Shadow Captive Battle (Wave 1/2): You will need to defeat the first wave of Dark Priests before getting to the Shadow Captive boss. These enemies does not provide much of a threat as they are pretty slow and can be easily wiped out using AoE (Area of Effect) nukes from any element heroes.
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Shadow Captive Dungeon - Dark Priest
Shadow Captive Battle (Wave 2/2): This is the Shadow Captive boss residing in this dungeon where you will be farming his Dark Gems, Crystals and Obsidian drops. Apply consistent cleansing to remove the Plague debuff. Otherwise, your heroes will take significant damage in the long run. Recommended heroes with AoE cleansing are Celestial Kane, Blackhorn and Mary. Alternatively, use AoE Immune buff to prevent Plague debuff from being applied on your heroes.
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Shadow Captive Dungeon - Boss
Shadow Captive Battle Results: After defeating the boss, you will be greeted with the Battle Results. The one shown here is the multi-battle result along with the total items being collected from farming this dungeon. It’s recommended to farm Stage 4 to upgrade Elite Hero skills (highest amount of Dark Gems), Stage 6 for Epic Hero skills (balance of Dark Gems and Dark Crystals), and Stage 9 for Legendary Hero skills (Dark Crystals and Dark Obsidian).
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Shadow Captive Dungeon - Battle Results

Shadow Captive Hero Tier List

Legendary Heros Ranking

5★ Shadow Captive | Legendary Hero

4★ Shadow Captive | Legendary Hero

3★ Shadow Captive | Legendary Hero

2★ Shadow Captive | Legendary Hero

1★ Shadow Captive | Legendary Hero

Epic Heros Ranking

5★ Shadow Captive | Epic Hero

4★ Shadow Captive | Epic Hero

3★ Shadow Captive | Epic Hero

2★ Shadow Captive | Epic Hero

1★ Shadow Captive | Epic Hero

Elite Heros Ranking

5★ Shadow Captive | Elite Hero

4★ Shadow Captive | Elite Hero

3★ Shadow Captive | Elite Hero

2★ Shadow Captive | Elite Hero

1★ Shadow Captive | Elite Hero

Rare Heros Ranking

5★ Shadow Captive | Rare Hero

4★ Shadow Captive | Rare Hero

3★ Shadow Captive | Rare Hero

2★ Shadow Captive | Rare Hero

1★ Shadow Captive | Rare Hero

Common Heros Ranking

5★ Shadow Captive | Common Hero

4★ Shadow Captive | Common Hero

3★ Shadow Captive | Common Hero

2★ Shadow Captive | Common Hero

1★ Shadow Captive | Common Hero

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